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Im so fucking tired of seeing frog threads

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4chan pretty much banished frogposting and wojacks by 2019, but the moderation couldn't keep up with the rediculous amounts of newcomers and the oldfags were tired of reporting that shit.

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Sorry, it looks like you posted in /ic/ not /icantunderstandwhythisneededtobepostedhere/

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You will never stop me frogposting I’ve been doing it forever. I dont know why people started calling frogposting a newfag thing. People started posting frogs here because posting frogs started here. Stop being a contrarian little bitch, it’s the worst aspect of 4chan

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Feels good and feels bad pepe were cute, but timely memes
The rest is gay bullshit that is no better than wojack. Bet you are just an election newfag, you are a huge faggot, your shit is annoying, and people call you a faggot because they don't like you.
Take your frogs and shove them up your ass.

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I watched Code Geass with /a/ and I love frogposting. Get fucked.

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