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I swear that after covid is over, I'm never playing or running another online session of a tabletop RPG ever again. This shit is a fucking nightmare. What the fuck is wrong with people?

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> Awaken from dey deep sleep-sleep
They are indeed zealots, enthralled to their only means left to hold aloft their world views, moral decadence, and genuine stupidity brought on by pushing their ability to think onto other people. I wont deny you that righteous indignation.
Then again
So many want to goo-bac to da old ways like simps to an over used and diseased whore. You, me, the anons reading this? If we aren't in the upper class, we are as free as they allowed us to be. You're only upset because it's finally happening to you and not some 3rd worlder.

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Grandpa joe gets to HAVE a two bedroom ranch, you think anyone in our generation is going to own any fucking land they don't get handed to them through inheritance?

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everything that shit

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What about Grandpa Joe with Alzheimers? 47 Years in politics, hoarded quite a bit of property with his 17 mansions and bank accounts in China.

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jesus christ anon what the fuck

So the supply isn't the issue, but now it becomes me sitting there counting successes for 20 minutes and because I also re-roll 1s and 2s I have to do THAT and then count THOSE as well. Online, I can set up a macro on Roll20 that will automatically tell me all that information so combat doesn't grind to a screeching halt every time I roll a larger dicepool.

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My game session just ended about an hour ago, with the PCs settling on a plan that's highly flawed. Skipping over a lot of exposition that the PCs know and I doubt you guys are interested in, the party has been digging up the central temple to one of the setting deities. Among other things, they found this magical rite that contacts said deity and if done properly, gets a powerful boon. They seem to think they have all of the necessary implements, but they do not; they lack a special idol that is placed on the altar during the ceremony. They have not noticed this because they do have a very similar idol, except theirs belongs to a brother-god in the pantheon. And these are one of the brother sets that do not get along, in fact the central myth in the mythology is about how a third brother needs to constantly watch his two siblings to keep them from fighting.

Now, I fully realize that they might notice their mistake before next session in a week and this will all be for nothing. But if they go ahead with this, I figure there should be something really nasty in store for them beyond a generic "the god zaps you" or sends down some emissary to attack them for their sacrilege. I'm really casting for some kind of thematic curse or something memorable to hit them with if they go ahead with this. Anyone have any ideas I could borrow?

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>Thematic curse
Gonna need to know the themes of the gods to give a good idea of this. Since the brother-gods hate each other then presumably the party could offend both, in the case of the god the idol actually presents he's offended they mistook him for the brother and for the god who owns the temple he's offended they technically tried to worship his brother there. From there they could be cursed in that both gods will fuck them over whenever they do something in their sphere of influence, or maybe even compel their respective followers to attack the party. The quest then goes to the PCs trying to get the third brother to intervene, even though hating them has managed to unite his brothers for the first time in forever.

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>still trying to push "storyshitter"
just give up, anon

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Which is why I'm bothering to think of something at all. I don't think they will notice their error, but I wanted to pre-empt someone who will say not to bother thinking about it since they haven't fucked up yet.

To be perfectly honest, I hadn't thought that far ahead. This is an opportunistic thing, so to speak, born from a very foolish, very uncharacteristic error in planning.

That being said, the main thrust of the story so far is looking for a famous treasure and getting to it before a rival group does. And that treasure is in a temple of the third deity of this trio, the peacemaker. I guess when they get to said peacemaker's temple and have to do something or other to get past the defenses (which are nowhere near statted out yet, they're more of a vague sense than a detailed dungeon), the offended deity can and should do something to fuck them up, make it harder to get through his "tinged" areas in the temple.

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They're patron-gods of rival cities, think along the lines of the Set vs Horus rivalries in Egyptian mythology and the mirroring struggle of Nehken and Ombos. Dovash's traits and attributes are mostly tied to the local geography and activities of the place, at least back when it was an important area and not a ruin: He's most associated with mountains, the cold, metalworking, martial discipline, and a strict ethical code that's pretty much his only surviving cultural impact to the "present".

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The brother-god does nothing to them and is friendly in every way. He even offers them his blessing. Only if they refuse it does he curse them.

The deity they intended to contact, on the other hand, is going to be absolutely livid that they mistook his brother for him. They have lost any chance they had at receiving the boon they were looking for, and may receive a far worse curse if they ever come to his attention again.

I would need to know more about the gods in order to come up with the exact effects.

