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>What is the ideal implementation of kobolds?

Kobolds should be the able, willing and loyal minions of their draconic master. Most likely of the same scaly hue as them, but I don't see why a dragon would turn down the service of a different kobold breed. Kobolds should live and fight like Actually Working Communism, willing to die for Best Comrade Dragon. They should be the dragon's eyes, ears and mouth for the majority of it's interactions with lesser humanoids, rolling into town in squad strength when they need to proclaim something or trade for food. They should try and engage adventurers with subtle manipulations and a friendly temperament regardless of alignment, ever eager to make new allies. Their traps and ambushes should be Arminius-tier. No more skaven-tempered lizard-goblins, more /k/obolds!

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What about kobolds that are also warforged?

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You've got to remember the context of the Cold War. France had been withdrawing from NATO since 1959, being fully removed from NATO integrated command and all foreign troops removed from French soil by 1966. Involvement with Vietnam was just as much about trying to keep France from becoming further isolationist in the event of a war in Europe. Also you have to remember that the USSR was just as willing to mess with internal politics of other communist nations for the own benefit, be it the direct military interventions in WarPact nations to keep them under heel or the economic and development requirements that came along with Soviet aid, to even just playing kingmaker with local politics.

>ensure they stil hate the US 50 years later, thats a thing as well.
Vietnam has an incredibly favorable opinion of the USA.

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An interesting take on fantasy veitnam

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The objective as to stop the spread of communist faggotry south of Vietnam, it worked to some degree. Anyway "farmer with rusty AK" is a terrible meme and needs to die.

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Man, if koobolds could pull what the vietcongs pulled back in the day, the party would be fucked.

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Tell me about the worst or most forbidden secrets in your campaign/setting, or ones in official settings or media you also like. Personally, I prefer ones where the horrible secret really is better off being left hidden. For example "all unbaptized babies really do go to hell" is an awful truth to know, but if people learn it, it will probably lead to less unbaptized babies, so knowing this fact makes the world a better place. However, "caterpillars and butterflies are actually two separate creatures, the chrysalis does not facilitate a miraculous transformation from mere landbound grub to radiant flying icon of beauty but rather is the mere dissolution of its witless occupant as the treacherous genetic code injected by a primordial parasite millions of years ago asserts itself" does little but erase a bit of joy and wonder from the world if everyone finds out about it.

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Using magic accelerates the heat death of the universe. Necromancer big bad hasn't been seen in a while because he built a computer out of skeletons, figured this out, and became a depressive recluse. He will explain this to the party and they will have an existential crisis if I have anything to say about it

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The BBEG has won two centuries ago and unknowingly killed every person living back then. Every person right now is just a shard of the BBEG pretending to be a person. No one knows about this, even the BBEG remains ignorant and thinks the missing part of him was the result of the last attack of his old nemesis. The only clue is the fact that the population remains always at the same number, never shrinking or increasing.

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The world is a dream/rewritten reality meant to satisfy a goddess’ specific fantasy. Most people aren’t actually sentient anymore, but are rather puppets of the goddess’ will. Her logic is that if she controls people’s lives then no actual sin exists. The people who have been aware of this and regained their sentience are powerless to stop the goddess.

There was a point in time to reverse the damage, but the PCs chose to live and become part of this fantasy world of hers.

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That image has terrible quality. Hurt my eyes.

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You realise that's an actual thing right? Poles can be easily switched from fixed to rotating, but fun fact doing a proper pole gymnastics routine (not the half assed shit strippers do) is actually much more taxing since core muscles need to be constantly engaged to fight the inertia.

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previous thread >>77688282
Thanks to the anons that recently upped and cleaned Muspelheim aswell as all the other documents you guys are the best!
Discuss Dwarven culture and other Trudvang related topics in this thread. Also be excellent to each other.
Thread questions:
>What part of Trudvang's lore do you like the most and why is that the case?
>What's your favorite Dwarven sub-species?
>Are Zvorda the great grandchildren of the trolls or nah?

