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based new wildberger upload destroying schizos


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I'd wager it's even greater than that.

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I don't understand a word of what both are saying

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> based new wildberger upload destroying schizos
Unlike what everyone says, maths isn’t a pure discipline. Axioms exist because they help us do stuff in the real world, they are as practical as physical laws. The myth of the mathematician that makes up his own flavor of maths just for the sake of it is just plain cringe.
What does this have to do with the post? Wildberger is free to choose any set of axioms makes his penis hard, but at the end of the day if his results don’t help us in any way in the real world it’s just an academic circlejerk for people with a lot of time in their hands.

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Not so. Whether he's right or wrong teaches anyone who studies him and the problem more about logic and reason. Those people will be more accurate or less likely to make similar mistakes in the future.
Plus it helps in the fact that once people come to a better agreement and understanding of the solution, they'll move on to something else. All that wasted time you referenced will go to the next thing that could help human understanding.

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Does Saw Palmetto cause Fenasteride post-therapy syndrome? Where basically my libido and muscle drop ?

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So this thing is just going to keep mutating right, evading vaccines faster than we can create them, until it kill us all?

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If we struggle to make enough vaccines for North America, imagine making 7.8 billions doses (assuming it's the J&J vaccine that requires just one shot for everyone) every year. Assuming we are not going to retool the current vaccines for the current and future variants.
>inb4 muh taking over production for war-like productive effort
Vaccine production facilities are not like the fucking strategy games builings where you orders a few NPCs to hammer on a certain point of the map until a factory is ready, you need to organize, buy machines, hiring and training specialized workers who are not infinite. We will always have a production cap.

This shitshow will not go on forever, I think it will take 2-3 years before people realize that this is the new normal

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I say we just let the virus wipe out all the boomers so the rest of us can actually get back to our lives. It will be penance for all the shittiness those self centered assholes have inflicted on this planet

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>they enjoyed the best time the West have ever had
>in the meanwhile they destroy the retirement system by retiring at 40-50 years with high pensions without caring about debt
>in the meanwhile they destroy the environment
>in the meanwhile they lay the basis for degeneracy with the '68 and other commie movements
>now they blame us for using technology THEY invented, even if we were born with it, despite them being addicted to Normiebook themselves
>they are boast about thing being better at their days even if they destroyed those things
>now they blame us for being spoilt because we use the few things left
>now they pretend to destroy our lives and future to save them
They truly are the parasites

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>they enjoyed the best time the West ever had
>in the meanwhile they destroy the retirement system by retiring at 40-50 years with high pensions without caring about debt
>in the meanwhile they destroy the environment
>in the meanwhile they lay the basis for degeneracy with the '68, hippies and other commie movements
>now they blame us for using technology THEY invented, even if we were born with it, despite them being addicted to Normiebook themselves
>they boast about things being better in their days even if they destroyed those things
>now they blame us for being spoilt because we use the few things left
>now they pretend to destroy our lives and future to save them
They truly are the parasites

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>and thus very likely less virulent and contagious
Can we predict natural evolution?

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>replication crisis
>grant whoring
>publish or perish
>improper use of tests
>skin color and genitalia based admissions
>political alignment based "science"
>pop science
>string theory woowoo
>etc etc
where did it all go wrong?

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when the idea that sciences had to be popular at all costs became mainstream.

leave the STEM fields to the autistic folks and let them do their magic and watch society prosper.

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>where did it all go wrong?
Female monarch in the U.K. can probably identified as an inflection point. Keep in mind that trend reversal can take a while to become visible after an inflection point. Female monarchs are part of the Satanic agenda and so is the femism that female monarch inevitably promote, and all the rest of the bullshit that gets swept up in, "If femism is ok then why isn't X ok too?" Femism is not ok. That's where the line should be drawn.

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Is this Pepe working in my hotel this evening?

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Can someone explain what is happening on the left side of the equation? Like how multiplying by dx/dt and then integrating will give (dx/dt)^2?

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Bro. x(t) = x.
x' = 1. (x')^2 = 1
x'' = 0
Does 0 = 1, motherfucker?

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Man you just got btfo'd by this mans counterexample >>12796059

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>x(t) = x

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are you retarded my friend? nobody below 50 iq should post here

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E_0 is missing because I couldn't bother with the boundaries. Integrate from 0 to t instead.

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I wonder where the data in this graph comes from.

I have seen this image captioned with
> "Sexual arousal and arousability to pedophilic stimuli in a community sample of normal men", GCN Hall, R Hirschman, LL Oliver - Behavior Therapy, 1995 - Elsevier.
However, I have looked up this paper, which is real, but contains no age-specific data of this sort.