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If a foreign ethnic group wants to legitimize itself is it usually more accepted if they outright deny the natives were there first, or to claim that they are related to the natives through some wacky genealogy? Or is it better to say that the natives are actually just a splinter group of their own group so it’s okay to invade?

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Depends a lot of context, but in western tradition usually the second:
>to claim that they are related to the natives through some wacky genealogy
or even maybe
>to claim that they have rightful claim by connection to divine mythological beings or ancestral enemies

Romans are kinda famous for this, as they culturally and kinda politically fabricated that they were descendants Trojans that survived the Greek sacking, thereby claiming a lot of territories in Asia Minor. Alexander the Great also claimed himself to be the son of Zeus, and even other gods of the conquered.

For more foreign and modern context, one of the reason for Imperial Japan for claiming Korean territory was that they were the same people by genetics, and they were just unifying the various separated bloodlines into one. This was due avocation the eugenic movements at the time.

Generally most invaders won't deny the people's history of the land, but rather they alter or expand the context of the history.

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There’s also the method where you say a shared parent empire ruled over X country until it collapsed so you’re really just uniting the broken empire

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Yeah that was actually one of underhand cultural reasoning for the recent annexation Crimea by the Russians. Why they had a lot support there was because for many people they were part of the same kingdom/state/polity - going back to Kiev, if not earlier- than the recent claim of the independent nation state who wanted to be closer to the EU. History and the immutable status quo of states are nothing but a product of constant ideological struggles.

If OP is actually serious, and not a troll, I recommend reading this:

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I am OP

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Dunno, just do whatever the Chinese are doing right now

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Why do Imperial Guard players try to distance themselves away from Space Marines/the Imperium as a whole?

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Same reason Rock Lee is cooler than Naruto

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Most Imp fans I see praise the Cadians and Death Korp of Krieg. On the contrary its rare you see people talk other regiments.

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Well you can thank GW stopping production of other IG regiments so it's been up to players to either kitbash or find a 3rd party that produces what they want, and that's just too much effort for many IG newfags

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Outside of the Sly Marbo thing barely anyone gives a shit about Catachans. Do not say "its becasue their design is stuck in the 80s" becasue they are still a rather awesome regiment.

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I was more implying Pretorian guard

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GIPF edition

Previous thread: >>77733153

Resources: https://pastebin.com/h8Tz2ze8

When are you going to play the GIPF Project?
Why haven’t you played the GIPF Project already?
You do know they’re all on TTS, right?

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lol I forgot to include /bgg/ - Board Game General in the thread topic

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add me on Steam if you wanna play


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It's no BOFA

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What's GIPF? I heard the name once and forgot about it.

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A series of seven abstract strategy games on hexagonal boards. GIPF is the name of the series and the first entry in it.

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>"It depends on the setting."
What happen to this old forgotten /tg/ wisdom?

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newpeople and bait.

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yes it is.
no it isnt. its asking for more information so that a more apropriate and contextualized response can be given.

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Water actually isn't wet.

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the OP made a non-post that doesn't move any discussion forward.

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Can't take a silly topic seriously if there is no topic.

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I'll start. this happened to me today.
>Join random discord
>2 owners, one is cool, one is...yeah.
>start a quest as a chaotic neutral magic man
>dm speaks broken english and the group is okay
>stumble into a dark cave, ask if I can use control flame to get light from a PC's cigar
>"no you don't know if there are traps or anything"
>uhh ok
>he describes a gate sign written in abyssal, with fluff text in even more broken English than before
>sign says something about blood or some shit
>obvious puzzle where you have to poor blood in bowl
>yadda yadda do thing edgy.png
>head into a hallway where there's a demon woman
>being chaotic good, and sensing this bitch is evil, I decide to murder said bitch
>"I cast magic missle."
>"r u sure this will remove your plot armor and you don't know how powerful she is plus she's too old to fight"
>"magic missle."
>DM makes her a Erinyes without telling me
>hit her with fuckalll damage
>this is the catalyst of the shitcannon of holding which a mountain of bullshit will fall from
>(D)ick(M)aster goes next, she shoots her longbow
>get lucky, avoid all arrows
>roll constitution for hellish weapons' poison
>succeed, matching it
>"you are now poisoned"
>give him the description for Erinyes' longbow, and point out I succeeded the check
>"My rules are that you need to exceed all checks, not match them"
>Explain to him that that's not how it works, and that he pulled that he pulled that out of his ass
>"that's just my style"
>go back and forth with him until a mod arrives
>guy goes on a rant, claiming I'm a murderhobo and a troll
>Admin just warns me not to be so chaotic, and that I'm kicked out of the campaign
>DM explains that he lost all the motivation to go on with the quest and he'll do it tomorrow
>fine by me
to be continued in next post

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I really wish I was

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Goddamn you are one vile, wretched, pathetic little cunt.

