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Previous: >>12783278
"Oh no you can't do this to me" - Jeff ?

Also, video: https://youtu.be/L8p-DklOW4A

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If oldspace is building the sample return vehicle, it won't be the first launch from Mars. A Starship will be.

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It'll buff out

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Wait, how does a larger stage have a worse mass ratio? And how does it have less than 4x the thrust?

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Whats the status of SN12,SN13, and SN14?

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>Average IQ going down by 2-3 points per generation within white/asian populations
>On top of that, whites/asians are reproducing below replacement rate, while Laquontaisha shits out 10 kids
>This trend is accelerating due to modern wagecuckery, propaganda and hypergamy
>Within a generation, we will be unable to innovate
>Within 5 generations, we will be unable to maintain our current technology
>H*mans have used up all of the existing easily obtainable fuel/ore sources, cucking future generations and future intelligent species
Flynn Effect is unironically the Great Filter. Future generations will be ~80IQ average and view us as Gods, our technology will be like magic to them

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Not if we successfully become t

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>Future generations
Good, fuck 'em.

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My ideology on transhumanism involves killing all the old inferior humans and let the human god inherit the universe.
>hurr durr you would die too loser
My greatest interest in life is the creation of the human god, if they're made within my lifetime I'll die with a smile knowing I succeeding in my goals.
it would not be a betrayal of any kind.
I would die happy.
I'd wish the honor to die by the human god's hands.

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>My ideology
And that's why you will always lose

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Did this crazy son of a bitch just break RSA, and with it, the entire political and economical status quo?

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Anyways, global reset soon, told u.

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If you were telling the truth here you'd have written something to steal all crypto from wallets and been rich by now. Can we talk about real math now?


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We take the next step to parabolic curves

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>Sophie, an extremely serious person
>Leading Cryptography (ISE) at Google. Algebraic Geometer. Woman in Tech. Cypherpunk. All opinions are my own.
This bitch needs to be spanked.

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Like >>12789522 said, 4chanx
you can make filters for whatever you want

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Alright /sci/, let's settle this once and for all.

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Magnets. How do they work?

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P != BPP

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No one believes NP-complete is the same as P. A disproof would require one to demonstrate that a single NP-complete problem is actually a P program. We are unlikely to demonstrate this because through mathematical analysis, we can see the NP-complete problems are intractable

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What are the consequences of seeing videos of executions and other graphic material in adolescence?

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But isn't it the other way around?
Sure, there's plenty of stuff to do around a farm, but ultimately, it's less than a 40h/week work schedule and when you're finished you don't have something like a TV or smartphone to constantly stream useless distracting information into your brain.

Keep in mind that outside of some specific civilisations less than 5% of the population did the actual fighting.
And even then, usually the seasoned guys were put in front.
And even then, most battles saw very small losses during the actual fighting, most people were killed once one side freaked out and decided to rout. This is a speculation, but after the rout, probably mostly the really tough guys and psychos went after the fleeing soldiers to cut them all down.

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Nothing, you'll probably be more cognizant of yours and others own mortality. NPCs don't even realize they're alive.

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This is obviously not universal, but many times the ancient soldier was not expecting to actually fight. The best trained and equipped, and most eager, would be in the front ranks fighting. The rear ranks would be composed of masses who had a pretty good chance of not fighting in the entire battle. This is thought to contribute to the dynamics of many ancient battles, if your front ranks are dying, you start sweating and getting nervous
>oh fuck I might actually have to fight, I just signed on for the loot
And often times simply losing the front ranks would route the entire unit

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You Broke It
You Bought It

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My gf has had tonsilitis and fatigue for almost 2 weeks now. She said she feels like death, but she hasnt had a fever and she feels like shes not getting better. What the hell is going on??

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MD here.

Go see a fkn doctor. Could be strep, which can turn into endocarditis if not treated. Your heart will be absolutely fucked by that one. Alternatively, mono can present with exudates on the tonsils.

Doc should do a rapid strep test and possibly a monospot test. Amoxicillin is empiric treatment usually.

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>Get her blood tested. I had fever and shit like this only to find out I had leukemia.
Damn dude, that's a hell of a diagnosis to receive. Hope you're doing well.

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> gf always got a cough
> It's the constant deep throating
> Not gonna stop
> gf still got a cough

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typically mono causes fever, could be strep but the pharyngitis would prolly be more painful and would be the chief complaint.

most likely it's viral pharyngitis possibly caused by the 'rona, but op should take his gf to a doctor instead of going to this cumdumpster of the internet for medical advice

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Treat your patients with kindness and respect edition.

