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>it's ok when japanese do it

anon, I'll pretend to be curious about your artistic inspirations so make sure to post them. You too should pretend to have interest in this thread and post random insp images

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>it's ok when japanese do it

How about you start by explaining what you mean by this? I'm sure the sentence makes perfect sense in your head in relation to the image, but it's not as clear as you think it is.

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who? this looks like dime a dozen overdesigned vtuber garbage

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>scene with a petite porn actress wearing pigtails
>has a bed with stuffed animals, obviously alluding to a less than legal situation
>her clothes come off revealing disgusting roastbeef labia that looks like its been ran through a food processor
every single time

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still not as bad as real women's axe wounds

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t.bitter crab

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you don't need to have anything explained anon

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Man we get it u gay its ok

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Too realistic and too detailed, this is the point where it becomes unappealing and pointless when you are doing drawn porn, you shouldn't be trying to imitate realism but create an idealized version of it.

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I prefer mosaics and black lines to this.

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My well cultured nigger.

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damn i just turned into a faggot

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hahahaha says the XY with the smelly dick no one will touch

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Seriously, why would someone render it like this?
A simplified, smooth version is just infinitely superior.

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Take some midol.

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Who pic related

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fuck this is gross

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