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Im gonna paint this, youre welcome to do that with me, eventually we will see whos better at that game.

Winner gets a candy

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lmao nice garden

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cute daddy :3
I wish he would fuck me

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Is that you anon?

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good thread

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where is the dialogue box?

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>I wish he would fuck me


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Literally my first thought seeing this... Glorious

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Hard pass

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I might try it, but only digitally when I get home.

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>wish he would fuck me

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bump for interest

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Ok im working on it, hold on cuz im a slow painter

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God I wish that were me

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Fine, but I'm making him into Bacchus

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It’s him

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patrician taste. imagine bouncing on those fluffy guts...the hard to reach daddy's stick...all the effort just to connect with each other.....
>tfw no cute daddy to bounce on with

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Based. I got the same 'Greek god' vibe when I first saw the OP pic.

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Not bad lmao

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aaah to be a boomer enjoying a nice open bath time

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i wish this board wasn't full of fags and trannies

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This is very nice anon. Well done

This board is like 80% women

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Trannies are not women

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would be good if you didnt completely botch the water

>This board is like 80% women
Then why won't any of them have sex with me?

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Are you cute? Be honest.

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what an absolute orc

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he's way too tall and thin.

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Stop taking shit at an angle and putting your pens on the image. Doesn't make it any better or interesting you instawhore

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thumbnail to see if the colors working

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You don't get it, his finished work is the picture of the drawing at an angle with the pens on top.

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Dionysus. He's pretty based indeed

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actually not quite, I did this at work and if I took a real picture of it it'd have my phone's shadow in it, just tried to dress it up more or less pretty for what it was: a shitty doodle.

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You right, I'll do better next time, it mostly looks that way because I botched his legs and wanted to cover it up, but it still looks like shit.

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go all the way

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I think so

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Op pic rivals papa smoke in sheer power. I made him King Froppy.

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This was kinda fun

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i like the additions

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thanks! here's the finished version, kinda a mess but eh, was fun

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>anon delivered
i dig it

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didn't give much effort last time, will take it a bit more seriously moving forward

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tightening the features

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Do it.

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Come stranger... don’t be afraid, my fighting days are long gone, i’m old man with aching joints now. what brings you to the hot springs of loomisia? Hm? carpal tunnel curse? yes i’ve hear about it, turns out it isn’t a story to scare away kids. My... my... poor creature. Well you’re in luck because i’m a part time herbalist and i might have the idea to lift up the curse... but you need to do a favor for me... Alright how about this, you go steal all the blueprints from the wizard apprentice prokofor, that bastard won’t give it up for free and i can’t progress without proper knowledge of anatomy. Bring them to me and your problem will be taken care of. And uhm... before you go, beware the wreched creatures that guard his house, some abominations he created and calls kangaroos. Believe me you don’t want to get a sight of them.

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This, or simply somebody that got infected with the brain virus they're spreading; regardless - disgusting and pathetic

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I hope a friend of this dude miraculously browses /ic/ and shows him these.

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looks a little like trump

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Me too. Insufferable demonspawn's (trannies; women can be tolerable)

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yes i am, I think he's funny

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