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shameless selfbump

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i am 25. i like video games and tabletop games and CYOA novels a lot. i like a lot of the classical nerd shit. i anachronistically grew up on old PC gaming i love reading lore of all kinds and i learned some sindarin. a lot of the modern 'nerd' stuff doesnt really appeal to me though it just seems much softer and lazier. thats not really relevent im just trying to draw a line as to who i am and what i like.

im a total loser is there anyway i can get a job writing video games or something? are there any books put out on the subject by actual old video game writers or something?

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I have been reading through the 3.5 Player's Guide to Eberron and 3.5 Races of Eberron, and I have been thinking about the concept of elves fully integrated into the culture of human nations. These elves, in theory, have the best of both worlds: long lifespans, and a surrounding community that promotes innovation and invention (relative to other races, anyway).

But how do such urban elves not become the most skillful, masterful, and highly-respected savants in their respective human nations? They have long lifespans and a surrounding culture of innovation. Do these urban elves suffer from the same unspoken "learning disability" that afflicts elves tucked away into elven communities?

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Not elves then.

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>Why aren’t elves the best ever
Because they either have turbo-autism or the attention span of a rodent.
>Elf like smithing, specifically swordmaking
>Makes good swords
>Has been making swords for 600 years
>The best fucking swords
>Make you a knife? Sure it is 3 feet long with a proportionally slender blade for a knife.
>Make you an axe? Sure it is a one handed axe with a 2 foot long blade and a crossguard

Alternatively they get bored of shit quickly
>Making swords is awesome I’m gonna learn to be the best swordsmith
>One year later
>Archery is so cool I bet I could be a great archer
>3 years later
>Wow those statues are amazing I should learn sculpting

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>Elf like smithing, specifically swordmaking
>Makes good swords
>Has been making swords for 600 years
>The best fucking swords
>Make you a knife? Sure it is 3 feet long with a proportionally slender blade for a knife.
>Make you an axe? Sure it is a one handed axe with a 2 foot long blade and a crossguard
Is this really so bad? This hypothetical swordsmith elf has been living in a human city for centuries, and has always been crafting some of the best swords in the entire world. The swordsmith may have innovated multiple new methods of swordsmithing, and may have enlisted several apprentices. They are an extremely valuable asset to the community, and could have single-handedly placed the city on the map.

>Making swords is awesome I’m gonna learn to be the best swordsmith
>One year later
>Archery is so cool I bet I could be a great archer
>3 years later
>Wow those statues are amazing I should learn sculpting
This is not that bad, either. There are benefits to being a Renaissance man, and someone who has mastered so many skills over such an incredibly long lifespan surely has a great many insights on interdisciplinary synergies. If they live in a human city, they are probably legendary for their skills as a polymath.

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>But how do such urban elves not become the most skillful, masterful, and highly-respected savants in their respective human nations?
Who says they don't? Maybe the writers are retarded. Then don't continue their retardation and make these few elves the master of their craft like they logically should.
>Do these urban elves suffer from the same unspoken "learning disability" that afflicts elves tucked away into elven communities?
That does not exist and should therefore not be factored in.

But true, sometimes it feels like authors are afraid of the elfish potential of their sophisticated and skilled people coupled with their long lifespans. Such authors should be ridiculed.

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do you prefer aquatic or rather desert-dwelling reptile people?

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How about just a nice sunny plain with some patches of forest here and there? Doesn't that sound nice? Maybe a hill. Rocks to sit on. Nice, right?

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sounds nice...

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Why not both?

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I prefer ones not drawn by furries.

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I think marsh/aquatic makes more sense

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post cards you want reprints of, I just want a Moat

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If wizard reprinted all expensive cards like crazy, would they kill the game?

>> No.77856907

Why would lowering the barrier to entry kill the game?

>> No.77856960

You have to be brain damaged or masochist to be still playing this so no.

