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What's stopping a terrirost from launching a weather balloon with a bomb on it to purposely trigger kessler syndrome and doom our planet for all eternity?

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Same reason we don't have super bad bioterrorism yet.

Most terrorists are brainlets or don't actually want to kill everyone.

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How do you expect a weather balloon to reach LEO?

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Probably the fact any weather balloon won't enter orbit.

>Launch a rocket instead
You would need the debris to go EVERYWHERE which is pretty much impossible given the payload size

>Launch a fuck ton of rockets
The government would stop them, or at least public outcry would.

>For some reason they actually do
The pure size they need to cover would involve a huge knowledge of orbital mechanics, something I doubt a terrorist would know.

>They do and are funded by some evil country
Almost impossible given the huge size of space surrounding the earth.

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>The government would stop them, or at least public outcry would.
when did public outcry ever stop a terrorist

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