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Is there air dust everywhere?
Are we basically eating, drinking, and breathing this all the time?

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That's why you should breathe with your nose.

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Is that a crack on your favela tinshack?

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it kinda does look like my favela

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Its actually light dust, not air dust, notice how you never see it in the dark.

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But it still exists, floats around, even without light I would guess. If not then that would be confusing & interesting
It's funny though how we live surrounded by this and it's relegated as something we see sometimes with sunlight

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My historic targeted individual case

No thought required

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What signal is this, what's running it?

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Do you know any violent games with cute anime girls with cel shaded graphics like pic related?

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If she was a man with the same level of looks, would people still watch her videos?
Whatever the answer is in your head right now, how does this impact the academic world as a whole?

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Average is anything from 4-6. Beauty is averaged at 5 with a standard deviation of about 1 (maybe 1.5). This woman is most definitely not 2-3 standard deviations high in the beauty department. At most she's 1 standard deviation above the mean, which is average beauty. She's a 6, and on a really good day at most a 7.

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It's a parasocial relationship.
She's attractive-ish, in an unconventional way, and does the whole shy, awkward autistic thing, which makes her seem somewhat attainable to the simps, at least in their imagination.
Her simps could never, even in their imagination, see themselves with a genuine smokeshow like Nancy PI.

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>simp simp simp simp
go back to /v/, reddit or twitter, whichever one you came from

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>a genuine smokeshow like Nancy PI
Nancy is 10x uglier tho

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NanyPi is marginally more attractive. A stable 7, with is good without makeup. If she dolled herself up she'd be an 8. OPs girl is a stable 5-6, and if she tried really hard she maxes at a 7. NanyPi doesn't even need to try and she's a 7. That's the difference between being hot and being average.

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Scientifically speaking, what causes post but clarity?

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It is a delusion.

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What causes post but clarity? The rejection of conjunctions I think

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leading up to a nut your animal brain has been filling up with hormones to trigger arousal to a point of climax, dopamine is dropped and you're high off the release of stress.
it's all about the chemical triggers carried out unconsciously, like in extreme focus or fight/flight releases cortisol, you have an endorphin rush that builds up to orgasm and a refractory period (triggered by climax)
its similar to the action potential response, including the nut shiver some people get, which is multiple retriggering at that moment (and the point that pseudoscientists try to put their sex yoga in place) until the equivalent repolarization occurs. in that refractory period, if put in simple terms, your animal brain is returning to normal arousal, which when it overshoots gives a longer period where arousal is essentially shut down, even below your normal state of mind/"hornyness."
comparative animal biology goes over the importance of these sorts of hormone cascades during times of stress or arousal.

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also what I mean with the shuttering is not "multiple orgasms like the woman's side where there are multiple retriggering, guys get one above the threshold for orgasm but it's extended with multiple cascades while staying beyond the threshold between nerves until hormones block it from firing in your head.

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Is death the end?

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Why do you ask me, I'm just a humble shitposter.
Ask them fancypants over at /lit/

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No, it's only the beginning

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No. Even if you're the edgiest of reddit atheists, death is not the end. Provided you don't selfishly cremate yourself, your body will provide nutrients to the worms and bugs that live within the soil, growing existing life so that the ecosystem you reside in may continue. You give back to the earth just as you've taken from it your whole life. It's all cyclical, anon.

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Smoke DMT to find out

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I doubt anyone actually believes it is, even if it is.

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If time is relative, could we theoretically experience slow-motion if our brain just ran faster?

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Back when I was into bullet hell shooters, I used to warm up by running the game at 2x speed for a while, and then start my actual run at the original speed. The bullets seemed slower than usual and it was almost kinda spooky how effective it was. So yeah you definitely could experience more "things per second" if your brain was faster.

You've probably thought of the classic "does everyone see colours the same way?" question, but have you thought of "does everyone experience time at the same speed?"

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This is why it’s difficult to swat a fly. They see things at a higher frame rate so experience time more slowly.

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I'm pretty sure that basically is how it works. When I've used psychedelic drugs I've experienced time slow to a crawl because each passing moment comes cascading with signicantly more information than experiencing the world straight. Conversely, another phenomenon I've experienced while incredibly fatigued is that when I'm listening to music, even a song I know well, the song seems to be playing slightly faster and I suspect this is because the brain is processing far less info due to exhaustion.

