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Is the scientific process racist /sci/bros?

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No, but it should be. No niggers!

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if this happened science would develop at an exponential rate.
instead every professor has nigger fatigue because of the law that states "niggers get in for free" because otherwise none would go.
so now they're just so burnt out they can't focus on science.
that's why math has been unaffected it's just always been a self destructive field. When the big guys in your field either committed suicide, starved to death because they wouldn't eat food their wife didn't make and worked themselves to death, had metal breakdowns so bad they needed to be hospitalized, etc. you know it's not a healthy field.
you can't pay a nigger to do math.
that being said I've retired from math at the age of 28 due to developing schizophrenia and now I need to be constantly medicated.
wether math causes schizophrenia or schizophrenia causes math doesn't matter.

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>black people are the reason why I'm not living in a sci-fi utopia fantasy
lmao this is what racists actually believe'
If that were true 99.99% white/asian areas would have such a substantial advantage that they would be replacing egalitarian locales.

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According to Fractional Distance: The Topology of the Real Number Line with Applications to the Riemann Hypothesis [https://vixra.org/abs/1906.0237], the Riemann hypothesis is false due to hat infinity.

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Tooker is the only namefag I accept on /sci/. Rest need to Sudoku.

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so relaxing

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Serious question, how did feel to be other side of that camera held by the sheboon caricature?

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Does it work?
Does it cure brainlet syndrome?

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for what?

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Brainlet syndrome particularly

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Would you rather go to medical school and become a physician or go to dental school and become a dentist, and why?

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Thread derailment but since its medicine: Whats the deal with electric shocks, defibrillation and the different heart beating patterns? Is there a science to it or is it just empirical trial and error?
From what i have read an electrical shock can induce ventricular fibrillation, and yet another shock can correct it. Apparently doctors induce fibrillation on purpose to do a live test of implantable defibrillators. How is this done?

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Yeah, there's a science to it. Basically when there's an aberrant rhythm, it's many times due to a place in the heart generating an electrical pulse when it shouldn't be, or many places generating pulses. Providing a shock can polarize all the cells for a moment and allow the controlling node (sinoatrial node) to "direct" the electrical activity. For the implantable, you can look up implantable cardioverter-defibrillators.

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Good surgeons can make more than that

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How do you induce fibrillation? I want to patent and market the worlds first fibrillator machine.

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some boomers need a slap on the head to remind them of their inferiority
"pure software"

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hey /sci/, I have a riddle for you

this pattern is pretty interesting, for instance


and you cannot split this into two numbers which sum to 142857142857, however...

can you create a number using three copies of the sequence {1,4,2,8,5,7} which has this property?

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but more seriously

any number with this property has to have 9 as a factor.

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Is it, 1 lump of clay?

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My workplace fucked my whole life because they thought I lied to them. I have proof, I didnt lie but it still gives me nightmares.

Due to the situation my step father complained about me, letting the basement (where I live) rot. I never noticed the bad smell. Even when I was out with friends or girls I have never noticed a bad smell or something. My friend and step father however said it smells like shit.

How do I know my ability to smell is normal?
Food tastes good but I'm worried I could not feel my taste is also impaired because I never knew how it is really supposed to taste

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You get used to house smells easily. Only whenever I've been in steam like a shower, does my nose smell the house for a minute.

Put your head in steam, in the sink with towel, and eat something by your side.

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I'm going to fuck their lives a lot worse, and the lives of all the people I find in smiling facebook pics with them.

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that's what I was talking about. Even when I was driving around with friends for 5 hours straight I didnt notice any bad smell

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you probs have covid

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I've been an on and off nootropic user since my early 20s, I've tried all the racetams, noopept, alpha gpc, choline, sulbutiamine and a lot of other herbal nootropics. I never do experimental doses and usually keep to the recommended daily intake. Tell you the truth the only nootropics from which Ive actually felt some effects were Phenylpiracetam and Huperzine-A.

Anyways, since I first learned about nootropics I´ve been waiting to try PRL 8-53 and NSI-189. I just got them in the mail today. I orgered 500 mg PRL and 30 ml NSI freebase from science.bio.

