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Why is this board so fucking shitty?

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Some races are genetically less intelligent. This is a scientific fact.

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It's not that bad!

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zoomers on multiple levels of irony who are obsessed with politics and race

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It's filled with commies, liberals and other degenerates.

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Please help, I just can't stop thinking about quantum immortality.

What if every person reading this right now is occupying their own universe and as we age the bonds between our physical self as perceived by others and our conscious self from which we perceive the world weakens, thus meaning that when we age our physical selves will die and other people perceiving them will witness them dying from their own universe, but our conscious self will just go on living forever making every single one of us a medical anomaly?

So we have two physical forms, the one which other people see and the one that sees other people. You cannot see the version of you that everybody else sees and likewise they will never see the world through your eyes. I don't want to be a medical anomaly guys, why would I want to live forever as a fat loser?

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Looks like you have confused this science board for a creative writing board.

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Didn't read. Your ideas are probably false.
I just know when I die it will be as if I wasn't even born. That's the best we know and all we can be sure of.
Whatever happens to the universe next, whether a big BRRAPPP or a big crunch, doesn't matter.

Will I wake up again in another body? Who knows. I wouldn't even know. New brain, new memories.
Maybe I'll be a billion other animals before I win the lottery in several centillion years and become a concious enough smart animal.

I don't give a shit. I wouldn't feel that time pass at all.

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>and as we age the bonds between our physical self as perceived by others and our conscious self from which we perceive the world weakens
Yeah that’s not how it’s works

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Quantum multiverse is bullshit. Schrödinger equation is an approximation and not fundamental.

I personally like the idea that superluminal travel can explain superposition.

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can you use math to plan ahead number of characters(not letters, characters, person) relative to length of anime/games/comic?

say a 40 pages story/60 hr games

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or sorry to be precise what math should you use to do so

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depends how smart you are

If you have the IQ of a rock you can just dump math altogether and use machine learning

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show me how this machine learning please(notice i use please so it is more polite)

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so why do you faggots want to time travel so bad?
pic unrelated I just don't want chinks to post in my thread.

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Winnie The Pooh is not banned in China, retarded redditor.

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So that I can but Bitcoin back in 2009

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black holes are pretty insane when you think about it

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he's punishing us for your faggotry. good job.

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everything is fricking insane if you thing about it

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hey 'munch' fren ;)
And yeah, large concentrations of matter compressed to a very small area by the gravity their own mass is completely insane to conceptualize

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China just disproved Google's claims of "quantum supremacy", meaning that the Chinese experiment earlier this year is the only true example of a quantum computer outperforming all classical computation.


Are you ready for the Chinese century? When will you kneel?

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>Americans hate competition
>want absolute domination
thats what competition is buddy

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>""""""""fair""""""" competition
it's funny how you removed the word fair.
the usa destroying china is like having a science fair competition and stabbing the other kid in the chest so you can win

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The chinese people overwhelmingly support the government.
If you've ever met them you'll know this is completely genuine support as well. Independent surveys give them like a 70% approval rating.

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How many mg of tryptophan should I take to improve my autism?

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Jesus Christ mate

Why dont you just trip dxm hbr instead and grow and accept ypur autism instead of trying to""""""fix it"""""" like western society ™ wants you to.

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>it's useless

>> No.12795778

>healthy at every size

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Wasn't Tryptophan banned at one point?

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FUCK decreasing autism, how do I increase my autism, I must grow more powerful and become a nonverbal mouthbreathing legend. My escapades will be well known and rival even the most notorious lolcows

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Why women are hard to compete than the background in Computer science?

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can some bigbrain anon recommend me aome site to learn computer science?

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Please use google translate

>> No.12793746

You dont study computer sci from a website, you prolly mean programming ?
Computer sci is a wide field

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Can anyone translate?

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you will never go to space
you can't even fly an airplane and u think u gonna be in space lmao
>reeeeeeeee b-b-but elon is gonna take me there
>i don't need to know how
>i don't need to put in any effort of my own
>i'm gonna buy a free ticket to mars with my stimulus check

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I'm actually too tall (195cm) to go to space.

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Space is for guinea pigs.

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I'll be able to sell my house to at least a sub-orbital flight in my old age, if I don't end up having kids I'll probably do that.

