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Do every japanese comics artists universally count as anime artists and thus "weeb shit", despite a lot of them having a more "western" artstyle?

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who cares

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That's quite a shitty anatomy.

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yeah they're all amawus basically

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Is a Japanese nationalist considered a weeb?

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Why am I the only one who understands that while the whole world is trying to be like the u.s. the u.s. is trying to be like japan, japan knows that they're the master race. This is why bernie is going to win 2020.

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>the only one who understands
You're fucking retarded.

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>while the whole world is trying to be like the u.s.


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I love Claymore!!

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Go back to /pol/.

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>bernie 2020
pick one

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>he doesn't know about the accelerationist pill

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What is anime OP?
Anime is the japanese word for animation. So they would call animation made by us in the west, anime.
Yet to us in the west, anime is only Japanese animation. But what if a series is writen and directed in japan, but animated in south korea, or china. Does it still count as anime? Or what if a series is written and directed inthe west, but animated in Japan? What if a series completely made in Japan, visually looks closer to something made in the west. Is it still anime?

What about Avatar and Castelvania? They look pretty "anime". Do they count? I mean they were made in the west but look more like what we would associate with anime. They "look more anime" than series that are considered anime. (pic related)

Plus, what about drawings? A still picture is not animation. Therefore it's not anime right?
The point is the definition of anime is extremely ambiguous and if you dig deep enough, pretty useless.

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this doesnt look western at all just because it has western material

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The only people who care about dividing art styles into looking eastern or western are insecure, self-defeating weebs who think they'll never be able to git gud at drawing anime because they weren't born Japanese.

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bravo you have achieved comedy here is your (you)s

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