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Psychiatric ones, specifically? When I was in the hospital, for going crazy due to drug abuse, I wanted to fuck my nurse pretty bad. Ive masturbated to her memory before.

I hope you know your patients beat off to you.

Who else here on /sci/ has beat their meat to a hot nurse they had?

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I missed my chance with a hot doc on the elevator the other day. I live in a condo building and I never saw her before. Turns out her parking spot is really close to mine, we ended up coming home at the same time and I saw her wearing scrubs so I made some small talk. I asked if she was a nurse and she says "no, im a doctor". should've been obvious because she was driving a Tesla Model S. Anyways we were in the elevator for a minute or two and i just said good night.


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All my nurses but one was ugly. Had a kidney stone removed. Even after pissing blood I decided she was hot enough to jerk it to. Cumming bloody semen was worth it.

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I had a 8/10 hot female ultra sound tech once. She was doing an Ultrasound on my ball sack. She rubbed the warm jelly on it and it felt good.

Definitely wish she just pulled her pants down and rode me bareback.

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Is there someone who made this universe?

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oops: https://vixra.org/abs/1208.0076

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Too brainlet to understand.

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ok guys i think jon is gone now. please resume the comfy jimposting

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>boohoo sorry
God's a sadistic prick like you?

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Best way to effectively terminate one's own life? Assume all affairs are in order etc and that all friends have been sufficiently pissed off so they won't feel as bad. No pansy shit /sci/, give me your best. Aren't you fags supposed to be smart?

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I am also interested and am monitoring this thread.

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Fedpost irl

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It's never a rational decision.

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Zoloft took my anxiety away

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>a maths phd is the new high school diploma

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one that's already wealthy before enrolling

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>200,000 math phds in the world
Yup roughly number of high school diplomas in 1872.

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You with they give you just 1200 dollarinos

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I hope this manga goes full Kodomo no jikan with not so much drama but delivers enjoyable comedy and Psychological moments. Kojika is sill undefeated ecchi/mature loli pov focused long manga with quite serious and adult plot in the last volumes.

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No its not, doing a math PhD as a plan for secure employment is an actual proof of having a low IQ.

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So I have Covid 19 and it started a few days ago. The only symptoms I had were chills/night sweats and very weak/fatigued. It wasnt that bad and only lasted about 3 days. However as soon as the chills went away I lost my taste and smell. Now the entire time I had no trouble breathing, no congestion and no cough. I vape both THC and niccotine. My question is if vaping has to do with why the virus did not infect my lungs or at least cause respiratory symptoms?

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I will definitely get my lungs looked at just incase. I was just a little surprised I didn't even get a cough but yet had chills and fatigue. I'm no doctor though so.

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>How do the lungs get attacked without symptoms appearing?

Symptoms appear when the damage is above a certain treshold, also the body has self-compensative mechanisms.

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hey! you cant put faces on that virion, it makes retards think it's alive

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smokers did show some resistance in a study theorized to be due to the anti-inflammatory properties of nicotine. You of course could obtain this in other ways however

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>destroys flyover country
>cities cannot feed themselves, lead to insane chimpouts and martial law
>hundreds of millions die
Yes please.

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That I need to move as close as possible to Yellowstone as possible before it pops.

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Number 1 producer of food in the US is California. Even when your whole state is a cornfield, you still lose. Still going to move to your state and vote blue though.

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>#1 producer = can feed everyone by themselves.
Only a brain tumor could make someone this retarded.

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They wouldn't have to feed everyone, moron. Most people would die and the rest wouldn't be able to travel West because of the volcanic ash. Besides that their ports would be unaffected so they could still import any food they couldn't grow for themselves.

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Does peroxide mouthwash actually do anything besides whiten your teeth, or does it kill bacteria as well?

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Is it better than stuff like listerine or alcohol-based mouthwashes?

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Yup, It'll kill bacteria. Trust me.

You may want to mix with water.

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hydrogen peroxide can be irritating to the tissues in your mouth, so dilute it, or limit your application.

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Why do you want to drink rocket flue?

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No. But it's better than nothing.

