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How important is mathematics to developing comprehension?

I wonder how much I should study mathematics before I lose the malleability of my young mind.

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As long as he gets it done what's the difference.

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No, I am attracted to it because I enjoy clarity and have always found mathematics enjoyable because of this. But I've never looked into it past middle school level, which is why I ask if I may find more of such in it.

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>How important is mathematics to developing comprehension?
Very. Notice how academia has gone to shit when we removed the mathematical requirements.

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there is an extreme amount of envy and racism in physics nowadays. Academia needs to be rivaled

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dont respond to this brainlet. there are people actively pushing others out of their fields because they have are too pretentious to understand anything outside, and in some cases within, their own subjects.

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How do I learn more efficiently? I spend a LOT of time wandering aroung (metaphorically) like a drunk collecting information and not really getting anywhere, until I SOMEWHAT get it a few days or weeks later. Is there nothing besides the usual that I can do (sleep, excersise, eat healthy, etc)?

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Only in the same way the best style of clothes that fit you is """genetic""" a.k.a you'd be a dumbass like that anon to think everyone doesn't have their own learning style they have to find for themselves.

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>learning styles
big meme, needing a certain method or style just means you're a brainlet. no one smart has ever worried about that shit, because all you need to do is read, listen, think, and write good notes.

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> Just read more lol
Only kidding, you just need to read more all the time

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>do squats; get better at squatting
>run; get proficient in running
>read; become advanced in reading
>do math; become schziophrenic
>be OP a huge fucking faggot
>instead of learning he chooses to just jerk off on the internet and make the same thread every day
yeah OP you're the problem.
you'll never learn effectively because you're lazy. you nigger

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Use Anki. It changed everything for me. seriously, give it a try, you won't be disappointed. It's nothing like "doing flashcards" in my opinion, and the algorithm for spaced religion works very well.

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Anyone here done any freelence experiments on the dream realm or dmt realm?

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I have dabbled in lucid dreaming infrequently

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>Xth thread on psychedelics today
Reminder that LSD was provided by the CIA in the 50s and 60s.

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OP should propose an experiment

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>be me in chemistry PhD program
>never done any drugs ever. Never did weed
>grow shrooms, mostly because the idea of growing mushrooms seems cool to me
>first time fails. they get infected
>try again second time
>decide to do shrooms one day. mess up decimal point and actually weight out a 10x dose
>drop out of PhD program 3 days later

I have zero regrets

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isn't that illegal?

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wow this guy is right. I dropped out of brown and three years later finished my degree at a lesser state school, you know like the one that a step below THE state school, and then got a job at Amazon because of connections.

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uhhh ummm... i thought you guys were talking about mycology and growing/picking mushrooms....

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Does science always lead to more pseudoscience? For example, before heliocentrism there was no such thing as ufology and before quantum physics there wasn't all this quackery about consciousness and observation. What are the implications of this for the demarcation problem?

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This jokes never siezes to be funny.

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interesting question. i would say the answer is yes. and i think the reason is not so hard to grasp at least in the context of physics. if you look at the history of physics, more and more the concepts have become more unnatural for people to comprehend, or in other words they challenge the simple intuition that everyday common sense is based on. therefore, two things happen: 1) it becomes easy for woo-woo people to trick the untrained minds of the masses into thinking physics justifies outlandish claims. 2) it becomes easier for the simple-minded engineer or old-fashioned person to appeal to common sense to try and say why the counterintuitive physics is wrong and thus whoever is listening them should trust them to believe in their seemingly common sense ideas which might either be outmoded thought or quackery or some mixture

some examples: 1) obviously has quantum woo-woo people like John Hagelin who says that grand unified theories imply the existence of a field of consciousness that enables telekenesis, 2) has the example of the Electric Universe folks who are convinced a ether exists and einstein was wrong and quantum is wrong but they’re so smart that they know gravity is really magnetism and black holes don’t exist because the evidence is a conspiracy to suppress the “it’s all magnets” community

then there is even overlap which is very cringe. you’d figure 1ers and 2ers are at obvious sides of the spectrum, but indeed the möbius strip of idiocy loops back on itself