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We are already travelling through space, take your meds OP

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Given two bodies at distance, which are attracted by repulsive force and therefore have a potential energy, will be able to convert enough of it into kinetic energy this achieving speeds greater than c.
Physics on suicide watch.
Yes, you can if you size the problem in a way the distance is big enough for the masses to accelerate beyond C.

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Is that sideways eight symbol real?
How do you do such magic?

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>attracted by repulsive force
Like women and OP.

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i reject infinity, therefore your theorem is shit

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ausfag here. why are american exams so easy? im not even trying to mock you or anything... im just in disbelief... what do you guys even do in maths class? i didnt even cherry pick a really easy one for pic rel. theyre all like that, go find a past paper or something its wild. theyre so easy. you guys must get reamed in uni. unless i was accidentally looking at a tard paper or something

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>Be Europoor
>Want to go to college
>College makes me take entrance exam
>Get to the math portion
>Linear algebra, calculus, statistics, dormal Logic, and geometry questions Euclid himself could not solve
>Get a question wrong on deriving the closed form expression of an obscure number theory relation.
>Denied entrance.

>Be American
>Never took anything beyond algebra 1
>Never heard about the SAT until parents signed him up for it.
>Didn't bother to study for it
>Gets to the math portion, the first question asks to find solutions to 3x-5 >= 4x - 3.
>Has a mental breakdown right then and there, storms out of the room.
>Applies to Harvard
>Gets accepted because he's 10% African

>> No.12792636

>>Gets accepted because he's 10% African
who told you about my life story?!

>> No.12792654

French swines BTFO'D

>> No.12792682

Common core. It's literally teaching to the lowest common denominator. They don't find it acceptable to let stupid students fail so they force everyone to move at their pace. Even then they still have to force them through.

>> No.12792877

>Be American
>Gets accepted because he's paying $100k annualy

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God (or Maxwell's demon to the autists) is reading your thoughts. But you are free to think anything. What should you think to mess with God's brains?

>> No.12792319

How Ozymandias did it, /sci/? The question is highly philosophical. No popsci-boy can answer it.


>> No.12792385

why would god create something that could hurt him

>> No.12792389

nothing can mess with "god's brains"

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What exactly is planet nine and how the fuck technology is not advanced to see it, are we that poor?

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It's not a planet, it's a primordial black hole the size of a baseball... explains why we are not able to spot it.

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Quoted By: >>12796691

It's likely very small (bigger than Earth, smaller than the Ice Giants) which makes it relatively small, it's getting very, very little light (for comparison, the "day" at Pluto would be darker than the darkest night on Earth), and it's very, very far away and in a crazy unusual orbit.

That being said it's highly speculatively and I personally think there is only a very small possibility of it being a real thing. Personally I suspect those TNO orbits were fucked up by a passing star or rogue planet or something millions-billions of years ago and have just been fucked up ever since. Even with conditions being as bad as they are for spotting a planet 9 now that we have a theoretical model of it's size and orbit it should be possible to see it and yet, nothing. Everyone wants to be the guy who finds a new planet, even if it seems really unlikely.

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I have said too much

>> No.12796676

that is one high grade schizo image, saved

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>It's likely very small which makes it relatively small

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Will you get the vacine?

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Based and redpilled.

Cringe and circum/sci/sed.

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Quoted By: >>12796798

Id rather write a gay furry fanfiction than to go on with this discussion. Good day, sir.

>> No.12796798

That's not an answer to my question. Don't be such a bitch. Stop making excuses.

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>> No.12796839

Based and maskpilled.

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If I get a DNA match with someone on 23andme or a similar site, and it's a tiny percentage but still a result of a real connection not some statistical noise

How far back is the oldest connection likely to be?
Are we just looking at 15th, 16th century or could it be that out that the shared ancestor we inherited it from lived much longer ago?

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literally a scam that sell your data to insurance companies
>b-b-but they say they don't
they can, read the full agreement rather than the first few sentences. any company that buys 23andme are legally allowed to use that data.
>you have scandi dna so you are a viking!!, definitely not one of the thralls/farmer karls that make up 99% of the population from that area during that time
ask yourself, is the /pol/ larping really worth this?

