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i bet you think bringing up semantics when the point was very clear makes you clever
any kind of pro-worker left is dead thanks to idpol anyway

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Yeah, I see people bring up this "[prestigious job title X] are predominantly [insert political ideology here]" point like it's some kind of flex, but if they think the average surgeon is deeply invested in normie average-people culture war nonsense that's ridiculous. Like some guy that hunts squirrels in his free time thinks he's smarter by association because he votes for the same guy as the surgeons. Like bro, it's just for the money lmao

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A psycho with endless greed that sells procedures like the next iphone is the type of Drs we are producing.

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Because they're evil.

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Because medicine, much like psychology is largely unsubstantiated bullshit propped up by authoritarians, much akin to religion.

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science thread

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I hate that stupid hairstyle. It's ugly and a dead giveaway for annoying bitch

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>safety glasses

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surely cheering isn't good for relaxing your muscles.

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>becomes an athiest because of carl sagan
>carl sagan says he's an agnostic
>reddit moment

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covid was the most science moment bacuse we learnt that too big to fail doesn't exist and all we have to do is hand a wad of money to coporate megaconglomerates and everything willl be fine

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Do you begin each math class with a prayer? This guy does.


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>https://youtu.be/6yHae6zA4ZM [Remove]
i fucking coomed watchign this

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That's a man.

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>increase your math gains with this one weird trick
>liberals hate him

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You guys are literally the problem you are complaining against. If you hadn't replied to this thread it might have been buried right now, but literally fell for the lust provoking image not because I posted it but because of your own moral decay.

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Welcome to STEM Career General!
This thread exists to posit questions regarding careers associated to STEM.
> Discussion on academia based career progression
> Discussion on penetrating industry from academia
> Or anything in relation to STEM employment or development within STEM academia!

Resources for protecting yourself from academic marxists:
>https://www.thefire.org/ (US)
>https://www.jccf.ca/ (Canada)

Information resource:
>*The author is seeking additional input to diversify the content into containing all STEM fields.

No anons have sufficiently answered your question? Perhaps try posting it here:

NOTE: Any useful resources relayed in this thread will be included in future /scg/ threads.

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I go to a top university and am torn between choosing electrical engineering or computer science, so I've opted for computer engineeirng. how do i stay ahead of the competition?

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i’m currently about to finish my bachelor of science, with a major in pure mathematics, and i’m beginning to realise that i’m probably not smart enough to do a phd in math
how difficult would it be to switch over to getting a phd in computer science, with the eventual hope of getting into a tenure position?
everyone makes fun of cs grads here but it seems like an easier way to get into academia, or at least an easy way to get a high paying comfy industry job

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Is it possible to get a Masters in Chemical engineering after getting a BS in chemistry? My uni did not offer any engineering courses and I dont want to spend a gorillion years on a PhD

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CE here. Just get above a 3.0 and do some internships and you'll be fine. If you want to do grad school try to do some research for one of your professors. Oh and don't be a smelly slob or a autistic freak. That's all it takes. Welcome to the middle class.

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Is Pharmacy a dead field?

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What are the most underrated stem degrees and most overrated stem degrees, in your opinion?

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>most overrated stem degrees
Computer Science
>most underrated stem degrees
Petroleum engineering

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How can i cure social anxiety, scientifically speaking?
Scientifically speaking, how can I pick up women?
Scientifically speaking, of course.

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You can’t, it’s too late

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See >>12805133

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>how can I pick up women
suck the dick, bigot

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is left accurate?

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It's accurate, though i can't help but laugh when /pol/tards post this image
>plagiarize a hypothesis: stumble onto /pol/ and read all the posts stating that [X] event was caused by the jews
>construct a model based on preconceived ideas: read more posts, gradually create the image of a massive jewish conspiracy to undermine the wyte race in your head
>find data that agrees with your model: download and read all the /pol/ infographics
>discard data that does not align with the model: call anyone who disagrees with you a kike shill, proceed to refute any contrary sources of evidence by calling them jewish
>shout "TRUST THE PLAN" (before any pole-smokers respond with "I never believed in Q", communicating your results is unnecessary and this part is just a joke on your constant predictions and their failures)
Trannies, bunkertard, /pol/fags, q-tards, stormfags, feminazis and libshits, stop letting mindviruses decree your opinions.

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japanese bird posting the truth online

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Check, based, and birdpilled.

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Pick one

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Expert here

What kind of niggerfaggot would actually trust me?

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I took .7 g of shrooms yesterday tryna trip( I didn’t have a scale and was trying to eat around a gram due to having a bad trip previously at 2.3 grams) I have 2.8 left, and felt nothing from eating .7 yesterday, if I wanted to have a trip equivalent to 1.5 g how many g would I need to eat today? They are albino penis envy’s

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>t. retard

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>lasts 5-6 hours max

uh oh retard alert

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lol so if I eat 2.8g it’ll be about a 1.4g trip?

