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>wait... there are people that GM non-homebrewed games?
>And then complain about things added by third party by posting twatter screenshots on imageboards?

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>wait... there are people that GM non-homebrewed games?
Technically, no.

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see image

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You don't understand anon.
The Fun Police batters peoples' doors down if they don't use Tasha's.
They get dragged into the street screaming and flailing, leaving a trail of strewn dice and cheeto dust, and are executed on the spot.

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No u

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Hello there, /tg/. I've got one simple question to ask of you. Did anyone ever written homerules of playing true Battleships (like Emperor or Retribution classes in lore and Battlefleet Gothic) in Rogue Trader? I'd try to white 'em myself, but too afraid to either fuck up whole game balance or end up with dull slightly more OP battlecruiser.

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in Imperial Armour Volume folder
Voidships doc, Battleship range section

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WOW, hold on. Regardless of battleships question, do I understand correctly, that it's a whole fan-driven unofficial 2nd edition of a game and I'm just now making myself know it exist???

Anyways, really found what I was looking for just where you said it is. Thanks a lot, have a 40K internets.

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its based on Dark Heresy 2 rules or something
ordo discordia might be able to answer questions
have fun

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So very longstory short my GM has told this story over the campaign about these otherworldly creatures like tiny biblically accurate angel jellyfish things that are the key to stopping a global war. The current arc involves one that was pulled from "The Veil" in the wrong spot and needs transporting but we have no suitable vessel.

So the female player says her character can be the vessel.

The GM says its not a possession thing its a literal creature that needs some stable frame to exist in our plane.

>"I know, i can house it in my womb"
>Entire table turns to look at her and then the GM

He went with it in a mildly confused "...uhh, alright then" way and now our teifling cleric keeps describing "rubbing my giant bump" and its off putting as fuck.

I am 99% sure this girl is babycrazy and this is her pushing a fetish thing but as the only girl in the group that naturally grants her certain protections from the virginal crowd. So how do i word it when i pull the GM aside and talk about this magical realm shit?

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Also your GM 'burrowed' those jellyfish creatures from Age of Wonders: Planetfall, those things are one of the neutral factions that exist in the game.

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In my experience the best way to kill a magical realm is to just not engage with it PERIOD.
>I rub my baby bump
Not important so ignore it
>I have the jellyfish in my womb
Keep it hidden so no one tries to steal it
>The jellyfish is moving!
We will cast a ton of spells on you to try to pacify the creature, any agitation could destroy the world
The GM is going to have to do work to keep that magical realm as unsexy as possible, but this will be a group effort.

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No, "uncomfortable" is not a power word.
She might say that your discomfort is your own problem due to your sexism, that you have no right to police women's bodies and that it's your own creepy nature for eroticising her.

This is actually pretty close to people complaining about women breast-feeding in public.

I'm not trolling or hyperbolising; I genuinely think there is a chance a young woman may get extremely offended by this.

OP may want to test the waters with other players first, others might think it's perfectly acceptable.

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It's not a power word. Assuming the stereotype is true, she doesn't give a shit about people being uncomfortable, only if her sensibilities and wims are being transgressed. If you're uncomfortable, well you're a sexist pile of shit so who cares about your feelings, bigot. But of course if she's uncomfortable with you, everyone in the room must destroy the thing that is you.

Double standards are fun, aren't they?

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By asking them
>b-but how
If you are this socially inept, you don't play and you don't have a group

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>Fiction & RPG Archive

>Tabletop Simulator Mod
>Ringteki (Browser based game client)
>TCG Database / Deck Builder
>CCG Database
>TTS Deck Converter

>/tg/ L5R Discord

>L5R will die unless you go vote in this poll
>Latest Fiction

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I'll never forgive netflix for cancelling the dark crystal.
I know its not thread related, but damn, they will have to work hard to get me to not shit as much on them now.

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You know, the more I think about it the more I'm liking the idea of a L5R miniatures game. It will probably be a while though, Atomic Mass Games had their workload essentially quadrupled over night without even starting new projects. I wonder what the scale of combat would be? Part of me hopes for large, full army scale just to keep it separate from the Marvel and Star Wars offerings (at small and medium scale respectively)

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>It's a fun watch if you take it with a bucket of salt.
I know there's going to be a vocal exception to prove the rule, but as a broad generalisation I'd assume anyone here isn't looking for historical accuracy as much as cool movies, plots, and character ideas.

