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Imagine you have an infinite sheet of neutral charge in the (x,y) plane, spanning all of (x,y).
Place a positive charge at the position z = a.
This positive charge induces a negative charge on the sheet, everywhere in the (x,y) plane.
This gives rise to two scenarios, neither of which makes sense.
>1. The sheet originally had an equal amount of positive and negative charges, hence being neutral
If the sheet is now negatively charged everywhere, where the fuck did the positive charges go?
>2. The sheet was originally neutral because it had no positive or negative charges anywhere
So where the fuck did the negative charges come from?

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This is a classic problem and there is a crucial detail that needs to be specified. Is the plate grounded? If yes, then the charge gets dissipated. If not, then you will have some characteristic radius where the surface charge density is zero, and it's positive inside and negative outside.

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Yeah I get what you're saying. It's interesting as a 'frictionless' physics problem. Totally analogous to introducing a grain of sand to an (x,y) plane of particles that are not experiencing any gravitation force. When the massive test point appears, a force vector appears on every point in the plane.

But inducing an electric field on the plane doesn't change the net charge of the plane, so the positive charges must go somewhere (there are at distance = infinite from the origin?) Maybe I'm making an error by thinking of this plane of being bounded though ....

Run it by me again with the gravity analogy. It's the same. Just a vector field.

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I am a little confused by this. When you build up a charge on a sheet I thought it would build up the opposing charge on the other side of the sheet. Are there actually charge gradients? That doesn't make sense to me, but thermal gradients don't either.

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>Are there actually charge gradients?
Yes, charge density is assumed to be continuous. This is a fine assumption on macroscales. You can see (volume) charge density in Maxwell's equations as rho for instance, and there is an analogous quantity for currents. The math is actually much neater with these than with discrete charges.

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Is anti-gravity real?

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nothing to research here goyim

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>don’t believe your lying eyes

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They found galaxies that have it and don't have it.

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sort of

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Tell me about Neuromorphic computing. Can AGI be achieved if Nanoengineering is utilized to implement it? Perhaps even ASI?

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None of this bullshit is required. We'll have AGI running on normal GPUs in less than 10 years.

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Yes, GPU superclusters

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>be Human on earth in 2021
>get vaccinated by mRNA or DNA vaccine which targets a SPECIFIC KNOWN genetic sequence

>be Globohomo death cult
>engineer new virus that doesn't use these specific proteins to infect cells or replicate
>engineer new virus to produce this specific known protein in massive quantity.
>watch 90% of the world population die from massively enhanced inflammatory and cell death responses

tell me this isn't possible and that we're not gonna Georgia guidestones ourselves with this vaccine run.

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no we're unlucky we'll suffer forever

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Israel is nearly 100% vaccinated with Pfizer and Biontech is a German company.

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and germany inexplicably stopped using pfizer and is using astrazenica now...
but is this german revenge or jewish revenge?
If only we could get the russian vaccine

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>engineering viruses

Lol, in their mind maybe.

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>it's literally shit like cancer leaping from the pages into my eyes
textbook thread btw

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I tried this list, couple yeah ago, seriously. Remove the top four books, maybe replace them with "mathematics for the million", switch the calculus book for Lang's calculus, put the proof books off to the side, and otherwise it's a 6/10 list. Dummit and Foote can be supplemented by Lang's algebra.

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4 Dif Geo

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Tao or rudin?

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Here is a selection of books I find good.

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With new and developing research on the gut microbiome, it's easy to see that working with and healing the gut is the first step in healing the body.

>90% of the cells in/on the human body belongs to bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses and other microbial life that live in the gut alone
>90% of your serotonin is produced in the gut
>everything you ingest directly affects the strains, quantity of and effectiveness of all microbial life in the gut
>negative strains in the gut can cause almost every and any psychiatric disorder, including a whole host of other disorders
>the gut-brain axis allows for direct communication between the gut and brain, allowing microbial life to "brainwash" you into craving, thinking, feeling and acting on certain things

>microbes in your gut influence your physical, mental and emotional health a tremendous amount

So, what have you found to be a "hack" to boost the advantageous strains and give them paradise while starving the harmful strains out?