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What a crybaby you are

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“Science is more than a body of knowledge; it is a way of thinking. I have a foreboding of an America in my children's or grandchildren's time – when the United States is a service and information economy; when nearly all the key manufacturing industries have slipped away to other countries; when awesome technological powers are in the hands of a very few, and no one representing the public interest can even grasp the issues; when the people have lost the ability to set their own agendas or knowledgeably question those in authority; when, clutching our crystals and nervously consulting our horoscopes, our critical faculties in decline, unable to distinguish between what feels good and what's true, we slide, almost without noticing, back into superstition and darkness.” - Carl Sagan, Demon-Haunted World (1995)
Although an agnostic himself, he seems to be rooted in discovering the truth, no matter the cost. Clearly he believes that truths are absolute, even if unknowable; that feelings can be deceiving to that pursuit. It’s amazing to me how much this aligns with the world today. US manufacturing is dead. We export culture and services globally. BigTech is controlling information flow with unchecked power. Schools teach beating the test, not rational independent thought. CNN is literally telling us to stop thinking critically or else we’re conspiracy theorists. Social progressives compare star charts, rubbing their crystals, waiting for retrograde to be done with.
The Leftists think they’re so free because of their “I fucking love science” attitude, “freedom from religion”, or unwavering adherence to Marxist axioms. They’re blind to the fact they’re just zealots who ignore science that disagrees with their worldview. Authority derives from their dear dogmatic leaders. If you dare ask too many questions, then clearly you are a racist, transphobic, bigot.

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>climate changes
>"this disproves climate change"

>> No.12792434

Huh no. Science is just a method to shit out statistics. And even worse, when they shit some claim like ''event A occurs 0,0000001% of the time according to our backlog'', this event A can totally happens. Rare events happen al the fucking time. Especially in finance. science is 100% statistics, ie rationalism, which is why there is no truth in science. Rationalism is not compatible with empriicism. It is rationalists who try hard to merge their rationalism with empiricism and the end result is what they call science but there is no empiricism in this. It's like a redefinition of empiricism by scientists. Scientists are not empiricists. An empiricist does not run an 'experiment'and even less a 'thought experiment. Running an experiment already is part of rationalism. The whole secular infatuation over empiricism started by the self proclaimed enlightened secular rationalists who hated the christian rationalists larping as greek philosophers. The secular intellectuals hated the endless christian speculations that they saw as unverifiable about god and the use of logic from aristotle. So they said they could speculate on nature and with their verification meme, their rationalist system about the world would be the truth. So in order to be separate from the christian clerics, the secular rationalists said they were empiricist. Their big idea was the empirical proof which is completely retarded oxymoron. A proof is never empirical. A proof always on the side of speculations passed as rationality. Logic is just a field by autistic pedants about well formed formulas and valuations, ie a map sending a formula to 1 or 0 and asking what are those valuations which are stable under inference rules. Zero truth in this, especially truth in the casual sense. Tarski truth is moronic, meaningless. Peak atheist. Just like there is no truth in science, just some stats and a stat convention for saying ‘’if p value is XXX then the result is """"""""""""""’true"""""""""""

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Can we use that campaign of ther to discredit and dismantle governments all over the world. A reason to do so today (they failed even much worse in the past, so let's not allow them to fail even worse in the future) is appearance of artificial intelligence which can invent a transparent system of governance, using another (maybe even more important) thing of recent years: unexpensive surveillance. All the old solucions are obsolete.

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>global = local
>climate = weather

>> No.12792514

>"Florida and Manhattan will be underwater in 2020" -
This is retarded propaganda of the left. I agree.

>your pic
This would work if both substances would have the same density in their fluid state.
Retry this experiment and put in the cup salt (ocean water has 3% salt) and use for the ice cubes distilled water.

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Quoted By: >>12792590 >>12793473

Recently I've been studying the general neurological profile of gifted individuals throughout history, and what I've found is that there are several factors at play when characterizing genius brains :
- Increased concentrations of Glial cells
- Few dopamine receptors in the thalamus
- Greater neuron density in the frontal lobe, causing long and short connection prioritization
- A lot of Gray matter and White matter

So far I've only been able to figure out how to induce some of these effects : better sleep and exercise can increase blood flow to the frontal lobe, dopamine receptors can be manipulated via neuroplasticity and some other general habits that can better cognitive function ( learning a language, playing an instrument, Omega 3 etc. ).

What are your thoughts on the brain structure of genius? Any other suggestions on how to improve cognitive function?

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Quoted By: >>12792619

Hey OP I recently had a brain MRI done and both lateral halves of my parietal lobe were symmetrical; brain symmetry is a trait featured in autism. However I have been labeled as schizophrenic. What can you deduce from symmetrical brains in general?