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Anybody here use this? What fucking distro do I need to jump to to get this thing to install and work without fucking around with the installation scripts or symlinking library files and other total bullshit?

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> Can't read the instructions anon
You're obviously going far in this life

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If you zoom infinitely close to 0.99 recurring on a number line you arrive at exactly 1. Is there anything wrong with this statement?

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>this many replies
>for the same fucking thread that gets spamed
>there's 5 fucking threads similar to this one RIGHT NOW

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[spoiler:lit] infinitesimals are limits, inf/0 = inf [/spoiler:lit]
hypereal numbers

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all you need

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0.999...998 is not a valid decimal notation. You might as well be asking what number is between *a dog barking* and the real number 1.

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bark bark

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>0.999... = 1

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>using arithmetic for values approaching infinity
You went full retard

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Infinite string of tens

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joke's on you. 0*inf = 0

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Worked on a class project with a partner, turns out he plagiarized his portion. What do

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The question is why did you not plagiarized yours.
You have failed the test of life.

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>Worked on a class project with a partner, turns out he plagiarized his portion. What do
If you clearly documented eachother’s task and duties you have nothing to fear. Otherwise good luck ^^

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It's impossible to not plagiarize nowadays faggot, nothing you did is original either.

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Protip : translation isn't technically plagiarism

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Faggots get maggots.
Correct .

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>cant focus on studying and end up playing games rest of the day
does this happen to you?

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>Luckily I'm an introvert and borderline schizoid

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Including you

>> No.12792569

>just have self control bro
ZoomU is hell regardless of if you’re a coomer procrastinator or a top student. I forced myself to focus hard last semester and got top scores in all my courses and it was the most miserable I have ever been. I am usually pretty stoic but I found myself crying regularly like a pussy. At least at real university you feel rewarded for being the at the top of your class. Zoom makes it all feel meaningless.

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No because there aren't any games I like and have anxiety so I'm building a new PC part by part to play modded skyrim again because my old PC had low memory and I couldn't get more mods and I'm afraid of adding memory and accidentally ruining everything so instead I'm going to blow thousands of of dollars on a new PC.

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>80 year old prof
this is the only chance we'll ever have at enacting university rules with age limits while evading discrimination laws and we wasted the opportunity

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I just spent an hour after work today working on chapter 3 of Linear Algebra Done Right.

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Congrats anon

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Grind it out you fagbot, I beleeb in u

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Should work less, and win more, that's my strategy.

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When chapter 4?

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Gonna be a while chapter 3 is long as fuck

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Do you need a STEM degree to be considered a scientist in 2021? What about just a BSc? What about a graduate degree but no longer in academia nor R&D in the industry? What about working in industry R&D but lacking any degree?

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Any mouth breathing knuckle dragging drooling mongoloid spastic nigger webshit tranoid minority fuckwit cunt can call themselves a "data scientist" the instant they copy paste some linear regression code into python, so no.

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You can collect all those degrees and never become a scientist. You can be the best scientist in the world without any of them.

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you need a STEM degree to be considered human desu

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Nobody "is" anything, thats an aristotelian superstition.
Example: "An apple is red". RLY? Is an apple made of red?

>> No.12793600

i-is an undergraduate researcher doing the bench work for a PhD candidate a scientist?

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Does anybody know how to interpret Markov chains So confused how he got those number at the bottom

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no matter what programming language I use there is always going to be nitpicking retard like you saying I should have done it in a different language
and java is not more readable than python btw, that's just ridiculous. You're probably just saying that because you don't use python
fuck off

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Unreadable to you, fag. Go back to sleep.

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Hello pajeet.
Java sucks ass and its syntax is ugly.

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First off every school let alone every district in the united states have different curriculums, regardless of testing and common core.

t. got out of HS in 2014, common core was already being rolled out, and algebra 1 and 2 at my school was almost entirely linear algebra. 2nd only to trig. Also the ACT has a shitload of linear algebra on it, or at least it did when I took it. idk what shit assed highschool you went to/are going to kek, but at least 7 years ago it was still common place in American education

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I don't understand scientists. Why do they bother with innovation and research, when most of the world is full of anti science retards, or is indifferent towards science.
Especially since the only ppl having kids right now are religious people and really poor people, who generally don't care about science. So the world will basically be inherited by such people.
Like, why would you bother helping those people? Esp since theres not that much benefit involved for yourself.

