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Midwit criteria: IQ between 115-125.

Post result, and prove that you are not a midwit

>b-but IQ test are pseudoscience and racist

Shut the fuck up, and just do the test for fun you fucking moralist police, or get the fuck out of the thread, you midwit.

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The answer is C, right?

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Well... if already having problems on the first one, then anon... I have bad new for you...

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well, not everybody is a mensa know-it-all, you jerk

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I'm from mensa, brainlet.

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It's A, you retard

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that wasnt funny

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Bumpy for tests results

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>Midwit criteria: IQ between 115-125.
not a widwit confirmed. Those last few were tough, I guessed.

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> G


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Confirmed not a midwit.

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After question 35 or so I had no idea what I was doing. I can't imagine how someone can figure that out

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What's going on with the last one? I kinda have up on that with 20 minutes left. Maybe could've figured it out, idk

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Here's a screenshot of the last question if anyone wants to try to solve it.

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I can see the logic but had to much permutation

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spread of 15 so you might be a 111 retard

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<125: brainlets and midwits hordes

125-134: alright, doing fine there, not a midwit, but not extremely bright

135-140: things are getting interesting, you can do alot, but not everything

141-145: big boy with a big brain

>145: now you can enter the competition, can fight brain to brain with the likes of Sabrina Paterski

>155: can create and built your own shit, potential to be a next tech billionaire, can permutations of your choice, the world is ours to conquer, truly the master race in brain departament

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IT's E

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desu I'd put midwit between 100 and 120

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Not a midwit
not a midwit
big boy there
farm from being a midwit

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alright, some of them I had no idea

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i am officially smart

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Its F, in every column is displaced once to the right and the symbols are swapped. So each time squares become circles (s->c), c->t.

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First midwit of the thread.

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It's not that, or at least not only that. For instance, by your logic, on the second square, the circle on the left column would be on the bottom row, but it's on the top row.

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whats a midwit

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The thing is that the left column is not only the right column from the previous square with the symbols swapped. It also has the symbols displaced vertically by one

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"Generally found in the 105-120 IQ range. These are the people who are considered "gifted" in primary school and perhaps "honors" in high school. In the same vein, they either think of themselves as "smart but lazy" or perform well in school yet do poorly/mediocre on standardized testing. May attend a low-tier university or none at all. Almost always very online, with strong opinions that lack nuance.

Midwits are truly cursed to be neither blissfully dumb nor reap the benefit of being of superior intelligence or a genius. They can grasp general concepts, but are less capable of digging deeper, understanding nuance, or adapting quickly to complex problems, leading to an entire middle class of perpetually unhappy, often vaguely angry people.
Wow, another generic woke twitter take? She's such a midwit."

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Thank you for your serious answer to a sarcastic question. You took your time and explained things to the smallest nuances. Had fun reading your text.

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That seems to be right, it's F then

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midwit detected.

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fuck me, dude

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Yeah, want back to the test just to check if it was right and it is.

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Anyone knows the answer to this one?

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I put it D

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I guessed H.

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Kek I'm high and got a 126

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if an iq test was not designed by the most intelligent person then it cannot accurately measure intelligence as it will have inherent biases and limitations.

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I also couldn't solve that one. Some obvious answers would be the white squares change to the grey ones (they don't) or the white squares permute among themselves (they don't)

Maybe my mistake was thinking the pattern is a horizontal operation going left to right, when it's from top to bottom or something

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Cope more, kek.

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Top bottom don't make sense, don't have any logic, for the last one a think like: they are a line, the grey one changes their way, they become like the first but swap colors,

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I think I got it, the grey ones act like a "mirror" so you flip the first square along the diagonal, the second right-left and the last one along the other diagonal. If correct the answer would be C

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I brute forced and yes it is C

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you reflect the image over the dark blocks so the answer is C

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This question is 135+ only.

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im not going to make it

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C no?

reflect along blocks?

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I got 138

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didn't answer the half dozen that stumped me instead of guessing

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Why C? It doesn't make sense, for me it's D.

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130 even though i guessed 4 and they were probably wrong? oO

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I think it is possible to train solving these tests.
There are some general rules used to construct these tasks and the only thing that happens in my opinion is adding more variables.
Solving the test at night and skipping some of the last questions out of laziness could lower the score but maybe it's just cope.

t. 124 IQ midwit apparently

Hey you, brainiac, did you spend more time and memory on solving the harder tasks?