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Correlation =! Causation

Things just go by different names when their old ones become unfeasible. Ufology used to be mythology etc. Although you may be onto something, as as science becomes more niche and complicated, to uninitiated eyes, somethings seem so esoteric that to them, there is no other reasonable alternative than whatever quackery they believe fills their gap in knowledge. But that's just my 2¢

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Scientific method results can lead to the wide acceptance of a particular theory, which could be used in an unscientific manner to discredit other methods.
At the end of the day, it comes to doing the research in a meticulous manner that prevents the old scientific theory from preventing the acceptance of a new one.

The problem is that organisations are paid to do experiments to discredit theories by being seemingly related to the new theory but not actually properly related. People will just assume it is related and it does discredit the theory.

tl;dr it's all about framing

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>Ufology used to be mythology etc.
Mythology covers a very broad range. Ufology specifically is an out growth of heliocentrism and industrial technological improvement. Could a story like War of the Worlds be told in more ancient times and make sense, or could someone from that time come up with such a story?

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Bros, is failing a class in college all that bad?
I haven't failed one, but i've been on the edge of passing or failing before.
As a science major, should I be more cautious about my grades?

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this. Fuck pythoniggers and their high-level shit.

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because there is no perfect overlap between grades and performance, so grade elitism is bullshit, only thing which matters is actual performance in the actual job and you won't take exams as a job .

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You assholes I'm an embedded engineer. I spend all day every day writing C. C is 100% the wrong language to be doing ML in. But then you guys don't know what ML is even about so I'll cut this reply here.

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The undergrad course is done using python and apache spark but the grad course is more theory and instead of using ML libraries we have to build functions that would be incorporated into a ML library if that makes any sense. The functions already exist in a standard ML library today but the course wants you to learn the theory and apply the concept from scratch. It's simple for someone with a C background but I'm learning about pthreads and I need to be able to communicate between every thread as well as main thread and use mutex locks and stuff. I'm sure this is trivial to anons who already took OS/optimization courses but I'm struggling with the pace.

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Painting bachelors degree with minor in biology.

I switched majors three times in uni, pre-med->art->philosophy->art

No its not the end of the world, but it is a huge waste of money.

If yourr on your parents dime expect a good whoopin'.

Sounds like you neef to work a wageslave job like dunkin donuts for a year like I did in order to appreciate what it is youre trying to avoid with attaining a degree.

Yeah, I'm studying to be a massage therapist now because its actually something I'm interested in doing, something the world needs, something I'm good at, and I can get paid for.

Sounds like you haven't found your ikigai. I may be a brainlet compared to the rest of you math fucks but I'm semi proud to say I burnt through 8 years of STEM daddys money trying to get my bachelors degree (2010-2018) only to fuck up trying to teach English in Israel and then dunkin' donuts.

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I believed the propaganda growing up that Math wasn't important and now I'm an adult who doesn't know basic algebra and I realize now it's the most important thing. :(

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> Too optimistic for life
good luck anon

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Pvt. Does-it-wrong reporting sir! I promise to fuck up every opportunity, fail every test, and abandon all responsibilities in the most creative way possible, sir!
>Becomes Anonymous's slave

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Hes a product of his environment, i fell for that meme too but luckily i learned to like math in college

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unlike everyone in this thread I learned to like pussy in college
also I dropped out and became a software developer

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Realistically the reason a lot of the time why it's hard to learn things in school is that you are limited by time. With enough time any topic or subject becomes attainable. You can do it, anon. Achieve enlightenment in the ways of Algebra.

