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I tell myself that I do it as an exercise: to sharpen my obsevational skills, to improve my ability to capture a likeness, to work on my anatomical knowledge; and that's partly true. It's also true that I'm a lonesome coomer, although I never use my drawings (crush or otherwise) as fap material. So let's see your crushes, but draw them from memory. No reference allowed!

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never mind, never mind

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i didnt post this

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Yes you did

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sounds fun will draw tmrw

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this is actually a cool idea
i wanna see more anon's crushes

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My crush posts here so no

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Yes I did*

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Damn, this looks worse after scanning.

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nose is flat. give it more form

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Is your crush a girl or a boy?

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What if I don't have one right now?

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She has multiple traits

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that's really adorable, good job bud :)

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Yes, I know I'm shit, my best drawing is a Nazi toucan for crists sake. But she, she broke my heart and now I'm depressed.

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ok so when I was a kid I had a really fucking hard time recalling the face of this girl I had a crush on, even though I saw her everyday. The same happened with other girls, years later at school and Uni, and I never knew why that happened or if it's a known thing. Anyone here experienced the same thing? or am I the only one with brain damage?
>inb4 google it retard
I tried and found nothing. Shit's kind of specific

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I get that too, with people I’ve been around my whole life. I also have had a shit ton of concussions so maybe it is brain damage.

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I wanna hear that story. For real

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The boy i liked in high school had the same vampire like bite marks on his neck, for a moment i though it was him

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yeah I was told about this but it's not the same - I could immediately recognize these girls' faces without effort when I look at them. But after school, when fantasizing of masturbating, more often than not happened that I couldn't recall their faces accurately or at all. Shit was frustrating. It's strange that this happened to me with just a handful of people, every one being a crush I had.

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I have trouble recalling faces and telling people apart, even loved ones. It feels almost racist but if a tv show cast all have the same skin, hair and eye color, i have trouble keeping track of the characters. I also have shit memory though
does that fall into it or am I retarded?

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Yes probably qualifies as prosopagnosia. Must suck ass. How does it affect your ability to draw or understand characters? Do you enjoy art less because of that?

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generic looking, i know.

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omg you people are so fucking pathetic you can't do anything at all without relating it to sex or masturbation or your penis

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yeah, the non-pathetic thing to do would be to passive-aggressively yell at strangers online and get mad about asinine bullshit that doesn't pertain to you, while simultaneously pretending you are somehow better than the aforementioned people, to make yourself feel better by projecting your own self-loathing onto others...idiots!

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kek why so mad about sexuality? you've never touched yourself?

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>complaining online about not being able to remember women's faces so you can masturbate to them

LMAO.. creepy incels

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Yikes, imagine being in love with a female.

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Only the idea, love isn't real.

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>completely missing the point and attempting to nullify it by claiming i'm the original poster you were bitching at

LMFAO wackass feminazis

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well I always thought it was just me being forgetful. it's somewhat reassuring to know there's a proper name to why I had so much trouble with it. Art-wise it does make drawing faces a bit harder I think since I have to constantly rely on checking angles and proportions instead of being able to easily gesture it out. Or at least that's what it feels like others have over me.
Tl;DR- it's a noticeable strain on sketching but not detrimental

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My crush from memory

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Cute cosplaying crush

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Yes I have had the exact same issue.

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girl, honestly what is your fucking problem, how is it creepy to jack off to someone you like lol. Seriously you are projecting hard and I feel sorry for your partners which won't be able to talk openly about their sexual experiences without you seething because of random shit you find creepy

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So I tried drawing my crush, then I ran into them the next day. I couldn't get over the fact at how far I was off with my drawing. Like, I somehow missed their distinguishing features and drew an idealized version

Chances are they won't even recognize it as being them.

>right now
That suggests you have had crushes in the past. Just pick one.

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