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Why the shading looks flat but the drawing is still good?

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Composition and a good foundation of fundamentals

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It has the dark value scattered around the picture. That's way the depth is broken

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does it look flat?

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>depth is broken

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why you make shit thread?

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why u bump shit thread?

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Because a good drawing makes for a good painting no matter how detailed your "rendering" is (in this case simple flats), but shitty drawing with broken anatomy and lazy compoistion BUT with impressive rendering is just a polished turd that looks off. This is why mastering basic fundamentals like anatomy ,gesture , perspective etc should come before you start getting deep into how to render metal,cloth what bounce light whats diffuse light how to value grup light and shadows learn exposure or color temperature etc. If you cant sketch something in simple lineart and feel the need to paint it for hours on end fixing and hiding your mistakes it just means you probably lack the understanding of the subject and should go back to study it. Look at people who can doodle things like Krenz or even Tb Choi or David Finch on youtube , get your basics down before trying to become a render monkey who doesnt even know basic proportions of human body. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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Values are fucked, the darkest value is the dress so yours wander off there but the focus should be her face and teddy bear area

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Drawing good
Values good
Colors good

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