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Which is better? Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint?

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One is industry standard taught by all major art schools and expected knowledge in every relevant company like Pixar/Disney. The other is only used by weebs or comic artists.

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just draw

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CSP by far

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You can also draw weeb shit or comics on Photoshop.

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Ps for more painterly style, cs for more "clean" style

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Same thing, same ui same purpose

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>no liquify
And I say this as a CSP user but seriously the photoediting in PS is BROKEN
like being able to eyedrop the area that you want to edit with tone curve or the whole liquihack mechanics
Or the numbers of color sliders allowing a way stronger control on the color editing at the end

And probably more BS but I don't use PS anymore so I don't know them

But one thing about CSP that I haven't found in PS is that the brush pressure settings, both opacity density and everything else that has pressure control can be adjusted individually for each brush, In PS I'm not able to do so, I can't change the pressure curve, the option is not even here

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>>no liquify

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CSP feels exponentially better to use and more intuitive so I use it

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photoshop for more digital feeling. clip studio paint for more traditional feeling

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CSP sweeps the floor with Photoshop when it comes to lineart brushes. Photoshop is better for painting and coloring.

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One actually makes use of all your cores and GPU
One is an outdated relic from 2000s.

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Which is which?

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I use CSP for sketching and line art and PS for painting

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I'm dumb when it comes to digital.
Can someone explain me the difference he's talking about?

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I'm retarded and i love cropping my canvases into a bigger size and only photoshop allows me to do that easily, other software always crops within the original resolution.

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Can we PLEASE ban this image?

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>One is industry standard taught by all major art schools
Paying for art school instead of just drawing or if you want to pay, hire a private art teacher to critique
>expected knowledge in every relevant company like Pixar/Disney
Wanting to work for x corp so they can make money off your work instead of drawing your own shit and building a following

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just draw it right so you dont need to use hit like that

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csp is by far superior in every way. photoshop can no longer compete. Get fucked adobe.

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if only CSP had "photoshop" key shortcut preset so people could give it a go easier.

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what do you mean?

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Clip studio because it come free with wacom. PS is retard first world price. Don't use pirate version of PS for work, adobe have program to know your work legal or not.

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I haven't heard of this. Could you expound or provide a link with further details?

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You could test by download some artwork, open with notepad. Here some random image I download on Internet, I using CSP.

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You could test by download some artwork, open with notepad. Here is random image i download on internet

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Photoshop is made by AMERICANS and CSP is made by COMMUNISTS

I'm sure you csp fanboys vote for trump too.

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Photoshop if you need to do a lot of post-processing, especially you're working for someone who is providing a subscription through your job. CSP if you're a hobbyist/freelancer or don't care about post-processing.

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It's kind of vague, but if I have to guess it would be the brush engine. Clip Studio's brushes allow paint to blend as you put it down in a way that feels "right". Photoshop can kind of do it with its mixer brush, but it's hard to get the same feeling and seems to be way more resource intensive.

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How come no one uses Corel Painter anymore? There was a period about ten years ago when pro concept artists and illustrators were split between the two.

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The only advantage PS has over CSP since the new update is Liquify. You can now import PS brush sets into CSP.

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>Japs are Communists
American education...

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Whenever I tried to use Corel Painter it would just crash on my Cintiq companion constantly.

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CSP doesn't have dual brushes or mixer brushes, although Celcys has been said to be working on the former at least. So not quite a full replacement.

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painter users are hipsters hiding in the shadows, praying nobody makes it cool to use again

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> dual brushes or mixer brushes
useless features

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I prefer PS' brushes as they are tailored for manual blending with flow and opacity, while CSP brushes are tailored for their stupid color mixing settings that make these brushes useless if disabled
Now that you can import PS brushes into CSP it doesn't matter anymore, but I feel like the only one who hates CSP' blending engine with a passion, I have no control over the result and there are a million settings to tweak, fuck this

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>mixer brushes
Why do people who know nothing shout the loudest. CSP blending brushes are far supperior then photoshops laggy brushes?