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That is called the brain-gut axis. I stopped eating junk and eat fermented foods

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What do you think of #WomenInSTEM ?

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why are women obsessed with astrophysics and computer science? like almost every woman in stem I encountered talks about these subjects and every youtube video with women in stem study some form of astrophysics or computer science

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Society is pressuring them to compete with men in the labor market. Grifters on youtube. That Bocha Chica women probably made over a million dollars from donors.

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Every field has dumb people, so yeah some women are dumb but there’s a lot of women. The idiots just are more obnoxious penis or vagina.

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Oh I just realized something, Ansari might have went on Garver's seat as a tourist.

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fucking based

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>burnout on video games
>burnout on shows/movies
>burnout on porn
>only thing that gives me some pleasure is studying things I want to study
how to make sure this stays a long-term thing?

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lmao at your low test levels.

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I like your definition. It shows the consumerism pollution that were all the unwilled witness of.

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Hit the gym.

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fuck is it really because of low test. I have the same thing as OP

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Starve all day and only eat one meal at breakfast or right before bed. Do light exercise after work/study. Only cum after you've eaten.

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99% of pop vaccinated

Why still so many daily new cases?

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see >>12797220

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shut up midwit, go find the best book for learning python

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>virus acts like a mathematical system.
Meds. Take 'em.

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>99% of pop vaccinated
99 for every 100 people so closer to 50%, and new cases rising probably because 50% isn't enough to to establish herd immunity. Most of this is shit is probably coming from the half that isn't vaccinated , I mean the age demographic of people getting hospitalized is getting younger and younger there so thats most likely the case.

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>I mean the age demographic of people getting hospitalized is getting younger and younger there so thats most likely the case.
When you vaccinate the people by far the most likely to be hospitalized, of course the proportion of younger people getting hospitalized will go up.

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A 90 year old man died without any warning from the COVID-19 vaccine. Why aren't COVID-19 shots safe for old people?

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>90 year old dies
>this is news

>> No.12793123

Wow, that sounds... like the whole Covid affair!

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Except every time. Go sea lion somewhere else.

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Amazing how every time I provide you motherfuckers this airtight argument, you all disappear to your retarded caves.
Go ahead, tell me how I'm wrong. If you can provide ample evidence that SAEs in vaccines are significantly lower than 0.01%, I'll feel safe enough to get the vaccine. And I mean that. My entire premise for not getting the vaccine is that it's safer for me to catch covid19. My decision to get the vaccine is entirely selfish, so I don't give a fuck about this retarded herd immunity argument.

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Wow looks like old people gotta die no matter what. Sucks to have lived a long fulfilling life

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Is science REALLY right about things?

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I unironically love this picture. The sheer hopelessness on that lady's face is unreal

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Vaush is fatter than that guy though. His mantitties have mantitties.

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until proven wrong, it is.

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No, science is wrong about things.

For example, scientists claim that one can look at things that are close to you and very tiny by looking at them through a tube with pieces of glass at the end, but also at things that are large and far away. Does that make any sense to you?

Scientists also claim that NASA landed on the moon. If we landed on the moon, why didn't the nasa astronauts see our lady standing there?

Another thing scientists are wrong about is how many genders and sexes there are in the species Homo sapiens. Hint: the answer is 2 (also written 1.999...)

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"Scientists" also claim that drunk driving is dangerous. Does that sound right to you?

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>TOKYO - Japanese supercomputer simulations showed that wearing two masks gave limited benefit in blocking viral spread compared with one properly fitted mask.

The findings in part contradict recent recommendations from the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that two masks were better than one at reducing a person’s exposure to the coronavirus.

Researchers used the Fugaku supercomputer to model the flow of virus particles from people wearing different types and combinations of masks, according to a study released on Thursday by research giant Riken and Kobe University.