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Four hours left to vote for the first part of the first part

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big edition

>Biggest sites for free online playing:

>Free tactics trainers online:

>run out of free match analysis on chess.com
>download or ctrl+c the pgn for the match
>make a free account on
>tools - import game - paste/upload pgn - toggle analysis
>click on the "learn from your mistakes" button

>Explore openings:

>Starter books (Pdfs are easy to find online):
Soviet chess primer by Maizelis et al
Play Winning Chess by Yasser Seirawan
Chess Fundamentals by Capablanca
Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess by Patrick Wolff
Logical Chess: Move by Move by Irving Chernev

>Archived threads:

>Where to find master games:

>Join the lichess team:


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Lmao he's locked his social media. Here's one of the games of the Indog prodigy. SEA monkeys are so embarrassing
Good on this guy for destroying the cheat. Especially loved the knight maneuver.

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It's not just the guy's name, it's how you pronounce every "c" in slavic languages.
Definitely makes more sense than sometimes pronouncing it as "s" and other times as "k".

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>It's not just the guy's name, it's how you pronounce every "c" in slavic languages.
i didn't know that! I leaned something new today, thanks.

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If you listen to slavs speaking in english, you can sometimes notice them still using this sound instead of the proper english pronunciation. Like pronouncing "central" as "tsentral".

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many people consider the situation a disgrace and complain about how poorly firouzja was treated. but for some reason no one seems to complain about how wojtaszek was treated since, after all, he was in the exact same situation other than not being in contention for first place in the tournament. i suppose that makes a big difference to some. yet he behaved respectfully and didn't throw a temper tantrum like firouzja did

yes, the tournament organizers made many mistakes, starting with the concepts in the pre-tournament start version of the rules and regulations (which were apparently modified after the tournament had started) and then the procedural mistakes of the arbitrators as they were trying to move firouzja and wojtaszek to another table. oh well, hopefully the tournament organizers, in this and other tournaments, have learned from this fiasco and they will give more thought to the tiebreak procedures for other tournaments

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What makes grim and gritty OSR feel so much more authentic and realistic than any shit modern D&D?

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>LotFP is true osr

>no, it isn't, its adventures are mostly level 4-7

>what are true osr adventure levels?

>4-7, mostly

Well, OK, then.

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You don't know how to read and you're fucking retarded. Kill yourself.

>> No.77878098

what´s so bad about being undead anyways?

It sounds chill af!

Also you´re retro-tard trying to make another bait-thread, so go back to your board now.

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This guy has two arms wtf u talking about

>> No.77878302

Your own tastes.

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>he doesnt have at least 1 friendly or helpful encounter in his mega dungeon to give the party some breathing space after a tough segment

>> No.77875048

>not having a rust monster shopkeeper who trades them the things he finds for coins and magical weapons to eat

>> No.77875195

>friendly or helpful encounter
nice try, demon.

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so your watching the spider iskai to.

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also Dragon > Spider

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The disposition and morale tables know best. Sometimes the monsters just want to live their lives or get something done. Sometimes they're bloodthirsty psychopaths. I just don't know until I roll, and neither do the players. Praise be unto the Tables.

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Points in wargames are for tourneyfags. They are not required. Prove me wrong.

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They are not required. But when I'm playing a friendly game I still want to make both forces even.

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>I spent $500 more than this noob 12 y.o. why can't I fiedl my whole collection against his first unpainted kit?

>> No.77877876

Nailed it.

>> No.77877955

Age of Sigmar flopped because of no points at launch.

CAAC are worse than WAAC prove me wrong.

>> No.77878171

>Good for the game?

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We need a new thread badly edition


New Duncaccino

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>/40kg/ MEGA:
>Put requests here:

>Find stuff here:

>Previous thread:

TQ: What unit from an army you hate do you like?

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What do you love about them

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So a chapter master is equivalent to a general?
Use your words.

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All vaginas are politically valid you bigot

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Kek, britfags will be begging to come back in a few years when their entire economy is in the shitter

>> No.77879214

I dun'know anon, brits have done some really stupid shit in the past, also some pretty smart things as well. Lets see how it plays out.

