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i have a physics exam today. wish me luck anons.

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I hope you fail

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Good luck
Not very constructive anon

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Onnea kokeeseen! Olkoon apustaja kanssasi

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thank you

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Good luck anon, I believe in you.

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thanks anon

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just translated this. Kiitos :^)

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Try quitting school as soon as you can.
May you fail so spectacularly that your school no longer wants you.
Then you become a truly free thinker.
Consider going on /x/ and /pol/ to become smarter than those mass produced intellectuals.

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Don't be mean to OP.

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energy lent

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Good luck!

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Me too. Solid state physics. I don't want to my friendo.

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I already had one
I got a 60%
please kill me

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Good luck anon, physics fucking blows and every physics major here can kiss my hairy taint

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update from OP: holy fuck that was hard

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Had my last experimental physics exam today.
It was literally the brainlet version of the statistical physics exam I have next week

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I wanted to become a physicist but I hate math, should I still go for it?

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>I hate math
Then you hate life, because math is literally everything

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Fortunately, with my degree in physics, I don't need to kiss taints to make a living. Enjoy your math free degree

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>i hate math
then why the fuck do you want to do physics then? It's the most math of any degree besides math.

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>bobby fischer, a literal nazi

not a very good example of a intellectual

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Mietityttää, että millainen ihminen olet?

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You are very special. I can see that.

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