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Interesting how little bitching Time Spiral Rerun has caused. This is the first time they have straight up reprinted an entire expansion, name and all. People who shat their pants when Chronicles came out are strangely quiet now.

>> No.77857417

>This is the first time they have straight up reprinted an entire expansion, name and all.
Except that is literally is not what Time Spiral Remastered is. TSR is a mishmash of cards from the entire block, excluding any of the original Timeshifted cards from Time Spiral, and with a bevy of reprints from modern frame sets in the old frame instead. It has only a passing resemblance to the original Time Spiral set.

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Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
AllSync: https://cyoaarchive.com/main
Previous Thread >>77852420

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This isn't a real society
this is a setting YOU created
YOU chose to include child brides and no amount of "b-but my old societies.." will change that.
you're fucking disgusting

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I also chose to include entire peopls and racial groups being ruthlessly exterminated.
i also chose to include slavery in all its various forms up to and including "meat being worked to death under the cruelest conditions imaginable"
I chose to include atrocities that make the assyrians look fucking tame.
These things are far worse than girls being married off young.

Your point?

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Gil stop taking the bait

>> No.77864361

He just can't help it

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what OC monster art have you made so far?

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Well, if it was the latter,? How can’t see humanity surviving very long without a lot luck, or maybe help.

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the last point is more aimed at scifi exploration settings a la borderlands / riddick and other "deathworlds"

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Disappointed these things don't have huge fucking nuts since they're based on Tanuki

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thoughts on actual, living rock?

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Nice art tho

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Did you know him sir?

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Did someone rattle your bones, huh?

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poor rob, i just had lunch with him. hey wait a minute he still owed me money what a jerk

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undead fingers typed this

>> No.77879269

>"I'm not dead yet...!"
>Stabs him
>"Yes, it was--"
>"I think I'll go for a walk!"
>Stabs him again
>"It was a long--"
>"I'm starting to pull through!"
>Stabs him
>Pauses for several seconds
>Stabs him again
>And again
>His hair is losing its hold from his coif as he loses his composure
>Stabbing this man like tenderizing a steak with a fork
>his body heaves as his lungs selfishly guzzle oxygen
>Mouth is foaming like a rabid beast
>"It was.... It was a long time ago..."

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He was a king, of course i fucking knew him.

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Can abominations be cute?

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No Anon, you can't be.

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what's the point of this thread? why did you make it

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post monsters that are ugly in an either funny or uncanny way

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What's this from? I wanna wank to it.

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who at capcom thought that exploding tanukis are a good idea, ever?

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Do you use prepainted figures like the wizkid stuff?
If not have you seen anybody use them?
Considering how people here supposedly paint their stuff, my guess is not

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I do a lot of kitbashing for our PCs whenever we start a new campaign etc. Sometimes it's extravagant, sometimes it's pretty minor like pic related.

These krugg are fantastic and a really good example of what I do with a lot of my old MK minis. I wasn't wasn't big fan of the krugg as a younger kid but these pics have got me interested in using tjem as some orcs/trolls/troglodyte kinda foes.

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Quoted By: >>77874903 >>77874911

I worry about losing a character after all the hard work of customizing a mini for a pc, but that's also a huge part of the fun. I did a putty job on this guy, who was conveniently an old prepainted Draconian miniature.

My group is a bit better about it than most, we like to have a figure that at least comes close to matching the image in our heads. I know a few of us have been inspired by our choice of mini in how our characters look.

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Quoted By: >>77874903

PCs also have a tendency to change equipment more than wargame units, with the possible exception of games like Mordheim.

>> No.77874903

Maybe that's more of an old school thing, in modern DnD I find it pretty rare for someone to trade out if theyre a lonsword kinda guy to an axe or crossbow kinda guy, or a plate armour kinda guy to a leather kinda guy. Periodically I've done "redos" of some of the more drastic stuff but it's pretty rare in our games?

Death is more likely, but hey that's when they either join their player's collection or the Big NPC Pile I guess.

>> No.77874911

Love the grump old dragonmage look. I used the draconian alchemist for a mate's DB warlock.

