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Hey friends, how do i improve?

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Happyboy is a known troll/schizo/asshole, do not respond.

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who did you trace this time

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Someone post the pic this is traced from

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Lean anatomy, lighting. because it does not have either of this

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Too many to count... too many.

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Do not read happyboy threads
Do not respond to happyboy threads
Do not happyboy

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Yeah the lighting part is abit hard, i really like the beach, ocean view with blue skies.... so it is difficult to show that scene without shadow casting to the waters. I will work on the lighting soon. Thanks for the idea.

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More like
>I will find a different artist with good lighting skills to trace from soon

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Oh yeah that will do too. I was thinking of copying sakimichan, do a little hOmAgE hahahaha but i have commissions to do... haha

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Based happyboi, how is that Patreon working for you? Any seething d/ic/klets try to cancel you yet?

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Do it bro, copy sakimi, who gives a shit, nobody can stop you.

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I only gotten 1 to 2 patreon and i feel really defeated... hahaha but i suck at creating content... I need to plan for youtube to promote my patreon.

Well they cant cancel me, im just a nobody.

I will do it if i got the time. sakimichan is my milky mommy *succ succ* hahahahah

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