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>learn magic from the Devil for 7 years
>can see future, become invisible, summon storms, ride dragons
>still spend 99% of time dressed in a sack begging for alms

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Why did they delete Dungeon Bastard videos?
I thought they were entertaining.

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Can a romance between an elf and a human be done in a "realistic" / sensible way or is it pretty much always wish-fullfilment coming from human GMs and players and sort of a magical realm?

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Which is more pathetic?
A) People who play weird snowflake characters because they desperately want to feel special and don't realize that weird snowflake characters are normal
B) people who play bland boring default characters because they desperately want to feel special and mistakenly believe that bland and boring default characters are special?

There is no other reason to play RPGs, by the way, every single player fits into these categories even if they aren't aware of it.

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>next most popular line
>has maybe 3% of the space
lmao even OSR is more popular than WoD

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Now that's what I call based.

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Not really, based people by definition do their own thing without giving a shit if everyone disagrees

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Get lost, tourist

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they hated jesus because he told them the truth

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Why are people into cyberpunk so embarrassing?

Is there any way to salvage this shitty genre.

Surely if offered more than cyborgs, neon, and awful synthwave sound bits.

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Neo/lit/ is a dead place.

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Cringe thread.

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>Nothing we'd recognise
I don't think Cro-Magnon humans would recognize anything but given enough time they'd adapt like grandparents using computers and smartphones.
As weird as it sounds but Chernobyl and Hiro-Naga are already recuperating.
My only reasonable reason to spread out is a gamma ray burst. These are horrible.

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>That's very rare in cyberpunk
I don't disagree. I just stated what I wanted, not what was the case.

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Damn, that was a bad way to phrase that. Anyway, here is the link: https://call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/cfp/2016/09/04/nemla-2017-speculative-horror-ontologies-of-the-real .

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What is the best way to include an investigation element into your plot? I always try and give every character the chance to gather different information about environments, NPCs and events around them, like a technician noticing something different from a soldier despite looking at the same thing. I occasionally have the players find notes or reports, but if it's really important I usually just cut to the relevant parts, like saying "you notice that in these logistical reports there's an unusual amount of batteries being moved around". I try to avoid being too obscure because I fear I may pitch them against a riddle that seems clear inside my head, but is actually impossible to solve form outside, so the best I can come up with is more similar to following breadcrumbs rather than actually gathering evidence and figuring it all out. Then again, I wouldn't even know how to actually place and expose the evidence in the right way for it not to be too obvious or seemingly pointless.

I want to get better at this, so I was hoping someone here might give some good advice.

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If you can afford it, look into Monster of the Week. It's a whole game system based around investigations. The DM's guide part where it talks about how to run an investigation was really eye opening to me.

In summery, MotW says "don't plan every single stage of your mystery. Plan a timeline that will happen if the players don't get involved, then put them into an open world. Improvise the game from there to make it so that the players make the leads, rather than you pre-making them. This makes a mystery so much easier to prep (you can belt one out in an hour) and makes your players feel smart."

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Will look into it, thank you. I generally don't really keep a track of time if it's not plot relevant, as most of our sessions go by from one "scene" to another similarly to how L5R does it, but it will be interesting to try it out. But while that would help in pacing the events happening, it's the seeding of clues that I find difficult.

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I've played the actual Sherlock Holmes Investigative game where you're supposed to be a group of the Baker Street Irregulars. We basically failed because the game's success was based on the number of scenes we needed to solve the mystery. And we didn't specify correctly where we were going and often wanted to go to the alley BEHIND the shop the murder took place in and wasted ingame time watching Scotland Yard's investigation play out.

All I can recommend is not to try that approach.

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Here is an example of one of those timelines. This is one I used for my last session, the players fought Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox in Salem Oregon. Miss Anom is a college professor who has a secret love of magic, and she is the party's main source of intel and magic items. For this game I wanted to put her in danger, so I had Paul want to get revenge on her for locking him away from the world for 10 years.

The hunt started with Paul being released and going to murder Miss Anom, but since the party was there helping Miss Anom with an experiment Paul was unable to win the fight. He declared he would murder everyone Miss Anom loved before coming back for her.

From there the party decided to hunt down her family members to defend them. They succeeded in getting her family to a safe location before Paul could even figure out the location of her family members, completely ruining that plan.

The nature in Salem began to twist and mutate in reaction to the storm Paul brought. The players suddenly found it impossible to enter the forests where Paul was presumed to be.