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>Worst Play-by-post experience you ever had?
the worst PbP experience I had was when one of my players decided to try ERPing with a child NPC
the second worst PbP experience I had was when one of the DMs (our group was in several concentric games with different people DMing different ones) was revealed to be a guy in his 20s ERPing with a guy in his 40s, upon which half the group just fucked all the way off
the third worst was a lot more mundane, the DM just narrated everything in a weird sing-songy second person voice so all the other players got creeped out and left

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holy shit

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>Two big rectangles
>One of them is just reversed Ireland with Scotland added above

Well, we can all agree that non-characters worlbuilding isnt Martin strongest point. I'm intrigued about Mossoy and Ulthos tho

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Yeah, he admitted it himself. He makes up the world as he goes.

>> No.77850477

is GRRM the first author to give up completely??

I mean Tolkien just wanted to complete the silmarillion before publishing it
also since this is a thinley veiled map thread i need to ask you
>batshit crazy stuff like original d&d or adventure time were you can have an elemental world

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Quoted By: >>77856501

>The actual geography and scale is by far the worst part of the setting.
This, actually the scale is worse cancer than the geography in general. Landmasses genuinely do make some fucked shapes, two rectangles isn't really weirder than Celebes, but
>the wall is seven billion feet tall!
>winter can last for fifty years!
>despite being a unified kingdom my make-believe medieval England is the size of a whole continent!
is just the worst kind of stereotypical American "bigger is better" retardation, it has literally no redeeming features whatsoever. Absolutely and completely impossible to defend.

>> No.77856501

so you're saying his size intimidates you

>> No.77856621

People always complain about the map, but never the world.

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Might be cringe to some, but I like to play dwarf wizards. I know all the BX/ADND fags hate this, but well I don't really care.
He still doesn't like elves tho.

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magic is for pussies, simple as

>> No.77862009

My first DnD character was a dwarf wizard. His shtick was being a massive dwarf chauvanist who thought only dwarves should be allowed to be wizards.

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Quoted By: >>77863302


Unbased and not Tolkienpilled

"The dwarves of yore made mighty spells"

Hell, all considered the average dwarf seems to be more prone to magical-slinging than the average elf.

>> No.77863302

Tolkien's elves and dwarves were both magical beings, as they should be. I blame D&D for making them shallow expies of movie Gimli

>> No.77864593

I had a dwarf rogue (dipped into barbarian) who was chaotic good with a shaved head and shaved face
wasnt big on drinking but liked cigars

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>Biggest sites for free online playing:

>Free tactics trainers online:

>run out of free match analysis on chess.com
>download or ctrl+c the pgn for the match
>make a free account on
>tools - import game - paste/upload pgn - toggle analysis
>click on the "learn from your mistakes" button

>Explore openings:

>Starter books (Pdfs are easy to find online):
Soviet chess primer by Maizelis et al
Play Winning Chess by Yasser Seirawan
Chess Fundamentals by Capablanca
Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess by Patrick Wolff
Logical Chess: Move by Move by Irving Chernev

>Archived threads:

>Where to find master games:

>Join the lichess team:


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>Am i missing something?
>black takes the bishop,
that's it. Bishop is gone. RIP bishop ;-;

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Quoted By: >>77875208

What happened to all the KGchads in these threads? Did they meet one too many 3...d6 players, or do they continue to silently grind with their gambits in some wild corner of the rating ladder?

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Don't you love it when your opponent Bobby Fischers themselves?

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>> No.77875208

>do they continue to silently grind with their gambits in some wild corner of the rating ladder?

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I want to run a giant campaign, but the difference in power between different giants is a problem. I’m thinking of making them have the same power, but be good at different things.

For example

>Hill giants
Farming, Animal handling

>Fire giants
Craftsmen, generals

>Stone giants
Construction and mining

>Cloud giants
Entertainers, Tricksters, merchants

>Storm giants
Wise leaders

>Frost giants
Hunters and Warriors

Is this a good idea?