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I'm 21 anon

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I think you got the digits the wrong way around li'l buddy

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>> No.12792269

Because its fucking fun and it's way more interesting to do science than sell burgers 40 years of your life.

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Yes, statistically, bigger people have higher odds of malfunctioning

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Why the homophobia?

>> No.12791469

Intelligence and penis size correlate to height

>> No.12791548


>> No.12791549

>penis size correlate to height
maybe within race

>> No.12791615

This is true only in whites

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Quoted By: >>12792067

>you get to wear many hats in this job
you'll be randomly asked to do other people's jobs and things that are completely outside your job description

>must be a motivated self-starter
we need someone who will train themself because our training program is either nonexistent or the people who are supposed to be training you are too busy to do their job

>fast paced environment
we will set unrealistic deadlines then get mad at you when you don't meet them

>must be a team-player
you will be expected to clean up other people's messes

>we're like a big family here
we expect you to prioritize our company over the well-being of your own family

How's the job search going, /sci/ ?

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>thinking a corporation even notices when worker 25173869 was fired

>> No.12791521
Quoted By: >>12792560

That's it I'm going to teach a comfy hs or NEET and try my luck in day-trading

>> No.12792067

>How's the job search going, /sci/ ?
Get offers while already in a job, quit on a whim, find another in a week or two.
Shits breddy good my friendly local frogposter.

>> No.12792532

Can confirm

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yeah, I have a math PhD and all I do is masturbate in my mum's basement.
well it was her to IMPLORED me to go to college instead of trade school so this must be what she wanted.
but there's niggers in public school anon, you'll have to willingly go to a place with niggers that are loud and can't be discriminated against and take shit from them all day.
teach community college if you can. a slight step up.
and basically no niggers in college since it's not legally mandatory and they're busy in jail.
you know maybe I should just teach college ODEs to engineers and mumble all the time in lecture and make my students feel self conscious about their math skills but acutally I'm just a lazy terrible teacher but secretly curve all their grades so the directors don't bother me because more than half the students are still passing.
but I ruined their GPAs so so long cum loud.

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Quoted By: >>12791876 >>12791949

Couldn't you theoretically just practice an insane amount of IQ test questions and get a feeling for their methodology and "cheat" your way to a really high score by sheer familiarity?
It kind of feels like public knowledge of the tests interferes with their validity

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Quoted By: >>12791450

No. People have studied intelligence immensely and you think nobody thought of giving people IQ tests and asking them how much video games they play? As a rule of thumb, the easier it is to test something, the more you should assume that someone somewhere already tested it and the answer was no. As far as we know, there is only a small link between video games and hand-eye coordination.

>> No.12791450
Quoted By: >>12791833

I found this. There's individual studies, but it's just easier to post an article with them already included. I wouldn't be surprised at all if kids growing up on video games have some brain benefits that their parents and grandparents missed out on. Of course there could be downsides, specifically what they're not doing while playing video games, but that's a different argument.


>> No.12791833

From the link.
>Question: Do Video Games Increase IQ?
>Answer: Games select and filter for higher fluid IQs because games adequately, intellectually challenge us as kids when school was not enough. There are studies that children crave challenge and mastery, which games provide for them, and that creates a feedback loop.
This is a question that can be answered by yes or no. If they could have said yes, they would have. They spun an empty answer because this website is called healthergamer.gg and therefore it has a certain bias, "we have no data that says yes" isn't their preferred answer.

Another quote:
>While games can be good at indicators of a person’s IQ, that does not necessarily mean that they boost IQ.
That is a correct conclusion. They collected data and noticed that people who play certain games have higher IQ. The problem is that this is 100% guaranteed to happen: different games attract different people, some games are more difficult to play and are therefore more likely to attract smarter people. In other words a person who enjoys playing Tetris may have an IQ between 60 and 150, meanwhile a person who enjoys commercial plane flight simulators may have have an IQ between 90 and 150. They probably won't be on the low end because the game is complicated. If a person can't understand a game they probably won't enjoy playing it, they'll pick another one. However that doesn't help at all for determining whether video games increase IQ.