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if you’re sucking random acid tabs off a stranger’s dick, like this faggot does, then your timing may vary. if it’s shrooms, 5-6 hours max.

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don’t listen to these retards, they’re either fucking with you on purpose or talking out of their asses

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Apollo 17 edition
Previous >>12801442

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Who's out here /roving/?

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Call me when you've circumnavigated Mun

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this film was so good.

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it's his smug fart-huffing middle class south east england accent that makes me want to strangle the cunt.

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From a scientific standpoint, why does /sci/ never talk about science?

I always see popsci of the week, psychology neo-qualia threads, inane math technicisms, /pol/ vaccine/race/iq threads, university life discussion and so on.

Don't you people work? Don't you get curious about a problem at work you wish to know a way to do more efficiently?

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lmao. Go look it out yourselves. You do the same shit all the time so you can't put any particular case as an excuse. I'm not the janitor of this board, wade in shit if you like it so much.

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>go look it out for yourselves
Okay, I looked, I think this is you: >>12805039
Is that really what you call a science thread, anon? That thread looks like actual brain-damaged cancer, the worst kind of thread on /sci/, but it's surely yours, is it not?

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Keep pretending to be retarded. You're making the board more scientific with every post.

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I'll stick to /mg/, thanks, you insincere pseudoscientist.

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What aspects of our world are arbitary?
By this, I mean something is "arbitrary" if having it the way it is wasn't necessary for life to develop and ask this question.

For example, it's probably not a coincidence that the one planet we know with life has such an exceptional moon:planet size ratio, because tides likely played a big role in the development of life.
But it is arbitrary that the moon perfectly eclipses the sun.

The radioactive parts of our periodic table are arbitrary; while their existence is necessary for Earth to maintain a molten core for billions of years, their specific properties could be randomised and you'd still end up with a bunch of heavy elements in the core with half lives of billions of years.

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Adding onto the part about radioactive elements, the nonexistence of a perfect RTG isotope is arbitrary.
A perfect RTG isotope has a half life of 10-100 years, emits negligible penetrating radiation, and can be affordably produced in kilogram quantities.

No element with all three of these properties exists, simply due to bad luck with the physics of our universe.
Pu-238 and Gd-148 are the closest. Pu-238 is imperfect because it has signficant penetrating radiation, and Gd-148 is unusable because it can't be produced in significant quantities.

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Either everything is arbitrary or nothing is. There's no inbetween.

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Anyone on here want to explain why this was actually significant?

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Because most fuckers don't wear it I bet, in countries with actual lockdown and people actually complying, it's done them well, obviously. All those retard protests don't do you well, americunts.

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>actual lockdown
>done them well

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wtf is a dot product

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You are subhuman.

>> No.12804979

no, it's not. what is it with brainlets who don't even know what the dot product is trying to give advice about it?

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a scalar is an array of numbers, just of length 1

>> No.12805068

That's not numbers, that's number.

>> No.12805069

the sum of the product of elements in some vectors

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>didn't study STEM at a top university

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>just work harder
>our admission isn't totally rigged
>Oh. You must compete with cheap wage workers from china and india? Who would have thought.

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Ok so I ate at around 3:30 for lunch, and it's now 6:30, scientifically.. is it appropriate for me to have a beer at this time?

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if you're posting on 4chan, you're an autist.

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Yeah I mean if you're bringing in alcohol just to cope with other human beings along with your low self-esteem in your ability to just do things, caused by your inability to do things, I would suspect you would also suffer from the same ailments which ail me.

Our parents, scientifically speaking, should've euthanized us as we were biologically unfit to live in this society from the start.

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Quoted By: >>12805407

Your parents failed you, but you can still redeem them via homo-sui.

>> No.12805407

They failed me in both nature and nurture, they were both genetically inferior and genetically unfit to be parents.

I must now decide whether or not this life is worth it.

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Of you're going to partake in a vice at least make it something fun like weed. Being drunk just feels shitty, especially if you are alone

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The stigma against suicide is stupid

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the world would be a better place if people who had the big sad could kill themselves.

>> No.12804498

or at least had government assisted suicide so they could have it done safely, painlessly, and assuredly.

>> No.12804500

Suicide is the only logical solution.
No existence, no problems.

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It feels like im arguing with a nigger that dropped out of linear algebra.
Are you a nigger ?

Arguing with internet randos wont make that pitiful IQ go up.

>> No.12804510

Why so defensive? I'm in a better state than you. Why? Because I say that your mental state is defective and you aren't thinking rationally. My reasoning is logical consistent and therefore sound. As such, my advice for you to rape your mother is one you should abide. Stop being so resistant to making your life better, anon.