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Quoted By: >>77850116

For a setting as a whole? Yes. I would have some variance, of course, but in general, yeah.

>> No.77850116
Quoted By: >>77850852

Agree with anon. It is a good starting point.

Is there gonna be a caste system in your campaign?

>> No.77850852
Quoted By: >>77855274


>> No.77855274

Is it going to be similar to the D&D system, or something new. I kind of am looking for inspiration for giants.

>> No.77857659

We all do,brother.

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Thread for ideas for adventures in heaven like settings like celestia and arcadia.

I think its a very underutilized general setting, particularly for “tests” and “riddles” and gamy sort of things.

instead of dire obsticles that might reap your soul or whatever, the denizions of these planes might alternatively give you a challange by “testing your metle and valor and wit” therefor allowing for slightly gamier feel or things along the lines of the Labours of Heracles. giving tests in order to prove yourself worthy for whatever reward a sphynx or an archon or whatever might give you. these can be straightforward combat or more interesting puzzles/challanges, like figure out who is lieing or collect all three scrolls under a time limit, or giving up something to better another. taking inspiration from paridiso perhaps. think could be very comfy while still being challanging and interesting. you could also having interesting conversation and dispute of what is good, like a faction that believes more in justice and another more in freedom, or different kinds of justice.

thoughts and ideas?

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Quoted By: >>77851982 >>77853661

Here is a pity bump. Use it well.

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>> No.77853661

i appreciate it brother. the top threads are all thinly veiled rage threads one direction or another and are less /tg/ and less /comfy/ for it.

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Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
AllSync: https://cyoaarchive.com/main
Previous Thread >>77835123

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Thank God I stopped watching porn a'd upgraded to reading doujinshi.

>> No.77852455

>he doesn’t like waifus
You HAVE to go back.

>> No.77852460

Night Shift Thread
Settle in, gonna be a long one

>> No.77852522

I don't, but the next best is Xvids and their search system is fucking awful

>> No.77853443

Needs more pages

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What was his alignment, /tg/?

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In JCSS he is lawful neutral but turns neutral good after seeing jesus being whipped. He comes to blame the jewish legal system of the sanhedrin for jesus' death

>> No.77848892
Quoted By: >>77849824

or rather, becomes neutral good after having to whip jesus. You can see he no longer believes in justice purely as following laws

>> No.77849034

JCSS is blasphemous and Andrew Lloyd Webber is going to burn in hell.

I thought OP's pic was a commissar from 40k for a second. lol

>> No.77849824

Not quite, since his complaint was that there was no law Christ had broken to merit punishment.

"Not a king, or god! Not a thief! I NEED A CRIME!" - "Just to keep you vultures happy, I will have him flogged!"

>> No.77851304

Thought this was a screenshot from that FMV 40k game

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>Brutus' Drive

>DriveAnon's Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

>Last Thread

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Poor Ichigo. His entire life was orchestrated solely so Aizen could sit upon that chair for all eternity.

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>Talking about how gay Aizen is, and how he ignored the two arrancar sluts
>Everyone forgets this little thing who wanted his D first, and he still ignored her.

>> No.77852824
Quoted By: >>77852841

Didn't she just kick her son out of the royal family because he married an American?

>> No.77852828


>> No.77852841

tbf he was a twat too

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>Cavalrymen PCs in role-playing games

Is the horse an NPC usually?

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you'd need a survey, it's done in different ways depending on system, gm, and players
some groups might have a paladin partially control their "Mount", while others might treat it as a animal companion or npc.
A survey might give you some stats, but I bet it's all over the place

>> No.77846152
Quoted By: >>77846389

mounts are inventory items

>> No.77846389

Based. Even barely sentient magic weapons which "speak" through emotions are a hassle to deal with.

>> No.77847537

In my experience, it's usually collateral when enemies use AOE attacks.

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What are some heroic or just good ways a good or at least neutral aligned character could use the power of mind control?

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Quoted By: >>77861702

>there are things that can not be overcome through empathy, or times when empathy does not invalidate conflict.
at some level maybe, but if two minds become one, is there a conflict to begin with?
regardless people do and can be completely psyoped into whatever belief due to nurture.
if you control the course of this nurture, its very conceivable you can get something to believe pretty much anything, or at the very least alter their perception somewhat. unless we believe that the indivigual “self” is somehow outside the closed system of the larger world, but seeing as we are influenced by this world apparently, i do not think this is probable, or at the very least a good part of the self can and is manufactured.

we could ask Kant or Plato, or pretty much everyone else besides maybe some pseudo-religious liberals like payne. but even Locke agrees to some extent.

