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I am CS major. I earn more money then you, I am more welcomed in academia then you and I bring more value to society then you and there's nothing you can do about it but seethe.

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based third-worlder.

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>I am not a CS major and need to create a bait thread

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>exclusively math PhDs
lmao, imagine believing this.
Quant firms hire math, physics, CS, engineering, economics, and (some) finance PhD's. If you understand analysis of nontrivial algorithms, monte carlo algos, probability theory, etc.. then you have the intellectual qualifications to get into a quant. The hard part is that it's competitive
>but only math PhD's do measure
>but only math PhD's really know the above
The PhD is a symbolic degree attached to a program with technical classes, but it's 100% about research. You learn what you need to or what you want when you do research. People from within or outside your field are tackling your problems. There are physics PhD's who better functional analysts than you. There are computer science PhD's who are better algebraists than you. The title of your PhD is meaningless, and all anyone cares about is the most concrete thing to your name - your CV, your advisor, and the conferences you attend.
>t. math PhD candidate

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Did you get any offers from them during your phd?

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I haven't personally since I don't really do financial math / not interested in that line of work, but I have talked to a grad recruiter about their scouting and hiring process.

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Liberals are killing us, Democrats are have never gone on such a deathhunt to the heart of America than now. AlumiPlate®

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HaHAhaha! That IS science anon! And math! It sounds great! Super cool! Can't wait! Bingo Bongo

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Like what I don't remember anythign racist from doctor Suess.

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Ebay is closing accounts of those trying to sell the Dr. Seuss books that already exist. It's getting pretty weird.
Likely Asian people with exaggerated eyes or black people with cornrows in their hair. Pic is a book I had as a child. It's probably considered white supremacist now.

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>the look different from the 56% mutt, must be racist

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I just remember the guy with the ham and shit.

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What solvent can dissolve food (say a tomato) without destroying the molecules that make up the food

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God, I would unload so much over her

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>Define: Food

Because sugar is technically food so plain water would work in this case.

For something like a tomato the issue with dissolving it is that how could you get a massive object to be dispersed into the liquid's molecules in such a way that it remains a tomato when you took it out? If you could break apart all the cells and just have carbohydrates, proteins and fats floating around, then technically you have succeeded, but what you'd have is a nutrient paste that can't be turned back into a tomato.

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I'm trying to calculate the iodine value of a food which requires even dispersion of an iodine solution through a solution to be evaluated, a mushy nutrient paste would make it hard to mix the iodine and perform the titration with sodium thiosulfate

realistically the pulp/cellulose doesn't need to be included, a tomato juice solution would just as well, but there's both fat and water soluble compounds in food which makes choosing a solvent confusing

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Normal people dissolve there tomatoes, if they want for example tomato paste, in boiling hydroxide. This process is also called cocking.

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Graham's Number is just the pretentious cousin of infinity.

>yes, it technically has a limit, but if every molecule in the observable universe represented a 0 in a number to quantify it, every molecule in the universe wouldn't equal 0.000000001% of the total of Graham's Number

Basically, it's infinity. You can't even describe HOW to write down a number so big, so for all intents and purposes, there is no upper limit.

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is the reciprocal positive? then it’s not infinity.

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It's 0% of infinity

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Universe ain't discrete tho

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Graham's is bitch status.

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What are the things you agree with and the things you

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Plants and animals are cute and necessary for the good of all people and the world~~ :3
Eat the bugs.

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I disagree, though. I don't think natalism should be centrally incentivized, as it is now, but I also don't think it should be centrally planned in any way. If a local population is unstable and grows beyond its resources, other local populations should simply let nature do its thing. Stop trying to play God by air dropping food. And stop allowing central planners to geographically force unstable populations into stable populations.

