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Let’s say you were in Vienna in the late 1900’s (decade) and for some reason wanted to help Hitler succeed, what would you tell him?

Note that this probably won’t prevent him from becoming a dictator. WWI will still break out, he’ll still enlist in the German army after the Austrian one rejected him, and he’ll still fall initiative Nazi politics. We’re just going to get some good paintings out of it.

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Suggest him, to have sex with women.

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Winter is gay

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Actually kill the jews

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I'd tell him to watch Marco Bucci's "10 minutes to better painting", and also Nathan Fowkes' "Pictorial composition" and "Designing with color and light" on schoolism.

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Why would I want him to make it? Are you insane? I want to keep on existing. Changing history would erase me from existence.

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grab the artbooks and courses then leave ic young dolf, maybe make some friends with a wider variety of people so you're less grumpy about them

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Don't betray Russia.

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Send him a Robertson's how to draw.

He would have made it' became an artist and then ran a healthier, happier and more succesfull Nazi party.

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His arte was good for the level he was pursuing, he was a poor orphan and not connected, that's why he didn't make it.

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she can't keep getting away with it

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I love the meme that Hitler wasn't a talented artist when he designed the world's most recognizable flag ever.

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> graphic design equals art

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Try to paint the same building in different angles and hours of the day, to learn more about colours and tonalities

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His animal paintings and some surreal art he did was impressive, to be fair. The ones you find via 2 minute google search were his earlier/older works.

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He had a micropenis, this is the reason why he was so angry. He couldn't get sexual satisfaction, so he had to lay out his frustration somewhere else.

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Designed? more like stole.

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Introduce him to anime.

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Post please. Cause I've never heard of them.

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bruh greatest minds steal

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Never draw if you can trace.
Never trace if you can photobash.
Never photobash if you can steal.

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He was popular with women even before nazism. He was really just a lonely boy with abandonment issues that would've lived peacefully as a meaningless pawn if he hadn't been discharged from the army.

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He cant because its not true.

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I'll tell him to forget about art schools, they are just a place for rich people to put their children to, no to learn how to draw.

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I might give the same advice they gave him on the school. That he should go for architecture. I don't know the details or if there was a limited number of students, but thats what they told him, low key they told him he had no creativity

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Why do I have to spoonfeed you if you can simply find a website that has his lesser known but more well polished works? It is like someone asking to see Beatrix Potter's less famous art where she depicted animals more realistically. It takes 2 to 10 minutes of browsing.

I'll bite though. lazily looked up the video I saw months ago that briefly mentioned his less well known paintings. But try looking führer into his art if you want less amateur examples. I think it is around the 10 minute mark.


He also made some nice animal related works, like the one of the German shepherd if you find it. I am shocked it is never shared as much.

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>what would you tell him?
Draw anime titties

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wat if heil hitler had anime titties. his foes wouldnt be able to resist him.

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cursed post

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i would tell him to stop drawing like a fucking architect, its boring as fuck

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This thread sucks.

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>what would you tell him?
Listen to your father and get a real job lmao imagine studying (((art))) unironically, nigga you can make all the doodles you want as a hobbi

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>Changing history would erase me from existence.
Implying that's a bad thing, kek

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His whole reason for art schooling was to be an architect though.

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His parents were dead.

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more like he should have genocided women

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show him the ic sticky and tell him to grind 10000 loomis mannequin heads and 10000 3d boxes

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I'd tell him to not attack Russia in winter, and build more ovens because otherwise he won't get the job done.

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oh, you mean succeed in art, nvm

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