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I got into dental school today

What do I have coming?

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I don’t know but you made a good decision anon. I have no experience in that field as I am an electrical engineering major, but if I didn’t do engineering I would love to be a dentist. The idea of just doing peaceful work and helping people daily sounds awesome. I also love the idea of owning a small practice in a nice town. Good luck.

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Dental school probably

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what country

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A whole bunch of teeth

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>What do I have coming?
Realistically? Suicide.

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a life of stress, fear of some retard suing you, thinking u forgot to ask about allergies once and fearing patient could die and go to jail, unexpected situations u cant resolve and cold sweat
I wish I didnt got into this fucking bs

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It thought bongs didn't go to the dentist?

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Massive student loan

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UK has dentists?

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lmaoing @ ur lyfe, its over my dude

>I got into dental school today
>What do I have coming?
cleaning disgusting filthy fake teeth/jaws/dental implants from people who are too retarded for basic hygiene and cleaning themselves like responsible adults
i hope you have your gag reflex under control buddy, it sure will be tested
you will see a lot of disgusting abhorrent shit (but with ok pay)
t. german with bros who work in the field

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is the pay for dentistry good? now that you make me think about it it really does sound like a cozy job. all you have to do is go through the motions every day during working hours, the vast majority of your work being pretty easy, and if you're social you'll enjoy meeting and talking to people throughout the day to make it not monotonous. once working hours are done you are done working and since you aren't solving hard problems like a scientist or engineer would you don't have problems from work nagging you after work.

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Desensitization takes care of any feeling of disgust

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>Desensitization takes care of any feeling of disgust
indeed, but opie will find that out xirself soon enough

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OP here, USA
This is not me

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Thanks mate

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Expect fatties with destroyed teeth from eating so much amerigarbage

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But I want to do oral and maxillofacial surgery

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Preemptively buy an aquarium to put in your office.

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a lot of classes about dental care

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I’m 1000% hope to do this. The pediatrician I shadowed had a huge tank with all these exotic fish and it was so sick

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You're gonna blow half a million on a shitty career. You'll have to find your own patients in school. You won't get much clinical work done in the four years youbwaste.

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What makes it a shitty career? I like working with my hands and it has a good pay and most dentists mid career don’t even work 5 days a week.

Are you in school rn?

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I don't know the exact amount but in general doctor's are paid well, in fact more so than engineers.

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