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I think that's what makes some professional athletes so good. Their reaction times are just a bit faster because their perception runs a bit faster, making the world around them seem slowe.r

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Even if our universe worked purely by Newtonian mechanics rather than by general relativity, we would experience our surroundings in slow motion if we could run our brains faster.

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People who claim to be able to visualize things- even simple and ubiquitous things- can't actually do so:
>In the 1970s, scientists showed that Americans were surprisingly bad at remembering visual details of pennies, one of the most common physical objects available for study. But a group of psychologists from the University of Los Angeles wondered if that weakness applied in today’s logo-saturated environment. So they put 85 students (only 11 percent of whom did not use Apple products regularly) in a logo-free room and asked them to draw the Apple logo and rate their confidence in the drawing on a scale of 1 to 10.

>The results were underwhelming. Only one participant of 85 drew the logo accurately, though seven other participants drew it without major errors. And when they were asked to pick the real logo out of a lineup of eight options, only 47 percent of participants passed the test. Though Apple users were slightly more confident in their ability to spot the real logo, they were no more confident than PC users when it came to actually drawing it.

>In another experiment, the team asked 26 undergrads (93 percent Apple users) to rate their confidence about how well they could recall the Apple logo before and after drawing it. Though they found no significant correlation in pre-drawing confidence and actual ability to draw the logo, the participants’ confidence in the logo they had drawn afterwards was strongly indicative of the logo’s accuracy (or lack thereof).

If people cannot even visualize the Apple logo, which is something simple and two-dimensional (so they should have no problem drawing it), how can they possibly visualize an actual apple, in three dimensions, with all its detail. Take a close look at an apple and you'll see it's incredibly complex. Computers struggle to render an apple, yet you think you can do so with your brain?

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Not sure if grey is the right word. It just doesn't really *pop* with color. By default it has the same lack of color as the emptiness when you don't imagine anything.

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So what are you actually doing when you're imagining? Is it open or closed? Does it appear in your visual field and overtake the black or is it on a separate "plane" in your head? I've read people give different accounts on this, I guess because it's too difficult for people to describe personal experiences in a way that's understandable. For me everything I visualize is in the back of my head. It doesn't actually show up in my visual field, so if I closed my eyes it's just black, but I still "see" it. No issues with colors or keeping it together. Hard to describe.

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Your description of it being in the back of the head makes sense to me. But if I focus enough on related memories I can get it appear in my visual field too I guess?

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I have read that some people can actually superimpose their imagination on an empty sheet of paper or something. One has to wonder how many people are misdiagnosed as schizo or something just because they describe a normal visualization ability that the psych doesn't know about.

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My ex had synesthesia and whe could recall dates easier by memorising the combination of colours of the digits.
I dont think there is any concrete evidence of photographic memory.

So i assume the current theories on memory are correct and you recall everything from paradigms you make. If you never pay attention to a minor detail it will never register in the list of paradigms in order to recall it

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>have genetic data
>mutates and evolves
>not living
Fuck off! That's more than enough to be a living thing.

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Stop confusing phenotype and genotype.
For the same reasons you cannot call each of your 46 chromosomes independent life forms is the same reason why plasmids are not independent living forms, you fucking dumbass.

The same reason you cannot call a mitochondria an independent living form anymore. It is part of the structure of a cell.

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>at least a computer virus could conceivably build a computer with enough autism and automation
No, computer viruses are no different from memes.

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a plasmid is not a chromosome
I literally have a diagram of a plasmid that reproduces outside of binary fission, INDEPENDENT of the host bacteria.

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the best definition I've heard for life is :
"a chemical system that uses energy to keep itself from reaching chemical equilibrium"

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here's an article with a bit more sophistication on the individuality(selfishness, living for the benefit of the cell or for self-replication) of DNA replicators and viral vehicles to explore the living-ness of viruses compared to other non-chromosomal DNA. transformation and plasmid-induced vehicles(conjugation) are inherently down to the cells consenting to pick up or send DNA so their mode of packaging is KEY to distinguishing an f plasmid from a virus in terms of movement and independence.
viruses are still not alive in a colloquial sense and fall in the quasi-living "certainly not rocks" camp.