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Stat Them.

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>finest swordsman in the world
>10 dex

>> No.77858396

Gimme a QRD on the lore of this toddler cartoon
Why are they knights with swords but living with robots and technology

>> No.77859184

Can witches be used as thrown weapons

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Quoted By: >>77860508

>Talking down to children is the best way to handle them
This is also for children and puts some mild effort into both carrying heavier themes and looking better.
You don't make adults by condescending and children are smarter than you think.

>> No.77860508

Even shows that act as Aesops for kids can still be drawn better. Arthur and Magic School Bus don't look so much like fucking ass.

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Quoted By: >>77857637 >>77860553

Anybody here play this and can give their thoughts on it? I've downloaded the PDF simply because I'm a fanboy but I've never been able to get a group of spergs to play it with me.

>> No.77857637


>> No.77860515

bump for interest.

>> No.77860553

Haven't played it, but reading it myself made me feel like it was overdone for the sake of being overdone.

I've seen people here who claim to have played it say similar things, mostly regarding melee combat I think being way too complicated for what it is.

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Basically the thread title. How did you get started on the hobby? I live in Singapore, and - when I was a kid - it was next to impossible to get your hands on RPG stuff. Kinokuyia and Borders stocked some, but you needed to go to speciality stores for the rest.
White Dwarf battle reports piqued my interest, but I remember vividly that I got started with the classic quickplay scenario for 4 players in Dragon Magazine. (Specifically, Dragon Magazine 251, which comes with a fast-play game.)

After that, I was hooked, but I only began DM'ing when 3E came out. So you could say that 3E was the start of it all for me.

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Based anon.

>> No.77875376

>Warhammer - Dawn of War when it was released.
>D&D - Critical Role
>>started in 2015

So you're telling me you've been exposed to the tabletop gaming world since 17 years ago, but it took a podcast 11 years later to find out about role-playing games?
Or are you just doing a crossover gatekeeper bait?

>> No.77876631

At boarding school, wander into a temporary portacabin, get invited by the gremlins within to play HERO, become portacabin gremlin.

>> No.77876675

In middle school some guy forgot his Tau codex in the lost and found and never picked it up so I kept it.
Seeing the Tau enthralled me, the figures, the aliens, the sci-fi. That's what got me into miniatures. When I checked the site, games workshop still had the old site with battle reports and articles which was a hell of fun to read, and I was so close to playing Warhammer Fantasy. However there was an article of the Tau vs the Orks, whom have "slugga boyz" and that fucking name alone made me start Orks.

>> No.77876718

Mine came from wanting to get away from screens. At first it started with some board games and then from there I found a love miniatures when I started playing x wing several years ago. I lost the group that I used to play with but it fueled an interest for miniatures which also came from a love model trains. I got into killteam, then 40k and now im hoping to some day play historics with someone and make use of the models I got. Until then ill continue learning advanced squad leader to play solo.

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The god of earth, wealth, commerce, and contracts sells off his divinity in order to retire. He fails to realize that this now prevents all precious metals from ever being mined or minted, and that these precious metals are used both as currency and as a valuable component in magical crafting formulae.

How does the global economy cope?

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In your pic I thought he just made the coin into gold. Really he was a dumbass who caused inflation all over the place because he didn't want to actually participate in the economy the way mortals did.

In your example the world probably would either do well because economies are based on the idea of scarcity currency or they move on to thing they can make themselves as currency note.

>> No.77856043

Can you please make your thinly veiled genshin threads somewhere else?
There's a whole general on /vg/ about it.

>> No.77857398
Quoted By: >>77858243

Wouldn't whoever bought it just take over the job?

>> No.77858243


>> No.77858366

What, and whoever he sold it to magically liquidated it and for some unknown reason no other lesser spirit has now been "promoted" and taken up the position instead?

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Quoted By: >>77878272

If you’re out there and you play, why don’t you share some of your experiences, models, and advice so we can get more people into it?