I also found a Reddit user claiming the following:
>"An internet survey was carried out as part of the documentary "Are All Men Pedophiles?" in which men were shown pictures of females without being informed of their age and asked if they found them sexually desirable or not. Girls about 14 got the highest ratings.

But this documentary does not contain any such graph or ever talks about having made any internet survey.

One possibility is of course that the data is just made up. In that case it would be interesting to see real data instead, if anyone has it. All the stuff I found cuts off at 18 or 20.

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The chart is bollocks.

Women are most attractive in the 35-45 range courtesy if their experience, careers, and maturity.

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There was no study, shit's made up.

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>It seems to have data reminiscent to your image, just way more coarse.
Thanks for posting this. Yeah, this is what real data looks like. The OP graph I posted is too smooth to be real data. Reading your study, it seems each age bracket only consists of 3 people. This makes it very sensitive to a bracket having only ugly people by chance (as seems to be the case for 30-39, for example).
>I don't know if your data is legit or not, but it seems that you at least shouldn't discard it outright.
I suspect the data is bogus. But I don't discard the idea behind it, in that peak female attractiveness probably is before 18. There are many other indicators that this is the case. I doubt that the peak is 13-14 though, or that 11-year-olds are as sexually attractive as 29-year-olds on average. (Oddly, your source also has 10-14 as the peak...) Which is why it would be interesting to see real data.

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It make sense back in the day we used to marry young girls

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14 y.o. have the peak female body, many having already fully developed physically so it's all downhill from there. Their mentality is mostly early teenager though, no doubt about that, and I guess that's why some zealous countries like the US love the idea of a strict and very high legal age such as 18.

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How did he do it bros

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Leibniz came up with a few mathematical things first and or better, but the theory of gravity, the other physics was Newton alone.

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Barrow and (unknown to Newton), Leibniz deserve some recognition on some of the math, but the physics is all Newton.

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t. Doctoral advisee of Judith Grabiner

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How do paleontologists "reconstruct" an entire animal from just a small portion of its bones. e.g. I just read this wikipedia page:


>Purussaurus is an extinct genus of giant caiman that lived in South America during the Miocene epoch, from the Colhuehuapian to the Montehermosan in the SALMA classification. It is known from skull material found in the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon, Colombian Villavieja Formation, Panamanian Culebra Formation and the Urumaco and Socorro Formations of northern Venezuela.

How can you surmise what a whole crocodilian looks like by just looking at skull fragments?

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Is linear algebra the true and final pleb filter?

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No, I mean real linear algebra. Proof-based.

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whatever class you struggle with eventually is the pleb filter, i can tell because ur a pleb

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No u

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A ton of CS majors only take numerical linear algebra. Similar to how they take a dumbed down discrete math class often called discrete structures.

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I don't know how much of a brainlet you have to be to struggle with linalg. You can always easily visualize this shit with 3D vectors and rotations/stretches as transformations, even if you're working with complex continuous Hilbert spaces. All this shit is easy to generalize. There are very few times when this approach doesn't work.

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Let us have an experiment. Compete by sharing your scientific facts. The winner gets her nudes.

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OP's mom slipped on a banana on holiday in the Yucatan and killed the dinosaurs.

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>childhood friend nudes
subtle pedo thread
someone call the police

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OPs mom has her own Schwartzchild radius

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I failed algebra 3 times in high school and math is fucking gay!!!

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Holy shit chemistry is soooo boring. Imagine actually majoring in this dead subject.

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The industrial world loves chemistry, its much more useful than physics or abstract math.

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If you don't understand physical chemistry then you'll never amount to anything.
>Thermochemical energy
>Hydrogen production
>Hydrogen storage
>Biological processes
Chemistry is everything. I say that as an engineer

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I loved symmetry and point groups.
Inorganic is great. All sorts of colorful compounds, crystals, and novel elements that aren't all C,H,N and O.
Schlenk lines are fun.

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Still haven't taken P chem. It's only an elective for my BS and I don't think it will be offered at my institution by the time I graduate.
Any good books so I can teach myself?

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Given that the study of organometallics has only been around for about fifty years I'd say it's a good field to get into. A lot of things have yet to be studied.

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Can we have a legitimate discussion on race and IQ?

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Yes, a general factor of intelligence exists but the variance in IQ between people can be explained entirely by environmental factors, Childhood nutrition, Socioeconomic status, school quality, and so on. Absolutely nothing happens in the factor analysis process to tell us about what the causes are for people having different measurable levels of intelligence. And even if we accept a single general rule exists, that would not necessarily imply genetic causation.

