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What's the best resource for color theory

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Experiment it yourself. You can do it.

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>just mindlessly grind like a fucking monkey bro

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James Gurney's Color and Light.

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If you have a proper form and correct value, you can put any color you want

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>experiment = mindless grind
fucking retard

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>just experiment bro, ahhhhhhhhh im experimenting AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Obligatory pyw

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experimenting is a critical process which involves trying different approaches to learning/methods of representation/resources and making an objective judgement based on the outcome as to whether it was effective or not or how it could be fine-tuned

you are literally ngmi if you cannot do this

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Anyone know good video courses on color?

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It's also much easier and efficient if you work from an established basis of knowledge from people who already did their experimentation

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The internet.

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>the weak should fear the strong

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bwaaah mamamamama s-s-s-spoon feed me!!!!!

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imagine typing this out, filling out the captcha and at no point think "hmm maybe i shouldnt post stupid shit for once in my life"

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>NOOOOOOO you should spend years figuring out shit that's already been deconstructed and explained by others way before you
Ok permabeg

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you're correct but pyw

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I don't draw

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I can't even tell if my colors look good, sometimes it looks ok next moment it's dull and boring
Color is a fucking bitch

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If you're a person who likes knowing the what and the whys, James Gurney is a golden ticket, but its not going to help you if you're someone who needs to be told what to do. You can try Marco Bucci's colour videos on Youtube as well if you're not into reading.

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if you stare at it for too long you get the same problem as not flipping the canvas

one thing i found works is staring at some other paintings by better artists, using a full colour and value range. after u get that burned into your head and flip back to your own image it becomes obvious whether it's dull or not

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If everyone lived like this, nothing new would ever be invented
How can you be this generic and want to have anything to do with arts

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some people only understand by doing and making the mistake themselves

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On the contrary, you want everyone to keep inventing the wheel instead of giving people the wheel and letting them actually do things with it

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Look at a colour wheel.
No I mean actually examine it you fucking monkey.
Now watch a couple random YouTube videos on the topic.
Now go down to the shop and buy 7 tubes of oil paint: cerulean, cad yellow light, anything named "magenta" ultramarine, burnt sienna, carbon black and titanium white.

You now have enough colours to put them on your palette and experiment with how colour mixing works. You have the process primaries. Put them out and mix every colour on the wheel and see how they relate to each other.

Then put ultramarine and sienna on your palette. These two are complements, meaning that mixed together they make grey. However, either side of that neutral grey is a whole range of colours, including warm greys and cool greys. Try it now. You can, and may challenge yourself to do, entire paintings with one pair of complementary colours like this, plus white and maybe black.

By now you should be starting to see a pattern, which is that every colour can lean either direction away from its neutral position on the colour wheel, a red can lean toward orange or toward violet. An orange leaning red is a "warm" red, and a violet leaning red is a "cool" red. You can essentially think of "warm" as proximity to orange, and "cool" as proximity to blue.

Do some mixing, do a painting maybe, watch some videos again now that you have some experience, repeat. Now you will know what it actually means to use a complement to a colour in practice, and can begin to use them in compositions to plan the gamut of a piece.

Watch some James gurney videos on his YouTube channel after you've done some experimenting, he has a number on the subject of using limited palettes including the sienna ultramarine combination ive described.

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"the weak must fear the strong"

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wow epic... edit: thanks for the reddit gold stranger

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real life :^)

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