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Hey, uh, can we talk about chess here? /qa/ is pretty uncharged, so I don't know where to take this.

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Quoted By: >>77874797

the fuck is /qa/?

>> No.77874791

currently: >>77846844

>> No.77874797

Used to be for questions and answers about 4chan meta, like "where's an appropriate place to post about x?".
Now it's /s4s/ 2.0 I guess.

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Arms & Armour thread continued

The other one got deleted

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When they talk about breastplate they are referring to coat of plates right?

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Can I get some pictures of cataphracts

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Not that anon, but as fair as I'm aware Cataphracts didn't ride camals.

>> No.77878731

Yeah. It sound like some total war-ism

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I did this too myself but I still wanna fucking die.

I joined a Jojo themed TTRPG group, and our DM is taking forever to get the game ready, so I offered to run a one shot. instead of running a jojo one-shot (since the DM was using his own ruleset slightly tweaked from the one I use) I decided to make it D&D, something we all know.

But then I remembered I was playing with a a bunch of fucking weeaboos. Their jojo characters fit fine for that setting, but when I told them I was running my game in a low magic world reminiscent of fairy tales, where the players can be magical special boys but in general it's uncommon, it's like it went in one ear and out the other. and also EVERY RED FLAG POSSIBLE

>every single one of them asked to do something homebrew, for a quick one-shot
>some guy asks to be a tiefling, say he can be, but expect to be treated like a demon child. he seems turned off by that, despite me explaining the setting
>Someone else just tells me they're gonna be a vampire race, which i've never fucking heard of, wihtout asking for approval
>another guy wants to be a homebrew fapbait slime girl
>HaVe YoU EvEr HeArD oF A BlOoD hUnTeR?

I'm regrettng this already, but if I back out now and cancel it I might get ran out of the game i actually signed up for.

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Even text only fiction has a lot of unbelievable magic to it, even in supposedly mundane settings. The Great Gatsby, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Art Of The Deal, and many more examples besides.

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Step aside.

Last Exile,
Kinos Journey
Desert Punk
Hellsing Ultimate
One Punch Man
King of The Hill

>> No.77878217

Good taste especially desert punk but he said 3 anon as in three you insufferable idiot

>> No.77878271

Why would you even want to play the game you signed up for?

Like if you cancel and get run out of the Jojo game, sounds likea win-win to me.

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You really think those red flags aren't going to transfer to your original game?

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>Harry Potter and the Natural 20 will never be finished

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>Who pissed in your face and shat in your cereal?
Nobody. I just hold the earnest belief that OP being killed is a small but real contribution to the goal of furthering happiness and thriving within the cosmos.

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Quoted By: >>77875451

Have you tried not reading Dnd?

>> No.77875350
Quoted By: >>77875451

you did

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nu-/tg/ sucks so much ass it isn't funny. You people are complete buzzkills

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Sorry anon, we just don't care about your fanfic blogpost

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How do you use werewolves/dragons/literally any monster in your games without the party dropping everything to try and fuck it

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you are aware that slime is a fetish corect? and acid is one of the easiest to get a resistance/immunity for, right?

>> No.77875173

If you are particularly deranged it can be both

>> No.77877805

Easy, I don't play with fetishists.

>> No.77878576

Just have something unfortunate randomly happen before anything goes far.

>someone strokes the dragon's dick
>oops, the dragon is shot and killed with a ballista by someone fearing you were defeated
>repeat over and over until they get it

>> No.77878684

Because all of my NPCs find my player's characters disgusting and become irrationally violent at the mere mention of intercourse.

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Storythread: continuation edition

This is a thread for creative writing of /tg/-related fiction (so epic campaign greentexts and other non-fiction go elsewhere). If you have /tg/ related stories to post, post them here, and hopefully some kind anon will give you feedback. Or at least acknowledge that someone did actually read it, which let's face it is what writefags really want.

What counts as /tg/-related? Anything someone could plausibly use in a campaign (which means basically anything if you have enough imagination).

If you don't have a story ready then I and other anons will be posting pictures throughout the thread for you to test your writing skills on. This is, more or less, a world-building and character-building exercise: two vital skills for playing roleplaying games. If you don't have any pics to post, you could try posting an idea for a setting or a character, and maybe someone will be willing to write a story using it.