They players sought a fortune teller who told them Paul could only be killed in his sacred grove. The players rightly figured that the more dangerous the forests get, the closer they are to Paul.

They are now planning a raid on Paul's grove. It's going to be an insanely rough trip seeing as the entirety of Silver Falls is going to be out for their blood, but they figure the nastier things get the closer they are too Paul. That was the end of the session.

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This is definitely interesting, thank you anon

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How do I make goblins a scary threat to base a campaign on, with them still being goblins, as in not a real threat in low numbers but a locust of destrution when in large groups.

I want to avoid them being led by powerful heroes or shamans, because that'd make the high level npc's scary, not the horde.

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That's some eldritch horror shit right there

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That’s terrifying, is there any way to treat or cure it and prevent it from spreading?

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>bugbears acting as military junta in "liberated" villages
Are any non-goblins still alive in said villages?

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Them having human-level intelligence, being adaptable and having higher birthrates are already enough for them to be a legitimate threat.

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What's the best way to do science fantasy? Is it better to meld magic and technology into one thing or to separate the two? How prevalent should magic and the supernatural be in a setting where spaceships and phones exist?

What type of strange aliens magic should exist that we don't normally see from humans?

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I don't have an argument to refute your point but I don't agree so I'm going to call you a faggot and ask if you want to see pictures of latina shortstacks

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latina shortstacks would be the best outcome I had in this board in months

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>How prevalent should magic and the supernatural be in a setting where spaceships and phones exist?
about as prevalent as guns
a lot of people won't ever have reason to use magic, many more of them won't try to get very good at magic, but among certain crowds (such as ones overrepresented among adventurers?) absolutely fucking everyone will know how to use magic and some of them will be crack shots

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Not because of the drugs though.

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Why did the OP image get deleted?

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Why do people screech about gatekeeping? I genuinely don’t get it.
Nobody can stop you from playing a game the way you want to play it.

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Chunky skeletons edition

>Previously in the Mortal Realms

>Official AoS website
>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Art Database
>AoS Battletomes (Remember, loose lips sink ships, the longer this MEGA stays up, the better!)
>/YourDudes/ Fluff
>Soulbound and Supplements
>AoS Books and Audiobooks


>Thread question
How in Syish did Nagash get so big? Didn't he start as a regular size dude when he was alive back in fantasy?

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It's a meme you dips

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absolutely, the keywords are the main killer for me since you cant run them in any """good""" BoC list

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i legitimately think that both skaven AND Beastmen should be Destruction armies with abilities to ally with/ make chaos flavored armies
they really feel more like destruction than chaos bar the obligatory chaos stuff like slaangors and pestilens allying with nurgle

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Agreed. In a world were reincarnated heroes riding dragoncats fight against bone tithe collectors and soul vampires living in a magical sea, mere ratmen seem strangely mundane.

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Who cares if his spell sucks, he can cycle meatballs all by himself, gets a buffed arcane bolt and can take a support spell from stormcasts big as fuck spell lore selection.

But even better you can take him in hallowheart for 3 spell casts and +6 spells all while being a decent Pegasus lord in his own right

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Post Aliens that you like.

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yeah. a character encounters one and it reads the nerves firing in his eyes, timing its movements between flashing blindspots so it appears invisible to him

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Anybody got cool aliens they've designed for their own games?

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Hey, /tg/, what's the name of that one alien race that look like bipedal worm-parrot things? The head is seed-shaped and opens in a beak. The main gimmick of the universe was an attempt at making a totally non-human alien race interact with human culture and tech. It was pretty Aaron Beck-y.

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>his starfish aliens the gw'o

Those must be from something newer, haven't really kept up with him in the last 20 years

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Did you mean to post an empty solid gray rectangle?

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Do the races in your setting tend to worship their own gods? How rare is it to worship another's? Even in real life a dog headed man accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

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Mystara has a nice take on it, many of the Immortals have numerous 'aspects' that they have appeared as before other races. Example, ka the Preserver, is naturally an amber skinned allosaur, but before humans he is worshiped as ka'ar a amber hued human while Lizard folk worship an amber costly named Kalakatar. and the mortals worshipping the various aspects IIRC do not really realize they may be worshipping the same actual being, they think Kalakatar and ka'ar are different.

And of course even IF people realized the different aspects are the same, there is also the 'pantheons'. The average person does not just worship one Immortal only, they usually go to a church dedicated to a specific grouping of Immortals and the rules and tenants for the faith are directly tied to that church. So the same aspect of an immortal can be a part of multiple 'pantheons' and the pantheons are where things get far more 'region/race locked'.