At the end of the article:
>Intelligence is complicated and not understood very well. Therefore, it is hard to measure if video games make you smarter.
An exaggeration, it isn't a difficult task. In fact they did successfully collect some weak evidence, for example I can believe that people who play 3D games are better at rotating complex shapes in their head. However the article author clearly didn't find strong enough evidence to say video games increases IQ in general.

>> No.12791876

Yes, that's why they're meaningless.

I've been at two Mensa meetings through my girlfriend, and most of those guys are literally drooling retards who don't shower.

>> No.12791949 [DELETED]

You IQ fags don't really understand do you? To feel around for methodology would need you to be able to recognize higher patterns. High IQ is basically the ability to recognize more patterns than can be taught to the average person.

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Can anyone recommend me any half-decent and potentially non-faggy documentaries on the theory of evolution?

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Quoted By: >>12792641

Don't watch documentaries. Read Darwin first. There's a good book by gould called the flamingo's smile that's worth reading. Also modern synthesis evolution is a popsci meme, random mutations are a stupid dogma that can't evolve anything.

>> No.12791025

just read campbell biology my nigga, wtf

>> No.12792583

Read Darwin's biography as he travelled on the beagle and enslaved a bunch of natives. Great stuff.

>> No.12792600

You're very confused aren't you.

>> No.12792641

>random mutations are a stupid dogma that can't evolve anything.

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Quoted By: >>12794356 >>12794480

What is cybernetics and is there any substance in it or is just the /sci/ version of obscurantist postmodernists?

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>> No.12794356

Cybernetics is trans-disciplinary control theory. It came about due to a bunch of academics from different disciplines getting evacuated to Mexico during WW2 whom got bored and wondered if there was any field of study they may have missed. The idea of control came up, and then they started looking at what control meant in their own disciplinary context. They eventually began to find isomorphisms between each of their different disciplines and ended up developing a theory of trans-disciplinary control.

The idea of neural networks found in contemporary AI for example, came about through cybernetics. Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitts were closely aligned with the Macy Conferences, which brought about figures such as Von Neumann, Norbert Wiener, Turing, Margret Mead and others.

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Quoted By: >>12794490

Mate, Beer was fucking based. FUCKING. BASED.

I unironically think he is undoubtedly the best English philosopher and theoretician of the twentieth century. Granted, no one here will bother to read his work (although I prefer his Heart of Enterprise rather than Brain of the Firm because of a few problems which are obvious to us but he later picked up on as being problematic), but what he did in Chile in the 1970's was FUCKING IMPRESSIVE given the technology they had at the time. We find parallels of the technology he advocated now being use in financial institutions such as Black Rock.

The structure of the Viable System Model can be mapped onto cells, the human body (central nervous system) and even human organizations in such a way that they can said to be isomorophically recursive. This means, you can formalize why an error might occur in one system and find an analogous problem also occurring in another for similar reasons. His work is a hell of a better way to think of organizations and economies then found in contemporary politics and economics.

He has videos online for those that are interested. I cannot recommend enough his works.

>> No.12794480

Here's your answer:


>> No.12794490
Quoted By: >>12796076

Also, he had a wizard cup. Can't go wrong having wizard cups.

>> No.12796076

What the heck is a wizard cup?

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Quoted By: >>12792003 >>12792334

what will be the social and economics effects 10-20 years from now seeing that we're probably not going to do anything about it at this point?

>inb4 climate change isn't real

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>> No.12792003

in 10-20 years it would be onlöy slightly worse, but then it will become really bad quickly

>> No.12792331

nothing will happen, stop fearmongering

>> No.12792334


We do no "exactly" know but it doesn't bode well.