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If people are biological living open systems with inputs and outputs how much of daily interactive cognitive output and behaviour is controlled by input?
The input from molecules, particles, vibrations and waves. Anything that stores information that goes into and is interpreted by our whole bodies, especially nerves, gut, digestion and brain. All events we experience are included since they are encapsulated through perceived information, especially from photons and phonons. Stored in neurological patterns, muscle memory and nerve bundles? I don't know.
I seem to be developing a paranoid schizoid personality disorder since getting this outlook and am far more careful with what information I consume. I notice how people want to feed me sugar and tell me what's on the news or what they read/heard on the internet all the time.
When I mention this to people they wholeheartedly think I'm joking or am overreacting for thinking this and I fear I have gone completely insane because of it as I and people have become unhealthy i/o machines and a shitty science forum is where I'm posting this on in hopes that anyone feels what I'm saying or can talk me out of it.

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>You're right to recognize the principle of "garbage in, garbage out", and right to subsequently take heed of your input.
Sort of, if you physically fucking poison yourself. But otherwise, the massive internal computation is not so malleable to the kilobytes of data it receives from the outside world.

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Quoted By: >>12804920

I disagree entirely. You drastically overestimate the extent to which your personhood is intrinsic.

>> No.12804920
Quoted By: >>12804940

You drastically underestimate it. It is on the order of a trillion gigabytes. It's actually a little embarrassing how big brains are as computers, one brain is like the sum total of all the artificial computers on Earth. The intrinsic computation absolutely dwarfs the inputs coming in from the outside world.

>> No.12804940

>measuring computation in gigabytes
I don't think a meaningful distinction between "intrinsic computation" and "input" can be made. All of your mind's computation ultimately works on sensory information.
If you perceive precisely the same image (think head and eye restraints) for a few minutes, then the image disappears from view (this is a part of why your eyes constantly shift about, even when "staring" at something). The same principle applies ad reductio: take away all sensory input, and nothing can be experienced.

>> No.12804948

> The details of the hardware is largely irrelevant, so long as the (stochastic) algorithm is the same (more or less).

Wrong but on the right path. What if I told you there exists a way for a Octopuss to rule the world, merely by having a shape that is highly compatible with reality. Aka lookup wavelet.

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Any biologists on here who can explain why this isn't grounds for different subspecies? I have only once seen them referenced in literature.
Fun fact they have been repeatedly genocided by the Bantu peoples (same people who cry BLM across the globe)

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Posters like >>12804495 are desperately trying to turn this place into reddit 2.0

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The only legitimate excuses are 1. taxonomy's under revision and we don't have a definition of subspecies set in stone yet and 2. real life biology has blurry boundaries.
Working definition of subspecies requires geographical isolation and morphological/biological differences which is true considering only the Dutch and pygmies, but the world also has Italians in it which are not isolated or different enough from either the Dutch or pygmies to be considered a separate subspecies from either. So Italians are either both subspecies at once or there's a line half way through Italy with identical Italians right next to each other but they're the Dutch-italian subspecies on one side and Pygmy-italian on the other.

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Quoted By: >>12805216

Omg women evolved from arabs? Rofl! Was the whole species hermaphrodites until then?

>> No.12805216

it's a joke chart, how are you this retarded

>> No.12805229

Biology is not a hard science, the concepts are no meant to be taken literally. Its like when you call a gorilla a monkey and someone goes "its actually an ape" and you go "whatever".

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Quoted By: >>12804981

European whites are, at their core, vertical organizers. They thrive on structure and strong leadership, they are most content and efficient when they simply must stick to their own layer, in their own little box, performing their given role. This makes them trivial to infiltrate and hijack. If you deprive them of racial and ideological homogeneity and any capacity for strong leadership to emerge in their various strata (because they layer, they're not flat organizers by nature) strong leadership cannot emerge, and they incapable of organizing. They will conform to whatever system is thrust upon them so long as it provides for most of their needs, and they will ignore any higher calling because the one's doing the calling do not appear powerful at the outset. That is, there is no clear hierarchy and verticality to the structure, so the idea of participating in it is alien to their mind. They are not creators or architects, they are followers who like a clear role, for a clear purpose which comes down from on high. If you further deprive them of purpose through family and community, they crumble into cowardice and laziness.

European whites, as well as all vertical organizers, are a solved game. Realistically they were done more than a century ago. It would seem to me then that the trans agenda and flooding Europe with immigrants cannot be a final straw. Rather, it's checkmate.

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Quoted By: >>12804898

Even if that were true, it wouldn't mean white aren't creators/architects, it would just mean we have a competitor with fewer scruples and a worse track record.

