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I have seriously considered the way University tests your skills in Mathematics. This is all wrong.

What the fuck is this shit do everything as quick as possible like I'm a fucking robot. How about no.

Mathematics is beautiful. It must be contemplated. Its a sacred art of number. It must even look beautiful.

The University is all organized like this only to make us compete with the Chinese. This is incorrect.

Instead of training students to be tunnel vision robot calculators, emulating Eastern tendencies (I am not training myself to be a Chinese robot), we should pride ourselves in the Western tradition or relative tendency of freedom in the creative and critical thought process in Academia.

All math tests should have no time limits. I like to double check my work so the spaceship doesn't crash, alright?

Dont give me this oh hahaha I do it right the first time all the time, thats impossible, youre a human and you make errors like anyone else. If you dont always double check your work, I think youre doing something wrong.

but above all I dont consent to the idea of turning mathematics into this whole, robotic calculator training program, this is like terrible post modern art to mathematics, this is ugly, and it used to be beautiful. Mathematics is beautiful and deserves your time and effort. Show respect to the number. This is an issue that affects us all as students that we should think about.

Unlimited time limits for all math exams!

You can thank me later as the hero of the campus and Western Society.

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I agree, not all of us are chink nigger cattle. Removing time limits seems dumb though

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Some profs have been giving us 24h limits for exams to accommodate international students. I'm still taking 3h to do them but I don't see why longer time limits would necessarily be bad. There won't be any epiphanies or miracles within 24h if someone doesn't understand the course so it's still fair.

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Im not saying increasing times limits is a bad idea but removing them entirely seems dumb unless you force the students to stay at school 24/7 while under surveillance to prevent cheating.

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I propose we replace english with mathspeak:
maths + love = normalperformance + love x factorloveperformance
man + woman = family
maths + worship = mistake
world + atheism = degeneracy
world - LGBTgroups = world - garbage
maths - faithinmaths = 0
world - faithinGod = 0

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>Unlimited time limits for all math exams!
Look, sure, so long as it just you who pays for the cost of running a standard exam past 3 hours.
So while you are there alone after everyone else has left, you can pay for all the staff and monitors who have to be in attendance. They cant be simply dismissed because they were all paid on the basis that they might all have to attend for the entire day. They wont mind though because they get paid a ridiculous hourly rate just to make sure no one is cheating.

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lol brainlet seething after getting a bad grade on his test

stop watching chinese cartoons for children and pedos.

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This, tests are the way they are mostly for practical reasons. Though I agree, speed is irrelevant in mathematics, it's more about depth which bugmen often lack.

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Sorry but you sound like someone in their first or second year of maths. A certain level of rote memorization bullshit is necessary. In order to play great music on the piano you have to do lots of drills and running up and down scales first (which certainly doesn't sound very musical). It's good you understand that what you are doing is a lot less like music and more like fingering practice, but you will probably be very useless in your higher level courses if you don't have a bag of tricks to quickly solve problems with.
I dont know what other unis are like (I went to a very small one, never more than 15 students in a class so things probably worked differently) but by junior year most of my finals were a week long, open book and open professor.
You should also get used to the idea that math isn't very beautiful. Because a lot of the time, it isnt.

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>"mathematics is beautiful"
>thread is about time limits on exams

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You don't need to play scales if you're not going to play gay liszt shit

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OP samefagging

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Midwit confirmed

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your first mistake is assuming university is an organization that seeks knowledge. its not, its an office drone factory.

t. physics bsc

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