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I seethe so hard whenever I see this image.

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This. CSP has one thing hes mad about and is working on the other.

When they come out with liquefy these idiots will find something else to be mad about. Sorry you guys are assmad you wasted money on Adobe lol

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yet Japan produces more comic and animation then the west cry more fag

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paint tool sai is better

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There's a reason 99% of the industry still use Photoshop that isn't the fact that it's industry standard.

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Second Sai does no have Spyware

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The industry standard meme is rotting your minds jesus christ. Also you know that there are animation studios and freelance animators that use CSP right? Look up the animator Kay Yu and then look at what the Pokémon sun and moon anime was made in.

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Cope faggot

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>other software always crops within the original resolution.
Krita does have crop resizing, have to enable the Grow option in the tool options

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Right, adobe shills have to cope that their editing software is shit for drawing.

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...Because they don't know how to use anything else?

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I think your stats are a little old man. Might want to get some new ones.

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Yet if you have any brand of tablet's drivers installed you're putting spyware on your computer anyways. Wacom especially.

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Not on Linux, the wacom drivers and digimend are open-source

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No you fucking mongs
it's cuz it's still the best lmao stay mad weebs

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>Don't use pirate version of PS for work
I don't see how they could know anything as you could either remove the metadata from a picture or simply do you picture in PS then bring it in another painting app and save it there

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Adobe sued Forever 21 for pirating Photoshop

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this isn't a reply to my post really

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csp lags like a bitch if i try to paint with a big brush which is weird since every other software including painter works fine. Anybody knows a workaround?

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Give me a source for your made up statistics please

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The reason they got caught was because of a whistleblower. If you work for a business and catch them pirating you can report them and get a cut of the settlement:
Now, if you are are sole proprietor/self employed, pirating for yourself then no one can really report you.

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If you're using a wacom tablet your drivers are fucking with the program. Nothing to do but install user made tablet drivers.

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CSP isn't quite as optimized for large-scale painting compared to something like Photoshop or Krita, as it's meant more for anime illustration and comics.

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What software would you suggest for painting? tradfag so generally paint everything on one layer and don't really use much adjustments.

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Mine works fine and I'm on a shit laptop that barely runs photoshop. There's something up with the guy's computer or drivers

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Corel Painter

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Clip Studio if you would like better drawing tools and a better brush engine at the cost of a Liquify tool. Also sacrifices performance during transform and warp. Besides that, the overall customization is a HUGE speed boost.

Photoshop if you prefer adobes baked in keybinds and access to Liquify and more advanced image editing tools. Basic brush engine included. Lazy Nezumi and Coolorus recommended.

Regarding the "industry standard", it doesnt matter. You can easily work on clip at home, photoshop at work.

"What about my brushes!?"
You can transfer your brushes to Clip by drag and drop.

Brush Density = Flow
Opacity = Opacity

You can literally make any photoshop brush because photoshop only uses Flow and Opacity for the most part.

If you like using photoshop cause its the industry standard and that means alot to you, even at home, then use it.

Otherwise id recommend clip but if you already use photoshop and are comfortable, then stay there. If you're looking to try out clip, then move to clip and rip the bandaid off.

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>CSP users trying to install working drivers

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Seethe harder weeb

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good to know it isn't just me

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photoshop and krita is lag af when come to large scale painting, where you get that idea from.
app ranking from fasterst to slowest Medibang>SAI>CSP>KRITA>PTS

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photoshop and krita is lag af when come to large scale painting
app ranking from fasterst to slowest Medibang>SAI>CSP>KRITA>PTS

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Depends on what you want to do, but I think Photoshop can do a lot more than CSP.

BUT. Photoshop is a fucking scam. Get a cracked version or use something else like Affinity.

If you have to use photoshop for work, then you have no other choice. But you'll probably be working off a company license.

