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I received my first "professional" tablet as a birthday gift (Huion 640p) and want to purchase another one (XPen Deco 02) Should I do it? I really value my birthday gifts and it's only been a year since I got my huion and since I'm getting money soon I can't miss the opportunity

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Only when you plan on traveling.

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I've had my current tablet for 3-4 years now. Unless you're getting a different size or your current one is broken, I don't see the point.

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to me, I feel like my current tablet isn't really showing my handiwork enough. I feel like my lines are sluggish and lack the life my traditional drawings have. I'm looking a tablet where i can feel comfortable drawing right away

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Stick with the one you have now. It's not such a noticeable upgrade imo, it's just the same tablet branded differently.

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I feel like that's the case for most trad to digital users.
If you think it'll be a worthy upgrade, then go or it. It could boost your morale too, which is a bonus.

If it's just a small upgrade, I'd wait.

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You should make big upgrades imo.
For me it was intuos pro s and then cintiq 13 hd next will be ipad pro which will utilize time while i cant draw at home, what a blessing it would be...

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should i buy an intuos 3 if i don't have 300 dollars to spend on a new tablet, they are like a 100 bucks

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