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Critique please

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Unoriginal, boring, uninspiring, degenerate and without soul.
In other words, a disgusting piece of paper.

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Seethe i love it.

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Mosey go stab stab weeeee weeee wowieeee

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It is where you belong. I named this piece hell for the unoriginal. Hahahaha

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Your are a disgusting human being, that's it.

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Hahahahahahahaha i love the seethe, your hate is my fuel.

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Im serious lololol i always been high energy but when i came to /ic/ i become fully fueled. Your hate tells me your self loathing is so bad that you choose to attack others online like a coward you are. And when that deep seated hatred seeps into your soul. I will be rent free in your exist for eternity. Where do hateful people go? Where do they go? Hahahahajaja

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insecure much?

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What? Nah men i love my haters. I want them to live a long life so they can watch me succeed XD super happy to have them

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either an edgy 12 year old


Someone who never grew up,

either way keep it, can’t wait for more!

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You will never be a real woman.

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This is going to sell for million if you put it in a gallery

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Literal shit on canvas.

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I really hope you're not over 18 y.o.

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I am over 3, am i ngmi?

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Millions? Lmaooooo okay

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If you're under 18 and posting here you are ngmi

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Im over 3, over 30. Am i gmi?

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this is pretty good stuff, clean lines. however it's really busy. the watery textural coloring is pretty distracting. I think it would actually look better on a flat background. plus the guy in the top right corner is poorly drawn in relation to the foreground and takes away from your strong points.

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Better than 95% of anything posted here its cool

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Yeah mainly.
I like the gesture on most of these also, though the mickey stomping with the yeezeys has a disproportionate face

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It probably would've looked better with just a blank white background.

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Then let me shit down your throat later when you aren't using it for sucking fuel from the dicks of the elderly

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Work on your backgrounds, they look pretty half-assed. I like the lines from the figures though, they look very confident. Have you ever seen Al Columbias work? This painting kind of reminds me of his stuff.

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a cartoon character can have a disproportionate face?

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There's a neat variety in poses and violent scenarios these mickeys are in, along with clean linework.

however, the background is very bare, the whole composition lacks much form, and the colouring is very washed out. Perhaps watercolours or coloured pencils would achieve the contrast better amongst the (mostly) solidly coloured Mickeys.


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Yes. Proportions are just measuring features with other features. How many eye widths is the head? What size are the ears relative to the head? They may not have human proportions, but they have their very own set of rules that animators have to follow to make them look the same at any angle and to keep consistency through different artists drawing sets of frames for 30 seconds of animation.

So yes they have proportions and they are important to pay attention to if you want mickey to look like mickey.

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