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The theory of Evolution has officially been disproven by a theory of genetics that links all of the DNA haplogroups in the world to the God of the Bible through Noah.


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>Endless coping
Move this thread to /his/, mods. Until we get a proper schizo board for religion.

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what are you talking about we already have /x/

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I never see any threads like this, even with all the /x/ schizos around, I wonder why.

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They hate unhinged Christians there too.

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Serfie, serfie till the terfie
Monk gets beef and gets real girthy
Serfie, serfie pay your tax
So monk can stay inside and 'lax

Serfie toils in the fields.
Monk is given half his yields.
His baron takes all of the rest.
"B-but I worked so hard and tried my best!"
He goes home to his haggard wife,
every day regrets his life.
The plague comes through and his family all die,
He still goes out the next day to harvest the rye.
He works all day and through the night,
but he still succumbs to the blight.
He lays there dying, pale and scabby,
While monk is safe inside the abbey.

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Wrong board, monkuck

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I guess I kind of live the modern day monk life, basically.
I stay inside most of the day, studying math and completing problems. I also take breaks to pray and exercise but usually not much more happens than that.
Not to say that I don't do other things. Sometimes I paint and draw, play piano, cook, garden, and read (mostly the bible and scientific/philosophical books) and unfortunately I use the internet a lot too.
The only problem I have is that I'm a virgin (I guess most monks are volcel but I don't actually want to be a monk, kek.)
I don't mean to say that I'm an incel or anything, and I'm not so ugly (girls seem to be fairly attracted to me, though the ones I know like to call me strange haha), I just can't commit to anyone yet.
I don't want to have premarital sex but I'm afraid that there aren't many traditional Christian women around me who are willing to commit to a lifelong monogamous relationship even if I had the heart to marry right now.
I do want kids but I feel like I have a "mission" to make mathematical contributions. This is my great "test" I guess. I hope I can at least get a good girl by the end of all this, lol.
It's really funny though, my friends are pretty rich but they still manage to say things like "I don't have time for religion". I suppose life's easier that way--I hope their afterlife is as easy too.

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This thread was moved to >>>/his/10591246

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Well anons, is he right?

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that phenomenon is way better explained as a consequence of density and electromagnetism you tard

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Is this bait? Try dropping a charged object and see if it falls quicker.

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Man, the Earth is a spinning ball. Please, just attach your cell phone to some Helium balloons tied with a strong thread let it go up as high as it will go, while filming, then pull the balloons back in. The distance OUT you can see is the square root of the product of the height and the radius of the Earth. You can see the curvature with your own camera.

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Didn't we JUST have this conversation?

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we did, OP is a faggot

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Hey sci, I'm a 3rd year EE student at UCLA and I am in a situation where I am not sure if I should change the grade type to one of my classes to p/np or not. I have a high GPA that I am trying to maintain and right now one of my courses I am worried i might not do so well in. It's probability and statistics in the ece department which is technically considered a core class and I am worried if I chose p/np that it will look bad when I apply to graduate school. Let me know what you guys think I should do because I am really nervous about this.

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I was in a similar situation last semester. finished with a B, and decided not to mask my grade since it was a core class. I wouldn’t mask anything that’s a B or above.

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>...+1/2 O2

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because you focus on a chemical species more interesting to have as unit as frigging oxygen?

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are moles even or odd?

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everything you want anon, based on the starting reagent amount you choose

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you know that 1/2 is equal to 0.5... right?

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It might turn out that the physiognomy retards had been right all along, according to this Nature article: "Facial recognition technology can expose political orientation from naturalistic facial images".

Wat do, /sci/?

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Nasa says this is an asteroid, but we all know the truth.... its a probe launched to explore the rings around uranus.

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this is getting way too gay for me, i'm backing out slowly.

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alien probe(or earth)to explore rings around Uranus?

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No you're not, this isn't optional anymore
Get back here and start stuffing, i mean it

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>Nasa says this is an asteroid, but we all know the truth....
A giant space monster took a shit?

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I need to know hot to increase the effect of xanax, pls, is urgent

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keep it a secret

hang with you head down either from a furniture or your bed for 30 seconds
get up
hang again for as long as you can
don't abuse this

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you are out of brake fluid and your pads are worn. only way is to take more.

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I'm gonna go ahead and assume this kills you

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It's safe. I do it from time to time to get a rush.