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topologically speaking, what is woman?

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Arteries dont pop out of the body

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Women still have one more hole: the vagina.
Men only have the anus and the urethra down there.

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Vagina is not a hole, topologically speaking

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Topologically speaking, how many holes does a man have? The mouth and nostrils seem to connect to the urethra and the anus. Ears and cornea appear independent. So three unique holes?

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>seem to connect to the urethra and the anus

Not really, the anus is connected to the mouth and to the lungs.

Nostrils are connected to each other.

Eyes are tricky because if you consider the hole of the optic nerve then you'll have that the eyes are connected to the opening of the skull.

Urethra is not a hole but a cavity.

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Here from /biz.
In practical terms, what does this paper mean? Is all electronic encryption now obselete?


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Nothing. If this were true the author would literally be the most powerful human on earth.

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There is no fucking way

>> No.12787784

Frankfurter here.
They were researchign thisone for quite a while. They got their hands on wikileaks (darknet archive) encryption and on DARPA leaks.
Should be legit

>> No.12787786

Nothing. More holes in that paper than Swiss cheese
The author is 77 and is clinging to his past relevancy

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Tfw you'd probably be interested in so many subjects but your teachers were either shit at providing the foundational knowledge or so annoying that it left a bad taste for the subjects.

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not everyone is stupid enough to care about education or jobs. if those things motivate you, you’re an NPC.

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Wealth and success come from networking and lying/stealing - things only done by trash human beings. Your perception that they’re kind and smart is due to your own blind spots. A ‘kind’ successful person is ALWAYS manipulating you for some kind of gain. Poor people are morally justified in being rude.

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Quoted By: >>12789181

To be fair successful people are almost always good looking, in other words leeches who have been handed everything by the world. Of course you’re gonna be kind and positive if none of the world’s insane suffering and unfairness has been inflicted on you. Does it even count as being kind or positive if you’re a lucky leech?
Part of the reason all smart people hate positive people is because they’re all fake. No one who has been exposed to the true nature of reality has a positive attitude. A positive attitude is a sure sign someone is a privileged rotting piece of dumpster trash who would start screaming to block it out if you forced them to hear about an atrocity. I’ve met a lot of positive people who suddenly turn very angry if you tell them about childhood cancer or something similarly evil. No one has the right to be positive unless they’ve faced evil.

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>tfw this isn't science or math

fuck off retard this site isn't a blog

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Holy salty neckbeard

Go to the gym and eat a vegetable you angry boys. You choose how you want to see the world.

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Is there a difference in linear algebra and matrix algebra or is my school just bad at naming their courses?

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Linear algebra is the study of linear functions. A function is linear iff it can be expressed as . Linear algebra is a subset of algebra and therefore studies the property of the field constituted by linear functions. Matrix algebra is identical to Linear algebra because any linear function can be expressed as a matrix. But I believe some low-effort courses marked as matrix algebra specifically deal with how to compute matrices rather than the understanding of the underlying system.

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>herd immunity any day now dog

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> since he doesn't come out of his mom's basement and only read /pol/ disinformation, he still think it's just a flu.

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Yeah you're a retard if you support lockdown and closed borders. I'm Latino and ready to immigrate to the US but the travel ban has hit me hard. Fuck Corona.

>> No.12788907

Since when has a travel ban stopped wetbacks from coming to the US?

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Quoted By: >>12788965

It's been proven to be mathematically impossible to achieve herd immunity with covid.

>> No.12788965

What makes covid different from any of the other fast spreading diseases humanity has already faced?

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Is there anything that helps to ease out withdrawal symptoms for any type of addiction? Physical, emotional, behavioral?
I heard someone mention cbd and/or thc. Any truth to this?

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TinEye searched over 46.1 billion images but didn't find any matches for your search image.

>> No.12787837

It helps to have friends to take care of you for the duration. It can be months.

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from personal experience

Kratom, but its an addictive substance as well, but is helps getting trough hard days, and you can be functional. but its not for daily use. but if you have serieus withdrawal you need to find professional help.

Ketamine helped me trough a medium alcohol withdrawel, but i only did it in the evening while i had nothing to do.

I cant recommend these methods because changing from "high" doesn't change you, but it can help in difficult days, sometimes you just need to face the withdrawal.