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>Do the races in your setting tend to worship their own gods?

Did it according to Xenophanes:
“The Ethiops say that their gods are flat-nosed and black, While the Thracians say that theirs have blue eyes and red hair. Yet if cattle or horses or lions had hands and could draw, And could sculpt like men, then the horses would draw their gods Like horses, and cattle like cattle; and each they would shape Bodies of gods in the likeness, each kind, of their own.”

The setting has a roster of 21 actual Gods, all worshiped by different species and races, with their appearance changing based on cultural depictions n' so forth.

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Because it's part of their culture. Human and elvish societies don't have a real culture to speak of and just stole their gods from other races.

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All things are possible for the Lord, Anon.
Stay strong, She is waiting for you on the other side. Endure until the end.

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If you have something more traditional in mind, dark heresy is literally made for that.

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Bible black did a sequel and a prequel and also this is the girls from Kim Possible cosplay.

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Oh ok. Im disapoint

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>no Monique

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The rare female dwarf edition

>Resources (Rules, lore, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay)
WFB: https://pastebin.com/qVGrgwwh
WFRP: https://pastebin.com/inbyBsR6
Novels: https://pastebin.com/6FV6bSNQ

>Warhammer Wikis

>Alternative Models (WiP)

>Warhammer Video Games

Previous thread: >>77815344

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That capture is from an outdated book though. And you sound awfully bothered by it. Would you like to elaborate your quite hyperbolic opinions that you didn't really base on anything concrete?
The special rules are completely functional, and fitting for a War Elephant. The current version is cleaner though, and the unit entry has been separated into War Elephants (monstrous cavalry) and Royal Elephants (monster).
>Perry mins just don't look like Warhammer
Perry brothers are responsible for hellova lot of older Warhammer sculpts, including many many knights, which are essentially the same as these. Most of the Empire range might as well be historicals, so I don't know what the hell do you even mean.

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Quoted By: >>77876148

Imagine gatekeeping for an unsupported game.

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Quoted By: >>77876184

If we don't who will?

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Who else is gonna play?
At least the lads are looking to get 9th age back up after the lockdown.

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How do you deal with the issues of racism in your games?

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Stop advertising your blog

>> No.77841601

I've replaced fantasy racism with real racism

>> No.77841604

it triggers the right people

>> No.77841614

I've eliminated racism from my games by making everybody in the setting white-coded.

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That’s not where they’ll stop. We’re headed for uniformity.

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How good in a spear would pic related be?

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It's more of a staff or halberd than a spear, but ok.
It can be used, but Vs armour I'd rather have something with more point and less prone to breaking

>> No.77841786

But drawcuts while getting back into position after missed thrusts are standard with halberds, and would be pretty mean with this.

>> No.77841981

Would someone proficient with a spear also be proficient with halberds or are they too different?

>> No.77842016

Looks practical. You can stab with the front spike and slash with the side spikes. You can use it as a spear or shorten your grip and use it like a club, or swing from a distance. You can also smack someone with the flat if you're trying to drive them away nonlethally.

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Is only there was a historical precedent for obsidian being used for piercing damage.

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Quoted By: >>77841559 >>77841684


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My gnome can speak with small or smaller beasts, DM. What’s it saying?

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That's pretty racist

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One of the most intelligent and least annoying threads on the board right now.

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What's your least favorite race?

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Now he can cash in that (You) and buy another buzzword so he can shitpost even harder
cut it out kid. don't feed the trolls

>> No.77878154

Gnomes, they either are pretty rebundant with halflings or they steal the cooler part of being the craftsmanship race of the dwarves (inventor) to make them rigid and dull even in that.

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Maybe if you're a girl.

>> No.77878858

So basically you hate race consistency and want every race to mean the most basic trait they have like Elf being people with poiny ears and Orcs being green or gray people.

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Warforged are good with a player who roleplays:
- Don't need to eat/drink/sleep, so they have totally different behaviors (what do they do during meals, do they even have a tent?)
- They could've been only taught things necessary for war, so they might be discovering stuff like how to buy things from shops
- There is no warforged culture, so players get to make it their own moral code and values

"Robot learning about the world" is a classic story line

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Quoted By: >>77841056

This is for Space Marine chapters professional assassins and Inquisitor.

This is based on this

Should we include mortal creatures like chaos gods and Demon princess?


