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I have i understood something wrong here? I might be an idiot.

All steel/aluminum/etc metals that have been mined/refined after Trinity bomb are poisoned with isotopes.

The only source of metals that are not poisoned with these isotopes is from old warships that have sunk before trinity.

Why can't we refine pure metals from fresh ore?

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> Why can't we refine pure metals from fresh ore?

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>Why can't we refine pure metals from fresh ore?
The various isotopes are in the air, refining something fresh from the ore mixes in air which brings in the contaminants. Also it's not like it can't be done, it's simply easier to take a piece from a wreck.

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thank you sir for the explanation

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What's the matter with those isotopes? Why you can't use them normally?

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They only matter for the most sensitive detection equipment such as equipment that is supposed to pick up trace amounts of nuclear isotopes in the air for instance.

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Literally nothing in your post is true.

The amount of radioisotopes in metals smelted since Trinity is incredibly tiny, why would they even be there in the first place? They didnt get into the ore in the ground. The total amount, counted in kilograms, of exploded nuclear ordnance is tiny. How could that get into significant quantities into everything? We can measure it in humans but we are talking parts per billion.
If anything old warships will be one of the most contaminated things you could find, given the testing of nuclear weapons on them early in the testing era.

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Its only steel and maybe copper and any metal that can be smelted with coal. The isotopes are in the oxygen used to blow through the molten steel. Aluminum is not produced like that so not aluminium. Also "they" could make clean oxygen for a special batch.

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exactly. The whole post from OP is ilogical

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what evidence is there that the amount of those isotopes in the air will have any effect. And if so on what?

Are you talking like highly sensitive Physics expreiments?

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/sci/ is so full of posers, I swear

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supposedly, high sensitivity. I dont know any of this by first hand account so im just parroting. Sounds ok.

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This. It's just a lot more expensive.

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OP here,
Even if this pure metal is raised from the sea bed, how can it be forged again without contamination from isotopes? Including 16O, 17O, and 18O.

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it's already forged retard

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