Using a single surgical-type mask, made of non-woven material, had 85% effectiveness in blocking particles when worn tightly around the nose and face. Adding a polyurethane mask on top boosted the effectiveness to just 89%.

Wearing two non-woven masks isn’t useful because air resistance builds up and causes leakage around the edges.

>“The performance of double masking simply does not add up,” wrote the researchers, led by Makoto Tsubokura.

In general, professional grade N95 masks were the best in protecting against infection, followed by non-woven masks, cloth masks, and finally polyurethane types, the study showed.

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>It's about making the money to continue to flow. Consider the mask manufactures, and covid barrier manufactures that wouldn't be making the money if we went back to normal lives.

>> No.12795001

The countries that recommend masks?

>> No.12795080

Another Japanese company showed me a simulation where masks helped prevent the spread of covid. I don't know who to believe anymore.

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Wat evs, Fauci

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I have a rapid covid test tonight to start a new job. I’ve already had the virus and whenever I do an antigen test it detects whatever lingering fragments of COVID are left in me. How do I deliberately fuck up the results so I come up negative? Don’t put the swab in too far?

>> No.12793101

thats not how it works.

>> No.12793359

Besides the fact that there are chink antigen tests that are dogshit and don't work, if you have had a disease you will have antibodies after recovering. First short term antibodies, and then long term antibodies. That is Ok and it is how it should be.

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Any1 wanna walk me through this

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Are you in 8th grade?

>> No.12792934

Just spend too much time on /b/

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how to stop being a low iq barbarian

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This solution assumes that the part about the heat capacity of water is a red herring and that the student isn't meant to get into differential equations.

>Calculated how many joules have been produced by the heater in 10 minutes.

200(J/s) * 600 (s) = 120,000 J

>How much ice (kg) would this amount of energy melt?

120 kJ / 334 kJ = 0.359 kg

>How much energy is needed to melt all the ice

334 kJ

>Calculate the time needed to melt all the ice

334 kJ / 200 J/s = 1670 s = 27.83 minutes

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I need your help guys. I'm taking Intro to Acoustics as extra credit for my Biology degree.

I understand the theory, but my prof never does practice problems. What the hell am I supposed to do here?

>also acoustics general

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That's literally every physics professor, you're just along for the ride now.

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Quoted By: >>12793027

>Biology degree
How can people still fall for this in the age of the internet
>”I’ll just get a job at the biology factory down the street after graduation!”

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>> No.12793462

I'm pretty sure the answer would depend on the surrounding environment.

>> No.12793467

Since we live in 3D, the sound propagates as 1/r^2. The decibel scale is logarithmic however, so you need to account for that too.

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Scientifically speaking, why did we evolve pp?

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honestly never thought I'd see a thread where I could drop my own puppetry of the penis pose
original concept is for those who still have their wizard sleeve, pose may be adapted as desired for your own anatomy

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loch ness monster is my favorite default pose
remember kids, if you get a boner you're disqualified because now you're just jerking off

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Do americans really?

>> No.12797273

The point of the penis is that males don't have to care about the willingness of the female.
Most birds have a non-extensible cloaca because there is no way for a male bird to immobilise a female.

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Try to prove me wrong

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it had nothing to do with race or IQ.
that's nothign like /sci/

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>prove me wrong
That's not how it works. The burden of proof is on you!!!

>pic unrelated

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Quoted By: >>12792940

I already proved it

>> No.12792940

Try again, neet

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Quoted By: >>12795776

>Get 100 grade on midterm exam
>Professor doesn’t put a smiley face sticker on it

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>Get 40/40 on a dynamic optimisation course.
>The best grade requires only 27 points, so most of the class gets the best grade.

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Quoted By: >>12797226

>Calc 1 exam graded on a generous curve after students pressured the professor
Why do they allow these people in?

>> No.12797157
Quoted By: >>12797226

Just more proof higher education doesn't prepare people for the job market...