>> No.77841056

Imperium of man Most Want Dead playing card deck. This is for Space Marine chapters professional assassins and Inquisitors.

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Quoted By: >>77849096

Tell me about the Organic dungeons or bioships, the Strange breathing caverns and fantastic journeys in your games, /tg/.

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Quoted By: >>77848619

Odd question, anyone seen a biodungeon done that doesn't lean on the biohorror aspect?

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Quoted By: >>77849131

found this on art station,

im not sure why biopunk tends to go with horror so often but i still get it, and why it works well for the most part

question for some food for thought:
>what animals/ mobs/ npc's exist in this bio-dungeon or space ship?
>are they part of the dungeon/ ships consciousness to some extent (such as one might have things connected to an A.I on a more standard sci-fi ship) or are they their own things that just kinda live there?
>who made the ship/ dungeon, is it an animal that grew, some other species built it for there own ends?

>do you combine bio and cyber stuff to get the best of both worlds or do you lean hard into one over the other?

>what do you like / dislike most about the genre and its nitty-gritty details, the organic vibe, the fact its a less common sci-fi, you just think it looks cool?

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The prophet comics have a but of boitech from what I've seen

>> No.77849096
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I do this enough that I'm starting to be 'known' for it just a bit. It's a genre I'm really fond of and I more or less have two or three staples:

>Pre-Made Campaign: swallowed whole by a massive sea beast.
Super simple premise: pc's are the only survivors on a ship that was swallowed whole by an unfathomably massive creature at sea. The creature is so massive in fact that the players have become stranded on one of the 4 tropical islands that rest in the sea of acid within its' stomach. The 'plot' is to basically escape alive.

>Demon Fleshscapes.
In my 'standard' setting: Hell is a meat/fleshscape. Everything is horrible/sensual churning realm of fused & melted sinner's flesh, meat, and connected organs, constantly producing; literal piss & shit bogs, rivers and rain of blood, and all flowering plants just 100% genitals. This normally isn't a problem, but portals to Hell pop up every once in a while and its' 'unique biosphere' is fairly invasive. Dungeons can get 'stone to flesh' rather quickly if they're left alone to go to 'seed' sort to speak.
If you've seen any amount of the Hentai Artist 'Modeseven' work you'll be vaguely familiar with what my Hell is like.

A trope I'm fairly guilty of maybe over using, but the idea is at the 'end' of a meat/organic Dungeon they'll usually be some kind of 'Flesh Maiden'. This can either be an Omnibus: which is a kind of Elder Venus of Willendorf Brood Mother Succubus, about as powerful as a Balor, who's man-sized vagina is a literal and metaphorical portal to Hell, and regularly gives birth to further demons & horrors from her mouth, nipples, and penis(eses). The other is the more 'tasteful' but just as unusual: "Lady of The Blood Lake", where at the bottom of the Dungeon there's a brooding spawning pool of primordial stem-cell Evangelion fluid tended to by a kind of Flesh Nymph or Dryad who regularly pull freakish creations from the gore.

>> No.77849131

>im not sure why biopunk tends to go with horror so often but i still get it, and why it works well for the most part
Honestly, big, living creature you're inside of is innately creepy I think, but I don't see why it can ONLY be creepy

>>what animals/ mobs/ npc's exist in this bio-dungeon or space ship?
I like symbiotic lifeforms, though that can be a wide range of things

>>are they part of the dungeon/ ships consciousness to some extent (such as one might have things connected to an A.I on a more standard sci-fi ship) or are they their own things that just kinda live there?
Tend to prefer the ship itself is sentient moreso than some part of it is

>>who made the ship/ dungeon, is it an animal that grew, some other species built it for there own ends?
I like the idea it's a created species, or one that modified itself somehow

>>do you combine bio and cyber stuff to get the best of both worlds or do you lean hard into one over the other?
Biomachinery, though I personally prefer if it's just one or the other

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I've seen threads in the past saying the best way to get the measure of a potential player is to take them to a bar and see if they drink alcohol with you.

The better idea is to take them to a cafe for breakfast and see what they order, because a man's taste in coffee says a lot about his character.

A "man" who orders anything with milk substitutes or more than one ingredient, especially caramel or cream, is no man, only a homo sexual. A "man" who orders anything other than tea or coffee by name is even worse - an Italian or one sympathetic to European degeneracy. This is America. Speak English, not Italian.

As to food, the true man orders either eggs, with or without bacon and other accoutrements a cowboy may have cooked, or breaks his fast on nothing but a black coffee and unfiltered cigarette.

