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How do I stop being a mathlet-mid and start to approach professional math-fag level?
For example, what do I need to read or learn in order to solve almost any solvable equation put in front of me (and how can I know that it is solvable)?
Real, imaginary, algebraic, transcendental, summation, product, etc., it doesn't matter, I really just want to get past the number crunching filter.
I want to master the methods used to solve equations, calculate numbers, and perform manipulations so a book on just one specific and broad area of mathematics doesn't help (yes, obviously I should start with algebra but I want to focus specifically on solving methods.) I want to get this computational shit out of the way before I dive deep into theory (or more likely, read theory and the practical methods at the same time). I don't want to be one of those guys who can teach a class on category theory but has forgotten how to do polynomial division.

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>Website where you have to pay money to recieve lectures
No thank you, I hate online learning.
Anyone know I book I can use to speed up this >>12790081 process?

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Could start by reading what he did.

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That's right! I had always thought about taking a look at that book ever since I heard about it.
I'm about to z-library this shit, thanks anon!

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>computing a fuck ton of formulas, memorizing thousands of formulas, and learning how to brute force anything.
Not a book but
Maybe write a little code?
A little Haskel (purely functional)
Look at what you’re doing?
Ocaml will get you a job at Jane Street if you need some money later and can do a little monads and currying

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Not only will they personally never live to see any of this without life extension, but the kind of exploration and settlement of distant bodies they dream about will require greatly expanding human lifespans, due to travel length.
Yet barely any of them seem interested in life extension, and just want more money spent on space.
What is wrong with these people?

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For epic scifi alien adventures of course!

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Generation ships are a pipe dream. Entropy sees to that.

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1: Are you under the impression that only one type of technology can be researched at once?
2: Why would life extension be necessary to send astronauts to either the moon or Mars (the only two place anyone is currently interested in sending humans to)?

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Entropy kills everything in the end bitch

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Who it arguing for interstellar travel at the moment? It's 6 months to Mars I don't think you need life extension tech for that? The inner planets & belt need to be colonized first, then the outer planets and finally the outer belt.

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overshadowed by Starship edition

Livestream: https://youtu.be/d5DzoKuhdNk
Launch window: Thursday March 4 3:24 AM EST (instantaneous)
Backup launch window(s): Thursday March 45:42 AM EST or 3:03 AM EST & Friday March 5th 5:21 AM EST

Probability of violating weather constraints: 10% (https://www.patrick.spaceforce.mil/Portals/14/Weather/Falcon%209%20StarlinkV1_0-L17%20L-1%20Forecast%20-%204%20Mar%20Launch.pdf?ver=AvE6tiK_XXYGJ-LYD93TsQ%3d%3d)
Launch vehicle: SpaceX Falcon 9 with first stage B1049.8 (prior launches: Telstar 18V, Iridium-8, Starlink V0.9, Starlink-L2, Starlink-L7, Starlink-L10, Starlink-L15)
Launch pad: LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Fairings: "One half of Falcon 9’s fairing previously flew on three Starlink missions, and the other half previously supported two Starlink missions."
Fairing recovery: Likely, but water landing/recovery (not on Ms Tree or Ms Chief)
First stage landing: On autonomous spaceport droneship 'Of Course I Still Love You'
Payload: 60 Starlink satellites
Payload mass & deployment orbit: ~15,600 kg (~260 kg / Starlink sat); 261 x 278 km(?) @ ~53°
TLE: https://www.celestrak.com/NORAD/elements/supplemental/starlink-18.txt


Launch viewing guide for Florida:

SpaceX twitter: https://twitter.com/SpaceX

Stats: 6th orbital SpaceX launch of 2021. 108th F9 launch, 68th landing, 51st core reuse.

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Middle of the fucking night in the US, and all worn out from SNX.
There's nobody cares anymore, and there's holy shit give me time to recover.
I hope the rest of the world enjoyed a launch that wasn't in the middle of the night for them.
Truth. Fuck CalArts.

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Yuropoors had to work so we couldn't watch either.

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Strayan hours.

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This proves that spacex is a fraud. Elon musk is fraud. Blueorigin already did it 6 years ago.

