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is chamomile ok brehs?

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Bad genes are present in every race.

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>and are also amongst the sickest in it's history.

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>Any good books so I can teach myself?
P.Atkins - Physical chem, any edition

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Because you'll be left with passive betas?

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FUCK decreasing autism, how do I increase my autism, I must grow more powerful and become a nonverbal mouthbreathing legend. My escapades will be well known and rival even the most notorious lolcows

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Its the strange attractor. COVID has a strange attractor for an infection rate of around R=1.17. So intervening without eradicating simply makes it work around the obstacle (be it lock down or vaccination, its a virus with a short life cycle it there fore evolves very quickly to cope). Why people dont see the stange attractor side to this is beyond understanding for me. I thought the govt advisors were supposed to understand math. Maybe they should looks at the childrens thriller film "Jurrasic park" for a clue at what branch of maths proves this.... pic attached from MAR2020 on this board proving my point where only logs and exps were required for a simple proof.

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Wtf? 30% of people get something considered a 4.0? Are you joking?
I've topped the curve on nearly every exam I've taken. Sometimes that means getting an 80, sometimes that means getting an 100. The 100s are never easy exams (well, sometimes they are, but only by accident). I just know all the material well and I'm good at thinking up proofs quickly. I'm not sure how it works at other schools but at my school (which is a well-regarded one) no one was ever given out a 100.
My 4.0 signifies that I actually learned everything and rarely made errors. Your 1st class degree signifies that you have a working mastery of about.... 70% of the material? Wow. Who would hire you for a skilled job with that?

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>How to end this madness?
Stop overdiagnosing illnesses so the figures go down, and lower life expectancy levels through poorer healthcare so people don't live long enough to express chronic age related diseases

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I fucking despise these little shits. Cover the world in fucking DDT already.

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Quoted By: >>12797200

NoOOoo You Can't Breed away the Niggerinos and the Jews!

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are chess players autistic?


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Its probably a non deterministic polynomial problem.

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They only care about doing leetcode and getting that FAGMAN job

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She's not genuinely happy, in that picture. You are just a turbo virgin who is already making up assumptions about what she is thinking because you fantasize about that girl which is why you saved that picture of her, and you like pretending to be better than the rest of /sci/.

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why would they though? they pretty much view utah the same way jews, christians, and muslims view the holy land. they would love to colonize other planet and moons yes, but they will never abandon utah

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You're doing something wrong. The derivative of (e^x)^2 using the chain rule should not give you an x out front. It would if it was the derivative of e^(x^2), but that's different.

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Why don't we just intentionally breed-out the genes that cause people to be thieves or violent or aggressive, instead of intentionally breeding those genes like we are currently doing?

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What's the difference between studying chemical engineering and pure chemistry?

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Oh its a lolbertarian. Enjoy getting subverted by marxists for decades on end.

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WHAT moves at c? Some point on the outer teeth? And then circular? Are you assuming this is a rigid body? Massless?
Goddamn formulate your problems precisely.

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Burn it until it is nothing but ash

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It happens.

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