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are the recent photoshop iterations worth checking out? i've been running with a cracked CS6 for the longest time and i've been satisfied with it, wondering if general QoL could be improved with CC though

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i could run CSP on my laptop easiliy but with PS i can't use with my tablet because of lag so all i could do is mouse work on there

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better for what? general use? PS
making comics only? CSP
animation? CSP the fancy version
coloring/shading/rendering? could go either way depending on custom brushes.

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CSP does that easily with visual handles.

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>large-scale painting
>as it's meant more for anime illustration and comics.
Do you know how big you need to make things for printing?

>> No.5228122

Let's me guess. How about 20000px

>> No.5228133

Just plug in your paper size and set it to 350 or 600 dpi.

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Quoted By: >>5230115

What's wrong with it?

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photoshop and it's not even close. Though if you have no way to use photoshop somehow then clip studio is alright

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Its called warp transform.

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Holy shit anon your a cuck

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>Corel Painter
Has anyone managed to use this thing for art? For a software specialised in natural looking brushes, they sure look digital and crude to me. I got it at a discount but honestly, most free photoshop brush packs and clip studio's default oils do a far better job of imitating natural media than Painter's ugly hacks.

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you realize there's a board for photoshop and photography, why are you even here

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I'm a graphite artist and I really like their pencils, they work the same. I wouldn't know about their paints though.

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based and gmi pilled

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>CSP is you're bad at drawing any need everything done for you
>PS if you're good at drawing
>SAI if you're a fucking lunatic

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Corel used to be at the forefront of realism, but that was like 15 years ago.

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PS for painting & CSP for drawing

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Quoted By: >>5231979

Look at this retard. It is opposite.
>PS if you're good at painting, because it can hide your shitty drawing
>CSP is you're good at drawing, but if your are good at drawing then you are good at painting too.
>SAI for pros, who don't care about what tool he using, just want something simple and fast

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It's opposite.
Read survivor bias

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its cancerous spam from a faggot who has no other argument against csp other then that tool nobody uses that much anyway.

>> No.5230147

One of them is for drawing, the other isn't for drawing.

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Quoted By: >>5230476

Does anyone know if there's a way to download assets from the Clip Studio site directly to my PC and not having them import directly to the program?

For example I want this one but the only way to download is a magnet link


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Quoted By: >>5230387

But you are incorrect though. Most companies have their own programs they use, photoshop is default for retards just getting into the commercial side of things, real companies employ their own programs built specifically for their work flows.

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Have any examples to prove your point?
Only thing I know of is pixar and the other AAA animation studios using house built programms to animate and render stuff, but different studios having their own painting programs?
You're retarded.

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Photoshop is for painting, CSP is for making comics. And for me, PS is better.

>> No.5230476

Did you use pirate version?

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Quoted By: >>5231589

Krita is almost as great as CPS and it's free, use that

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Quoted By: >>5231598 >>5231600

Does it have the vector eraser? I'm never ever doing lineart without vector eraser again.

>> No.5231598

Sadly Krita isn't up to par when it comes to vector line art in comparison to CSP, though there are still the basic vector operations like Subtract and such.

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Holy fuck. This is awesome.

>> No.5231626

Buy CSP.
Pirate PS.

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people who use CSP literally can't draw
and have to constantly use the anime bases and bgs to make the art for them

>> No.5231991

>people who use CSP literally can't draw

whats your world like where everything is a braindead sweeping statement

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No my friend. If you can't draw, use CSP would be hell to you, no photobashing, no texture brush, no overpower image edit to fix your shitty drawing. If your drawing wrong, it will stay wrong and your final work will be shitty.
Maybe if you talk about this trash /ic/ level, then it may true

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>people who use CSP literally can't draw
I know man. I drew trad for a decade, then drew in PS for fifteen years, but now that I switched to CSP I literally can't draw any more. It's gone. And I became illiterate as well so I illiterally can't draw in CSP either if that makes sense, nano desu.

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Who fucking cares, just learn both and use whatever is more comfortable. All art/photo manipulation software's UI is inspired by Photoshop anyway.

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