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>USGS screeches autistically that you "can't predict earthquakes"
>dutchsinse, an unprofessional youtuber earthquake hobbyist, makes another great prediction about earthquakes - recently predicted this quake nearly a week ago and also predicted that krakatoa activity years ago that made that deadly tsunami
>did this while proving that somebody is covering up seismic events in Oregon (no major earthquake reports just in that state, even though it's on a fault and clearly getting tremors of other means as observed by other organisations), the reality of faults at cratons (USGS doesn't even recognise many of these faults, particularly in east euro and africa) and the reality of geothermal/oil/gas drillings creating earthquakes in the areas they are done (literally causing quakes daily)
>points out the odd tendency for the USGS to lower an earthquake from a round number to a lower number in order to reach certain thresholds for "something"
>"something" likely being profitable interests
>also points out how thermal satelites are filtering certain earthquake/volcanic related hotspots, largely because they prove a reality of the situation that this gov org is continuing to ignore, wilfully or otherwise
>USGS apparently have complained about his "misinfo"
>even though he's been making videos in real time for this over several years now
He's unorthodox, but he get's results. USGS are covering the asses of oil/geo, property and insurance companies.

>Bill Proenza
>ex-director of the National Hurricane Center (NHC)
>tried to get the NHC to update their satellites
>rest of the NHC said it was a "waste of money"
>"wouldn't help predicting weather"
>Bill placed on administrative leave
>NHC later spent millions on a birthday party for the organisation
>cut money for equipment
I wonder if that equipment could have revealed hotspots better?

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Just bombed my series/sequence exam. Should I retake Calc II in the summer? I can't bring myself to end the course with a B. Calc is really not that hard but I suck at taking exams and covid live streaming is fucking me over. Fuck

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If you're taking a minor in math, you'll have plenty of time to show the B was just a fluke. Also, COVID classes won't affect you as much as other classes when it comes to graduate programs looking at your grades.

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kys frogposter, you know it's the only way

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None of these things are a problem

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Grades are everything in life anon. Nothing else matters

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You wouldn't happen to be that last guy would you?

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What's the next paradigm for computing?

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>human-computer intelligence linking
>adaptive general purpose artificial intelligence
>biological, neuron-based computers
quantum is kind of a meme in my opinion, and we've almost reached the limit of the silicon transistor.

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Guys I found a small (abandoned?) mountain of this shit near our home. I took a few pieces home. It's not full silicon but silicon manganese not sure the ratio.

What can I do with this baby mountain of this?

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I googled some, I wonder what these guys are doing

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Can I make mustard gas of these? Will deliver results.

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>Can I make mustard gas of these?
nope sadly

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So what's nanotechnology doing these days? Any nanites from a threat actor going to enter your bloodstream and dissolve your red blood cells starving you of precious oxygen(O2) thereby assassinating you like on Teen Titans? The only thing I really know about nanotechnology is what I learned from AlienScientist's youtube channel.

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Nanotech is boring ass material science shit that no one even cares the slightest about until it's in a consumer product.
Stop reading scifi it's ruining your brain.

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Nanotech is not boring!!!!! We can have Iron Man suits and nearly unbreakable materials!!!! Maybe even AGI!

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There was the hype phase of overpromising (90s/00s), now it's in the dark phase of shit getting done (10s/20s) and suddenly it will reappear in the mainstream again, this time to stay (30s, 40s)

>> No.12793255

Can't wait to see it's military applications.

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In memoriam to SN10 edition.

The previous thread: >>12787133

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Page 10:

>> No.12792649

>page 10
>not even image limit or close to bump limit
what the fuck anon

>> No.12792662

>not close to bump limit
>page 10

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dogpile this cunt

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How did he do it?

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macauley culkin said michael jackson's house was basically the only place he could go to not get molested. they've been lying to us for a long time.

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He's black, blacks have always been more athletic than any other race.

>> No.12796543

it's because the slow ones got ate by lions for 40,000 years but nobody else had that evolutionary pressure

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>One of his dancers actually tore his calve muscle doing this.
This guy ?
Seriously, I can see how it works if you don't bend to low, but how can someone get back up from this position with only the strength of his calves ?

>> No.12796733

>Do sick moves with MJ on stage
>Can't get back up
>Everybody continues with their dance
>you just chill

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Why doesn't god want us to heal aids?

