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>be me
>can't draw for shit
>take a hampton pill and learn how to enjoy suffering
>finallt can draw fish.
>mom and dad proud about my achievement and set my work to messanger profile

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Based and GMI

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I like him.
It's long, thick and cute.
It inspires me like nothing I've ever seen.
How wonderful is the fish: Free to swim where it wants, free to procreate and free to live.
It doesn't care about taxes, it doesn't care at all, its primal instinct dictate what he is going to do... Be like fish, embrace the fish, you were the fish. Fish.

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>show parents my attempts at drawing
>get a dry "good work son" response
>can tell they don't actually give a fuck

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>be me
>young Vermeer
>parents don't even know

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It's OK if that happens as a kid/teen.
But if same scenario happens in adulthood, you should kill yourself.

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The upper back is slightly too flat/rigid and doesn't suggest the spine quite enough, but other than that it is a good fish

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he looks like a penis but other than that very good and gmi, keep going

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Looks good. You could challenge yourself a little bit by drawing the fish from memory in different perspectives. It helps you to foster the feeling for forms in space

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>be me
>hey dad check out this cool drawing
>what the fuck is that crap son?
>something I just did
>oh... oh... no no... I mean it's good son

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Be like water, my friend.

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Don't think too much on this maybe,
>because my parents were my greatest haters for years when I was a kid just starting and everyone else loved what I did,
>and it was kinda quietly upsetting,
>but at some point, before I even reaized it had happened,
>they were praising my work and saving out little scraps with which to brag to their friends.
So when you get good enough to excite non-artists, you might unexpectedly start getting proud parental support. Happened to me. Feel good, anon.

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I can feel that fishes sadness

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I'm basically a shame in my parents' eyes.
I should have been aborted damn!

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