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Why did the eastern school of art never really evolve past this flat symbol drawing mentality

You can see it in most anime styles to this day

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because they dont need to they attained perfection

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Thanks for starting by explaining the bait.
Look up kuchie on wikipedia and then jump in a pool with a plugged toasrer.
Go shit on anime on a non otaku website, faggot

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Maybe cause it works well and it's very popular all over the world.
Also, low effort bait.

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It’s really interesting that they drew the noses like that. That’s the kind of nose I’d expect to see on a stereotypical white person in an anime today.

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no you can't

>eastern school of art = pop culture cartoons

>artistic beliefs = timesaving to grind out profit

you're retarded and your thread is retarded and anyone who replies is also retarded, me included. go fucking draw

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>You can see it in most anime styles to this day

Why does /ic/ always conveniently forget that Anime was heavily inspired by Disney and other American mediums?

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Technically, western anime is the truest form of anime

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