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>> No.77878272
Quoted By: >>77878604

general? srsly? you're just like conquest guys who tried to force their general for 2, maybe 3 weeks and drowned in shitposting

>> No.77878604
Quoted By: >>77878729

you're pretty new aren't you?

these generals are usually just an excuse to talk about fallout in general rather than exclusively the wargame.

>inb4 not /tg/
it's literally no different TESlorefags having generals here.

>> No.77878729
Quoted By: >>77878982

calling someone new when you try to force a new general, like we're not drowning in needless threads right now I hope you'll get as many shitposters as possible while talking about reveals and showing unpainted minis

>> No.77878982
Quoted By: >>77880144

>oh no we don't have space for any new threads, think of all the poorly disguised fetish threads that'll fall off the board!

>> No.77880144

hey man getting rid of coomer bait threads let the SJWs & trannies win. i don't care if there are other boards dedicated to it and no i won't fap before i post. i have to be horny all the time.

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Quoted By: >>77856398

We all know that the quickest and easiest way to indicate an evil empire is evil is by showing them burning books, censoring ideas, and burying their scholars.
In your settings, what kind of books or writings are proscribed by the local evil empire?

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Dr Suess and this book in particular has been in the news lately. This is yet another stealth politics thread made by people who don't care about /tg/ and are just here to complain about America.
If OP actually cared, we would be three posts in to a dump about book burning in his super duper original "world"

>> No.77856500 [DELETED]


>> No.77856555 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>77856574

>he assumed to be
That seems to be a common theme in this thread
t. an actrual tribalist

>> No.77856566
Quoted By: >>77856574

>Racist caricatures
You think that Genghis Khan actually looked like John Wayne but slightly squinting don't you? I can't believe we've gotten to the point where actual racists like me are the only ones who see that humans are a diverse bunch rather than the amerigoblin 56% face corporatized racial slurry twittoids like to pretend we are. Asians actually do have squinted eyes and yellow(ish) skin, Africans actually do have ceremonial lip discs and wear grass skirts, as tribal people would on a hot ass continent. If you can't handle that people who live hundreds of miles away from eachother look vastly different then be a genocidal white supremacist, at least then you won't fall into unhealthy self loathing.
You can't hide forever, change is inevitable and unless you can take hold of its tide you will be swept away.

>> No.77856574


No. Fuck you. OP made a thread referencing day politics.
>You can't hide forever, change is inevitable and unless you can take hold of its tide you will be swept away.
No, fuck you. This is not the board for it.
Fuck you.

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How would you go about making a map for a campaign set in multiple layers of underground networks?

I've got mediocre photoshop skills and could probably whip something up, but I've never really seen an "underground" world map for a tabletop campaign, so I'm curious how y'all would start. Any tips or inspiration?

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Anyone have any more maps like these? Cross section maps and diagrams are dope

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>> No.77872384

I though it was an advertisement projected onto the dome wall.

>> No.77875466

Wrong thread or...?

>> No.77877501

what it is from?

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Why do so many fantasy philosophies claim passion is intrinsically sinful?
How would you integrate passion into a religion in a non-villainous way?

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>> No.77879959

The utter onions in this post

>> No.77879969
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I think anon means that they know that you are angry, and they know the cause of the anger, but they don't know the WHY of that cause leads to that reaction.

>> No.77880111
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They started acting guilty before we knew to be mad at them.

>> No.77880164
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Pretty normal actually: IF they knew why you'd be angry (seeing poop on floor) they would NOT act "guilty" before they knew you've seen it. Fact is, they act "guilty" before of that because they don't even know you're angry because you've seen it, and certainly not because they get that "oh now master has to clear the floor".

>> No.77880333

They may not know exactly why, but they certainly understood that pooping on the floor made us mad, they’d act guilty before we discovered it because they knew they were going to get in trouble. It was also why they only did it when we were all out of the house, (we had a dog door) they did it because they were mad that we left them alone and pooped in the house out of spite.