Previous threads:


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>I haven't seen this dynamic yet.
>he doesn't have friends

pathetic desu

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I have friends, but I'm pretty sure I have Asperger's because I only realize people are angry with me when it's too late. I think everything is a joke and take nobody seriously unless they're obviously worth the respect. I don't know, I just don't care about others as companions, just as passing by buddies. I couldn't manage having more than my standard 3 frens too much shit to remember with birthdays and other crap. There are frequent accessory frens around, but they're not my actual frens. I couldn't even tell you what street they live on. Do you and others actually need more than a few friends? Just get along and have a few friends lmao, easy mode

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>I fucking see you cunt

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the muscle definition in the abdomen coming through the coat doesn't make sense

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Why does joe let some guests ramble on and on about pure sci-fi mumbo jumbo but press hard and ask for real evidence at other times?

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Why do meteors land in craters?

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It’s getting bad boys. How to cope?

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Not a student. Got my PhD and it just got worse. It seems like STEM is more about who you know than what you know so my tism is working against me

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>Just be urself
Nah but for real though, work on your confidence; imposter syndrome appears to be low-self confidence manifest as unwarranted disapproval/disappointment, don’t be overly laudatory, but when you accomplish something that is objectively good, give yourself praise. Try to limit unwarranted negativity in your life. If you are an imposter then you should have imposter syndrome, but likely you are not and are just being too hard on urself.

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Whatever man, as long as you make money and have fun, it does not matter if you have accidentally gamed the system, or you actually deserve the status. The system's gonna collapse soon anyway. Source: I saw it in a dream

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>the system is gonna collapse soon
Thank you. I needed to hear this.

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When did you realize that germ theory is wrong?

Old thread reached auto-sage : >>12713318

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How can one say micro organisms present no pathogenicity at all when micro organisms are kown to proliferate in mild conditions similar to the body's, and that they are known to synthesise toxins and diverse molecules to modify their surroundings?
Why wouldn't they be pathogenic for mammals?

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Never been proven.

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Yes it was.

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You can replicate his experiments.

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Which is?

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so some main problems are overpopulation, global warming, and world hunger.
So I can actually solve these problems very easily.
Sterilize anything with an IQ under 140 globally.
Oops I mean anyone.
women who don't meet the standard (many) can opt into being trained to deal with autismos since most men left will be so.
since there will probably be some serial killers left we'll probably just assign them to be abortionists, and they can keep the dead fetus in bottles.

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IQ tests measure what crossword puzzles measure, and if that's your brainlet filter then you must suck a lot of cocks

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transhumanist yes.
you sound insecure

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Quoted By: >>12787141

>you sound insecure
Are you kidding? that's jacob barnett, super-genius! that kid has an iq of one million plus! if he were ever in charge he'd probably execute brainlets like you and me, consider yourself lucky he'd rather take on einstein

>transhumanist yes.
oh op, jacob would lynch you for sure

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Quoted By: >>12787151

the cap is a 140 so we don't lose too much population and risk extinction.
We still need a caste system for society to function.
Women < 140-150 < 160-170 < etc

>> No.12787151

>the cap is a 140
This is cope to make you filtered brainlets feel special. There is no cap, there is only jacob barnett. Get fucked pseud.

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Are you a conspiracy theorist climate change denier?
Do you believe the sun is real?

NASA and NOAA claim we face a grand solar minimum with a mini ace age and that we will all gonna die by 2030.

That would be a good news but sunspot seems like fake science.

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I thought we all would be underwater by now? Please try to have at least some resemblance of consistency

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>>I think X
>>I don't think X
>OP: you guys are hypocrites!!
CO2 causes warming, regardless of what the hippie models said, stop reading propaganda you brain-damaged pseud

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this, you can find better data from blogs on the internet

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>earth is warming up so fast we won't survive
>we're gonna die of an ice age
which one is it Mr. Goldstein?

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>I like arguing with MSM headlines from a decade ago

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how do i learn math by myself

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vai tomar no cu

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u dont, unironically try to suicide

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>Teach yourself first order logic
>Teach youself the ZF axioms and constructions needed for all the concepts of analysis, topology and abstract algebra
>Don't forget to learn physics too

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What exactly are black holes

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>he thinks black holes are real
yes I dooooooooooo!!

>> No.12796428

reality's division by zero errors

>> No.12796528

Black holes are not made of anything, they are vacuum solutions to Einstein equations. Since every string and brane in a string theory is ultimately a teenytiny quantum version of a black hole, you can think of everything as made from black holes, and the question is as nonsensical as asking what electric fields are made of, since matter is composed of the fields, not the other way around. In the same way, in quantum gravity, the matter is all dual to some kind of black hole.

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A small enough black hole would be white.

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Built for Big Black Co...
... Cosmic microwave background

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How did modern academics shape out to resemble the clergy of old? Where will they go from here?

>> No.12786756

They come from the clergy Anon.
I think we'll see more modern business/tech ideas coming into the mix. Newer unis already try to move away from a lot of the older models to something closer to how businesses are run.

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Quoted By: >>12787178

The clergy was the academics of old you moron.

>> No.12787178

Modern academia did not grow out of the priesthood you fucking idiot.

