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Would you consider this paintover a success or uncanny?

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It looks depressing as shit

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every technical aspect on the paintover is correct, but yet it feels weird, maybe 2D is not meant to be bringed to 3d

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Nah it's their shitty color choices

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I don't know shit but Lilo looks sad as fuck

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Lilo looks like a crackwhore after a 72 hour gangbang

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it just looks waxy, like it would be greasy if i touched it

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Top Lilo looks like she's thinking about the platoon buddies she watched die in Vietnam.

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It's ok. Looks picture-book-esque.

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the greenish tone on the skin (propably light bouncing from the tiles?) and the very pronounced eye bags make her look very unhealthy

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The blues are wrong, should've used reds considering the skin colors.
The thing here is what are you trying to accomplish? Are you just adding an alternative light source? Or are you utilizing colors and shading to emphasize a mood?
With cartoons, the mantra to realize is that less is more. Cartoons aren't meant to replicate reality, but imitate it. Cartoons are about focusing on key features and letting the rest blur.

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>cereal box drops shadow while being in the shadow
also why the fuck would you use blue midtones on skin color when their skin is clearly red and the scene lighting indicates a warm yellowish/orange tone

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the box is not totally in shadows you absolute fucking mongoloid
I agree to some extent
its a blueish tone, and the eye bags you are totaly right
Btw this is not my work, just found it on the internet

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I thought she got a black eye at first

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better or worse?

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>doesn't know what a study is

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It's that they are trying to do that iridescent color shit that every concept artist and their mother is doing nowadays.

It's muted here, but it's there when you look in the right spots. Like in the edge of the shadows, the palm of the guy, and the highlights on her arm and face.

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dude what the fuck are you talking about? thats just bounce light and other very normal behaviours of light when hitting certain objects
this is why begs need to get their asses to read at least some basic shit before posting here, the Dunning Kruger is off the charts

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Top has JUST vibes

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I'm sorry. I didn't realize my skin turned rainbow-like when light bounces off of it. Or that the edges of shadows are also rainbows.

Holy fuck, you're retarded.

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youre retarded as fuck

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>is just one shade of desaturated skin tone
>he thinks the saturated band between light and shadow is something new
Anon, I...

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I always kek at this terminal stage /beg/ness

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all of you need to post your work, faggots

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you already know me, sweetie

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>confusing chromatic aberration meme with reflected light
REAL ngmi hours here tonight

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Expecting retards to know what they are talking about on 4chan.

Real dumbass right here.


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a statement like that requires work i'm afraid, or else you're just another stupid faggot

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Well knock our socks off with your work then

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What is the point of that paintover?

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what is the point of your post

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Practice, is an already made drawing so no need of wasting time on doing one, mostly for color and light

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also great social media fodder, win win

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Fuck off

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So like you turned everything into ubernigger. And?

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ok, its a needless study

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Okay mongoloid

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Neither. The lighting and shadows aren't done right. The hand takes up most of the piece and it's the most poorly done part. The lack of depth breaks it away from Lilo's space and throws off the whole interaction between characters. Needs more range in value. The pitch black sleeve is the most glaring part imo.

This isn't the worst thing ever tho, you can clearly tell what the artist is trying to do at least.

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