>> No.77861681

Yeah that's the thing. A player, or a character should be able to think X is evil, in this case mind control, but the DM and the rules of the setting should never be overt in a heavy roleplay setting. If it's combat focused, limited roleplay, it doesn't matter too much, but making it a rule should be okay, since any class where alignment matters doesn't get access to it reliably.

>> No.77861702

Necessarily in Kant there is a specific, in and of itself apriori soul that is not mixable. Even if your minds become one.
Plato's different in that each being is an incomplete and less good version of an ideal form. Really depends on if beings are representative of The Soul or Souls. Its been a while since plato though so I do not recall.
While sociological conditions have effect on being, there are necessary components that are not 100 mutable via that. This is not a biological determinism thing, this is a mix of the two since before humans were humans. No amount of submersion will fully alter a being.
The fucked part of being is the simultaneous separated but linked existence. We are not fully separated and are not fully interlinked.
If you could somehow magically meld some minds, how do you separate them again without destroying them?
I'm not even going to get into how full of shit lock is.

>> No.77862806
Quoted By: >>77864597

mind control=bad
do not

>> No.77864597


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The bunny women of the forest demand to be taken seriously!

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Quoted By: >>77856533

That’s some heavy stuff dude. I would love to give some advice but I cannot, I just don’t have any knowledge about this.
Is there any pain medications that can help

>> No.77856533
Quoted By: >>77856596

All the medication that are prescribed to me are addictive in nature, I don't want to pile on additional mental problems and spend 2/3rds of the day in a drug lul just to get out of feeling guilty. I've decided that my problems are my own, and drugs aren't the answer. I'm not asking for advice, believe me, of all people I've had plenty of the time to think a out it at night. I've heard that in a few years I might not even be able to walk, and I'm scared everyday of being a prisoner in my own body.

>> No.77856596
Quoted By: >>77856712

Holy shit dude.
You sound like a hardcore dude deciding to keep on keeping on. Not even taking the piss or trying to meme, I mean it.

I legitimately hope that you don’t lose use of your legs, and I respect that decision to not use drugs as the answer, that takes gumption and grit that most folks, myself included, don’t have these days.

As for the prisoner in your own body, if your arms still work would a wheelchair be a option?

>> No.77856712
Quoted By: >>77856809

I'm really not sure if you're being condescending or not, if it's pity I don't need it either. If you're genuinely curious about the wheel chair though it's a little more complicated
Because of how my spine is misshapen I can't actually bend my back further than 130 degrees, you'll just have to imagine (180 being me laying down flat).
So I can't actually get into a chair, I can walk of course with assistance (my sister sometimes takes me outside or a cane sometimes suffices) but like i mentioned earlier this ability to move only a little independently is like sand falling between my fingers, it's quickly going and no matter how hard I try everyday to excel in my therapy or push my limits I feel as though it's just prolonging the inevitable
There's some experimental surgery that's being thrown around but I was told I'd unlikely receive this surgery because the rate at which my condition is declining it would only likely result in me dying on the operating table. I heard my mother say "oh no we can't have that" but I sometimes pray that they give it to me, because I'd either wake up better or not at all

>> No.77856809

I legitimately did not mean to come off as condescending, and it wasn’t pity either, as I imagine you have enough of that, I was being honest with what I’m saying, in this context there’s no other reason to say it, ya know?

I do understand in a way, as in I’ve been on the outside looking in on a situation like yours, the way you feel about that surgery, a death or glory sort of move, either you get better, or it’s no longer your problem anymore. A mercy either way.
I honestly don’t know what else to say besides I wish you luck man, and I hope that if you get that surgery it changes your life for the better.

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Quoted By: >>77850501 >>77852327

>the local lord doesn't have any friends to invite to his marriage with the count's daughter and lied about having had a tight-knit group of friends when he was in boarding school
>his plan is to hire your party disguised as foreign and exotic nobles to play the part
>he promises a lot of gold to your party if they accept
Would you do it?

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>> No.77850499

This feels like a dudebro comedy

>> No.77850501


>> No.77850521


>> No.77850662

>>everyone that does something is the same person
Today, one of the churches of Tlön Platonically maintains that a certain pain, a certain
greenish tint of yellow, a certain temperature, a certain sound, are the only reality. All
men, in the vertiginous moment of coitus, are the same man. All men who repeat a line
from Shakespeare are William Shakespeare.