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Quoted By: >>12787533

the clergy were shaped the way they are because of power dynamics, the ancient Greeks scholars were shaped the way they are because of power dynamics. any institute or apparatus concerned with scholarly matters will be shaped like this because f powerdynamics.

>> No.12787533

thanks anon, thats a good answer

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only fox gods knows

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Quoted By: >>12786813


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? o??? pa? ?a ?a?e??e ?ae??y?c?

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If humans are robots you can program a person to have anyone’s brain.

Ultimately a person is but their current thought/stimulus + prior data + cycling patterns


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Wait, if charge, parity, and time together are unviolated, but charge and parity are, wouldn't that mean antimatter must run in backwards time for it to conserve CPT?

>> No.12786678
Quoted By: >>12786739

no, CP violation only implies T violation. antimatter "running backwards in time" is just another valid way to mathematically describe antimatter but has nothing to do with CP violation.

as an aside, one of the popular ways to search for extra sources of CP violation (needed to explain why matter dominates over antimatter) is to look for T violation, assuming CPT invariance is true.

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If antibaryonic weak force is time inverse and the anti-matter universe is going "backwards" in time, from a baryonic perspective:
What if there is both a baryonic big bang (in the past), a point in time where antibaryons begin to dominate baryonic matter (in the future), which eventually leads to an antibaryonic anti- big bang (also in the future). But from the perspective of antibaryonic matter, all of these events take place backwards, meaning they see the universe as slowly being dominated by baryonic matter, after the antibaryonic big bang, but eventually leading to a baryonic anti-big-bang (from their perspective?)

Essentially, what if time in our universe universe is two sided, with one period of baryonic domination and time, and the other period with antibaryonic domination and antitime, both (from their perspectives) leading to a singular point "in the middle" where the universe starts to be dominated by the opposing type of matter? (See pic related for a basic visualization)

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>science: these are seagulls
Why is science like that?

>> No.12786648
Quoted By: >>12786652

that's pretty fucking cool, you can sort of see the swarming behavior with the trails. If you don't believe they are seagulls look at how the cars are blurred too, seems like it's just due to a shitty fucking camera.

>> No.12786652

I second this, they definitely are acting like seagulls. It's probably just the camera

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sequencer of events design.
used to script env events in pre 0.

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-_- explain yourself

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What are uinronically the best coping strategies/methods? Is it worth visiting a psychiatrist and getting on meds to deal with life-ruining anxiety/depression?

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Quoted By: >>12789196

I feel like I've accepted the way reality is to some degree. I don't mind that people act in their self-interest, communication is tough and life is a struggle.
How much do they numb you down? I don't want to take them for the rest of my life, just long enough obtain and maintain habits. Can psychotropic meds be used for this?

Is there a big difference between formal therapy and working on yourself? I feel like I have employed some therapeutic practices on my own and have made significant ground dealing with active pathologies. It's just that I tend to crumble and spiral under long term pressure when i'm pursuing any goals. I don't know how to obtain self discipline. I guess i made this thread to ask for studies on the subject?

>> No.12789196

>don't know how to obtain self discipline
It is literally something you have, you just have to want it. Self discipline is understanding yourself that you need to do something you don't want to do. It's like saying "I'm going to go to bed at 10PM tonight and wake up at 4AM and work out" When you can force yourself to do that, that is just one step further on the path to glory.

>> No.12789208

you must compensate with willpower

>> No.12789227

Don't commit suicide until you've exhausted your options. It breaks my heart how many unhappy people go to their deaths without having first tried out heroin. It's pure chemical enjoyment, it might give you a reason to live.

>> No.12789251

wrong board


But the answer is its worth going to therapy, and if therapy goes well but doesn't solve all your problems, it might be time for trying meds. There is no single best option (that anyone realistically knows of), psychology and psychiatry are made up to an extent, and we don't know 100% how the mind works. So far, it really does seem like it comes down to an individual basis on what kind of help you need.

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Quoted By: >>12787478

Father I....

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Quoted By: >>12787377

>eschew land, return to fishe

>> No.12787377
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Quoted By: >>12787397

>while you hunted fish i mastered the four chambered double circuit heart
>while you fornicated and spread your eggs i mastered child bearing and care
>while you used the countercurrent flow i mastered the alveolars
>now that my organs allow me to reach such size you want my help?

>> No.12787397
Quoted By: >>12787514

sharks bear live young tho

>> No.12787478

He just keeps on moving forward

>> No.12787514
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>you attack sea mammals
>yet you reproduce like them

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Quoted By: >>12787203

What should I be careful with on a Calc II sequences/series exam? Am I good if I just remember the convergence tests? It seems pretty easy to me but I dont want to understudy.

>> No.12787203

>Am I good if I just remember the convergence tests?

For the most part, yeah.

When in doubt do some exercises, see if something doesn't click and then go see the relevant theory.

>> No.12787210

I've graded for that class. One thing that always trips people up is they forget to recheck their interval of convergence bounds after integrating a series.

>> No.12787266

The homework was study practice.
I've never studied in my life.

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