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>It's all due to 300 years of racism, oppression and poverty

>70,000 years of evolutionary divergence played absolutely no role whatsoever

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it's actually more than half with IQs below 100. more like 65% or so. IQ is normalized to european populations.

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Okay average IQ differences are settled, how about distribution or stdev differences? Is the white distribution wider with more genius and retardation than in asians? Does african distribution skew positive to stay clear of 0?

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How should we conclude the war to end all wars, /sci/? What does this place need?

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yes ty :V

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Quoted By: >>12795563


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ur house smells like family dollar

>> No.12795617

Never been to a family dollar. What does it smell like?

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If you think about it, no war has ever been started by a puddle of orange liquid...

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Britbong here, applying to study maths at an undergraduate level. Anyone here studied maths or a similar STEM subject at either the University of Nottingham or Birmingham? How's the quality of teaching? I'm kinda torn between the two, seem pretty similar.

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you're right, i should've done my research/attended open days earlier. still, applications for accommodation are only just opening and i don't think most people have picked their firm/insurance choices yet

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Quoted By: >>12795562

don't applications for accomodation come AFTER acceptance letters?

>> No.12795562
Quoted By: >>12795590

no, applications for accommodation are open now but you don't get accepted to the uni you applied for until you do your A levels because you need to meet grade requirements to get in. although if you don't meet the grade requirements for your first choice uni then you have to apply for accommodation for your backup choice (or through clearing if you don't make your backup choice either) in the summer, by which point the best accommodation has already been taken up

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Quoted By: >>12795602

best accommodation is off campus
you get to learn tricks from 2nd & 3rd year students and you still get to fuck freshers if you have social skills.
if you don't, living on campus won't help shit.
but, aren't all degrees online now? how's that work?

>> No.12795602

yeah but schools are reopening soon, by the time i go to uni in autumn it should be back to normal

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Everything in math besides 0-10 is fake and a construct of irrational human endeavors. Bye.

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>not fake

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I'd be willing to admit zero, nothing, is also irrational attempts by humans to control the environment around them if you admit evolution is a myth and there is a God.

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10 is fake as fuck dude, there’s no such thing as a radix in real life

>> No.12795227

All my dad needed was a stick, some stones and the ground, but enough about my childhood.

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So you mean to tell me that psychics and hypnotists were shooting in the dark and some hit the target every now and then?

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Why does my dumb monkey brain panic when its suddenly aware that its alive? It was such a good day too.

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Quoted By: >>12795314

This a really retarded take that I only observe in women and soiboy faggots.

>> No.12795314

a shitty take on a shitty thread

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Is this legit?

Current age electric motors and generators work by magnetic power and induction.

Proposing: electricELECTRIC motor and generator.

Electric strip motor:
Wrap a non-elastic strip of segmented insulated charges, tight within wheels to transmit mechanical movement and hold tension, and apply voltage selectively to segmented insulated parts of the wheel. This voltage will attract and repel the strip selectively at different geometrical passthrough junctures, resulting in an oriented difference of mechanical power obtained through the use of a difference of voltage.

Segmented and insulated, so the charges don't flow away when pushed or pulled by the electric fields as the strip forces them to go. The material can be semiconductors (low voltage, but persistent), capacitors (needs to be charged before use, and periodic recharge), or ions.

Electric strip generator:
When having excess mechanical energy and putting it into a battery.

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I wonder what the person who wrote this thinks is the supposed advantage it would have over a conventional motor

>> No.12795167

if i understand this correctly, it's just a linear electric motor. it already exists and is widely used, notably in maglev trains.

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I like this website. I downloaded 1,000 images with the creativity slider set to the forbidden "3.0" setting. I'm going to post some of my favorites.

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top kek

>> No.12796433

kek she got merged with a map

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That's Gwern's job

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Some look borderline Guro.

Like those monsters from the anime Jujutsu Kaisen

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Hey!.... I found the 2hu: Remilia Scarlet

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Quoted By: >>12795177

Is it true that one of the reasons people have low birthrates is because they don't inbreed anymore?

>> No.12795177
Quoted By: >>12795180

Link? This is actually very interesting.

>> No.12795180
Quoted By: >>12795197


>> No.12795197
Quoted By: >>12795207

I couldn't find the exact same graph with the same legends, so I looked for other papers instead.

>Contrary to widespread views—based mainly on anecdotal evidence—level of education, occupational status, or use of contraceptive pills does not seem to have a profound influence on the number of births. In fact, the evidence suggests that the extensiveness of kinship networks and the degree of the relatives’ assistance with childcare are most strongly predictive of fertility in the Gypsy population. Our data proved to be highly supportive of the evolutionary hypothesis that personal services through kinship networks are particularly valuable resources, accounting for the higher fertility in more traditional societies compared to technologically more advanced ones.

