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How many retarded threads do you faggots need to make today?

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Stonehouse is coming out with a manual soon!
can't wait for it!

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See, if you breathe through your nostrils, the action of sucking air disrupts your drawing arm.
I suggest you breathe through your anus so your drawing arm remains steady.

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this board is doomed anyways

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That depends, do you have talent?

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You breathe in inspiration, and you exhale positive, creative energy.

It's not that hard.

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Inhale lust
Exhale agression

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Bro i see that girl everywhere.
Do you want me to go to her place and fuck her????

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>take a large plastic bag
>completely wrap it over your head
>zip tie the end to keep it in place
you're good to go

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OP don't do this
i tried this and i almost fucking died

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> almost fucking died
Because it probably tore since you didn’t double bag it. Try it again, and maybe this time you will kys

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oh fuck thank god i was about to do it

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