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I'd post more but I have none
which is why I am asking

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>thinly veiled porn thread

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here u go op

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Dear lord is that a lot of photoshop.

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that's not a cute girl that's photoshopped coomer fuel, why can't /ic/ make any distinction between different types of attraction to people

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>all that makeup
Trashing the tomboy look
This girl is practically made to send to soccer practice, feed her nice food after practice.

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>getting hard to this
Bro she is like 16

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kys pedo

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Here's what you do:
>google reverse image search
>click on the first result (it's definitely pinterest)
>look at related pins (it's definitely more of the same girl in different poses and clothes)

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what, the OP image or the ass pic? cos if its the former whoops
: 0

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It really do be that easy

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*if it's the latter I never said it was my coomer fuel

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even if you said this is the ass of a 8 years old, its too later, I already coomed, and I would do it again

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My bad, she is a model
In my defense the make up and expression make it hard to tell, but I should have known from the lack of babyfat in the face

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I think japanese people also just look a lot younger

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