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why include it kek

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Did this while taking a shit, and even Feynman only had an IQ of 125 so I'm not gonna attach much weight to this.

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To find me some of the most intelligent and finest examples unserer Spezies auf diesem Planeten.

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Was far we know he got 125 on a verbal ow test, not a non verbal one, and besides, he fucking raped a quantitave iq test, but well, people don't seems to like say about that, just the about the 125 verbal iq is his for cope

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>even Feynman only had an IQ of 125 so I'm not gonna attach much weight to this.
I'm going to follow your example. I'm the midwit who got 124 >>12747542
I checked out this page https://www.mensa.org/iq/recognising-potential
and it turned out I had and have most of the characteristics.
I'm open minded and I often mix ideas from totally unrelated fields.
I'm able to get better results on exams on my uni after one week of not that intensive work compared to people who actually attended lectures for the whole semester.
Everyday I'm experimenting in my mind with solving different problems, often successfully.
I believe these IQ tests miss other forms of intelligence and they don't check what's probably as important or more important - creativity and thinking out of the box.
So yeah, I might outperform 75% of population while doing only 30% of work but I'm still a midwit according to the test.

>Did this while taking a shit
Were you taking the shit for the entire 40 minutes? If so I encourage you to eat some vegetables or unripe bananas.

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>and it turned out I had and have most of the characteristics.
That sounds like horoscope bullshit, something everybody can identify with to feel better.

>So yeah, I might outperform 75% of population while doing only 30% of work but I'm still a midwit according to the test.
If you check the graphs at the end (or already know what IQ is), you can see that 115 puts you at the upper 84% of the popuulation. 124 is probably closer to 95% or more.

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>falling for Barnum statements
Checks out.

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Got about 130 here, 138 on norway. Am I a brainlet?

>> No.12747801

To elaborate on why you're a midwit and how you fell for Barnum statements:

>perceptive, inquiring minds
True for most people, even midwits. Not true for literal retards.
>unusual insight and intellectual curiosity
Everyone has an "unusual" insight about something. We all have intellectual curiosity about topics we're passionate about!
>superior judgment and reasoning ability
We all think we make better judgments than others.
>abstract and critical thinking
Surely it's all those OTHER retards who lack critical thinking. Never the case for me.
Again, everyone is original.
>ability to see connections between ideas
True for everyone with an IQ > 85
>long concentration spans in areas of interest
Wow, areas of interest. You're saying, like, if I do what I enjoy I'm high IQ? Fuck yeah, bromie.
>advanced reading ability
>extensive vocabulary
>keen powers of observation
We all pride ourselves on keen powers of observation. To wit: even shitty drivers cuss out all the other drivers as bad drivers.
>strong sense of ethics and values
Actually the opposite. It's intelligent geniuses who tend to see all the nuance in topics, and hence have a dampened sense of ethics and values.
>a sense of humour
>a rapid mastery of basic skills
Of basic skills. So literally a baby who learns who walk is a genius.
>special ability in one or more areas, such as music, art, science, language, computers, or mathematics
Notice the broad statement here. We all have specialized abilities. This will be true for anyone with an IQ > 85.

There we have it. Literally every child born is a genius. Fancy that, eh?

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im from /tv/
dose this make me smart

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You are a smartwit.

>> No.12747888

And substract ~10 points because online tests are easier than the real thing.

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Ran out of time with two unanswered, fuck i hate getting cucked by the timer

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Did you spend 40 minutes to do that?

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Yes am autistic

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I did it in half the time and got the same IQ. I think that makes me twice as smart as you.

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Oh but you didn’t use any buzzwords in your reply anon, I’m gonna have to knock off 50 IQ points you beta basedcuck midwit trannyfag

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Get outta my board midwits

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D is the only completely unique option

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the true test of intelligence is getting the score as low as posible

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I'm high and drunk (14 beers @ 190 lbs 6 foot 3) and got a 147. You are a dumb fuck and I am smarter than you.

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>Didn't specify time frame

>> No.12748207

11 minutes.

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Did alright, missed a few towards the end

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fuck you, bitch cunt. What a waste of intellect.

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Why slave away to improve this world when we are done in 10 years due to famine drought and natural disasters from the climate? Just sitting back and relaxing while I can this world is soon to be hell

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Dude you know von Neumann was constantly trashed, right?

