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>Brutus' Drive

>DriveAnon's Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

>Last Thread

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In the current version of my prologue, after merging with a crazy lady wizard and fighting their way out of the afterlife with a Wal-Mart sword.

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But you can pay to get a threesome. Unless you live in some kind of puritan shithole where people cannot choose what to do with their lives without the government's permission.

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Yeah, lot's of love fairies getting their wings then, what's your point?

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I already made several of them!

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Before you can even become a candidate you need to get Jumpchan's attention.

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Not enough.

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Bro Val has nearly made 100 and is still here. What’s the quota?

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Jump-chan isn't hiring currently but I hear the dudes at the Waifu Catalog Company will take all kinds.

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More than you have made, obviously.

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God I hate that shit. Like all the smut authors I followed stopped putting out actually good content to do that instead.

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It has died off for the most part I think.

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The guardians are programmed with absolute obidience. As long as they are ordered by a Supreme Being they will do anything, even orders like filling the world with love and peace.

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I wish I could filter that trash, but then again there probably wouldn't be many fics left to read.

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Honestly? It's just Demiurge. Demiurge is literally the only real problem within Nazarick. Albedo is too occupied trying to jump Ainz's bones to really give a shit about the humans and while NPCs like Shalltear are extremely hostile to humans they're more hostile in the sense that they have zero concern for their existence and will kill them indiscriminately if they become annoying. Demiurge is the one who proactively causes like 90% of the suffering that Nazarick causes in the New World because it amuses him to do so.

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What's that thing even about?

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Kay, in rough order of completion:

Fate/Grand Master (QQ FGO jump based on a collection of various maledom/femsub doujins)

Tifa Lockhart - Agent of Avalanche (QQ FF7 jump based on a quest on Fiction.live).

Atelier Ryza 2 (Update to the Ryza jump with content from 2, still need to finish the game)

Trails of Cold Steel (Update to the original with content from Cold Steel 3 and 4. Need to finish playing 4, update is going to be biiiiiiiig)

Generic Lewd Superheroes (QQ jump, exactly what it sounds like)

It's not hard, she's a vulnerable teenage girl who's in dire need of someone she can count on. Just be there for her and offer her your support. Also replace Basara.

Nah, no gender restrictions, although you will need some means of performing impregnation in order to use the pregnancy-related perks.

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ITT cucks get mad at Chad Skeleton again

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I wish I was brave enough to write about my fetishes and post them online.

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League of Legends Aurelion Sol type dragons are pretty cool.

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>QQ FGO jump based on a collection of various maledom/femsub doujins
PSA that series includes (you) getting cucked, and another where one of (you)r girls fucks a dog.

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All the Demons are explicitly Demiurge-tier. It's a primal instinct. Albedo just have it overridden because she is just thinking about getting the bone 25/7.

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No but those don't count.

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>Also replace Basara
But I don't want to go through a drawback that forces me to babysit two idiots plus getting a lot of enemies.

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Smut has admitted that he enjoys NTR before bro.

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Yeah, but presumably not the ones that are about the character the reader inserts into getting cucked, but the ones where you’re supposed to not care about that guy.

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Fanwank, I guess?

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So the cock beats evil?

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And it happens mostly because Ainz is a pussy that can't stop trying to kiss ass and is afraid of his NPCs discovering he is one so he goes along with what they want.

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iirc isn't Ainz a Lich?

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>iirc isn't Ainz a Lich?
No, his race is called Overlord which a evolved form of skeleton, but even in general he isn't a lich, because he doesen't have a phylactery

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People who act like their dick beats any strong woman will also be raped.

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What jumps have tech that is superior or advantageous in 40k? Maybe Mega Man, or Warframe, Metroid or Star Wars?

I don't need extreme overkill like some of the stuff in comics, I'm just trying to see what are good jumps to give any allied forces a technological edge against the Imperium of Man or other factions.

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There is always a stronger dick, when you think you've reached the peak you'll come to realise you've only just peaked over an even mightier shaft.

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>Kay, in rough order of completion:
Thank you kind sir.

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He technically has Elder Lich as one of his racial classes. But he's only one in that he's a skeleton with magic, he doesn't have an actual phylactery and all that.

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Total Annihilation would match them without much effort and honestly Borderlands could also do pretty well all things considered. Personal shields for everyone of varying strength, teleporting weapon turrets, so many different forms of gun that it'd bring an Ork to tears and the FTL has to be really fucking good considering they've apparently settled in 4 galaxies.

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>So remember when I said I was gonna make a jump about Hinata getting blacked only to immediately realize that jumpmaking was hard? Behold the bare minimum of effort needed to make this technically jumpable.

>Best Waifu (400)
>Black men don’t pumped and dump, they actually take responsibility and marry you.

SOD broken, that should be the capstone due to perk strength.

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Technically speaking I think he has some levels in Elder Lich, but I those don't have phylacteries in Overlord, I believe. It was originally a game, after all, and giving immortality with a low level race would be too game breaking, and I'm pretty sure that the lich under Cocytus' command didn't have anything like that either.

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He is, but liches in Overlord don't have phylactery's

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What jumps have good reverse engineering, other than Worm?

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>It's not hard, she's a vulnerable teenage girl who's in dire need of someone she can count on. Just be there for her and offer her your support. Also replace Basara.
Could it be done without replacing Basara or is it fate that they would be involved together?

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Wolfenstein the New Order.

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Halo UNSC and Titanfall, iirc.

I generally try not to mention lewd Jumps here, but Generic Hentai Superhero's also does.

I'm sure there are others though.

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I don't play Arknights to know, I just liked the design.
About two hours late for me to reply, but that's great, thanks.

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If you don't mind using SB jumps Mass Effect Andromeda.

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She enters a (sex) magic contract with Basara in the first episode so you don't have a lot of time to change her path if you don't insert into Basara

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>Halo UNSC
I mean sure but Forerunner and Covenant both have much better perks for this, I mean just being a Huragok in the Covenant jump already puts you above any UNSC scientist given their whole purpose is fixing, improving and building stuff. They're just floating bio-crystal computer things afterall.

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If you take the First Rate perk in Kara No Kyoukai, can you choose Imaginary Numbers as the Element you have a exceptionally strong affinity for?

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I think Maria should probably be violated any time she tries some dirty sex prank to teach her a lesson that sexually assaulting other people = she gets raped.

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