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Cicada 3301 is a government black-light program that takes advantage of those who are swayed by prophetic sounding terminology and ideals. Cicada 3301 is not just a hacker group, but also a military group. This is why they must complete tasks that require physical activity, and not just coding or hacking. The last stage of Cicada's tasks for recruitment involves murder. If the candidate does not kill the designated target, they themselves are killed.

After recruitment, Cicada 3301 member's have their brains broken, and are given pills to compensate for this, as a form of control. Their brains are forced into a sinewave yo-yo, where Cicada's member's are forced to have bad thoughts/memory's. These thoughts/memory's are then countered by positive thoughts and memory's. This drives Cicada 3301 to near insanity, countered by pills that stop this sign-wave like thought/memory patterns. The government is not able to fix this without outside assistance. In the past, the government would attempt to fix the brains of Cicada's member's by allowing them to "crash" from bad thoughts/memory's until they attempt to trigger a rebellion. Then Then they allow the Cicada member to "win", and pay them off with various rewards, to attempt to raise the mood of the Cicada member they are trying to fix. Over time, more rewards are given and "wins" are allowed; This, supplemented with happy pills, allows the Cicada member to have a partial recovery. The government also attempts to fix the brainwave patterns of Cicada member's using another technique, but it is not fully successful.

There have been times when outside assistance has been utilized to fix the brains of Cicada members, both from those who are good, and bad. Although there is extreme risk involved with accepted from those who are aligned with evil. This information is sourced from God. And is based on accounts of his memories from past lives....

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