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Every IQ test I took places me around 117-122, even though many of them are drastically different. I am a midwit.

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when I did this about a year ago I got 126. go figure

>> No.12748622

quintessential midwittery

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F. The shapes move every matrices but transform in a fairly predictable pattern: circles -> triangles, triangles -> squares, squares -> circles

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Good to know others agree, IQ test got to boring for me in the middle. It's probably c, you are reflecting the Squares. If you imagine a reflection point(highest row) or a reflection axis(mid row), it fits. Do the same for the bottom row, and you get C.

>> No.12749077

Discard the first part, you also have an axis of reflection in the top row, not a point.

>> No.12749078

ngl looks like a midwit take to me, tranny cuck.

>> No.12749098

>lacks other forms of intelligence
Yeah, it lacks the verbal part.
Anon, you didn't fall for bullshit like emotional intelligence, did you?
>I often mix ideas from totally unrelated fields [...] creativity and thinking out of the box.
A schizo does the same, does it make him more intelligent than their theoretical neurotypical counterpart?
Everything else looks like the shit cringelords say in high school. I should know, I was one.

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got the exact same result.

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iq test is stupid because they're all different. Even if you get them all right you're only as smart as who made the test.

Now go elo is the real test. You could test grey aliens on this shit.

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nvm lmao

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sorry for spamming bro i answered for what i thought was going to be the next line. it is A right?

>> No.12749278

I'm peak midwit, but I knew that already. Fuck my life.

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How does it feel to be on the left side on the curve?

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I wasn't gonna post because I thought I did worse then on the other one
"Your IQ is calculated to be: 121"

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>>12747067 #
The solution is C

>> No.12749523

No its F

>> No.12749527

the way ive always categorized it is
100-120 iq is drone npc fluoride stare tier
120-130 is capable of grasping higher concepts. can separate truth from opinions.
130-140 is able to architect clever solutions rigidly and efficiently. combined with high industriousness can make elon musk. they can see glimpses upwards if so attuned.
140+ is a nebulous zone, past it is not as strictly bound, meaning anyone even higher is somewhat artificially boosted. the zone where all things abstract themselves to you. coldness of autism combined with the hotness of schizo-mania. the upward glimpses become mad genius tier. given the right fostering can become steinmetz, tesla tier.

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Quoted By: >>12749594

slightly schizo
and i notice when i am watching movies i get a weird sense of feeling it's real

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f move and switch

>> No.12749604

By no work and guessing from answers, C
From logic and working it out best I could, C

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Quoted By: >>12753638

What is that image of?

>> No.12749647
Quoted By: >>12751900

I think some of these questions are really flawed. You could argue for a number of different answers. Who is to say their answer is more valid than any other random patterns you come up with?

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Can someone explain to me the last question? I can’t solve the last ones kek.

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cheated on the last answer from here. still didnt get 140.

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Quoted By: >>12750042 >>12752121

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its c not f

>> No.12749938

the virgin midwit needs to brag about his 130+ iq, but the chad gitfed doesn't even knows he is 160+

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>> No.12749975

I still have something wrong
29: B ?
35: have no idea. intuition says top left blue and top right red, but this solution doesn't exist
36: A ?
37: H
38: A

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Quoted By: >>12753169

79? How does everyday living with that IQ feel? Must be happier.

>> No.12750047

It's just random noise easter egg, don't worry about it.

>> No.12750077

Did you miss the part it was literally solved in this thread?

>> No.12750103

you're also autistic.
by the way, IQ tests mean nothing.

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Quoted By: >>12750140

I remember I did one test that I got 129 and this is 133, so pretty accurate I assume

>> No.12750140
Quoted By: >>12750282

the only metric you should go by for online tests is that if you're getting <120 you're probably borderline retarded. other than that its meaningless.

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>> No.12750211

I got a 130, but still nave problema with long divisione >:/

>> No.12750282
Quoted By: >>12750375

post your score

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Quoted By: >>12751636

The jew fears the slightly above average IQ worker drone

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Quoted By: >>12751618

no surprises here

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lmao, pleb

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>> No.12751636

>slightly above average
can you not use your 128 IQ to figure out that you are supposedly ~97th percentile?

>> No.12751659

Does anybody know if time taken is used as a factor to calculate this IQ score?

I went through it fairly quickly, outright guessed like 5/6 questions, and got 131. If I used all the time, I probably could improve this slightly.