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Well obviously

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Einstein & a Indian sitting next to each other on a long flight...

Einstein says:
"Let's play a game...
I will ask you a question,
if you don't know the answer,
you pay me only $5
if I don't know the answer,
I will pay you $500..."

Einstein asks the first question:
What's the distance from the Earth to the Moon...?

Indian doesn't say a word,
Reaches his pocket,
Pulls out a $5...

It's the indian turn...

He asks Einstein:
What goes up a hill with 3 legs
comes down on 4 legs..?

Einstein searches the net and asks all his smart friends...
After an hour he gives Indian $500...

Einstein going nuts and asks:
so what goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four..?

Indian reaches his pocket and gives Einstein $5...

Einstein fainted.....

Send to all Indians all over the globe! Magic Missing Indian flag in this? Don't worry send this message to only 2 groups u will shock to see all these flags will become Indian flags Created by: engineering students Of CIT

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India here
this pasta and the "x is the absence of god, not proof that god's not real" or however it goes is actually believed by many Indians kek

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thank you mrs sirs, India strong

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> Einstein & a Indian sitting next to each other
Leave Bose alone

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What are mathematicians currently researching?

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How to e a whiny low IQ white knight.
(that's at least the pattern I saw in every single math teacher)

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triple integrals

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How to get a job with a PhD. Been unemployed for a year...

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How to get a tan tomboy gf

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The genus of your mom.

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Is the speed of light a manifestation of a 4d real number? Is it the pi of the 4d time sphere?

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What if the colors you see aren’t the same as the colors I see??

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Horizon Do You See What I See Part 4-4

himba color test at 2m30s

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What are you trying to say?

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pick one and only one

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I read somewhere recently that stimulant medication doesn't cause euphoria in people with ADD/ADHD because it works to correct their low dopamine levels and make them feel "normal". I was prescribed Vyvanse three years ago and not once has it ever made me feel normal. It makes me feel great. It's supposed to help me focus on schoolwork, but it's only ever helped me focus on creative tasks (i.e. music production). I now depend on it for motivation but that motivation is inevitably used on music, writing, drawing, instead of school. The prospect of changing/stopping medication scares me because I don't want to lose the ability to do what I love, but this medication is doing far more harm than good for my academic career.

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get a second opinion?

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Do you relate to the symptoms? What happens if you start with school stuff while your meds kick in? Does it help you then?

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>diagnosed with ADHD
that's not a real disease
it's only called a disease when a normal child doesn't want to listen to some education cunt talk about times-tables for the 5th week in a row
go run around outside for a few hours, that should cure it

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>I read somewhere recently that stimulant medication doesn't cause euphoria in people with ADD/ADHD
I’ve heard that too and I think it’s bullshit, and I think ADHD is subjectively bullshit as well
Regardless I have a script for adderall that I use to do technical grunt work that I do to feed myself. I don’t need it, but having the energy to do what I do for hours and hours without it is just painful (intolerable past a few days) so I don’t bother
Stimulants are totally euphoric. They make you more empathetic, they make sex better, they give you the willpower to do shit that otherwise is not mentally stimulating. It’s a fucking amphetamine.
>doing far more harm/dependent
You need to be an adult and manage your meds and your emotions and your life. Stimulants are addictive, some people can’t handle that
I’ve built up a tolerance many time. Take some time off.
As soon as you start needing those meds just to get up in the morning and do normal shit, that’s a big red flag. You shouldn’t need stimulants to do normal things.
I only use when I know I’ll be working for a concentrated 6 hours minimum (sometimes I work for >24 hours straight).
You need to be disciplined in not using it just because you feel like it. Maybe you’re on first date and need to be a little extra social, but that’s a slippery slope.
Use tools for a difficult objective and that alone. Once you go beyond that, you’re asking for serious trouble

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And if you read anything about “microdosing” your meds to reset your tolerance, basically what I’ve read is that does work while also seriously fucking some shit up with your neurons to the point of altering connections all the way to physical control of your hands and shit (versus just cognitive or whatever, Idk what the psychology terminology is).
Basically don’t do that, might risk permanent brain damage. I’m serious

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What does /sci/ think of Orch OR?