No man orders cereal, the food of children and deranged quacks like Kellogg, or Hispanic foods like avocado pears.

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>> No.77874048

>when feminists get hot and bothered but they think it's the entire planet conspiring against them

>> No.77874879
Quoted By: >>77874960

>Nobody in this thread is justifying women raping boys or men
You said earlier it's men's fault they get raped by women because for some reason that falls under toxic masculinity

>> No.77874960
File: 40KiB, 584x787, 1521134889335.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>77875133

no, anon said ONE of the reasons its UNDER REPORTED is because of toxic masculinity.

>> No.77875133
Quoted By: >>77875298

So yes, you're blaming men for the villainy of women. You're victim blaming right now.

>> No.77875298
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you're cooked bruv

File: 248KiB, 672x936, mirri.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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>OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the OFFICIAL format philosophy, laid down by the rules committee:

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


>How do I proxy cards?

Post a Legendary Creature that you feel best represents their colour(s)

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>> No.77844017
Quoted By: >>77844060

No, you haven’t. You’ve done an admirable job of explaining that the likelihood of a negative outcome is incredibly low, and I don’t disagree with that in the slightest.
What you’re failing to understand is that the fact that they CAN doesn’t mean that they WILL. They have no real incentive to feel strongly about the Reserve List when they can already milk their customers effectively with non-RL reprints. Without a strong incentive to violate the list, most of what they have to consider is the potential negative outcomes, no matter how unlikely they are.

>> No.77844023

WOTC acknowledges monoW commander sucks so they just ¯\_(?)_/¯ and reprint the most boring yet efficient commander they probably intentionally made

>> No.77844053
File: 4MiB, 2909x4032, C3484407-5D4A-41D4-9E8F-D6693350E718.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I build a lot of decks that rely on blue and counters; what deck can I build that doesn’t rely on blue and has a non control game plan?

I have been curious about some group hug type decks but I don’t know enough about them. Either that or just something unique

Pic related are my current decks, stuff from the middle down is really just precons, looking to get some variety from my main decks on top

>> No.77844060

>strong incentive to violate the list
>most of what they have to consider is the potential outcomes
its pretty obvious that a set containing RL reprints would likely be the best selling set ever

im not the anon you were talking to

>> No.77846034
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look what came in the mail

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How do you make your D&D game more grimdark with realistic consequences like Game of Thrones? I'm talking characters getting killed left and right.

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>> No.77841702
Quoted By: >>77842035

This is the most "have you tried not playing D&D" thread I have seen in a long time.

That being said, I don't think it's all about killing characters and increasing realism. It's more about the tone, the lowered amount of humor, more serious quests with no black and white solutions.

Ruleswise yeah, restricting healing and removing ressurection magic is a must I think.

>> No.77841886

Give players control over a multitudine of characters instead of just one, do it's not a big deal if their pc dies.

>> No.77841996



>> No.77842031

D&D is gonzo fantasy. It is geared towards high adventure.
Use a different system.

>> No.77842035

You could keep resurrection if you really wanted (though I personally wouldn't). Just make it difficult to use and require a heavy price - as opposed to simply demanding a precious stone of arbitrarily high value ala D&D / Pathfinder, which is basically just an accounting headache.

Trade places with a loved one in the lands of the dead, or some shit. Sacrifice d6 points from your attributes. Trade your ability to do a certain kind of magic forever as the ferryman's price. You can only come back for a certain time - six months to right all your wrongs, then it's all over, no take-backs. You can return, but only if your worst enemy comes back too. Whatever fits the tone of the setting. Or do Dark Souls - you can come back a few times but eventually your mind snaps and you go mad.

Ironically, Game of Thrones itself did happy no-cost resurrection with Jon, so it's a pretty terrible thing to base your grimdark off.

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Time for Filenames and some /tg/ humor!

Previous Thread.

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>> No.77851841

It's not about being right. It's about enabling the biggest dick.

>> No.77852679
Quoted By: >>77854418

I think they've leaned too heavily on the drama element in recent seasons--there's a weird darkness to it lately that feels really at odds with the fairly lighthearted tone of earlier stuff.

>> No.77854418

I actually see it referenced here fairly often, but maybe it is more popular than I realized.

>> No.77855698
Quoted By: >>77856371

makes you wonder what are the two remaining slots on achievement list

>> No.77856371


Triple PEnetration?
Town Bike?

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