>> No.12788109

sidenote: i only have experience with substance related addictions (benzo, alcohol, amphetamine , nicotine)

>> No.12788143

Yea just take some of whatever it is you're withdrawing from. Not only will you not be withdrawing anymore but you'll also be high/drunk/whatever

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A tale of two boards.

I'd like to gather the opinions and ideas of /sci/ users.

> How do you feel about /x/?
> Have you ever visited or posted on /x/?
> What have your experiences been like on /x/?

Genuinely curious and would love to start a discussion to better understand the reality of these two seemingly irreconcilable places.

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/x/ is like a time capsule of what /sci/ would have been a few hundred years ago

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Quoted By: >>12789277

Quite concise, very much appreciated.

Funny guy is last to die.

Very interesting, but also probably quite common for /sci/.
Do you remember how you made the change, how you "grew up"?
Can you pinpoint any specific events or thoughts/ideas?

>> No.12787726

> How do you feel about /x/?
> Have you ever visited or posted on /x/?
Once after one of Metokurs videos about succubi or whatever
> What have your experiences been like on /x/?
virgin schizos

>> No.12789277

>Do you remember how you made the change, how you "grew up"?
>Can you pinpoint any specific events or thoughts/ideas?
not this anon here but main goal it libertarianism

>> No.12789282

/x/ is full of the most profound and intelligent posters on the chans

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>There are a multitude of physiological adaptations to microgravity, involving the cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and neuroendocrine systems. Some of these adaptations lead to cardiovascular deconditioning on return to normal gravity, posing a threat to human functional integrity after long-term spaceflight. Animal models of microgravity, e.g., tail suspension in rats, have yielded important information regarding the mechanism of these adaptations and have been useful in the design of countermeasures
I don't get it

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What's the possibility of this fag getting the plague or other vermin related diseases?

>> No.12787977

>expose rats to chronic stress and inactivity
>chronic stress imitates the muscle wasting and bone loss of zero gravity
>hurr look at how good our model is
sometimes it feels like scientist just throw together bullshit for a paycheck

>> No.12788024

It's a model of microgravity, not microgravity. I'm not familiar with the intricacies of this approach, but by inspection the musculoskeletal response to reduced/zero stress on the limbs could be well modeled using it

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Sorry, is that bad? Fuck rats, they only exist to be used as test subjects for inhuman experiments not even monkeys should go through

>> No.12790758

quite the R.O.U.S.

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Now that SpaceX has demonstrated a propulsive landing on a starship prototype how long do we have before they cancel SLS? Artemis can be achieved by contracting companies like ULA, Rocketlab and SpaceX so why not do so?

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Quoted By: >>12796817

SLS will be use for it's high reliability and safety.

Deep space missions are rare, especially human ones.

Don't expect more than single digit humans to leave low earth orbit within the next 25 years and keep in mind all of them will do it on SLS-Orion courtesy of it being designed to do that.

>> No.12796790

No - congress mandates what infrastructure is to be used and they wanted ares contractors.

>> No.12796813


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Quoted By: >>12796926

>Don't expect more than single digit humans to leave low earth orbit within the next 25 years and keep in mind all of them will do it on SLS-Orion courtesy of it being designed to do that.
Blocks your path

>> No.12796926

Sci-fi vehicle that might be impossible to build even with two decade long limitless budget government program will block something?


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Quoted By: >>12787523 >>12787538

Mainly, scientists increasingly believe brain fog happens when cells that are involved in response to an infection make their way to atypical places, such as the brain.

A key finding emerged when researchers autopsied brains of COVID victims, discovering certain cells that shouldn't have been there. These large cells, known as megakaryocytes, might be taking up precious space, leaving less room for blood to pass to the brain.

This phenomenon might be unique to COVID, according to David Nauen, MD, PH.D, a professor of pathology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
"To have megakaryocytes in the brain has never been seen before, I couldn't find any reference in my search this past summer with megakaryocytes noted in human brain capillaries.

"The brain cortex is richly vascularized with capillaries, if some proportion of capillaries are blocked or occluded by these cells, it blocks some level of blood flow.

"the findings on autopsy suggest that the burden could be significant,"


>> No.12787523

can this be a similar effect to nonceliac gluten sensitivity?