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Any quantum behavior in microtubuoles can't possibly be quantum coherent at room temperature over scales of the brain. This is the technical objection to quantum computation in the brain, and nothing Penrose and collaborators have done overcomes this objection.

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Penrose wants something that can solve the Halting problem in the brain, which is impossible in current physics, he needs new physics, and new crazy physics of an unimaginable complexity, which cannot even be simulated, which is exactly what you need to reject the computational theory of mind.

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I just spent an hour after work today working on chapter 3 of Linear Algebra Done Right.

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Well done. I did only 45 minutes of Calc 2 today but I liked it. Working on volumes by slicing tomorrow. The images in the problems make me feel so smart to look at.

>> No.12786537

Nice. I'm the Basic Mathematics anon from the other thread. I finished chapter 1 today, some of these exercises are surprisingly difficult. It's hard to imagine some high schooler solving all of these. Also read a few pages of Book of Proof to see if I should start on that in parallel, but decided it's better to wait.

>> No.12787309

Nice! I spent a few hours working on linear algebra today. Haven't watched a single lecture all semester and my midterm is Friday so I need to grind. Wish me luck friends

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>an hour

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I spent all of work looking at porn and jerking off

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What is synesthesia from a scientific perspective?

It's something that women have more often than men do, but also as a man I have it. And a quick rundown is that I have basic fundamental associations that most people do not have.

Most of you associate republican with red and democrat with blue, or you associate red with angry or love, and blue with sad, or things like that...

Synesthesia to me is when I have more associations that are seemingly arbitrary and inherit like I've always had them. Like I see 0 as black and 1 as white and A as red, and Saturday as yellow.

It is a rather unimpactful condition that effectively changes nothing for the most part although I kind of like it because it is interesting. I just have a memory of all of these associations and I pretty much can't forget them. Like I'll always be able to answer that A is red no matter when you ask me because I just remember it by default like how you know that republican is also red.

It's like that basically.

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Wrong, Saturday is blue and Monday is yellow

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This, it doesn't exist. Been deboonked a long time ago.

>> No.12791719

Not particularly, it does create interesting cross-associations due to things sharing a color/shape/emotion; for instance:
>June, B, & 2 are all cobalt blue
>Anger & scratching sound have the same shape
It has nothing to do with memory per se and everything to do with clustering concepts. Things you would not typically think of having anything to do with each other are on a deep level associated with one another

>> No.12791726

This is a fair point, though for me when I was in primary school they never deviated from numbers, letters, and days having any other color than red, blue, green, or yellow. For me I think of these things in many different colors and shades, and I remember thinking that the ones I was shown in school were wrong

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You can easily induce it with psychedelic drugs.

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Consider the wheel made by extending the real numbers into a wheel. Are and distinct? Or are they the same? I can't seem to derive either result from the rules. Only that .

Is it that finite ? How do you prove that?

Or are these things not provable, but rather just one possible wheel that you can make out of the real numbers?

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>inb4 this guy shows up here too

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Help bros I have only 45 minutes left

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I'm not the Judy Hopps anon you retarded knownothing pseud. Even Yukari got banned for avatarfagging, soon all the smartest posters will be gone.

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Just came here to say, I hope you failed faggot :^)

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>Furfags = commies = twatter
>loli = 4chan = science and math

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What does the ratio of nitrogen to carbon have to do with voltage?

>> No.12786282

N/C = J/Cm = V/m

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How do we make Christianity cool again?

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Quoted By: >>12786074

Make it trans-inclusive and multiracial obviously.

>> No.12786066

Choose the Word of God, not the word of Paul.

>> No.12786074

No, that is the opposite of cool

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>probability theory
>turns common sense logic into messy math statements

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you switch doors because there's a chance that the host CHOSE not to open the other door

>> No.12786035
Quoted By: >>12786067

>what is common sense for 10 points

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Wrong game show

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What is the single healthiest food for human consumption known to science in 2021 AD?

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>> No.12788302

Sounds like bullshit but I believe it

>> No.12789121

If you wanted to ask about a scenario where only one food could be consumed for maximum health, it would probably be something like milk, potatoes, or beef. But with a balanced diet, a single food doesn't really matter since nearly everything is going to be lacking an essential nutrient.