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b-based desu

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Centralized population control is bad
We need less people, god dammit.
Eat the bugs.
Protecting the environment should be a priority
for every government and individual
Plants and animals are cute and necessary for the good of all people and the world~~ :3

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>there is no scientific basis for race

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only in the stupidest threads, but for you that might be "every thread"

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Show DNA bro

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Does the diarrhea volcano wojak agree with the greentext? I never know with these 2020's memes. I preferred rage comics

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I only came but I have already seen you three times on the first page, retard

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Immature spammer

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>ITT we talk about light cones

Philosophically speaking, is there an analogy to light cones for human potential in life? For example, suppose you wish to enact an event at some point in the future. Say the event is you looking at yourself in the mirror and having a perfectly sculpted body.

How long is the preparatory period to achieve that? Are you within or on the past light cone of your potential?

Are most of peoples fantasies literally impossible?

I hope someone understands my bullshit. Id love to talk about this more.

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sounds like a no-talent cope desu, or maybe you're making excuses for someone else because of your savior complex

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Not that anon but plenty of hard workers fall into the establishment fallacy of believing that because of their memories of how difficult their path was they assume the path cannot be easier for others so put more energy or effort into gatekeeping rather than nurturing others.

Skill share is more optimal than ivory towering when it comes to social benefits. All an ivory tower does is ensure people have some imaginary wall to erect within themselves.

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not debunked, entanglement is its own thing, it doesn't travel faster than light, they are mirrored particles and the entanglement makes it so the time scale is basically set to infinity, they can have events travelling faster than light simply by having an average of speed that's slower than light
when we measure the speed of a particle, we don't get the instant speed at a point, we use the median time taken to go from A to B, even if our measurment is a quarter of plank's time, a particle can technically go faster than the speed of light for a near nil moment then barely move at all wich averages the speed to what it'd be if it didn't go at the speed of light by negligeable ammounts

by this thinking, particles can be everywhere in the universe at all time at a near nil moment but bt 99.9% of the time where it's meant to be

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basically, when you're at the particle level, some laws breaks down
when you're at the infinitely slow, all laws breaks down because our system dampens real values too much, the time deltas in that frame are so infinitely small it's not possible to measure it unless we use huge spacetime distortions to slow things to a thousandth of a plank's time

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It's the opposite, you coping pseud. I am speaking from my own experience as someone who was "talented".

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Serious real world engineering books

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only fox gods knows
?a?a?????, ?o?c???e ?po ??opy? c?y?e?? ? cy?e?ep?y ????a ????.

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biochem /trojans/ where you at

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good job, fren

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Starting grad school in the fall. Good idea or bad idea?

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Math, ofc

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any castle chads in

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Engineers are big gay babies

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Seek help or ngmi

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Thanks for bumping the thread, degenerate pseud. Not clicking those links, faggot.

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I know a guy who's an aerospace engineer, making six figures. Motherfucker once asked me, a physicist, how to calculate the right hand rule. Mind you, this was when he was in a master's program.

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Why do nofap faggots try so hard to convince others not to fap? Really makes you wonder...

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Yes, yes we are.

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how must one who is an intellectual component of one of the board on 4Chan, /sci/, dress? post em

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>oh yeah caring about how you dress is gay btw.
So where do you work?

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I'm unemployed because I have schizophrenia and am a danger to everyone including my family and myself.

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Yes. Just send it as an Anonymous gift.

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Those are pretty nice shirts but I don’t know if I would wear it quite yet. Almost. What other designs do you have?

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This brainlet here thinks Mars will ever be colonized. He should understand that markets power innovation, and there’s literally no resources on Mars. We’d be better off creating massive space stations for humanity and having them grow self sufficient off the asteroid belt and the gas giants. Fuck, there’s more water on Europa than the oceans and that in it of itself is more valuable than a fucking rust planet with absolutely nothing but shit conditions and a bleak outlook for any colony. Not to mention the problems associated with having kids on Mars.

M*sk would be better spending his cash on asteroid mining. If we’re gonna save the planet from le epic climate disaster the least we can do is stop using strip mines here on earth.

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>massive space stations for humanity and having them grow self sufficient
>Hey guys you know what has so much more resources than Mars? The eternal void.

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>This brainlet here thinks Mars will ever be colonized.
No, he does it himself. Would post edit of Thanos with Musk face if I were on PC.

