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>Please turn your camera on. I need to make sure you're paying attention.

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I think my camera is broken, professor.

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>Opens cam in his underpants

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You wouldn't want to, I'm fucking your wife professor.

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Say it's a privacy violation and report it to the school desu

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4chan is full of boys, there is no reason for you to want us to turn camera on unless you are homosexual.

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>Are you really that insecure and narcissistic, professor? Always have to be the center of attention, huh?

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I like how /sci/ is science, math, and school.
There's always some faggot here complaining about his prof, or grad school, or homework or some shit, kek.

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>Write in chat
>"Sorry everything is broken"

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>Turn on webcam while jacking off, intensely stare into the webcam until you finish

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Wow, sounds like your professor thinks you're brain-dead with a goldfish attention span.

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>turn on webcam
>minimize conference and browse internet
>don't care that screen's light on face changes when you switch pages

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