Remember that writefags love to have feedback on their work. Writing takes a long time, especially stories that go over several posts, and it can be really depressing when no one even seems to read it (and the writer won't know you read it unless you leave a comment).

And since writing takes a long time remember to keep the thread bumped. Pics are good, feedback is better.

There is a discord for writers:

The previous thread can still be found in the archive here
if you have any comments about the stories posted there

Don't forget to check out past stories on our wiki page:

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It's only the first third.

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+2 GMT fag here
Thread died off right before woke up
Can somebody cover 00:00-5:30am please

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>> No.77878791

Sorry lads, I can bump once in a while, but not always, lives complicated now... I will try to do more.
Same timezone for me. It just dies off very too early in the morning for me.

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When's the last time a game has made you FEEL something?
Recently I've been having a lot of fun in the games I've played and ran, but it's been a long time since I've gotten emotional over something that happened during a session.

>> No.77874157
Quoted By: >>77874191

Depends, does contempt count as feeling?

>> No.77874191

Enjoyment, disgust, feelings like those are just proof you're engaging with the game. I'm looking for something a bit "deeper" than that, feelings that don't go away once you pack away the dice and drive away.

>> No.77874371
Quoted By: >>77874624

I feel something in most sessions. That kind of comes with the territory of roleplay. Most recently, I felt contempt, respect, paternal care, and disgust all in one session.
And this was all while playing D&D. Despite what the storyshitters want to tell you, it turns out having more control over how your character acts makes the experience more immersive.

>> No.77874624

Do you play online?

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Quoted By: >>77878196

What tabletop game do you never get to talk about but desperately want to?
Is there a game you have a good elevator pitch for but never get a chance to sell?
Tell me all about it. I want to hear every intricate detail of your favorite heartbreaker with only 3 players.

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>> No.77875161

Fucked up the link this one should work.
>>77875109" target="_blank">https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5dkzgw3cn842eyw/AACivEvWTEODXQgsjBPsHv8wa?dl=0>>77875109

>> No.77875194
Quoted By: >>77875203

I pushed through it.

>> No.77875203
Quoted By: >>77875240

What helped you grok it? Could you give me a quick rundown?

>> No.77875240

Hands on experience. Play a game of it and you'll either get filtered completely or get a taste for it. Having other people helping you figure shit out at the same time also makes a big difference.

>> No.77878196

Guru Guru would make an amazing setting to play with friends. Pure creative magic. And Kukuri is the cutest thing in this world.

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Where do souls come from in your setting?

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>> No.77875186

Within the realm known as Creation's Forge or the Furnace, there are great crystalline cities that surround massive anemone-like trees bearing glossy liquid fruits, tended to by humanoid phoenix-like beings called Jyoti. These trees are the source of all souls. Manasupatras live within the cities to help guard these places from interlopers and thieves from elsewhere. No one else is allowed anywhere near the trees or even the cities within the supremely hostile realm that acts as the source for all stars and suns.

It is a great secret to the vast majority of all peoples and not even many of the gods truly know where souls come from.

>> No.77875212

Interesting, how often does god die, because unless there’s reincarnation, or a god produces a lot of souls, there’d be a shortage pretty quickly.

>> No.77875226

Depends on where the wind is blowing from

>> No.77877021

The God’s planet is one big mass of souls/ether. They sprout like plants then a god might cut it loose because it’s like a weed in his garden or some realize that souls=potential worshippers, etc. then it floats away until it materializes somewhere.

>> No.77879309

Souls do not exist, though most in setting characters think they do. This has led to some interesting exploration of what this means when it comes to traditional fantasy concepts, which usually root their base assumptions in souls being a real thing.

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Quoted By: >>77873892 >>77873906

The player characters get frozen and wake up 100 years later. How thing have changed?

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>> No.77873883

Not at all, it's called faux-medieaval stasis for a reason. The number behind ruling king's name went up a little, that's about it.

>> No.77873892
Quoted By: >>77874029

ESL niggers should get the fuck off of english speaking boards.

>> No.77873906

They only saw the early years of technological revolution. They're far out of date. Furthermore, the home nation of 2 of the characters has been eradicated through genocide, war and powerful weapons. Common life is straight out a film noir, a cynical post-war public... except technology ranges from mid-century to new millenium in inspiration.