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At worse they get a full body genetically modified amoeba to warrant possession. The idea is to alter validity with a genetic altering specimen. So it’s technically a legalized trench warfare. Zone A can’t tell people about zone B aids. It may or may not be difference with same manifesting layout.

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Quoted By: >>12790998


If you study the African aids history. You’ll realize that beyond the doubt and disposition. They are just giving you the rules of their capitalist engagement through codes. The Congo pacts criminalize and censor regional demographic data. Coding is the only way to go on about.

>> No.12790998


You’ll eventually know who really hates aids and who loves it. Because the aims change with outlook. And people realize they are just a buy off and others realize they are purchasers. The situation is that with strengthening techno-culture even those who love it begin to hate it. That’s if they really study the charts. Otherwise they are just ignorant, gimme personalities. Techno-culture is way too cruel even for their pleasure.

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Fags made that shit, you are supposed to pay for the crap you do instead of blaming others for sticking your benis in poo

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what the fuck am I reading

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What is the best database of publications on plants?

Specifically, I am looking for examples of the use of in vitro cultures in agriculture and horticulture.

I just need a hint where to start, my options are limited to pubmed and books, but to these I have limited access and I do not want to waste money on a book, from which I will read 3 chapters, and the rest I will know from another source, so I am looking for the best source here, from you, because who if not you know best on the subject.

Inb4 google

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> my options are limited to pubmed and books
If you are truly this retarded while posting on the internet no one should ever help you. Honestly.

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Look at that slampig

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My advisor made me publish inaccurate results in a good journal when I was unskilled and didn't know everything. I've come across this paper recently and I don't know what am I supposed to do in this situation. Any advice?

The story is simple. We had to write a paper in no time. We stumbled upon very stupid equation that we weren't able to solve. My advisor said that he has solved it, showed me the answer and said that if we won't publish it, I won't get my master and also I won't find money for my research.

We added some weird and intentionally complicated math to advocate the intentionally wrong answer. Mostly because we have proven that the answer gives consistent numerical simulations.

5 years later, the whole my research is based on this wrong answer. I'm writing my PhD. And I'm hating myself for agreeing to publish it. I've decided to leave the academia because of this mistake and the fact that my research is actually a trash. But what would be the right thing to do in my situation? Should I write to the journal, saying that I had published intentionally wrong result and therefore be a reason they add all of the co-athors of this paper (6 of them are currently working in academia) to a black list?

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>Mostly because we have proven that the answer gives consistent numerical simulations.

Send a request to the journal for a notice to be added that the answer is wrong and therefore it is unknown why the simulations are consistent and well behaved. Someone will find the paper and find your mistake. I wrote a paper for my Masters, it did ok, up to 30 citations now, but I've got at least 100 e-mails about and more than a handfull of those requested that I clarify steps in one of the proof.

It will be retracted some day. And that retraction can either be career destroying or a minor setback. It might even be good for you if you request a full retraction. Lie and say you didn't see the mistake at publication, only after recently reviewing it. Inform all your co-authors of your intentions. Just don't take it to your grave, but also attempt to not destroy your career.

>> No.12793442

I assume OP is in maths or physics and from a central European country

>> No.12793460

>You've already decided to leave academia, so it's not even going to hurt you.

Yeah, nah, there is nothing the research community, including those in industry, hates more than liars and especially when dishonesty was used to get competative grants. OP _NEEDS_ to get ahead of this, if someone else finds out first he is done for. The best he could hope for is some low paid position at a midling who's HR team is too lazy to Google him. Don't believe me? Look at the retraction watch reports of researchers made toxic, they never find work again.

>> No.12793470

This. Just handwave some bullshit about this being found incorrect and publish a nee paper stating it is incorrect because blah blah blah.

>> No.12793607

Stick your head in deeper

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Quoted By: >>12792551

Can we just agree that the limit of the number 0.9999... as it approaches infinity equal 1?

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>> No.12792232

do you?

>> No.12792266

0*inf = 0 lol

>> No.12792278

As what approaches infinity?

