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I wasted 25 years of my life thinking that I was smart, only to find out not only I'm a brainlet when it comes to STEM subject, I'm also grown to hate it. Now I'm dropped out of university (almost got my Engineering degree, but I say fuck it), I want to take art seriously. Anyone else in the same boat? Could you share your experience with learning art?

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Please don’t use the word STEM it triggers me

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Well... STEMfags are human too you know? kek
No different than for others, you have to build the same skillset. But if that's what you had in mind, there are more mathematical approaches to drawing, just give Robertson's books a look in the artbook thread.
Just draw every day, finish pieces regularly, and keep doing a good dose of studies daily- but not as much as to burn yourself out.
t.dropped out 3 years into it

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Get used to being told to leap off a cliff repeatedly, never knowing whether you'll survive or not.

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Brainlets cope makes me feel superior.

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Same here minus the dropping out part
I'm gonna try and get my degree first quarter of this year but some enlightenment shit happened and I decided that I'd pursue art last year lmao
Been grinding fundies doing studies etc and getting good considering it hasn't even been a year since I properly started.
I literally have
This mindset rn ^
Not sure if I'm gonna make it but I'm putting in the effort either way cause that's what I've been good at.
Put sincere effort into practicing and studying anon and have fun.

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There is nothing I hate more than retards who say "not smart enough for math, time to do art".
You just threw away years of your life out of frustration and chose just as difficult and frustrating of a field.
Not recognizing that just because numbers aren't involved doesn't mean you don't use your head makes you a huge retard.
Congrats, you just fucked up your life and you will be a failure in art too.
Bet you will quit drawing to do photography or go for the easy shit.
Go and suck your deen's dick to get back in, because you won't make it in art.

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Pyw, don't tell me you're a complete beg

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Dropping out of a potentially stable career path and diving into art as a complete beginner has to be a meme at this point. Please tell us you're memeing.

On the off-chance you're serious, you have to realize that getting good at art takes years of eating shit, dissatisfaction with your output, painfully slow progress, and grinding like it's a job before you reach a competent level. My friend dropped out of university in her last year pursuing STEM and decided to go to art school. 5 years later, her art sucks dick and she clearly underestimated the steep climb toward proficiency. Please think this through, OP.

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There was an interview with trigger saying that animator as in getting to actually draw and do genga, takes 2 or 3 years. Note that that is already from the point where you would have graduated japanese art school, which would alreadu require understanding to get into. For most people good pro quality art can take five to ten years from scratch. Quitting stem to make art is like quitting stem to go to med school.
>it is just drawing pretty picture, how hard can it be?!

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funfact: there is a tribe on the rain forest that dont have the concept of numbers

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Ok but I'm willing to bet you never fret over the cost of art supplies. Unlike real artists lol.

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>(almost got my engineering degree, but I say fuck it)
>want to take art seriously
I think you're not just a STEM brainlet you're a brainlet in general.

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Why do you need specialized instruction as an ex-STEM person when you were never STEM to begin with?

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Who cares, nigger?

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I worked in IT for 10-ish years before having enough money saved up for the case I don't make it if I switch career
I got lucky so I landed a job, but I think I'll never quite aquire the "artist" attitude (as in constant depressed struggling for the mere sake of it). Never hated IT, coding is a creative thing too, in a way, but I've only really picked it at the time because I was an absolute poorfag and didn't want to spend my entire life being one. Which was the most likely outlook for artists at the time (pre-digital era)

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I did the same thing but went back to get my degree after a year of memeing.

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ill start with this


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>the "artist" attitude (as in constant depressed struggling for the mere sake of it)
Of course. If you aren't depressed then you aren't a REAL artist. Retard.

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A lot of artists work in warehouse-like studios. Big, open cement rooms, often literal warehouses converted into studios. Not the life for me.

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you deserve it, i knew stem was a mistake and pursuing an art career is an even bigger mistake. the only way you can progress as an 'ARTIST' is to have a chill environment, if youre middle class, consult with your parents to stay with them, and obviously helping them with whatever they need, you sacrifice some privacy but its less stress and less responsibilities. the less stress, responsibilities and free time you get the better. use the time not only to improve your art, but start projects, projects that you build a following from, and from there you can work your way up as an artist.

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You made the right decision. FUCK STEM.