I just tried .6 ml NSI (the equivalent of around 30 mg) which I tried to take sublingually but the burning sensation was so incredibly bad I had to gulp it down and my mouth lining actually started peeling off although the NSI only stayed in my mouth for 3 seconds at most!!!!!

As I assume many of you have figured out Im not well versed in pharmacopeia and dont want to do anything stupid so I'm hoping you guys can help me clear up some things:

1) I've read that NSI freebase is ineffective if taken orally instead of sublingually, just how true is this? and if so what can I do in order to not waste all my money?

2) I've also read that freebase is a bit stronger than other forms, this being the case do you think it would be wise to lower my daily intake to around 20mg daily?

3) Im currently not taking anything else and was thinking of using NSI alone for 15-20 days and then adding the PRL (5-10 mg daily) and using the two compouns together for 10-20 days (until the NSI runs out) and then keep on going with PRL alone. Do you think this is a good idea or should I start mixing them earlier/not mix them at all?

4) does anyone have more info on the two compounds being used for language learning and word recall? I've only read a few anecdotal reports on longecity but thats pretty much it.

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Does any of this shit actually work?

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micks wid koom

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I wouldn't fuck with nootropics, especially shit like PRL, which is still pretty experimental. Most nootropics either don't work or keep you so hyper you can't focus. Plus, by ordering illegally, there's a pretty good chance your order gets mixed up and you get fentanyl or something. I would just stick to caffeine if I were you.

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nothing illegal about the order and yes, I will have it tested tomorrow.

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>None of your ancestors lived in fear like you do
I think the pharmacology of adderall is a little better understood than your snake oil.
I bet you read of self-help books don’t you?

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solve this nerds

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Never should've come here.

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why am i hearing boss music...

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P-please no!

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as you wish... kid

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Innovative robotic technology or useless tech scam with dystopian symbolism of increasing exploitation and technological stagnation?

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*beep boop*

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we already had a thread for this. We do not need another.

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it's hard to know for sure but it seems like history is filled with memes like this
in which case it's a scam but also slowly introduces new ways of separating people from their money

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Is this an accurate or close depiction of dmt visuals?
Also how would go about simulating such visuals?

I posted on paranormal board not enough people talking about it, so I'm posting here hoping i would get a rational perspective

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not really

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and if you want to simulate such visuals actually doing dmt would go a long way

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I immediately thought this pic was a silicon wafer

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This is one of the most accurate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph4szaVTWSY

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Yeah, your dreams, they're just DMT flowing in your brain.

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That teaches Math oriented people to draw and Artists to use mathematical principles.

As an aritst, I already know why Math is scary, but I am curious as to why mathematicians do not draw or see art as a form of applied mathematics. My goal is to legitimize art to a STEM level and to hopefully give mathematicians a new hobby lol.

For starters, I figured I'd focus on the golden ratio proportions and human landmarks such as eight heads high and perspective as three seperate chapters but I'm hoping you all can help me out with the following survey:

1) What is your current occupation/lack of occupation?

2) Why do you enjoy/not enjoy your field of work?

3) What is your current opinion on the field of mathematics and/or those involved in mathematics today?

4) What is your current opinion on the field of art and/or those involved in art today?

5) On a scale of 1-10 how interested would you be in learning how to draw?

6) On a scale of 1-10 how much do you believe mathematics stimulates critical thinking?

7) On a scale of 1-10 how much do you believe Art stimulates critical thinking?

8) Lastly, If I wrote this "book" are there any areas in art or mathematics you would be interested in seeing/learning about? Are there any areas that you do NOT want focused on, that you have seen in other "math and art" books (such as tessellations etc.)?

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Lol I wouldn't call anything related to math art.
Math is literally trying to destruct art by combining patterns. Math has boundaries, art does not. Of course you can find art inside math, but it is discovered and understood, so it doesn't hold much value when it comes to irrational feelings. The purpose of art is not to be understood, it's the opposite: it's here to get lost in a childlike innocence of irrationalities like wonder, yearning, terror and love.

