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Physiologically speaking, what happens in the body that causes megalophallus (extremely enlarged penis)?

>A 33 year old man presented to us with a history of neglected priapism for 12 days 2 years previously. He developed a permanent unusual enlargement of the penis and erectile dysfunction.

>We report a little known sequela of priapism: painless megalophallus, with significant penile enlargement. The patient had had an intense episode of priapism 9 years previously and his penis remained enlarged.
>Blood oxygen level-dependent magnetic resonance imaging revealed enlarged, hypoxic corpora cavernosa.

>A case of megalophallus in sickle cell disease with repeated episodes of priapism is reported. A possible cause of penile hypertrophy with preservation of potency is discussed. Corpus cavernography was helpful in the diagnostic evaluation.

How could priapism result in penile hypertrophy? Sometimes even with no loss of function. Could megalophallus perhaps be induced in regular people by way of doing controlled priapisms?

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LOL you're going to try it and up with a 15 inch dick that will be forever limp and uncontrollable

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My penis inflames sometimes after having sex. Not even that often.

What's the cause?

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What do you mean

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Sometimes it gets sore and swell.

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