>> No.12787538

>This phenomenon might be unique to COVID
What are the chances that it might not be unique to Covid? Asking for a friend with a chronic illness.

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Quoted By: >>12790716 >>12792455

Isn't global warming supposed to raise water levels? How do we explain this?

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>> No.12790716

look at the tide ephemerids anon

>> No.12791682


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Quoted By: >>12792449

This is a bait thread but whatever.
You all should really look up the fact that the real reason of the sinking of venice is because of the aquifer beneath the swamp that venice is build on is sucked dry by surrounding industry.
Global warming lobby's using venice as one of the biggest examples of global warming are lying through their teeths.

>> No.12792449

This is a bait post but whatever.
The acquifer has been tapped from the 50s during the rapid industrial growth that all of Italy experienced, but the practice has been banned in the 70s, and yes the city sank because of that, and yes the city is still sinking due to subsidence. One of the proposals to patch things up is to pump water in the acquifer around the city in key locations over the period of a dozen years or so to raise it, but as far as I know it's still just one among many proposals and would be a palliative anyway. This doesn't change that sea level has been increasing steadily, plus acqua alta has been happening at alarmingly increasing rates with record breaking levels each time to the point they predict MOSE to become obsolete far quicker than predicted (not that the shitshow that is MOSE would last that long anyway), and all this can be tied to climate change. There are multiple measurements spanning more than a century on sea levels and through some analysis and more recent GPS measurements it has been possible to separate subsidence from eustatism, and guess what? The sea level IS rising. If you think that's it's just all a lobby sham and everyone's lying you should either go back to /pol/ or take your meds.
Source: http://www.venezia.isprambiente.it/ispra/index.php?action=download&upload_id=173866

t. Venezianon

>> No.12792455

woah amazing
hurry up and clean the channels while you can!

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I hate ansys.
It's shit.
Clunky buggy piece of shit.

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Quoted By: >>12791831

I did, but it's a rabbit hole of optimizations. Just doing a FEM is literally babby-tier, but then comes the isoparametric concept, sparse calculations, bandwidth optimization, problem detection like bad Jacobians, hourglassing, locking and mitigations like an extra energy term, and if course abstracting to allowing arbitrary elements to be used, hybrid elements..
That's where I stopped. I think it's necessary for every engineer to program FEM yourself at least once to understand it.

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>seems like cancer
it is, i cant even imagine 3D
yeah sure, i stopped after linear triangle elements and didnt bother with multiple gauß integration points. my mesher (pic related) tried to avoid bad jacobians by moving the nodes but i didnt implement an algorithm to remesh locally.
but it was nice to see that it works

>> No.12791844
Quoted By: >>12791849

Not in PC right now. I'd edit a pepe pic to have your cantilever as a dick and crying wojak sucking it and saying
>i cant even imagine 3D
that this is the right board for you.

>> No.12791849

then im lucky i guess, like how am i supposes to handle a crying pepe

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>Why yes, I only use Solidworks and Fusion 360, how did you know?

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>study math for like 1 year
>everything else becomes trivial

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Life is good with numbers bros

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I'm jelly

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What's the best scientifically proven way to make myself sleep?

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Jerk it and cry yourself to sleep.

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>Jerk it and cry yourself to sleep.
Right in the feels, anon. Right in the feels.

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Turn off all the lights in your room other than your bed lamp, read a book in bed for about 30-45 minutes while you get drowsy, then turn off the lights and lie in bed with your eyes closed.

>> No.12790914

this, my best sleep was when i was a motivated kid who worked every day and was exhausted at 10 pm, fell right asleep, slept hard, and woke up at 6am naturally. worst sleep was when i became a loser who played vidya and jerked off all day and can stay up all night, take hours to fall asleep, and still am tired after 10 hours of poor sleep. been working harder lately and my sleep has been improving, at least on nights that i'm not stressed/anxious.

>> No.12792099

I don't know. I practice every night and I never seem to get any better at it.

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If I cut my corpus callosum, will i never be alone again?

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I'm sure the nurse isn't going to keep you company, incel. So, your best nurse is maybe the machines that will keep you alive may be equipped with voice activation, or at least make a lot of sound instead.
Not that you'd tell the difference when in your comatose state and what not!

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I'm talking about this

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