>> No.77874003

You know, I was actually wondering about something similar recently. I started a campaign set in the late 60s, but I kind of want to do a time jump, not 100 years, but a couple decades. Things that were set in motion during the 60s should come to fruition. Minor problems that they ignored turned out to have major consequences, major enemies who they fought have been struggling to recover from defeats handed to them by the PCs, and war has ravaged the planet.

I was thinking about somehow getting them trapped in a time pocket and just moving the timeline forward a couple decades when they come out. Is that too railroady? Their actions have had consequences, but for the last couple decades the world has moved on without them. Perhaps they've entered into legend in the meantime, but the players won't really get much say here.

>> No.77874029

My english is better than yours, mutt.

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Quoted By: >>77878855

Post a race and the setting that does them best
I'll start

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>> No.77876703
Quoted By: >>77878778


>> No.77878778

I absolutely despise Tolkien Elves. Say what you will but literal immortal Mary Sue demigods is not everyone's cup of tea.

>> No.77878843

AC combat is dogshit, doing it better doesn't change that

>> No.77878855
File: 255KiB, 1920x1080, Ogre_King_Warcraft.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


I think Warcraft does really great Ogres.
Stupid, brutish, hungry, fat, strong, but they've got an aptitude for magic and if they're allowed to get their shit together can become violently functional.

>> No.77878924
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>Robot people

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Da army Growz

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>> No.77875061

I love this Poorhammer shit, Make a Stompa!.

>> No.77875110
Quoted By: >>77875611

How long does the average ork take you?

>> No.77875611

usually between ten and twenty minutes, the cart took half an hour

>> No.77876385

this is based as fuck, you gonna make a whole damn army like this? love it

>> No.77876519

The basedest thread on this board right now.

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Does D&D make you want to cut your dick off?

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>> No.77875279
Quoted By: >>77875304

>Because of external pressures, not because of any kind of new discoveries that changed our understanding of it.
[Citation needed]

>> No.77875288

>bottom surgery
Is ultimately harmful because it deprives people of hope. Before it they can hold a distant hope to be a woman, afterwards they realize they'll really never be one. Have all the tit surgery and hormones you want, just don't cut your dick

>> No.77875304

>DSM-5 aims to avoid stigma and ensure clinical care for individuals who see and feel themselves to be a different gender than their assigned gender. It replaces the diagnostic name 'gender identity disorder' with 'gender dysphoria', as well as makes other important clarifications in the criteria.
Social stigmas are an external factor, anon.

>> No.77875318

It must be nice to assume that anyone who disagrees with your wacky bullshit is a right-winger.
Newsflash: a magical gendered soul that makes you follow gender roles (even if those gender roles don't match your sex) is not a progressive idea.

>> No.77875336

>I don't see people complaining about limb amputations like they do about bottom surgery.
Because limb amputations are a last resort when less damaging treatment is ineffective.
Before the discovery of effective antibiotics, amputation was the only recourse for dying limbs, yes.
The difference between amputation then, and cosmetic genital mutilation now, is that you've elevated the former into some kind of "right" to bringing a person into accordance with what they "really are", instead of what it actually is; a stop gap method to try and prevent further harm until a better treatment is found.

But people like you have made sure that a better treatment will never be found, because the act of trying to cure gender dysphoria in a way that isn't validating the individuals gender identity is defined as transphobic, and thus, violence.

You have made amputation sacred, and in doing so, damned penicillin as sinful before it was ever found.

>But you act like your interpretation of right and wrong IS the true moral absolute, and judge others based on it
No, I act as if there IS a moral absolute, and I attempt to discover it. The fact that you confuse the two is a grave indictment on your character. That you call it an "interpretation" just shows how far down the subjectivist, relativist rabbit hole you are. That an empirical deduction of moral truth CAN be wrong, does not mean that it MUST be wrong.

Don't be a reductive cunt; there's a difference between defining what is right and wrong, and structuring law to be in accordance with right and wrong, and enforcing it. The ideal law would incentivize right and punish wrong, but law in and of itself is not moral.

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How do you deal with slaves and slavery?

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>> No.77876790


Imperial Chinese slavery mixed with medieval serfdom.

