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Time-space isn't, but simultaneity is.

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If pic related and presentism are held true, would that mean that time travel boils down to speed or velocity in a particular direction in order to influence the sequence of events?

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It's not, the perception of things happening simultaneously is.

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I wouldn't call simultaneity a variable. It's merely something we have intuition about that's no longer valid in relativity. The speed scales at which this occur are orders of magnitude faster than the fastest object humans have ever made. The factor by which time dilates is where is your speed as a fraction of the speed of light. Theoretically, humans are about to launch a rocket that will, at its fastest speed while sling shotting around the sun, be about 400,000 mph. The speed of light is about 700,000,000 mph. This yields a time dilation factor of about 1.0000002.

The absolute limit is the speed of light, where the spacetime interval is formally zero everywhere. This means photons will experience the birth and death of the universe simultaneously. Remember, simultaneity is relative in accordance with speed. The sign of the spacetime interval determines whether the distance between two objects is time-like (part of observable universe) or space-like (causally disconnected regions of spacetime).

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>So basically our universe formed because a tiny quantum fluctuation tapped into the gravitational energy potential, which as far as we know is infinite? So all of our other energies, time, space, matter, exist because of this?

If space, time, matter, energies correlate to (and exist due to) gravity and expansion/inflation, can this be simplified this way?

Inflation --> Gravity --> space, time, matter, energy, forces

How do black holes tie into this?
Black hole:
matter = high
gravity = high
time = near-null
space = near-null
forces = high?
energy = high?
Do black holes cause local deflation? And if inflation "creates" matter/time/space, does black holes deflation locally "delete" matter/time/space? I guess not as the mass is still there, or rather gravity corresponding to the value of mass?
Are there any cases of recorded deflation, as in proper opposite of the inflation?

Also could someone explain how exactly the scalar field energy balanced out the energy of our universe so (universe) = 0? Because the quote below might as well be written in alien language. Is a solid background in physics an absolute must in order to understand this, or is there some more simple explanation?

>Scalar fields are hypothesized to have caused the high accelerated expansion of the early universe (inflation), helping to solve the horizon problem and giving a hypothetical reason for the non-vanishing cosmological constant of cosmology. Massless (i.e. long-ranged) scalar fields in this context are known as inflatons. Massive (i.e. short-ranged) scalar fields are proposed, too, using for example Higgs-like fields.

>everyday simultaneity is an illusion
So theoretically it is possible to get entirely different order of events, as in example below?

Order of events happening:
Point 1 - A, B, C, D
Point 2 - D, B, C, A
Point 3 - C, D, A, B

So chronology can be entirely relative?

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