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1) neet
2)i want to kms
8)prob chaos theory

>> No.12793486

Post your work

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Scientifically speaking, is attraction to bigger breasts correlated with malnutrition, poverty and low IQ? Can we deduce from that that attraction to flat chest is correlated with being well-off and high IQ?
Current data and knowledge of evolutionary psychology seem to prove this hypothesis correct.

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Imagine being so insecure about your own sexuality that you need to come up with a completely made up theory to justify your absolute lack of sex with big breasted women or any woman at all.

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>Tfw you landed that woman

>> No.12794901

Only woman could be this buttblasted over shitpost desu

>> No.12796225

>jordan peterson
Not watching one second of that. You prove my point. Fake masculinity watched by feminine men that want to be masculine.

>> No.12796292

Nah, you're just fitting the data to your theory

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I can't help but eat a lot of these (pic related, vitamin C gummies) they taste so good and my average tracked intake is about 2100g a day. Is this not good for me? What will taking this amount of vitamin C do? Are there health benefits?

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Eating 5kg a day of anything is bad for you.

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Quoted By: >>12791642

the unused C will just get pissed away. I’d be more worried about what all that sodium is doing.

>> No.12791642

>the unused C will just get pissed away.
Not the same as not being absorbed.

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He was voicing discontent with the net recently. Good for him—but I'd bet mid-summer by the latest :3

>> No.12791885

No its perfectly healthy, if you have no problem with micro crystals pricing your flesh and rupture you inner organs.
Also do you really need blood? Blood is overestimated.
Just go on and take what ever you like. More is better.

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How many papers have you written?

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Hey, brainlet here, could some Anon confirm if the math in this is legit?
I feel like this is one of those auto-generated papers...
Also, fuck you (((Bernanke)))!!

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nah, im stephen and its legit.

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1 approaching infinity

>> No.12792056

0 and i intend to keep it that way.

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Just 1 paper, not sure how far it got
> bitcoin.pdf

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>algebraic geometry
>differential geometry
>category theory
>Lie groups

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>> No.12792516


>> No.12792563

Good times, great classic Bezos

>> No.12793304

complexity theory, type theory and combinatorics.

>> No.12793392

Barnett triple integrals

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Quoted By: >>12792277

I am very interested to here ur thoughts about this and how it could change humanity

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Of course it's reversing in europe, as there is a rising population of uneducated immigrants.

>> No.12792277

Flynn effect is not on g. They are "hollow gains". Flynn himself acknowledged this fact

>> No.12792292

>what is a hookworm

>> No.12792351

>100-23 is roughly the African average IQ.
Perhaps but that data is not on the graph.

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What was the racial makeup of your advanced classes, /sci/?

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90% white, 10% Asian

>> No.12790176

>Indians lower than Hispanics
Never have I been more disappointed in my race

>> No.12790241

I remember it cristal clearly.
>freshman honours calc
>70 students supposed to be in class
>sit next to asian friend
>"hey Chang, wanna bet $10 that the number of white students that come in today will be <10?"
>"Sure, anon"
>proceed to count every white man as he walks in
>1 minute before lecture starts
>9 white men counted
>"Chang, it's over"
>10th white man comes in late
That tells you all you need to know. There were some indians but no other POC.

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Dunno, my department recently made a social justice committee whose goal is to figure that out. I wish I were joking.

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70% gook
20% honkey
10% currymuncher

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Is there any research being done on having uteruses implanted or brains transplanted? I can't deal with this fucking body anymore without serious mods. I refuse to believe suicide is the best option.

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Quoted By: >>12791196 >>12791200

Sorry to say but there is pretty strong evidence that gender is innate ala David Reimer. Our inability to pin down exactly what the je-ne-sais-quoi of gender is does not preclude our ability to understand that it is not 100% learned.

>> No.12791196

Yeah faggit it’s called men HAVE PENISES


Don’t at me with some intersex hermohadite HORSESHIT. Curb your disphoria mothafucka! You’re in a clown world now nigger!

>> No.12791200


Ignorant leftist.