>> No.12789210
Quoted By: >>12789262

Broccoli sprouts, kale, or cabbage, because human consumption realistically needs to assume cost and ease of access. These are all cheap and highly nutritious.
Apples are okay for a sweet treat, but you should either them thoroughly or peel them due to pesticides.

>> No.12789262

Broccoli is pretty great. Top tier taste if prepared/served right as well.

>> No.12789268

meat, organs

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How long until non-medical BCIs become viable?
Will they ever be as commonplace as the smartphone?
Are implants the future or will it all be extracranial?

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Quoted By: >>12796519

>school still exists
pick one

>> No.12796117
Quoted By: >>12796149

>work 10 more years
>finally afford ad-free BCI

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>> No.12796160

You mean the test rockets that are expected to explode?

>> No.12796519

The best consequence of BCIs will be faggot professors finally out of work

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Quoted By: >>12786045 >>12787730

How the fuck do you explain dreams. Also weird dreams thread I’ll start.
>be me
>take nap after work
>have dream that everyone in the entire world works for one company
>the “store” has spas and stuff as break rooms
>it’s tucking crazy I actually lived a full year in the dream.
>including driving home after work and shit
>it is extremely gloomy outside
>everyone hates the job
>a chad starts working at the job
> his name is literally Las Vegas
>boss tells me I have to work with him
>dude is the stereotypical frat guy
>we start walking around the store and he just starts throwing shit
>see cute girl working at the gun counter
>decide to make conversation
>she seems to be attracted to Las Vegas more
>oh god.jpg
>I tell her bye and she says “bye”
>chad didn’t even say a word he just shook her hand and she gave him the fuck me eyes
>ask him if he’s ok
>tells me he is on Xanax
>dream ends
Again there was so much more stuff that happened like me getting into car wrecks and the entire fucking store sinking for no reason. It was crazy as shit and took place 3 hours in real time.

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Quoted By: >>12787724 >>12788100


>How the fuck do you explain dreams.
When neurons are activated in the brain it produces the illusion of the world around you. If your neurons are being directed by your open eyes then you'll see a more accurate depiction of the world in front of you. But if you are on hallucinatory drugs (chemicals that poke around in your brain) or if you are in a dream, then something other than your eye leads your vision. For example, memories could be excited, or activated, as well as other areas of the brain that create your personality or even your imagination could be activated.

Dreams are typically "less realistic" than waking life because less areas in the brain are active typically.

The vast majority of the public does not understand dreams very much at all, they do not even know you dream even if you don't remember dreaming, most people think "I didn't dream today," but they most-likely did, the memory just gets wiped unless you wake up during REM cycles.

Anyways, there are things science still doesn't fully understand about dreams. I don't think there's an explanation for where the visuals in dreams come from but that could be wrong I don't know. Apparently the visual cortex is not active I think so as far as I know most scientists still don't know where the things you see in dreams are coming from. But that could be untrue maybe they do know it.

>> No.12786078

>I can turn /sci/ into my personal dream journal
Nobody cares about your Oedipal fantasies anon

>> No.12787724

How is this not belief?
>The vast majority of the public does not understand [...]
You god damned little genius. I am on the edge of my seat, waiting for a dark age to take care of you "erudites".

>> No.12787730


>Ha ha neuron firing goes BRRR during REM phase.

>Dumb monkey must find meaning to random things because can't accept that things happen for no reason.

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Mind is just a product of matter. So, stop thinking about religion because it's bad stuff for ya. Moral nihilism and consumerism is good because matter has no intrinsic value and you are matter.
I love science. We are just robots, and reality is really only balls and coils. My college teacher told me so. So brutally killing animals for ScIEnCE, abortion and infanticide are good things.

He, *chuckles*.

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Quoted By: >>12787179

Anyone graduates here who cheated in college as STEM majors? Where are you now? Do you regret it? I'm not talking about cheating in a few classes, but a lot of them, most of which being classes for your major

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>> No.12786881

Cope. You just need to be a sneaky manipulative little shit with no morals. Gangster intelligence. Sociopathic.