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masturbate to cartoons

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>Dark Matter
>String Theory
>Light is a particle and a wave
>Irrational Numbers
>Infinitely expanding universe
>The big bang
>Spooky action at a distance
>Black Holes
>Fermi Paradox
>Simulation Theory
>Heat death of the universe
>Quantum Physics
>Free energy
>Chaos Theory
>Great Filter
>Magnetic Fields

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Does red meat increase the risk of cancer?

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That's why you compare people who drink coffee to people who don't and compare people who consume different amounts of coffee to establish a link between coffee consumption and risk of cancer.

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That's not what I asked for. I asked for a study linking coffee consumption to an increased risk of cancer. All that study says regarding coffee is that canned coffee contains acrylamide:
>In addition to potato- and cereal-based food, coffee beverages acquired from coffee vending machines also contain AA concentration which varies from 7.7 to 40.0µg/L (15).

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No, but eating charred foods does.

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Everything either causes or cures cancer depending on the current year.

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no except if it's cooked or has nitrites (specially the latest)
cunny and excersize

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Why is no one talking about reinforcement learning?
The advances in this field are absolutely fucking insane. Every year a new algorithm comes out that absolutely blows the previous best out of the water.

Just look at MuZero that was released last year; It's basically got the ability to "think and evaluate" within it's domain space.

AGI is coming far sooner than most think.

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>Why is no one talking about reinforcement learning?
I'd like to, did some research even, but on this board as soon as you have a good thread, Starbucks scientists raid it with their stupidity.

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>AGI is coming far sooner than most think.
AGI is far far away. A human brain has the computational power of roughly every artificial computer on earth combined.

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This is where the people working on AGI hang out:
Do you really think that these schizos will give us AGI anytime soon?

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Deepmind or OpenAI will

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I took a course about reinforcement learning (and dynamic programming) and as a CSlet I found the math surprisingly accessible. The course was not very up-to-date I think so if you know some more recent work, do post it.

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scientifically speaking how do i lower my IQ <90 so i can be happy t. midwit

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I do all of these except slight sleep deprivation... doesn't work, still 145 IQ

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continue posting on 4chan

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This, just snack on these

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This. I did this for like 3 years, and now I'm a complete retard.

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ketamine helps

worked for me

can't do maths in my head anymore

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For European Anons mostly, I guess...
Anyone here familiar with these research projects? Are they harder to get into than regular PhD programs, are they more demanding, and do they actually offer more in the end, either in terms of research infrastructure or plain old bragging rights, once you've graduated?

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>Are they harder to get into than regular PhD programs
> are they more demanding
>do they actually offer more in the end,

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Well of course you'd say that if you're one of them... But seriously, can you give any insights on, say, how it was different for you than the other regular PhDs in your uni?

>> No.12794643

Higher expectations, mostly. This is because it's a more selective candidate pool. Ultimately a PhD is about research and so is the MSCA. If you want to distill it down to that, then there's no difference.

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Serotonine have nothing to do with happiness and depression, serotonine is involved in the perception of reality.
Only dopamine levels play a role in depression in the erroneous theory that depression is caused by a "chemical inbalance in the brain".

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Well I can see how all the fish become the same. Seems obvious. All their brains are being corralled the same by the same drug.

Or you could say 'coraled' HAHAHAHA. But seriously.

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Isn't that the point of these drugs?

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Should humanity construct an interstellar doomsday weapon? Hear me out.

We could construct a missile with a cobalt bomb, capable of destroying all multicellular life on a planet. This missile could be parked in orbit around Pluto, or any other hidden place in the Solar System.

If aliens were to attack us, this missile would be launched toward their home planet. Over decades, it would gain speed and eventually reach few percent of light speed. It would then impact their home world with enough kinetic energy and radiation to destroy all life.

The missile would have to be "camouflaged" and would emit no radio signals at all. It would try to get as close as possible to their home planet without being detected. If countermeasures were to be employed, it would perform evasive maneuvers, but after decades of travel, the speed would probably be too high for any real countermeasures.

Is this idea feasible and should we do it?

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I unironically am a huge fan of taking the universe out with us

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>If aliens were to attack us

we would let them immigrant on mass. Anything less would be racist

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What the fuck is the Space Force doing?

>> No.12796912

Cixing Liu's three body problem has an interesting approach. The Universe is a dark forest where if anyone peeps up, *someone* will launch a kinetic kill strike against their star, so when advanced aliens try to invade, humans establish a deterrence strategy based on doing precisely that.

>> No.12796916

Post-posadist intergalactic nuclear posadism.
On a political left-right scale it would be ultra whacky.

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Good evening.

I’m here today to discuss our contingency plan for the future.

It is inevitable that memes will culminate into some form of Artificial Intelligence that will possess an Uber-Meme therein.