>> No.12791471

>I can't take the proper calories intake
Smoke weed. It’ll turn you into a bumbling idiot for a couple months, but at least you’ll eat and gain weight
Stop fapping, watching porn. Maybe ask your doctor or “doctor” for some testosterone (who knows maybe he’ll give it to you, it just has to be diagnosed somehow, do research, professional is always the best way to go).
That alone will work but you should lift a bit, get some cardio

Work with the parts you’ve got. I promise it’s the best way. It’s hard to imagine a light at the end of the tunnel when you can’t see it at all but I promise it’s there.

What is lifestyle and short terms goals trannynigger?

>> No.12792093

me too

File: 66KiB, 900x506, who-is-the-real-hero-of-the-avengers-ec36d572-9c28-4064-b5db-c1b7a922c502-jpeg-263291.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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>Jarvis, build a maximally efficient paperclip factory

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Quoted By: >>12789075

>he doesn't use Oxford Comma in his papers

literally fuck off to art school

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>> No.12789075

Alternatively, OP can fuck himself, kill himself or suck my dick

>> No.12789115

Lol, as a finn, the comma came within my mother's, whom is the most nicest mother of them all, milk, you retarded americunts.

>> No.12789119
Quoted By: >>12789162

who wouldn't

>> No.12789120

Oh I don't use any punctuation in my papers.

>> No.12789162

The girl on the back is fat and ugly

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Quoted By: >>12796975 >>12796976

Name a more brainlet profession

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Quoted By: >>12797022

you're a white male right? because all the top schools are only recruiting women now in all disciplines. Can't even trust your grad students to run an experiment alone without breaking something or injuring themselves. Can't even trust your grad students to perform data analysis properly. fuck. me.
t.same boat as you w/ Harvard PhD

>> No.12796971

because a no name uni will have the same equipment and funding available for a doctorate as would an ivy league one, right? you fucking retard

>> No.12796975 [DELETED]
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Data Scientist

Aka Msc in Statistics who dropped out the PhD, left academia and is now working as a Excel spreadsheet monkey.

>> No.12796976
File: 32KiB, 264x400, TBC.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Data Scientist

Aka Msc in Statistics who dropped out the PhD, left academia and is now working as an Excel spreadsheet monkey in a Business Office.

>> No.12797022

is it this pozzed unironically?
if real then we should see the effect of this madness in maybe a decade or so

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Quoted By: >>12789839 >>12791467

Also what remains of SN8 and SN9, you just have to go and pick it up.

Check the video


Maybe some of niggers can pick up some parts and sell them in ebay.

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>> No.12789758

The purpose of the flight was to collect telemetry data on re-entry. The fact that it landed at all (second fucking try overall) is insanely phenomenal.
IMO large crafts should be assembled in zero-g versus making rockets bigger and bigger, but regardless, IT FUCKING WORKED (in less than 3 years development time).
Elon says we need more innovation to get there in time, I have a feeling momentum will continue to increase and we’ll be fine.
Imagine being so fucking miserable you shill for the antithesis of the surviving of your own human race. It’s really something to see just how large of a percentage of the population is this literally this fucked up. Thankfully you won’t be going anywhere

>> No.12789783

Humanity doesn’t deserve or not deserve anything according to your opinion. The causation of reality is not a construct of your worldview of morality. Humanity will get whatever it deserves by whatever it creates. Whatever it has at any point in time is precisely and exactly what it deserves over all and every accounted detail.

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>get piece of turbopump
>send it to North Korea
>get free house and multiple waifus

>> No.12789851

Why do you say that? Specifically

>> No.12791467


Just go an rip a piece out of your kitchen sink, it's probably even the same grade of stainless steel.

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How could be nuclear fusion an infinite source of clean energy if there is no an chain reaction on it?

>> No.12788807

The energy produced can provide enough heat to maintain the rate of reaction given proper confinement conditions.
Look up 'bootstrapping' and 'Lawson ignition criteria'

>> No.12789180
File: 107KiB, 818x576, CNX_UPhysics_43_02_BindingEng.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

there is no such thing as infinite energy. with fusion/fission, pic related is the main reason behind this

>> No.12790342
Quoted By: >>12792104

look up hydrogen bomb. then create a process to control that.

>> No.12792104

pretty much, but there's already a system to make it work. It's called PACER and we've known how to do it since the 70s

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