>> No.12792467

There's no difference between 0.999... and 1. They have the exact same value.

>> No.12792551

Ok, then from the definition of a limit 0.999..=1.

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moore's law will stop
check them

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Link: www.popularmechanics.com/science/amp35718463/scientists-say-physical-warp-drive-is-possible/

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Quoted By: >>12796622



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Quoted By: >>12796828

Physics Mommy

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>>12796327 >>12796565
B in Physics
B in Linear Algebra
C in Calculus

Built for BBC

>> No.12796727


those did exist

>> No.12796828

Will those kids grow up despising beauty?

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>visualize my waifu for 15 minutes before bed
>have dream about her every night
life is good dreambros

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Go to /jp/ fag

>> No.12792150

tfw oneironaut

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>never had a wet dream
>rarely dream in general, the few I have are rarely coherent
I think it's over for me bros...

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Quoted By: >>12792528

>visualize my waifu 15 minutes before bed
>have horrible heinous nightmares including but not limited to being skinned alive, being murdered by family members who cut my stomach open and pull my entrails out and dance in them as my vision fades and wake up from my dream but am actually still in a dream but I just dreamt I had a nightmare in my nightmare, am in an abandoned house with no lights that's super spooky and am chased by a scary looking psychopath demon, until I'm stabbed a million times.
Except one time I had a dream where I had sex, that was pretty school, but then I was killed by an evil puppet version of myself that wanted to wear my skin. That's when I was skinned alive.

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We would have been better off if Mary Shelley had never written anything.

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>Of course we will have self-sustaining colonies on Mars by 2050, all the problems you have stated will simply be solved by new tech.
>Source: My favourite SciFi show

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Have sex

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Why would you want the future shown in The Expanse anyways? The vast majority of humanity in this setting lives in very shitty conditions.

Also Elon Musk = Julies-Pierre Mao

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hypothetically speaking for this to work you need to recycle every single organic compound; dead bodies need to be ground and put on soil before decomposing (bacteria too slow), shit must be treated and put on soil (bacteria too slow), uric acid must be broken into ammonia or something else and put in soil, minerals in piss, so many things. plants aren't going to magically fuse carbon into nitrogen and potassium

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really good nuclear fusion or really good molecular assemblers could get us pretty close to self sustaining mars colonies. Really good fusion lets you brute force stuff by just using more power. Getting some rare ass element you need to make more fusion reactors? Fusion torch and mass spec dirt. This is impractical today because it takes a lot of power, but if you have really good, like really really fucking good fusion, then power is cheap enough to do this. With really good molecular assemblers you can carry an entire industrial base to Mars in very few rocket launches. Both of these are unlikely though and saying new tech will solve it without specifying which tech is NPC thinking like you have described.

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OP is right an surely has an in-depth understanding of the engineering challenges required for offworld and cis-lunar sapce colonies.

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Could someone explain how photolithography works in somewhat simplified terms and how they then make the transistors on the silicon wafers from that, It's all going over my head.

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>If you don’t love engineering you’ll never be a good engineer
no, a person who doesnt appreciate the craft and doesnt have the dedication is weeded out during university, theres a good reason why engineering courses have high dropout rates
only a person who is really into it will bother to invest the effort for forcing themselves through a plethora of reports and an arduous overloaded schedule
University in a not shit country when studying a non bullshit subject is a stress test to see who can handle it and who can not, much more so for actual engineers who constantly work under high pressure and under deadlines
its not for everyone
>you’ll never be a good engineer
no, being an engineer is about getting stuff done and doing so no matter what
having a smile on your face during that is an extra that makes it easier for your psyche

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>I speak from personal experience
so do i
>At my last job the interns were a waste of time but we hired a few that became useful after a couple years
at every internship i had during university i got offered to stay afterwards and get paid as a sidejob
not every student has the ambition or gets an internship at a company they want, most just take the first best that they can get or simply dont have the options
>current job doesn’t hire anybody for hardware that doesn’t have 10 years of work experience or a PhD + 5
well if its something that requires actual experience then some shitter intern is not an option
inters dont really get to design anything that is actually sold to some customer
>It is a company that you’re very familiar with