>> No.12791957

Yeah, but you do realize the rockets they're developing can be used for more than one thing right? Even if Musk's ambitions aren't realistic, cutting launch costs is exactly what's going to enable asteroid mining, among 100 other potential markets.

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This brainlet also thought he could make a reusable rocket and he did. He also thought he could make it cheap and he did. He also thought he could launch them once every 2 weeks, he's on the verge of doing it this year, came close last year. He also thought he could launch humans to space and hes done that.

Imagine when the "brainlet" has done what has been deemed impossible by the industry, not once, not twice, not thrice, but half a dozen of the so called impossible tasks all while being a "brainlet larper."

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Is 5G dangerous? And what's the connection between 5G and estrogen/female hormones?

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I don't like anime being used for this propaganda purpose

>> No.12791797

A study was done that showed 2G and 3G gave rats tumors from prolonged exposure
It’s on the NIH website.
>”What about 4G/5G?”
The same studies werent repeated for these bands, for obvious reasons

>> No.12791813

Birds have not been dropping dead because of 5G.

Furthermore, beam forming still uses very low power during transmission, hugging a woman (which you probably will never do) results in orders of more heating than beam forming from 5G will.

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Does that box say "Keep out of reach of children"? How transphobic!

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Cool so nature used to control frequencies now man does

You know in some neuroscience they can plant electrodes deep into the brain and completely eliminate parkinsons symptoms.
But no, frequencies and the ability to triangulate individuals wouldn't have any effect. We couldn't possibly alter the cells/body or pass "information" to the body through frequency.

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Cognitively speaking, how are synesthetes different from the overall population? Not just in terms of the sensory mixing, but more broadly in thought and experience processing. Are there any interesting studies/theories about this condition, beyond the surface level? Does synesthesia correlate with any other types of mental conditions? I have this, and I tend to see letters/numbers/days of the week/months as colors, while emotions have shapes, isolated sounds have emotion, and music elicits scenes/skits. I'm interested in the cognitive implications of sensory mixing. I started thinking about this after watching a video from the 1950's, an experiment on LSD that was given to an artist:

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From a scientific perspective, is toxic masculinity good or bad?

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No such thing as toxic masculinity.
Same as toxic relationships.

The concept of toxicity is that, if a certain amount of substance enters a system, that causes issues with the functioning of the system itself.

This requires

-an exact definition of the system
-an exact definition of the said substance

masculinity is not a measurable trait, you can't weight it or measure its volume so we're talking nonsense

>> No.12792167

>toxic masculinity
It's a forced meme.

Sure, if you gonna use the phrase "evil bicycle fron wheel" then eventually it's gonna stick and attain various meanings and interpretations.

Overall, "toxic masculinity" is not a word you should use if you don't want to get fucked over by your own actions

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Quoted By: >>12792216 >>12792240

it is natural for men like you to crave the validation of their existence and get depressed if they fail to feel relevant, responsible, dutiful.
The best way for a man to cater his need for approval is to serve some woman (and some of her children) through emotional&financial support, which he sees as ''a childish useless submissive woman'' [or whore and he feels betrayed by her]
Men are pleased to contribute to someone else life, to support their family.

Why women are a good way to feel relevant? Because women love to be provided for and each woman will always find a man ready to please her.
[for most men, the best feeling of feeling real is when the girl moans from your cock in her pussy, or for the most impotent, their tongue in the pussy]

THe problem for men is that they are disposable in the eyes of each woman, since all men wish to serve the few women who talk to them.
Men must thus invent several ways to please women, invention and creativity which strengthen their feeling of being worthy, relevant, in touch with reality.
Men are too impotent to find other way to feel real.
Once that the a woman replaces a man by another provider, the man gets very upset and depressed.
THis leads men to think that they are better than women, stronger, smarter and that they must built a life outside women. Some men manage to indeed built an empire, but they will always loose it for some women.
Women give meaning to men and betas, no matter how successful outside women, will always give up everything for some relationship with some woman who claim to fancy them.

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If I read this I can help but think...
We need more Muslim immigration and we need it fast.

