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is time really really an illusion?

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Time is memory and recall. The concept of time doesnt exist without memory.

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What have you tried?

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>The concept of time doesnt exist without memory
That's just stupid. Who's memory are you talking about? Individual lifeforms?

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Things either happen or they don't. No such thing as TIMEEEE. It's a measurement we use to see how long something takes.

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From the photon's point of view - absolutely (pun intended).

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>It's a measurement we use to see how long something takes
If time doesn't exist then how are we able to measure it?

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Time-space isn't, but simultaneity is.

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It could also be said that the past and the future are an illusion and that only the present exists. Causality gives an illusion of future, and collection gives illusion of the past.

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Time exists in the same way cloudspotting exists. Sure when you look at clouds there can be elephants or some shape in the cloud but there's nothing aside from that. Time also works similar as time merely keeps track of movements of particles. There's also a hidden problem of "movement of particle" thats associated with problems of motion or how we look at it.

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it's a cube

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So, if every living thing dies, the universe will pause?

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Our perception of time is constructed by our consciousness, so in some sense we live in our own simulation.
The answer is a maybe.

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I wish I could perceive time like the aliens in Breakfast of Champions, be able to see everything all at once as you wish, like flipping through the pages of a comic book

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Once your state of awareness reaches higher plateaus you will experience transience
time slows way way way down. You are present
It's the speed of change in state, relatively

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God, I wish I was him.

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relativity says no

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So the sun comes up at a certain time only because we collectively remember what time it is suppose to come up?

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>how long something takes.
No, the duration something takes to happen is time, not the measurement itself.

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it's a concept

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