>> No.12792619

Not my field of expertise, but a quick question : Are you right or left handed?

>> No.12792659

wut, his cranial mass was yuge

>> No.12793473
Quoted By: >>12793490

>causing long and short connection prioritization
Priorization over what?

>> No.12793490

over midwit neuron connections

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Quoted By: >>12792419 >>12793286

Is there any genuine evidence in humans?

Please dont attack me on the basis of a "stupid question" or project some political affiliation onto this question.
I am genuinely curious
Thank you

>> No.12792244

It's just a harmless error that cannot be passed on to the child and therefore useless in an evolutionary standpoint

>> No.12792245

>People that have two different sets of DNA are called human chimeras.
>It can happen when a woman is pregnant with fraternal twins and one embryo dies very early on. The other embryo can "absorb" its twin's cells.
>It can also happen after a bone marrow transplant, and (in a smaller scale) during normal pregnancy.

>> No.12792419
Quoted By: >>12792429

If you mean maternal microchimerism, then sure. When your mom was pregnant with you, you (a combination of your mom and dad) passed some of your cells and dna back onto her. If you have any younger brothers or sisters, then your DNA is also present within them. Having multiple cell lines within mom can help protect her against strokes and wounds as it unregulated blood vessel growth, the downside is that it can cause auto immune disorders like hashimotos and graves

>> No.12792429

my mum has this.

>> No.12793286


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Quoted By: >>12792203

Should I always opt for the rigorous, proof based perspective on a subject? Or should I first get a simplified source to get a general idea of the material

>> No.12792203
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This is a good list if you start at the linear algebra book. I know because I tried that list, unironically. In retrospect, pic-related is so much better pedagogically.

>> No.12792205

I mean to say that I tried the op list, and would've preferred the lang list.

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Quoted By: >>12792247

HaHAhaha! That IS funny wojack! It sounds great! Super cool! Can't wait! Bingo Bongo

>> No.12792247

Whence do you know russkii chuvak

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Quoted By: >>12792184 >>12792207

What mechanism is responsible for this? Why doesn't the liver just keep growing your entire life, for example?

>> No.12792184
Quoted By: >>12792417

This is a really deep question. Cells are a lot smarter than the current consensus has been willing to admit until recently. There will be a satisfactory answer to questions like this in the next decade or so.

>> No.12792207
Quoted By: >>12792398 >>12792417

blah blah epigenetics blah blah cancer blah blah transcription factors blah blah hormones

>> No.12792398

This is probably the closest answer to correct. As your tissues start differentiating, different epigenetic markers are expressed by your cells in specific locations to turn on/off expression of adjacent snd local cells.

>> No.12792417

No there will literally ever be a satisfying answer because it's so complex even with as much reductionism applied we could only get some really enormous system of very complex and accurate complex complex differential equations that if someone asked that question we could give those exact equations and they would not fucking understand and not be satisfied.
and it'll just be reduced to something like >>12792207
and still be unsatisfying because it wasn't something like
>hey dad why is there a moon
and you say
>because gravity son, or something stupid like that
and he says
and you're all happy until your divorce and suicide and he resents his mother forever because of your suicide and they have a terrible relationship she doesn't give a shit about all her boyfriends beating her son because she's a vapid whore then he becomes the second hitler or something stupid.
at this point everyone is tired of the jews so he actually succeeds.
Or whatever WWII was about.
I actually think it's not that hard.
We just need to study cells and reduce them to differential systems and then reduce them into cellular automata and describe them as a system fo cells.
Actually that all sounds really hard even as an over simplification.

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Quoted By: >>12792181

There's no such thing as a schizo gene. Prove me wrong.

>> No.12792181

No thanks, off to page 10

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Quoted By: >>12792114

What isn't ultimately variable and reduction and substitution?

>> No.12792114
Quoted By: >>12792194

Euclid's Elements?

>> No.12792194

Which is simply observations separated by distance via memory and presented to an audience in order to provide abstract thinking patterns via a minima of language expression.

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Quoted By: >>12793943


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Quoted By: >>12793970

I also have contact dermatitis

>> No.12793624
Quoted By: >>12793931

How the heck do you clean yourself?

>> No.12793931

Once a week. I also have to use a prescribed soap to soften the blow

>> No.12793943

That sucks.

>> No.12793970

I also have vitiligo

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