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What do you think of this retard?
Do retards really think they are original?

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Get some friends.

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It is funny how stupid people are.
He thinks he can copy while others cannot. LOLOLOLOL It is so funny.

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based happyboi

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It is hubris to even think one is original. It is like the worst form of bullshit an artist can reach.

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That may just have been a study with his own spin on it.

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Also, do these faggots really throw others under the bus, step over them to climb up a little higher up the ladder and rip off someone else's misfortunes to gain exposure in the moment? It really is dog eat dog out there fucking kek

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Idk about the drama or who he is but the art looks good, that's all that matters to me.

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He is attempting to cancel others for the same shit he is doing himself. Talk about hypocrisy. Even the fucking BUSH, look at the bottom left hand corner HAHAHAHAAHA

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doggy dog world*

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It is a fabricated drama. There is no traced art. Hartman is just attempting to recuperate "anime" into his cartoon, and he did it badly. It is funny how stupid people think this is tracing.

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Apparently, yes. I'll make sure to block anyone who used that hashtag.

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reminder to not reply to happyboynumber1 threads

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>reminder to not reply to happyboynumber1 threads

Proceed to reply LOL

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I think happyboy needs to chill with the LOLOL HAHAHA’s

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But it is funny XD
Mocking people is fun.

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Happyboi is my hero, telling it the way it is to these fanboy scums.

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never let a good tragedy go to waste

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This entire board is a tragedy.

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Think about it, he accuse others of stealing. But he literally posted work he stolen from old masters. He is stealing just like hartman but hartman bad. "I aM oRiginAL" top kek

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Butch didn't credit the original artist tho, the homage guy did. Happyboynumber1 is forever a retard.

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