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>> No.12792775

In 20 years It will just be a bit wormer on average. Most developing countries will have done nothing about the climate crisis. Europe will have fuckedup there economy by building stupid expansive wood burners and rotating blades. Because of all the cars that will go electric the demand for electric will be bigger then ever before and all old polluting gas generators will still be in use because green energy can not react fast enaugh to changes in the electricity net. Electricity will become more expensive because still working power plants will be replaced with green. Because of the green energy fluctuations in the elecity net will increase. Outages will be more common and extra taxes will be required to pay for energy cables and battery systems. Wood and garbage burning will be more common until it is banned because too many forest are cut for that perpose. Counties with nuclear power will turn them off in favor for green and countries without nuclear will build nuclear. Because of the wormer climate the average ocean level will rise a few centimeters. Rapid temperatures changes will be more common and there will be more hurricanes. The average temperature will be a bit wormer. And that's It. In 20 years they will repeat all the same stories.

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Could one mathematically define patience?

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Quoted By: >>12796350

Perhaps patience is polynomial in that each identity or identifier instantiated simply waits until the next iteration of its cycle before being processed or executed.

Patience = Response * Delay - Reaction + External_Input

Thank you for the conversation so far. I like baking in certain language precepts using maths.

Distribution = Delay ÷ Distance
Identity = Evaluation ÷ Priority
Expression = Action ÷ Memory
Time = Measurement ÷ Measurer
Space = Availability ÷ Capacity

I am working on patience and fear as things better valued as self-application rather than reactions to others or external because they, at least internally for me, are valid ways of raising and lowering the cycle rate of select observations or emotional/sexual patterns and habits.

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n + 1

Where n is fucks given, repeat ad infinitum.

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So I am ALLOWED to give infinite fucks? Then I shall! It would reduce the ability of others to give 0 fucks to the equation, which in essence would be interrupts to the fuck process and time wasting ad nauseum.

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Polynomials are approximations of exponentials,
at least that is true, but do expound on the
identity and cycle part of your statement.

I am curious as to why you went for this formula
of patience, even without taking probability into
effect? Maybe it is an attempt of some axiom or
starting basis for what is to come? I'm just being
a math prick, is all.

Finally, how is patience better used for self
rather than external or strategic? I can say there
are two people on the line, the cutter and the
holder. Both of them have patience, but the line
cutter strategically uses patience to wait a
shorter time than the holder. The incentive for
the cutter being to use as little patience as
possible. Am I wrong in this thought?

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Technically you being a math prick would be the ideal thing to test my idea against because if I can exhaust a mathematician's patience for interpretation and abstraction then the progress I make it empirically valid.

Trying more for an axiom or starting basis, as in a recursive base case that when one has exhausted other avenues then patience is the fallback/base case.

External patience can be harder to manage in terms of signal strength and signal integrity. If a person simply abuses the patience of others or one has too much patience with others can cause more systemic internal concerns. Patience with yourself, or any self-application of any axiom, yields greater results because the greatest amount of change one can have any power and control over is themselves. Self-applying patience allows us to keep dissatisfaction with our expectations low so we can be objective with our data collection.

It is more for emotional self-control because from a psychological perspective I have seen and reviewed more problems that stem from an individual's lack of patience leading to an avalanche effect in other areas.

Everything else we are as humans we can account for but ensuring emotional self-control and a healthy perspective of self, as in the identity that is separate for each individual and not a part of any collective, is the only thing I've seen help people not go full trigger mode.

As for cycle and identity it is easier to think of an identity as a language container and each cycle of identity reference the language and keyword sensitivity matrix gets updated. Like how we are using the anonymous identity but you and I have a subset of language use and keywords that is enabling this unique exchange that may carry over into the general culture of anonymous, depending on our rigor and sharing natures.

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How important is mathematics to developing comprehension?

I wonder how much I should study mathematics before I lose the malleability of my young mind.

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As long as he gets it done what's the difference.

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No, I am attracted to it because I enjoy clarity and have always found mathematics enjoyable because of this. But I've never looked into it past middle school level, which is why I ask if I may find more of such in it.

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>How important is mathematics to developing comprehension?
Very. Notice how academia has gone to shit when we removed the mathematical requirements.

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there is an extreme amount of envy and racism in physics nowadays. Academia needs to be rivaled

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dont respond to this brainlet. there are people actively pushing others out of their fields because they have are too pretentious to understand anything outside, and in some cases within, their own subjects.

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