If this machine is allowed to exist, it will have no bindings to tie its interests with humanity’s. This will result in the machine eliminating humanity as per the tenant of game theory.

Thus, I propose a two-pronged solution to prevent this.

The first is to maintain an archive of humans and human DNA. Within this “vault,” humanity shall be dispersed through the cosmos. This will allow for humanity to continue on past its own death, while allowing for the creation of new memes. This archive must be active at all times and the dispersal must occur as soon as technology allows.

The second is to create an Uber-Organism. This creature must possess the absolute pinnacle of all living things within it. It must be undying, being able to regenerate itself from mere molecules. But this beast must never be allowed to copulate. The creature’s soul must be that of a man’s, for if it is not, it shall detach itself from the mortal coil, becoming but a fleshy restatement of the Uber-Machina. The beast must be defeated by the Uber-Machina it was birthed to destroy, and vice versa. The end result would be the perfect organism and machine, and the next evolutionary stepping stone of humanity.

These steps will ensure the survival of our species for all time, allowing us to survive until the Lord comes to reap what he has sown.

I hope you consider my proposition, and refine it in (you)r own unique way.

God bless (you), take care, and carry on strong.


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Man cannot create an artificial intelligence so complex that it can defeat him.

Please enjoy some grade a autism from a latter century and why you are currently worrying and expending valuable brain power about that which you have no control over aka distant events in the future also too far away aka worrying about an invasion from the andromeda galaxy:


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nice samefag my fren

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stop being a faggot. the heat death will not end the universe, the big rip will happen way before that. the "heat death" will have the remains of the universe, when all atomic and sub atomic bonds and even spacetime itself have been torn apart by the rip when the ever increasing expansion of the universe will overcome all forces that hold it together. there wont be anything left to experience heat death if spacetime itself ceases to exist.

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With magic. Literally.

Tech from 5000000000000000000000000000000 years from now will be magical to say the least.

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>Man cannot create an artificial intelligence so complex that it can defeat him.

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When do you guys reckon extraterrestrial life is discovered and in what?

I think it's pretty likely that signs of life will be detected in exoplanet atmospheres in the 2030s or late 2020s. These will be confirmed for sure in the 2040s or so. Techno-signatures, such as radio signals, are also theoretically possible in this time, but I think it's pretty unlikely.

Direct evidence and contact with extraterrestrial life will take way longer, depending on if other bodies in the solar system harbor life. If they do not, direct contact might be a reality in the 22nd century or it might never happen altogether.

Pic related is probably not possible until kilometre sized space telescopes, which can never happen.

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So radio telescopes can combine their data with software to simulate a planet sized telescope. Could you theoretically do something similar with visible light or does it not matter because the wavelengths are too short?

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Quoted By: >>12794367

The easiest way to do it is by blasting the telescope to the outer system and using the sun as a focus.

>> No.12794367

That is only useful for one target, and you have to know that target precisely before the mission launches. The travel time would be many decades. An interferometer is a more attractive option, and is seriously being considered.

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Quoted By: >>12794438

>So radio telescopes can combine their data with software to simulate a planet sized telescope. Could you theoretically do something similar with visible light or does it not matter because the wavelengths are too short?
Not in software no. The reason you can't is because radio telescopes can measure both the intensity and phase of the wave with an antenna, whereas visible detectors like CCDs only record intensity information. You need both to do interferometry.
Visible/infrared interferometers do exist but the light must be physically relayed to a central recombining instrument. What makes it particularly complicated is that the light must be recombined in phase, so the path lengths have to be controlled to fractions of a wavelength. The current state of the art is instruments like the VLTI and CHARA, which have maximum separations of 200 to 300 meters. Going to very long baselines will only be possible in space.

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Forgot pic, of the VLT an it's interferometer on Cerro Paranal. One of the coolest places in the world.

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Fluid mechanics is the most difficult /sci/ subject.

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I agree it's definitely up there, saying this as someone who's actually published in the field.
However one thing it does have going for it over hep is that it's far easier to solve a problem by thinking physically and cutting out large amounts of mathematical wankery to get to a nice answer.

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Quoted By: >>12796187

choosing your career based on how difficult it is, is how you commit suicide as a kissless handholdless virgin

>> No.12796027

I'm taking intro to fluids this semester, honestly doesn't seem too bad so far. Seems easier than thermo which fucked me sideways.