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Can you just ask any question on /sci/ by adding "from a scientific premise..." before it and have a successful thread?

What does "a scientific premise" even mean? Being a wise guy like >>12792162 or trying to push your psychological agenda like >>12792180?

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scientifically speaking should we all pretend that covids never existed

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>florida ditched lockdown and masks months ago
>no horrible exponential collapse
But surely Texas will soon collapse.

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Quoted By: >>12792647

they did not wear the masks consequently in the first place, have you a congitive dissonance or are you just plain retarded?

>> No.12792552

nice fanfiction

>> No.12792647

What do you mean "consequently"? Like they wear one mask on the front and one on the back instead of wearing both at the front?

>> No.12792665

>washing your hand
the virus is transmitted primarily by saliva, not surfaces

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>just ate 2 whole family sized bags of doritos again

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Ok. Now I'm going to insert that thing into your brain and stir it. Don't be afraid, trust the science bro. You see? I'm a scientist. I know what I'm doing.

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Dude what the fuck my dad was super angry all the time and he got that new silicon valley loboto-me thing to do it at home and hes never been better. Buy yours today!

>> No.12792121

medicine isn't science yet, despite the modern technologies all its politics are imported straight from the old world. The physicists have a proper science culture

>> No.12792122

>I would let myself be bloodlet
>I would fall for psuedoscience and you should too!

>> No.12792856
Quoted By: >>12793085

>wife in the 1940s likes to bitch a lot
>have her lobotomized
>now she finally shuts up
>all 3 of her sex holes still work
what is the downside?

>> No.12793085

Sounds like men in the 40s were way smarter than OP

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Quoted By: >>12794519

what is it about physics that attracts small dicked racist white people? there's a reason minorities are filtered and its not iq

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>> No.12794443
Quoted By: >>12794486

Back to /pol/ with you, chud.

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File: 60KiB, 785x757, 1245676879864321.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

back to r*ddit faggot

>> No.12794511

>be racist
>steal minority research
>dont even know how it works but say its mine
>nobody believes me
>i feel good and thats all that matters
>im the best

>> No.12794519

>minorities are filtered
This isn’t true though.

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>virus has a 0.01% chance of killing me
>every single effective vaccine for it is experimental technology never before done on humans and we are completely oblivious to any unknown side effects
>with or without the vaccine I will still spread the virus if I have it

Remind me why I should get the vaccine?

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>every single effective vaccine for it is experimental technology never before done on humans
except for based sinovac

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>> No.12792645

Just don't take it anon. Who cares.

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How do I become a god at math?

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>> No.12794582

I always forget he wrote a book named sl2(R)

>> No.12794588

Just don't take non math classes retard

>> No.12794721

rationalizing or doing mdma therapy might be helpful :>

>> No.12794766

>with no exchange of ideas.
You have to take an initiative of that and socialize btw. Being a snowflake /pol/cel that shakes at ideas that aren't about niggers and BBC in the corner browsing 4chan isn't going to do that.

>> No.12794774

>linear algbera

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Quoted By: >>12796708

What is the highest gravity that humans could feasibly live in indefinitely? Does anyone know?

Would 1.5G be healthier to live in than 0.5G? I wonder how the health impact scales in both directions from 1G.

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Quoted By: >>12796809

wonder what a lethal fall height would be at 1.5G

>> No.12796809

2/3 that of earth

>> No.12796868

It doesn't actually look like that. The astronaut forgot to do color correction to his camera, that is why it looks kind of greyish in this shot.

>> No.12797145


a meme. its barely usable in electronics since creating it in large quantities involves charring a surface, and using adhesive strips to pull an atom thick layer of carbon from its surface. we would have to discover a way to make graphene latices naturally grow, or assemble them atom by atom, and this fast enough so it can be up scaled and industrialized. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yufyQVto9r4

>> No.12797147

Based coomer

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Is it true that the more unique a given thing is the harder that thing is to translate or extrapolate or infer?

>> No.12791419


>> No.12792348


>> No.12792608

pic related

>> No.12792616

Are you true?

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