Prisoners of War (mostly orcs, goblins, kobolds and other beastmen but humans fight each other as well) fight in the gladiatorial pits or work in the mines or digging canals etc. They're not allowed to have kids so inherited slavery is not an issue, if they do breed kid would either be killed or kept to be trained to do the same work as it's parent.

Humans and demi-humans with debts can sell themselves into bondage in exchange for their debts being paid (usually they sell themselves for a bit more than just their debts though). The length and severity of the slave contract varies but doing dangerous work like gladiatorial combat or mining tends to have a shorter contract length/pay more for the same length contract. Most debtors sell themselves as household workers or labourers to a noble or landowning house. Their children are considered to be free, and valued household slaves tend to have good marriages arranged for them and can be treated fairly well depending on master. While the children are free they and their descendants are forbidden from holding an office or becoming noble for four generations.

There also exists a class of unfree peasant, they have more social rights than slaves (particularly they have better marriage prospects and their descendants are able to become nobles and officials) but they're tied to the land and are unable to leave the land without their lord's permission or passing an exam to become an official.

>> No.77876792


It's a necessary part of my use of magic. Slaves make for good, semi-sustainable blood bags so that I don't have to sacrifice my own to smite you. If you're in Human territory though I'd advise not bringing exclusively Human chattel, despite them being the best for that sort of thing.

>> No.77876868
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I run campaigns in different eras of my setting as well as locations, so elements of slavery can change drastically from campaign to campaign.

One about the chaos in the wake of the fall of Elf-Rome which had a Servile War against it's no-sense-of-right-and-wrong wizard rulers as one of the many contributing factors to it's downfall. Some of the lands still practice slavery, but closer to "servant underclass" than "livestock" with a modicum of basic protection under law, similar to real roman slavery.

Another is in a Renaissance-ish merchant port city with legal serfdom, which has been beginning to allow contracts to become more predatory in the noble class' favor in the wake of all this sudden merchant upward mobility.

One is set in the colonies of the New Continent, where the head of one of the colonies wants to claim independence through force and establish chattel slavery.

While they're presented as part of the world, being a big foundational pillar with a lot of complicated elements that make it too big for just five people to hack away at and fix in time for supper, I've never presented it as anything but a cyclical buildup to or result of the inevitable conflict that emerges from Hegel's Master-Slave Dialectic. If slaves have it kinda OK right now, the deal will only get worse as the years goes on. The resentment and dehumanization from both sides will escalate to violence.

Ideas of an inherently genetically inferior or servile racial underclass have never lasted very long when slave rebellions end up being led by Paladins and Clerics (both of which are more rare in the setting) of said race saying their liberation is the will of the almighty. because of this, the short-lived races are the ones that keep coming back to all these ideas because all the other times it didn't work were centuries before they were ever born. Most Dwarf cultures believe in only sentencing criminals to labor, and elves haven't since the fall of Elf-Rome.

>> No.77877173

Everyone is in a way slave to dragon kings.
Elves are the race with most freedoms, they mostly do bureaucracy and trading. They are the most numerous race in the world, but they are docile, lazy and decadent. They are useful plebs who keep order in the realms with their numbers alone.
Dwarfs are settled in the frontiers looking for ores.
Orcs and goblins are not savages, they are used for tax collecting and minor skirmishes between the states, if they are slaves, they work in the mines or row the galleys.
All of these races were settled to the continent by the dragon kings from another continent. The natives are the real underclass:
Gnomes are too advanced to subjugate, so dwarfs are used to invade gnomish undergeound fortresses.
Halflings are violent tribal savages who are used for most back-breaking labor and pit-fighting, they are seen more as animals then as a sentient race.
Beastfolk (every other race such as satyrs, tortles, minotaurs) are seen as natural servants of other races. Their kingdoms were dostroyed and now they must live either as semi-nomads or slaves in the cities.
Humans have not yet arrived, but they are the least advanced race, they live on the fringes of civilization and are basically orcs.

>> No.77878021

if defeated people have no value how do you disincentive genocide when races that cant interbreed war over territory

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Playing in a homebrew setting losely based on SMT. Since I have the actual figure of this guy I wanted him to be the final boss. I have 0 idea on how to homebrew boss fights. Any ideas/suggestions?