>> No.12797194

Wtf? 30% of people get something considered a 4.0? Are you joking?
I've topped the curve on nearly every exam I've taken. Sometimes that means getting an 80, sometimes that means getting an 100. The 100s are never easy exams (well, sometimes they are, but only by accident). I just know all the material well and I'm good at thinking up proofs quickly. I'm not sure how it works at other schools but at my school (which is a well-regarded one) no one was ever given out a 100.
My 4.0 signifies that I actually learned everything and rarely made errors. Your 1st class degree signifies that you have a working mastery of about.... 70% of the material? Wow. Who would hire you for a skilled job with that?

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meant for

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>the covalent attachment of a sugar to a protein or lipid. Typical sugars that participate in glycation are glucose, fructose, and their derivatives. Glycation is the non-enzymatic process responsible for many complications in diabetes mellitus and is implicated in some diseases and in aging.

Fructose creates 20X more glycation end products than glucose, which causes extra protein crosslinks and stiffening of the extracellular matrix and the loss of elasticity in the skin. Honey, tablesugar, and fruits should be limited. This is exactly the reason why alot of vegans who go crazy on fruit end up looking so aged.

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holy fuck she hit the wall hard

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how about it nerds?

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what are you doing to get from ln(1+1/2) to ~= 5/12

>> No.12794916
Quoted By: >>12794967


The first term is good near 1
Compute ln(3)/ln(2) = 1 + ln(3/2)/ln(2)
stopping here gives ~ 1+ ((1/2)/(5/2))/(1/3)) = 8/5 = 1.6
Continuing gives 1+ ln(3/2)(ln(3/2) + ln(4/3)) = 1+ 1/(1+ln(4/3)/ln(3/2))
stopping here gives ~ 1+1/[1+ ((1/3)/(7/3))/((1/2)/(5/2))] = 19/12 = 1.58333...
Continuing gives 1 + 1/(1 + ln(4/3)/(ln(4/3)+ln(9/8))) = 1+1/(1+1/(1+ln(9/8)/ln(4/3)))
stopping here gives ~ 1+1/(1+1/(1+((1/8)/(17/8))/((1/3)/(7/3)))) = 65/41 = 1.58536...
Continuing gives 1+1/(1+1/(1+ln(9/8)/(ln(9/8)+ln(32/27)))) = 1+1/(1+1/(1+1/(1+ln(32/27)/ln(9/8))))
stopping here gives ~ 1+1/(1+1/(1+1/(1+((5/27)/(59/27))/((1/8)/(17/8))))) = 550/347 = 1.58501...

>> No.12794967

I want the top of the ratio to be smaller than the bottom.
This should be "Continuing gives ... = 1+1/(1+1/(1+1/(2+ln(256/243)/ln(9/8))))"
stopping here gives ~ 1+1/(1+1/(1+1/(2+((13/243)/(499/243))/((1/8)/(17/8))))) = 4655/2937 = 1.58495...

>> No.12794972

log_2(3)= log_2(1)+log_2(2)= 0 +1 = 1

>> No.12795835

>thinking I’m serious
Nigger get out of here

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Quoted By: >>12792771 >>12794501

Im looking at economics universities here in Italy but all of their syllabus are composed only for 30% of econ courses, 20% math and statistics, the rest is law management and some foreign languages, I mean it seems like a shit since I want to study economics and focus on that.

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>> No.12792771

Economics should only be studied at the graduate level and the prerequisites should be a degree in mathematics, statistics or physics. The whole field should be approached from an information theory perspective and integrate computational solutions.

>> No.12792819

Exactly, also management and accounting are also fundamental
>Imagine an economist that can't read a balance sheet

>> No.12794381
Quoted By: >>12794499


>> No.12794499


>> No.12794501

Btw the pic I posted is a syllabus of an American uni that I would actually like, without all the non economics courses

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So guys I'm trying to study how an epidemic spreads from a mathematical perspective.
What do you think are the best books/websites about infectious disease modelling?