>> No.12786883
Quoted By: >>12787138

Yeah I cheated on every single one of my exams. I developed this method where in the days prior to any exam I would repeatedly review the topics at hand and solved related problems. When the day of the exam came, I could just write the answer down on the paper purely from things I remembered.
The professors had no idea lol

>> No.12786913

>You are causing irreparable harm to society and yourself.

Stay mad moralfag

>> No.12787138

How to become this /devilish/?

>> No.12787179


Yes I cheated.

No I don't regret because if you can pass the exam by cheating the exam itself is a sham.

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The media and science.

Should people with no knowledge of science be allowed to be writing all of these articles about it? Most "science" related articles you read online are not written by scientists. The scientists will not actually write or communicate with the public very often they simply talk to each other because the public is not capable of understanding their research usually.

These articles by the mass media outlets often contain completely incorrect "science" written by college students who don't understand what they are talking about at all.

Look at the way this real article talks about the big bang theory, "an explosion," and "13.8 billion years ago," (that's off by millions of years), "that it produced conditions for certain elements to develop," what? That's so vague because the author has no idea what they are talking about. "On the verge of being dramatically overturned." No it's not at all, the big bang only gets more and more evidence that it was real each passing day. Who's idea was it to let stupid people write the media articles that cause the public to become more stupid by reading it, thus infecting more people?

>"A scientist who claims the ***event*** never happened"
>"According to a ***study***"

All of these media people act, so similar...

They all use the same bullshit wording and completely content-less articles.

Of course I do believe in the freedom of the press but that means the freedom of the press to actually be smart sometimes as well, it looks like this pseudo-science is the only science allowed in the media these days which is not freedom of the press.

>> No.12785871

That's pop sci for you

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Quoted By: >>12792009

how solid is the science behind this? Should I quit my current job and become a manual laborer?

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>> No.12792009
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very light eyes are scary and look soulless.
brown and normal blue/green are fine

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fuck glowwies

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Let's settle this /sci/, who's smarter, mathematicians or physicists?

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>t. algebraic topologist

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Physicists solve problems faster. and are better in doing Mental calculations on spot.

Mathematicians are slower, spend more time and lines to proof things with an often unnecessary and pedantic Rigour.

Physicist answers are more concise with fewer lines.
While mathematicians are too verbose and love to waste several pages to solve a problem that just need a few lines.

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Given that physicists depend on math and mathematicians, I'm going to say mathematicians.

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that's like saying traders are dependent on the fat IT nerd so the nerds are better than the traders.
Mathematicians are intern monkeys working for their boss the physicists.

>> No.12792671

Physicists don't boss anything. They're glorified dumpster divers. They trail behind mathematicians, sifting through a mathematician's poop to find pieces of corn that fit some theory.

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Can you solve for y?

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Test it. Why do you need me to tell you if you’ve found the answer? Numerically solve the zeroes and see if they match with the graph.

>> No.12791506

Why introduce another transcendental function? Just use a Taylor polynomial for sine and extract roots numerically.

>> No.12791753

it's a nondecreasing function since its derivative is 1+cos 2x which is always nonnegative, so just do the simplest iterative algorithm to approximate the solution

>> No.12792564

just solve for lim(2y) goes to 0, divide the equation by 2y, use sin(2y)/(2y)=1 and call it a day.

>> No.12792571

> literally types this into WolframAlpha to help solve OP's homework

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giant colonies of penicillium used for THOUSANDS of years in cheese sausage drinks
>no magical penicillin resistant bacteria
penicillium medicine used for 100 years
I can't believe I actually believed this bullshit ones. The corona hoax has really opened my eyes to a lot fo the weird religious bullshit orthodoxy we're expected just to swallow unquestioningly. Camembert cheese outer crust is literally made of penicillin, I know a French guy that eats it every day, and guess what he hasn't evolved a resistant strain. Hell I gust had a german Farmer wurst like pic related, better get into quaratnine right? Fucking sheep mentality. And I was once of them once.

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>itt we pretend penicillium and penicillin is the same thing

>> No.12787340

>food bearing animal
Fuck off midwit

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Christcucks go home.

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this is an amazing argument

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Should I convert to Judaism before taking an IQ test so that I have a higher chance of scoring a high IQ?

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