>> No.77852327

>the local lord doesn't have any friends
I laugh at him for being a fucking loser and go hang out with a cooler local lord

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Looking for creatures and stories that would make for good encounters.

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>> No.77871842

This thread really went downhill over the last 24 hours.

>> No.77871981

That one is. They don't all look the same.

>> No.77871986

I posted tons titbits from my book on folklore yesterday then, as usual, a bunch of braindead culture war addicts came in and decided to shit up the thread so I just gave up and left it to see if it started to pick up again. As per 4chan standards since 2016 I was disappointed.

>> No.77872046

The trolls have moved in.

>> No.77873442

One spastic is all it takes

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Quoted By: >>77847476 >>77847479

People really say shit like, "I'm tired of Tolkien-esque fantasy" and "I'm bored with classical fantasy tropes", and then wonder why we gatekeep. These tourists have been playing tabletop games for less than a decade, and they're already acting like they've seen it all...

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>> No.77847439

While inauthentic people do exist (hipsters, contrarians, etc) I would have to see some hard evidence that they are anything more than a neglibile population. I've played with plenty of normies and I have yet to meet one who was only doing it for perceived cred and not because they had at least some kind of interest in the premise of the game itself

>> No.77847476

okay gramps

>> No.77847479

I've been playing since 1996 or so, and I'm definitely bored of Tolkien-esque fantasy. That's why I play Traveller.

>> No.77849952
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>> No.77850959
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Quoted By: >>77857437

>kills hundreds of thousands because bored
>Chaotic (((Neutral)))
Why is this?

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>> No.77855226

Helping others is objectively good. Self interest is neutral unless you actively try to screw other people over, in which case it becomes evil.

>> No.77857302

He created a fake ruined castle and sank it into the ground where he turned that ground into an other fake ancient ruin so he could hide a magical artifact to attract adventurers which would reach a magical gateway to the elemental plane of chaos which would require them to ask for the power to protect whatever they loved (or just power itself) where the adventurer would become trapped to fight an endless stream of monsters from the gate with these powers that they wished for.

That's the joke. Spent thousands of years in the making, just to pull a prank on some adventurer that would eventually be born.

>> No.77857435
Quoted By: >>77859591

Pathfinder has this strange thing with alignment grid where, for example, some Chaotic Neutral gods (like Yog-Sothoth) don't allow clerics that are neutral or chaotic good, just CN or CE.

>> No.77857437

god morality doesn't the same as mortal morality

>> No.77859591

That honestly makes more sense in some ways than "just one step of the god". On one hand it eliminates the potential for clerics that cary more unorthodox dogma for a god, like a CN cleric of Rovagug who treats him more as a Shiva like figure rather than some deranged screeching cultist. On the other, I can see a legitmate argument for why Gorum doesn't want Chaotic Good followers or why any really Good person would follow a deity that just likes war and violence.

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Should witches be old and haggish or young and pretty? If you say both you're boring.

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>> No.77857847

They're old hags that glamour themselves to be pretty in order to collect semen from young men.

>> No.77857900
File: 316KiB, 1637x1302, witchesofsin.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I like my witches like my wizards: with no sense of right and wrong.

>> No.77857969

Witches tend to be beautiful, though the magic that helps with that tends to be tied to a witch's self image. A witch that feels beautiful will look more beautiful.

Maidens, or Daughters, are the youngest and most numerous witches. Strong enough to work in a coven, they can work minor spells on their own and in groups can manage more powerful magic.

Mothers are the leaders of the land. Respected for their wisdom and power, they can manage powerful spells on their own and in covens can unite others to do truly mighty things.

Grandmothers, or Crones, tend to be gracefully aged elders. Beloved and respected, each is a treasure. A grandmother can lead a coven of hundreds and perform spells unimaginable to other mortals. They also tend to be annoyed by the protection of their devoted guardian knights.

>> No.77857987

Ugliness in magic users represents growing weakness and decreptitude, or corruption

>> No.77858269

Both and you are boring for not thinking so because that's a sure fire cope for lack of creativity

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Going by innocent until proven guilty that would think undead weren’t a path of least resistance, but what afterlife would beholders embody?

>> No.77845343

Those are words

>> No.77845401

But did yohe sconsider ghns yhe gbkd ame hehe

>> No.77849615


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