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>> No.77878589
Quoted By: >>77878619

It’s simply looking at what the deamon has in game and then converting it over. HP, AC, damage and hit + are dependent on CR which is your choice

>> No.77878619

I made YHVH a 2 phased boss, like the game. The CR is around 17ish for this, hence the big damage and hit mods

>> No.77878676
Quoted By: >>77878890

>the boss is too screwed by action economy to present a challenge
Now this may be more or less of a problem depending on the system; it's laughably bad in D&D and clones, but not as bad in others. But generally, if there's 4+ character turns between each of the boss' turns, the boss will just not be able to keep up.
The scatter-damage solution from the previous point may help against that, but it might still not be enough. Here's some other solutions you can homebrew (if they aren't already part of the system):
>>Give the boss reactions, either numbered each round or with a random chance to be triggered (ex. thrashes when attacked, giving a tiny defense boost and possibly pushing away and lightly damaging surrounding enemies);
>>Give the boss a 'split' turn, where he gets two turns each round (for example, each split turn is either move and moderate attack, or move twice, or big attack, or move and prepare for a later super-big attack);
>>Give the boss some very weak minions? Maybe spawned by the boss himself?
>>Give the boss abilities that can block or mitigate a character's action (ex: a mind pulse may stun a different character every round for just one turn; or it might be grasping tentacles sprouting from the ground; etcetera) ((Use this very judiciously, you don't want the same player to have nothing to do for more than one turn))
Obviously it would be unbearable to apply all hese things to the same fight; generally speaking, just one or two should be enough, especially paired to the solutions to some other points in the list.

>> No.77878890
Quoted By: >>77879097

>The fight is a stationary punchout
This happens when the character just engage the boss on their terms and the fight remains stationary from there on - the characters are exactly where they want to be and dish out damage and support as they want, and the boss just stands there attacking the nearest target.
This is neither very engaging nor very challenging for the players, and it just turns into a countdown to whose health pool goes down first.
The simple solution is to make the boss move.
If it's big, allow the boss to barge through characters, roll away or dive into them. Make him push away or knock down character every time he moves. Give his attack the risk to push or throw hit targets at a long distance. Let him throw bomb spells with a big predictable AOE and a delayed explosion, or end a turn by charging up a superlaser pointed in a very obvious direction, so that the characters will have to scatter in their turns or suck it. Make him run (or fly or teleport) away to get the breathing room to either recover or charge up a big attack, so that the party will have the choice to either pursue to keep the pressure on him or take the chance to recuperate themselves. Don't just have him flail at the party's frontline fighters - let him jump or barge past them to isolate someone squishier every now and then.
Keep the action moving, use the entire arena, and ensure that the characters have to move tactically as well, either to keep pace or to scramble away from danger.
This of course while giving them the time to do that. For example, don't make the boss pounce on the squishy priestess at the *start* of his turn and brutalize her immediately - make him move at the *end* of his turn, after having attacked the frontline, so that the sorceress gets the time to run away with minor damage (and a heart attack).

>> No.77879097

>the fight is either over too soon or is a neverending slog
As mentioned when talking about action economy, the boss can take a lot of damage in a turn if all the characters manage to attack him and roll decently. It's very common for boss fights to be a lot shorter than one excepts, and that one feels like they should be, exactly because of that.
The apparent solution would to turn the boss in a huge HP sponge, but it generally just makes the fight into a boring slog.
My suggestion to avoid the two extremes of "two-turn KO" and "tiresome HP bloat" is to simply act on the characters instead of the boss.
Make the boss tough, but most importantly, make sure that the characters can't just sit on their ass and shoot out their max damage output every turn.
This is already largely solved by the mobility suggestion from my previous post: keep the boss moving, don't make him just stand there and take all their firepower. If the characters surround him, make him move to a better position or pursue an isolated archer/spellcaster, all while dishing out some trampling damage/knockdown risk to the others.
If a sniper has gotten comfortable at their optimal safe distance, have the boss rush them. If the party has established a good position or formation, do one of the aforementioned delayed AOEs or just a turn of rampaging to force them to scatter.
If not all characters can attack every round, or at least not focus all their actions on optimal damage every round, the fight is going to be more dynamic and engaging while also not turning into an endless slog.
(However, let your players have nice things too. If they make a smart plan and get a good position, let them at least enjoy it for a turn before disrupting it)

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