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Guardinal Edition

>UA: Gothic Lineages

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


>Previous thread: >>77849988

Neutral Good Celestial Furries when?

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I assume they're not talking about variant encumberance because with variant encumberance an 8 str rogue can carry more than a 16 str fighter.

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>No DM ever sensibly goes around and checks,
Yes, that's my point. Most games ignore encumbrance rules because they're dumb. But if you WANT that sort of game, the rules are there.
>slot-based inventory limits
How would you do that in a way that doesn't feel like a fucking vidya?

>> No.77863679

Variant encumbrance mostly just punishes STR characters because their armor is heavy as fuck
While people who dump strength have light gear anyways and enough overhead to carry whatever else they need

>> No.77863780

Just because rules are there doesn't mean the rules are good or user-friendly or anything. And why does
>Just list all your items in one long list and honestly nobody ever is going to check if those items even have anywhere to go as long as you list them down and have the carry capacity
>Also just eat food every 4 days it's not like characters care about being hungry at all
feel less like vidya than
>Have kits of items in bundles that can be assumed to be camping bags, pouches and shit
A strong guy can simply just carry more bags. I don't think any one way is inherently more vidya-like than the other.

So you'd have a camping kit which includes all the basic comfort supplies and X days of water/food/etc supplies. Then you can have kits like:
>Extra food/water
>Thief (Caltrops, ball bearings, smoke bombs)
>Custom(Clear it out with DM or keep the weight system and specify it can't have more than, say, 40lbs of weight)
>Spare set of armor/clothes/whatever
>Weapon holsters (categorize weapons as big(3), medium(2) and small(1) and allow 6 points worth of weapons, for example)
>Clergy/priest/spiritualistic pack (Holy water, wooden stake, holy symbol etc)
>Medic pack
>Tool kits
>Scholarly pack
Yes, kits sort of do already exist but like this it'd be easier to organise and you can say that DMs can assume that a kit contains stuff on the fly rather than having to look it up (but failing that, there's always a hard list of suggestions the DM can't deny the kit has)

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>>77818407 Previous Thread

>General Creation Kit

What do you want to play /tg/?

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>> No.77870234

provide all the questions at the same time.

>> No.77870307

The Temenos is a reflection of the collective unconscious, not the collective unconscious itself, just like the Jealousy Goetia in the Astral reflect feelings of jealousy by humans

>> No.77870355

by that definition, the quality of having authored something is a soul, and that's if you don't have the good sense to at least be supervenience theorist

>> No.77870363
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>Non physical phenomena
These don't exist anon

>> No.77870496

Its Mage bullshit what did you expect? logic?

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New release edition

So the new box set has been leaked; Krazir vs The Diamond Horde. What do you guys think of it?

3rd edition spoilers soon
Army books updated yearly
Dan is no longer working on the project

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>> No.77857758

every part of the gem clans have been unbalanced as fuck, the powercreep is real in that army.

i dont want another saphire>ruby, ruby>emerald, emerald>amethyst gate.

>> No.77858468

>calls the Seleucidarii bland posterboys
>tells people to play literal copies of Caststorm Immortals

You’re an autist, anon

>> No.77858511

>if you like getting cucked by armies with superior mobility and board control

I’m sorry anon but your eternal save rolls are useless now with the buffed Deathcleave rules for the HL Blademasters. Somebody on plebbit did the math and a unit of 5 HLBMs can absolutely wreck three of your Soulcinder Centurions

>> No.77858559

Heard from a friend of a friend that Dan got fired for feeling up the CEO’s husband during one of the Twitch livestreams

>> No.77858615

Did they retcon the do-it-yourself terrain rules? I can't find anyrhing in that stupid new terrain book. Because of the old rule that makes the cover better when you use more personal items to built them, I spent a shitton of used condoms to build a tower that's exactly 37,6 cm high, so my men are exactly unchargeable from the ground and exactly too low for a strafing melee attack from flyers. It took almost two days to jizz that much, and now there are no rules for it?

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