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>a person who doesnt appreciate the craft and doesnt have the dedication is weeded out during university
We passed on plenty of candidates that had fine grades but obviously didn’t have the interest. We hired one that we later regretted. I’m gonna be elitist here and say that if you didn’t graduate from a top university(say top 20ish) the programs don’t do a very good job weeding people out. There is a huge quality gap between a candidate from cal tech versus Ohio state

> no, being an engineer is about getting stuff done and doing so no matter what
That will get you to mediocre. But being good requires a depth of knowledge, intelligence and curiosity that someone who is just punching the clock will never get. But there are plenty of companies that make a business out of herding mediocre engineers

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>I’m gonna be elitist here and say that if you didn’t graduate from a top university(say top 20ish) the programs don’t do a very good job weeding people out. There is a huge quality gap between a candidate from cal tech versus Ohio state
Strong doubt. We know all these programs are overseen by ABET in order to ensure some level of standardization, so in theory all these programs should be similar.
Just doing a quick search on Google, Georgia Tech has a 97% freshman retention rate and an 86% graduation rate.
Obviously one interpretation is that the quality of high school students is higher so they just pass everything.
Another interpretation is that the admin intentionally doesn't weed people out because they've already invested so much in the selection process.
It's the same situation where the Ivy League where many students will tell you that the hardest part by far is getting accepted and after that it's just a regular university experience.

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>We passed on plenty of candidates that had fine grades but obviously didn’t have the interest
the mindset is also important, something that really cant be teached in Uni, but that has to be developed gradually by working on your own, figuring stuff out and solving problems
>I’m gonna be elitist here and say that if you didn’t graduate from a top university(say top 20ish) the programs don’t do a very good job weeding people out
here in Germany Unis do very well with that, at least in engineering
my uni has about 50% dropout rate for the EE programme that i do
>There is a huge quality gap between a candidate from cal tech versus Ohio state
well here people from technical universities are typically all competent, even those that come from other institutions are solid
maybe US should attempt to be a bit more meritocratic in their education system
>That will get you to mediocre
yes, most people like these just drop out or change their major
>But being good requires a depth of knowledge, intelligence and curiosity that someone who is just punching the clock will never get
sure, but one can only bet how big the benefit in productivity and overall work output really is
>plenty of companies make a business out of herding mediocre engineers
well not everyone can be a super high motivated genius that is also sociable and always productive
even a mediocre engineer will pull the cart, metaphorically speaking

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Scientifically speaking, how would one approach macroeconomic theory to improve society and better science?
We all know capitalism and socialism have major flaws. What are some better alternatives?
My picks (not in any order):
Social credit
Palace economy
IMO distributism would be best for science.

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>being against Marxism means you are a libertarian
Try again, faggot, and with an actual point next time.

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I agree with the first three topics, just pointing it out.

>How families manage their private households is outside of the realm of Economics.
It may be outside of political econ, but not outside of economics. What I mean is that there is no price system in a household because the economic calculation problem is an informational problem; in small scales, information flows fast and there is no need to have a price system.

>Working well in large scale societies

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The problem with communism as practiced in the Soviet Union and China was that it got biology dead wrong. Were it not for Lysenkoism those systems would still be holding over today. Capitalism only works because it is able to capture science through its public risk and private profit system. A market can be made for fairy dust, and if the economy depends on fairy dust it will fall apart. Scientists are needed to base products in the real world, and materially benefit people.

The ideal system for science to provide the most benefit would be to have total freedom of information, open source patents, copyleft, repair rights, and so on. Human discretion should also be limited as much as reasonably possible in favor of publicly verifiable randomness to ensure fairness.

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Go back to school.

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by their definitions someone without enough money for food could be living in “not extreme poverty” while a self reliant village without currency that feeds and shelters everyone would be living in extreme poverty regardless

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