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I'm a PhD student in physics and, to be frank, am quite tired of STEM. I like it, but I don't think I'll get to work with it any longer.

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Threadly reminder that STEM and art are not completely separate fields of study but closely related and heavily overlapping. Many famous historical and modern artists were also physicists, chemists, mathematicians, engineers, etc. and art itself has a lot of logical and structured approaches to it (most notable being the study of Architecture). You do not have to abandon STEM to learn art, you can do both simultaneously with some budgeting of your schedule.
The stereotype of art as some purely creative, mystical force of the mind the manifests from freedom or struggle is bullshit from start to finish. Don't fall for it.

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Meditation can enhance creativity and help you use more of your brain in numerous ways.

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Meditation is bad for you. People have gone schizophrenic from doing it. Kundalini awakening is apparently real and has real physical effects on your body. Don't do it!

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Dropped out of engineering to pursue art, couldnt bare to look at another piece of code or math problem. It was a burn-out, I was stressed and didnt notice it at all, at the time.

Feel urself anon, did something crazy happen lately? Is it really the subject that just doesnt interest you anymore, or were you just dealing with too much shit outside of uni?

If you are dead set on pursuing art, go and find a community and do art all the time! its the only way. Set goals and ask others what you need to work on to get there. Dont be afraid of the fundamentals, and practice them on repeat between actual art output.

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Only Americans go mad from meditation. Some people are simply too far estranged from reality to ever be whole or healthy again.

Everyone else should certainly practice meditation in their own ways. Which incidentally doesn't have to be shitty ultra-commercialised American style "meditation" with Big Words, aggressive hype marketing and obnoxious celebrity "teachers" and "authors".

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I quit programming to pursue art (I like programming but hated the companies and people). My monthly income has yet to reach the same level, but my hourly wage is already 50% higher, so it's merely a matter of getting my work out more.

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Yo can you explain how you managed to do this shit in brief?
I'm yet to get my degree and I'm planning on pursuing art as a career and thinking of getting pg in art
Any advice on what I can do after getting my degree?

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Not >>5229836
but if my limited opinion is worth a damn, in your degree class there is going to be a (small) group who are those eager beavers trying to get into as may shows as possible - perhaps running afew of their own; as much as you may think these people (and their work) are derivative and lack any form of merit - join in.
Your first years out of HE are like an extended placement/internship. You'll continually get the shitty end of the stick, but you'll not likely have the same time/energy to repeat them.
Remember you know (comparatively) nothing so keep your eyes open and your mouth shut.
When you're ready, plan all the way to the end - by which I mean develop your own style and have enough 'finished' pieces to allow a curator or prospective patron to be able to guage your overall direction

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the constant academic bureaucracy bullshit and cocksucking attitude is tiring indeed.
>You need to pay two thousands dollarino just to submit your paper!
I know most of those are funded by Uni, but still it's such a waste of money.

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I had been working on my art skills before I quit my programming job. I took a few years for just travelling and thinking about things (as well as recovering from burnout) and then started to polish my art skills to the level where I could make money. I'm self-taught and would offer the suggestion of mostly figuring art out by yourself as well; the various paid/pirated courses and youtube tutorials can certainly give you insights and save you time in your learning process, but they can (and typically will) also trap people into incredibly limited, tortuous and awkward ways of thinking and working. Online art teachers often have a set of shortcuts and hacks that they've learned from other art teachers, and they go to their grave never learning anything beyond those shortcuts and hacks. The ones that don't rely on hacks are usually busy making art and not teaching.

For myself, if I want inspiration and ideas, I prefer to watch oil painters and not digital artists even though my own art is predominantly digital for now.

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any good oil painters videos out there? I've never done oil painting in my life before, except maybe grade school assignment where it wasn't serious and just us playing with watercolors.

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Thanks anon
Thanks anon
That thing you said about art teachers makes sense
Seconding this

I watch this channel and he does really cool experiments with painting which are fascinating to watch

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Imagine being this lucky and studying a fucking good career.
Then being this big dumbass thinking "aRT is FuN", and throwing away a golden career.
You fucker should live in LATAM and see how people suffer to give their first steps into a university.
Wouldn't be this ungrateful with life, you lazy, effortless american.

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I am actually going the opposite route rn.

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>any good oil painters videos out there?
Sorry for the slow reply. Here are a few good painters to learn from.