>> No.12795207
Quoted By: >>12795223

Sounds very interesting.
This is like a very strong scientific link instead of buzzword links like education and wealth causing low birthrates.
The high genetic distance to your wife/husband will probably mean that you don't care to have many children with them since you don't trust your partner so much.

>> No.12795223

amen brother ah trust mah sister and that's why we have 8 kids

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Quoted By: >>12797026 >>12797063

What's the scientific path to achieve the title of GrandMaster at Chess? What are the absolute scientifically proven best books to achieve the most optimal results?

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>Be born into a chess family
>Family makes you play chess
>Become attracted to chess
>Study books & theory
>Be good
>Become GM at young age
If you didn't do step one and two then you'll never be a chess GM.

>> No.12797034
Quoted By: >>12797143

Is it white to move?

>> No.12797063

The scientific move is to play a truly redpilled game like Fischer's random chess and not this gay exercise in memorization.

>> No.12797068

>not playing hexagonal chess

>> No.12797143

unless otherwise stated

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Planck Constant in error. Corrected back to original. Planck Copies missed radiant.
Brenna (hbar) is action. Planck (h) is angular. Kaiser Wilhelm Society (KWG) 1886

Quantum of Action
hbar = 9.670554000 x 10^-36 J*s

Brenna constant = e^2*z0
Brenna constant = (1.602176634 x 10^-19 A-s)^2 * 3.767303134 x 10^2 kg-m^2/A^2-s^3
Brenna constant = 9.670554000 x 10^-36 kg-m^2/s

Brenna constant = e^2/e0*c
Brenna constant = (1.602176634 x 10^-19 A-s)^2 / 8.854187817 x 10^-12 A^2-s^4/kg-m^3 * 2.997924580 x 10^8 m/s
Brenna constant = 9.670554000 x 10^-36 kg-m^2/s

Brenna constant = e^2*u0*c
Brenna constant = (1.602176634 x 10^-19 A-s)^2 * 1.256637061 x 10^-6 kg-m/A^2-s^2 * 2.997924580 x 10^8 m/s
Brenna constant = 9.670554000 x 10^-36 kg-m^2/s

Quantum of Angular
h = 6.626070150 x 10^-34 J*s/rad

GR & QM united
in Ten (10) Days



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Subject: TEN (10) DAYS
(hey, Fill-in Subject line)

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EhK9XL9XcAAQF87.jpg (Hawley & Newall)

I AM Aten Monad I AM

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Quoted By: >>12795335

>> No.12795158

I always Demonstrate (ID) my 'Universal Magnetic Field' (UMF) reversal
which jars planetary magnetic fields on that day and hour immediately
following exhumation so cosmologists may prepare to measure the
Frequency = (G*D)^1/2 observable and measurable everywhere.

Frequency of Gravitons
Gravitational constant
Density of Gravitons


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Quoted By: >>12795341


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File: 615KiB, 1435x978, 1598847565032.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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Quoted By: >>12795031 >>12795155

Are patents good or is it unnecessary humanities interference in science?
Should everything be open source?

>> No.12795031
Quoted By: >>12795041

>Should everything be open source?


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Quoted By: >>12795058

Fuck off commie leftypol shill making everything political.

>> No.12795058
Quoted By: >>12795236


Polio vaccine was intentionally made open source and was revolutionary.

>> No.12795155

Nothing can be invented, only discovered.

>> No.12795236

This is a myth, they tried to patent it but their lawyers told them it wouldn't be upheld because of prior art.

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Americans are amongst the most vaccinated people in the history of the planet, and are also amongst the sickest in it's
history. Half of all Americans suffer with at least one chronic
disease, and one fifth have 2 or more. These chronic diseases cause 70% of all American deaths.

How to end this madness?

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>> No.12796159
Quoted By: >>12797050

>boomers start dying
Yeah, no shit. Vaccines have nothing to do with it.

>> No.12797006
Quoted By: >>12797046

The chart has been made by someone who thinks that
>Autism, Diabetes Type 1, Alzheimer are immune disorders
>Can't properly work with percentages
>Reference: American Autommune Related Diseases Association. An fraudulent organization not recognized by any medical authority.

>> No.12797046

Autism, Diabetes Type 1 and Alzheimer have auto immunes implications.

>> No.12797050

That's not deaths retard

>> No.12797172

You know what +50% of Americans are also? Abominably fat

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