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A lot of people on here struggle with drawing in the first place. Part of the problem is that they don’t know how to enjoy the process. But there are things everyone can look out for.

So what makes you feel good while drawing?

A few things i can think of are
>the feeling of your pen on paper
>putting down the right line
>filling a page that has been blank
>correcting a mistake

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For me it's just the process and the result of turning products of your imagination into something tangible

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it's just relaxing to spend a couple hours completely consumed by a single task.

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The thought that every drawing is a practice for the next

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for me, being able to create anything on paper and seeing the finished product and knowing you did that is what does it for me.

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for me, it is the flow

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For me it's grinding some fundies like a retard for a month and then stumbling upon a sketchbook and mirin at the progress.

I also enjoy drawing portraits from reference and looking at the finished product which is similar but in my style of drawing.

It's also fun to learn the muscles and bones by heart and surprise faggot normies who think you're some kind of autismo brainiac.

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I just like it

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the result product

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When I'm drawing I forget how utterly alone I am.

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indulging in anything i want by being able to translate my imagination into something i can see with my eyes.

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For zoomers they feel amazing with their overhyped tablets and getting curious with the different programs' options.
But yeah it's enjoyable if you see it as a hobby, but if you want to live out of it and you don't see progress it's horrible.

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Why on earth would you ever pick something you’re bad at to make a living out of? Talent is a meme, but I definitely think we all have things we click with and things we don’t. I can’t do math to save my life. Imagine if I went into accounting because I just really want to be an accountant guys, it’s totally my calling! Sometime it’s best to keep things as a hobby.

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But the problem lies in the demographics of nowadays' artists.
Mostly they are people from 20 yrs old and older, who probably couldn't study in college (middle class) and want to make a living in something "as easy as possible".
Not only this happens in art, but cooking, coding,graphic design and the things that basically you don't really need a college to get the fundamentals.
Sad, since these people are wasting their time trying to progress on a steep bath while blindfolded, eventually, they will realize they have lost their lifetime and will be suicidal later.

I blame mostly the education system which is pretty much rigged and only biased towards the elite.

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A long term skill with no ceiling
There's always something to improve and to put imagination/idea/concept to paper is a great feeling. I dont think life would be that much fun as an idea-guy

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>Drawing is fun


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