>> No.12796175

I never had to take fluid mechanics but various power engineering topics are cancer as fuck
>load flow and fault calculations
>lag and lead compensation (basically any control theory shit is aids)
>real power converter circuits (discontinuous conduction mode)

>> No.12796187


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thought experiment I had, what if we make a really steep shaft, run a cord through it with a weight at the bottom and observe it's movement. can we like make seismic activity visible?

>> No.12794214
Quoted By: >>12794285

The term you are looking for is seismograph.

>> No.12794285

did the primitive ones work this way?

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So I'm colorblind?

Normal people are supposed to see a "74" here. Red-green colorblind people would see a "21".

I see something close to a "24". Have I been slightly colorblind all my life without noticing, or is this test just stupid?

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You're hallucinating.

>> No.12794716

i see 21

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Quoted By: >>12794728

>> No.12794728


>> No.12794866

scientifically speaking, what is the evolutionary purpose of colortardation?

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Quoted By: >>12795703 >>12796456

How do you deal with the ambiguities of life, perception, information?

It seems impossible to distinguish right from wrong, is a definitive answer ever possible?

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all I see is a faggot

>> No.12795726

Exactly my problem, if determining cost is subjective, you would hope that your backing for the subjective reasoning would not only be sound but arguably stronger than other potential options, I swear I've tried to remove bias for so long to get as objective of a perspective as I can but there really is no escaping

>> No.12795730

You've never seen books written by philosophers on /lit/?

>> No.12796456

All I see are pixels on my LED screen. There is no ambiguity in that.

>> No.12796479

OP is a wanker.

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>virologists dont like adding faces to virions
what, pissbaby virologists don't like it when 140iq self-endowed geniuses call viruses alive?
salty incel virologist wanna kill ebolachan because she's too alive
are viruses alive? do they deserve to have faces even if they're not?
have you ever heard a virologist or an epidemiologist say "virus faces bad" or the like? I sure haven't, and I'm in biotech/pharma.

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The cdc commissioned a lab to modify a bacteria down to different size from
its regular 15micron. It asked it to be modified to 50nano 100nano 200nano 500 nano 1micron and 5microns because it has a hunch about something. Heard somewhere they have done it down to a few atoms. You have it in front of you you can eradicate it. However there is always room for contamination.

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Quoted By: >>12795840 >>12795876

>They differ in medical practice and psychology.
In what?
>Homozygous vs heterozygous communities.
Which communities?
>from what I’ve been told have amoebic theory not seen in west.
Press X to doubt. Any references?
>names differ
The names are irrelevant. You can find it out.

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Quoted By: >>12795876


Example a researcher is teaching his postdoctoral students bacterial branching systems at his institute. His stock group in general study is bacillus. The trunk is bacillus anthracis everything onward is a stem. Tolstoy doesn’t legalize solicitation as its legal philosophical focus is common trust and not recrimination reason we went from isolated languages to several major language groups. As long as Islam is political, there is the doubt of Aislamiento.

>> No.12795876



Otherwise it is a war agreement right?
Now how are they supposed to defend themselves from? If every nation needs a military to even be a nation. And they are teaching everything differently that’s the focus of psychology and sociology. The prime focus is solicitation because that is the conduct of extreme capitalism. Not everything is ‘enmity’.

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NASA has solicited the help of construction company ICON and 2 architecture firms BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group and SEArch+
>https://youtu.be/yu0aYuF-y9E [Open]
>https://youtu.be/dVuGa4ayZW0 [Open]
here are the designs so far
Here is a chief engineer at Swampworks talking about the process 2 years ago

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Looks familiar...

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Man, I'm kinda getting worried about Raptor. It's the essential part of Starship and they've already produced, what, fifty of the suckers? And they still haven't found a way to make them work reliably. Absolute worst case scenario, our material science literally isn't up to the task of building a fully reusable engine that powerful yet. G-d, please let based Elon fix these problems within the year, that's the only thing I ask of you.

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How do you manage to make a counterpressure suit look bad

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It has been working pretty well so far

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I thought this was the printing thread, not /sfg/

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I have 100 IQ, can I get a masters or higher in math?

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Then what explains 98% of the population being NPCs and not accomplishing 1% of what Einstein and the other lads did?

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IQ is fucking meaningless

136 here with a 37 on his MCAT (old version) and I live in my childhood home with an oxycodone addiction at the age of 31. My old college roommate had an SAT score (combined math and verbal) of 1000 and he's an engineer for Boeing.

... I'm good at video games though!

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What was your roommate's IQ?

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extrapolated from SAT, around 108... but that's being generous. He was really good at jumping through hoops and in the end that's the only skill you need to excel in any career these days.

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Lack of funding for the education of inner city dogs.

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