>> No.12804898
Quoted By: >>12804987

Perhaps. Nonetheless, I've not personally seen evidence of any white who exists and did not display the behavior I described in the OP. This makes me wonder if the whites were ever capable of creation, or if they inherited all that they were and used to be, from something else.

>> No.12804981
Quoted By: >>12804988

I just want to draw attention to this post here:
Say what you want about whether I'm right. After my thread was deleted, Google immediately started giving me 5 layers of slow fade captchas compared to the usual one or two. These events coincided precisely. Tells me 4chan and Google are connected in some more direct manner.

>> No.12804987

I doubt whites have done that (unless you're referring to Atlanteans or Neanderthals or something), but the modern day Synagogue of Satan might have. Anyone heard from the Khazars lately?

>> No.12804988


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Guys, I just thought of a genius idea.
We should write a textbook together, on Algebra or something.
The sum of our knowledge will create the ultimate guide, and the sum of our retardation will lead to book which will be very accessible to future generations of /sci/entists.
The guides we already have are shit and I think it would be cool to recommend a """quality""" book to young /sci/entists that's not published by (((Springer))).

I suggest that the book avoids having practice problems, I think they would just get in the way of concepts and slow down the flow.

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>> No.12804964

This is beautiful

>> No.12805049
Quoted By: >>12805066

Structure it in such a way so that even a completely uneducated retard could understand the beginning segments of each chapter. Then slowly increase the level of difficulty while including references to direct applications of the mathematics. Include an appendix that goes over basic concepts that can easily be forgotten (logic definitions, trig shit, common integrals and derivatives, etc.)

>> No.12805066


>> No.12805352

this already exist it’s all over github

>> No.12805371


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Quoted By: >>12804231 >>12804274

>The natural physics of water is to find and maintain its level.

The globe is ridiculous.

Come visit!

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>Byebye fake news NASA!

>> No.12804231

wazzup monica?

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File: 145KiB, 552x777, Ein (1).jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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Op is demonstrably a faggot.

>> No.12804369

spacetime is 4 dimensional and water is 4 dimensional too and it fills up the spacetime container it's in pretty well

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How do we find extraterrestrials (not bacteria)?

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Scully looks like a woman I knew. She was a total bitch and would screw you over like a typical Ashkenazi.

What an aggressive, entitled broad.

>> No.12804562

bathroom was full

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Quoted By: >>12804593

Lucid dream and fast travel to other planets with ayys.

>> No.12804593

Based and collective unconscious pilled.

>> No.12804609

Go to the places where extraterrestrials hang out.

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Probability problem.
I shuffle a deck of 10 cards
Only one card says that you Win
You get to pick 2 random cards.
Now we agree your odds of winning would be 2/10
But what if you turn the first card and it's a blank.
What are the odds that your second card are a win? Is it still 2/10, or did it drop to 1/10 or perhaps it's now 1/9?

>> No.12804220

Wrong board?

>> No.12804262
Quoted By: >>12804284 >>12804313

This question doesn't even make sense. You need to get better at formulating your thoughts. Are 9 cards blank, and 1 says win? Or is 1 card blank, 1 says win, 8 says lose? I don't even know what you're trying to say here. Is there replacement? If I pick a card and it's not the win, do I put it back in and draw again?

See what I'm getting at? Your question is ill-posed, which is why nobody is answering it. Here's what I'll assume
>Deck of 10 cards
>9 are blank, 1 says win
>Draw two cards, no replacement
>1. What's probability to draw W?
>2. If first card is blank, what's probability 2nd is W?
1. P(draw W) = 1 - P(draw 2 blanks).
P(draw 2 blanks) = 9C2 / 10C2 = 4/5
Equivalently, you can write P(draw W) = 9C1 * 1C1 / 10C2 =1/5.
2. P(draw W | drew blank) = 1C1 / 9C1 = 1/9

>> No.12804284

Oh yeah I'm bad sorry.
But yes 9 blanks 1 win.

>> No.12804313

there is no redraw.
I just wonder if the fact the probabilities change after you know your first draw is a blank.
The monty hall problem has me confused now.

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Who was smarter and why?

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von Neumann is everywhere

>> No.12804713

Von Neumann

>> No.12804745

he had to come up with a frame work of rules that could describe the world while holding the conditions in that experiment consistent. Because his work revolves around space and time, abstract concepts whose true nature is probably the predecessor to formal logic itself, he had to have an intuitive understanding of the least intuitive thing out there.

Von Newman followed basic logic to its natural conclusion. Impressive but not mind blowing. Many did it before him that just did not have access to electricity to be able to build a real computer.

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Neumann because had his office near Einstein, and would blast music disrupting Einstein's focus. Neumann was an absolute Chad.

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