>> No.12793283

Well, starting with the basics: R0 values are the rate at which the a virus spreads from one host to the next, assuming a constant environment and transmission setting. Modeling this can be difficult and there are definitely more and less sophisticated ways of doing so.
You might want to ask this kind of question on StackExchange.
Another possibility is checking out the Epidemiological Forecasting and Unified Kinematics Timeline (EFUKT)(efukt.com). They’re a great resource for time-series logs and raw data across the world.
It sounds like you’re working on some sort of a college essay. Feel free reach out and ask us any other questions you might have!

Best of luck!

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I was surfing the web and saw this:

“If the women refuse to breed & care nothing for their tribe then you have to find new ones. That is the way it has always been. East Asians are starting to do this, maybe its time European men explore such an option.
Admixture isn't ideal, but history shows it can work thru men.”

It was a comment in response to a graph that showed the total fertility rate of women in Spain from 1850-2020. It highlighted the part where the fertility rate showed a slight increase during Franco’s dictatorship. From 1939-1975.

Now I understand the women live completely in a social body. Influenced by their fathers, brothers, sons, friend, etc.
Compared to men, women are hardwired to conform to men. A biological survival trait. Their are many cases of women marrying men outside of their race/culture and adopting culture of their husband. It’s the reason why during wars men are always killed first. Men won’t conform and will attempt to overthrow the foreign army. Women won’t necessarily have the same drive to overthrow their captives. If the women get pregnant from their captives they have a biological impulse to take care of the child and nurture it. Many female mammals are like this.

See lions e.g. Whenever new male lions want to expand territory they kill the Cubs that are not their own. And take the lionesses. Lionesses attempt to stop the killing of their Cubs but ultimately they can’t. This forces the lionesses to enter heat again and the cycle of life starts again with the new pride and her conquerors.

This is why children with Asian fathers and white mothers are more Asian than children with white fathers and Asian mothers. The will of the father is inherited and passed on by the father not the mother. This can be applied to most mixed race families.

If the success of nations/tribes/races depends mostly on Men how much of this attributed to race and genetics.
Any good books?

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im doing maths and computing open uni degree because im spaz around people. the computing part of it so far is a joke. should I drop it and just do a full maths degree? I can teach myself cs on my own (sicp)

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im in same position as u. computer science is so immature and soo unformalised. ive come to the conclusion that a computing degree only teaches you computer engineering not computer science. the language of computer science is maths, not c++, java, rust, etc. but the thing is u don't get money for doing maths unless ur a researcher or teacher. but crappy software dev jobs actually make money. its a depressing reality, id rather spend my life learning maths, but when reality comes beating and stabbing me, im gonna need to write code to eat and have a roof. perhaps one day once i make enough i can go and learn more maths (i doubt it).

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yeah you definitely should
i spent 3 years studying math and then threw in some comp sci in the last year to quality for a joint degree
working at a faang now
the only thing is you might want to try for tech internships, having real world experience is always a good resume boost

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If you're interested in the mathy-actual-science part of computer science, probably just study programming on your own and go deeply into your maths degree. No, you can't teach yourself CS from SICP. It's an introductory book at best and the people on here who praise it haven't read it. It's a great book, I've done maybe half the problems in it over the years, but it won't teach you CS. If you want a good hint into some (albeit easy) real CS, read Martin's Intro to languages & theory of computation. It's trivial if you have even basic math ability but it'll introduce you to some higher level CS concepts. In learning CS, just like math, you can benefit greatly by finding real applications for what you're writing. After Martin's book, few personal projects, and some reading, I was able to write a simple tree-walk interpreter for a little lua-like language (Using what I learned about automata, CFGs, etc.) Find a problem you want to solve, and learn about it.

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no jobs
it's your choice

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Are you one of these trannies in my math and CS program? FYI your apperance is vomit inducing. I remember a tranny openned his cam during zoon once and I had to close mine because I couldnt stop laughing.

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