Andrew Tischler

Viktor Yushkevich

Gouache painters are also very useful to watch:

Steve Atkinson

James Gurney

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What makes you think you can succeed in art? I'm a stemfiend and art is just as hard, hell, even harder in some respects. The overlap between science and art is quite surprisingly large. I wonder if art faculties should be closer to science so they can work together. Anyway, dropping out is kinda stupid, though you can remajor in arts, but who says you're gonna finish it? You could've finished engineering, get a job, and do art in your free time. I don't know, think about your finance n shit, move in with your parents if needed I don't know. You have barely given us info about your situation.

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>almost got my Engineering degree, but I say fuck it
well you werent lying, you are a brainlet. I am in a similiar position, but I do have a degree and well paying job. I want out and want to get into porn game dev. I've got programming skills but would also like to learn to draw, do character design and 3d model. Ive got ideas but im the selfhatingmanofinaction.jpg caricature of a man. Im going to start practicing tomorrow as it is time to sleep and keep at it as much as I can. We will see.

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Finish your degree you fucking dumbass. Art as a career is a horrible field, absolutely dog shit. Get your degree, work a job and do art with the passion/love if it you have and however you want. You wont get to do that working art as a living.

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Im pretty sure OP doesnt want to get a degree but rather make a career out of art. Being employed by somebody else isnt necessarily the only option.

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I'm a CS graduate, working from home for about 4 hours each day while getting paid for 8. I've got a steady source of income and don't have to worry about money at all. I can focus on my art for hours every day, without having to sell my soul making furry diaper fetish porn. You should have finished your degree OP, I dont get why you would want to have an art-related career when all art that makes money is not art that anyone takes pleasure in making

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Im a junior in an engineering program and I hate the overly mathematical shit such as what's in How to Draw. Its not a case of not understanding it, it just sucks the fun out of it. Anyway art is just a hobby for me, I wish you luck in making a career out of it.

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I'm a senior programmer and I draw cunny in my free time. I've done commissions and it's a lot shittier than writing code and solving problems; It pays way worse for far more effort, and you are usually not drawing what you want to draw (which is not fun).

I make more than enough money from programming to be able to take extended leave (for multiple months) so that I can have extra focus on drawing what I want. Otherwise I'm basically doing the same thing as >>5237285

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Hey, could I ask you two for the opposite advice from OP's question? I'm a CS graduate as well, master's degree, worked in software (mostly patient data systems for healthcare) for about six years in a senior-ish position, then got fed up with company culture and quit. I'm doing okay with my art business now, but I could definitely use something to take my mind off art and make a bit of extra money for an emergency fund. How would I approach getting a side gig doing programming? I know Java, have done C and PHP, I've built a pretty neat 2d game engine from scratch and worked with game AI, can learn a new language in a few weeks / months if there's something especially lucrative. I'd be looking for something I can do online, considering that there's covid and that I don't really have a home and don't plan to settle down anywhere right now.

I'm not expecting a detailed plan of course, but if you could point me in the right direction (for example, some subreddit, 4chan board, or other discussion forum to properly ask this question; or a suggestion for a good niche or language), I'd be grateful.

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Same, but I actually graduated. kek

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>>5237490 here, I got my job through connections from an internship and have just been working at the same place for a decade. I don't have experience with freelance programming, if that's what you mean (it sounds just as bad as commission art). However, if you want to work for a game dev company, start using C++ (AAA game engines) and C# (Unity).

Something I want to do eventually is make ero games to sell on DLsite. It gives you both the art and programming fix (depending how deep you want to go). It can be anywhere between unprofitable to giving you a fortune, depending on how horny the purchasers are. The bar is not particularly high either.

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I'm basically you but in reverse. I started out hardcore into classical drawing and painting, poured my life and my soul into it, only to hit an insurmountable psychological block. It affected me so deeply that I had to just stop and do something else for a while because I felt like I was going insane. As it turns out, that "something else" was to study STEM stuff from the absolute ground up as a total beginner and that "while" was the last 6 years of my life. I'm still trying to get past my artist's block all these years later, but I'm determined to get back to it eventually after I get my Electrical Engineering degree. I'll master drawing some day. Some day.

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I have a stem degree and based as fuck

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I’m a physicist and art requires a lot more dedication than any STEMcel subject

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