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So, I've been having this argument with a friend.
I told him that I don't care about meals, I just eat when I feel hungry, and that that is better as you can overfill yourself if you work with meals and then get hungry later at night, which makes you over eat.

He says no, and that even if you over ate, the amount of energy you'd have would be the same as if you ate whenever you're hungry, and that he's rather feel filled and stick to meal times than wait to feel hungry.

Question is who is right about this?

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>define right
Hunger and energy depend on a lot of things anon. Listen to your body, meal timing might work better for some and not for others.

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If both of you are fat, neither of you are right.
If one of you isn't fat, that's the one who's right.
If neither of you are fat, then who gives a shit?

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Your mom is trash

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I do. One is more effective at utilizing energy and food. If planning makes me eat less and be more energetic, then I am willing to do so.

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Dont over-physics-fy this.

Eat when you feel like eating. This is what you're supposed to do. You're not a machine.

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What is your BMI, and what is your friend's BMI?

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Idk, and idc. Probably normal.

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>Idk, and idc.
then it literally doesn't matter what the answer to your question is

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But I want to know.

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Eating later at night is bad because digestion slows down. So you would have a chronic phase diffrence in digestion.

forecast: diabetes imminent

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Sounds like you're both fat.

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my bmi is 10

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>eating when I'm hungry
Most americans do this. Go look up the BMI chart of America.

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