>> No.12751786

see it as a solid colour piece of plastic.
you rotate the square on the axis that the grey blocks make. so for the first the axis is from top left to bottom right, 2nd vertical, 3th top right to bottom left.
after the rotation you look at the back of the square and thus C.

>> No.12751867

Din IQ er beregnet til at være: 126

Beregnet ved brug af spredning 15

lmao just barely

>> No.12751900

Shh, don't let the iq test industry hear you

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because we are the master race

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>> No.12753020

i'm colorblind :DDD

>> No.12753029

I hate you for posting this I got 126 and I now actually want kill myself. I’m so upset I’m not even going to post some gay wojak or apu edit. Fuck you.

>> No.12753136

Twinsies <3

>> No.12753169

Lol I'm sure. But quite limited too. Not that you'd notice though.

>> No.12753173


>> No.12753232
Quoted By: >>12753464 >>12753579

I got a 109 and I'm still in high school so I'm not sure if there's anything else can do to increase my intelligence

>> No.12753296

Do you think midwits are fatefully doomed? Or can you escape midwit status even without a high IQ?

>> No.12753325
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I did C, reasoning being the grey represents a line of reflection, don't know if its right.

I got 139 (147 perceptional reasoning, the same thing this test we just did measures) on WAIS IV when i was 17 it that puts this test into perspective.

>> No.12753340

Don't look at the second line, just flip it opposite of the first line, and you get C. The middle square of the second line is not shaded grey correctly, throwing people off.

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>> No.12753464

I think it depends on how old you are/how fully developed you are, like teenagers and younger will have a lower iq. I'm not sure how true that is or whether they have different tests for different age groups all I know is I took a iq test when I was 12/13(?) and was midish 120s. I don't know whether I was just told that as cope though.

I guess just doing brain teasers and things will help keep your mind sharp, plus not doing drugs and shit.

>> No.12753579

You can't increase General Intelligence (you can increase your IQ score, by definition IQ is a score that represents general intelligence. But this is superficial, you wont actually be smarter, just better at the IQ tests.) However reading books will have a significant effect on how you think and appreciate the world, that would be the most helpful. Also don't read shit books that doesn't help anybody.

>> No.12753602

What confuses me about IQ tests is I'm never sure if they want the straightforward answer to things or not. For example it may ask me to pick words related to or similar in meaning to "high" and I find "boss" is one of the words, a boss is a high up position, so do I pick that? Maybe "giraffe" is in there, do I pick that? or do I only pick words like "tall" and "elevated"

It confuses me because I can ALWAYS find ways the words could relate but it probably doesn't want me to pick that one.

>> No.12753638

elo (skill level) machine learning has achieved

>> No.12754327
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this is actually much higher than I thought it would be, I'm happy I'm not a retard. How can I improve my motivation so I don't waste it on midwitism

>> No.12754439
Quoted By: >>12754462

Took the whole thing only to find out its in fucking German or Dutch or whatever retarded language and I'm using Brave browser so it fucked up on the final question and didn't show me my score. From reading the posts ITT though I know I got a lot of them right and figured out patterns where the rest of you idiots did not. I took another detailed internet IQ test awhile back and got around 138 so I'm pretty sure I'm smarter than a lot of you retards.

>> No.12754462
File: 430KiB, 790x759, asdfasdfasdfa.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>12754522

1. it's dutch
2. you gay fucking faggot you can literally answer as many questions as you like and it'll still calculate your score based on those answers.
3. you have a 138 IQ but you can't read basic words in german/dutch?
nigga you sound fucking retarded my nigga
you're probably retarded
I answered the first question right and concluded the test, the questions are weighted so it gives you your iq score estimate based on the answers you gave

>> No.12754481
File: 123KiB, 724x611, SmugWojak.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>12754685

>Midwit criteria: IQ between 115-125.
>Your IQ is intended to be:126

>Mfw I'm not a midwit
>Mfw I was breezing through the early to mid part of this test
>Mf after I panicked at the end and randomly answered the last couple of questions
>Mf after I was running out the clock and spacing out throughout the test
>Mfw I learned I'm not a retarded like I thought I was
So I'm officially a genius huh?

>> No.12754497
File: 90KiB, 960x960, 1611689391355.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>12754685

>took the test while lying in bed at 2 past midnight
>130 iq
>Slept like shit and all of today was ruined
I thought a high iq meant i didn't do stupid things

>> No.12754522

>you don't speak dutch?
>nigga nigga nigga
lynch yourself, mystery meat retard

>> No.12754530
File: 33KiB, 618x517, notamidwit.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Not a fucking midwit!

>> No.12754623
File: 82KiB, 1004x642, Screenshot_18.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Yet I'm not a midwit, this result should be higher for reasons I can't say.

>> No.12754628
File: 91KiB, 720x484, Screenshot 2021-02-25 201252.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

After question 32 I think I didn't have any idea. Didn't even bothe guessing after 34. Does anyone have answers?

>> No.12754642

>I can't imagine how someone can figure that out
I tried to find some patterns. I found some, but I doubt they were the ones they wanted.
Just like every iq test ever

>> No.12754685

>I thought a high iq meant i didn't do stupid things
i think it is the opposite
as you realize you actions are foolish, unlike normies or midwits
welcome to the smarty club

>> No.12754761
Quoted By: >>12754811 >>12755752

I didn't get any of the explanations... Where is the reflection supposed to be? How do the grey blocks effect the end result? Maybe I'm just to retarded, but I want to understand why it's C.

>> No.12754795
Quoted By: >>12754816

Scored in the 130s, pretty much where I always score on these tests, and I definitely feel like I'm in the midwit group based on real life experience.

>> No.12754811

rotate around the axis that goes through the middle of both grey blocks
Only works meh for the second row, but whatever

>> No.12754816



>> No.12755598
File: 246KiB, 1237x554, iq results.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

phew barely made it

>> No.12755752

Consider the axis of symmetry of the square. You can only rotate a square along the X-axis, Y-axis or either of the diagonals. Here the grey blocks indicate which axis of rotation is used.

In the first row we rotate/reflect along the diagonal, this means the squares in the white positions change places and those in the grey positions stay put. In the second row, the grey squares are arranged vertically and so we rotate along the Y-axis. This means that the columns are swapped.

>> No.12755951

A retard, but the dull not the fun kind

>> No.12755965
File: 3KiB, 125x121, 1505513764953.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>12756138 >>12759726

>feel like an idiot
>realize i'm in the top 15%
>85% of the population is dumber than the idiot that is me
The real blackpill

>> No.12756138
Quoted By: >>12758053

I think that's just the dunning Kruger effect, you feel less confident in your abilities because you're more aware of potentially better outcomes.

>> No.12756149

I got 119 :(

>> No.12756156
Quoted By: >>12756295 >>12757903

Got midwit. Is it possible for me to ascend if I stop dopamine overdosing or is that just a meme?

>> No.12756295
Quoted By: >>12757903

Just keep guessing over and over again until you get an iq you're satisfied with like everyone else on the board

>> No.12757903
Quoted By: >>12757947


I overdose on dopamine like you wouldnt believe and still got 130 first try, it's not the dopamine anon

>> No.12757944
File: 396KiB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210226-112620.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

not bad for a Syrian

>> No.12757947

And I got 126 anon, but is not about whether or not you can get a high score when overdosing, is about whether or not you could improve it. Maybe you could get like 145 with a health lifestyle and I could maybe get 140. Regardless, I'll try the hypothesis on myself.

>> No.12758023

119 midwit checking in

>> No.12758053

The Dunning Kruger effect is how midwits cope with being midwits. "I doubt myself, that must mean I'm really smart!"
Exact same thing happens with the impostor syndrome. They feel like impostors, they are impostors, they tell them they are not and are actually "so smart" for recognizing it.

>> No.12758397

Oh fuck

>> No.12758406

Det er for åndssvagt.

>> No.12759515


>> No.12759533
File: 257KiB, 1920x917, Opera Snapshot_2021-02-26_183018_mensa.dk.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>12759543

I did it in less than a minute though

>> No.12759543


>> No.12759690

got 130 feel like a retard ran outta time on last three

>> No.12759700
Quoted By: >>12759708

138 but i got very tired and gave up on the last 4 questions

i guessed on the last 4-5 because i was tired

>> No.12759708
Quoted By: >>12762376

were both retards no respect to anyone lower than 150

>> No.12759726

not as bad as myself being in top 1.5% of IQ and I still feel like a retard

>> No.12760603

80 iq

>> No.12762295

Midwit opinion

>> No.12762376

It is impossible to have more than 150 for sure, the IQ test caps out at 145+.

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